It's nearing the end...we're on the plane from Berlin to London and things have taken an interesting turn. Long waits on tarmac and in buses, no sleep, and no sightings of her royal highness since our initial ascent into the skies has the denizens of the Rihanna plane feeling restless.

Mary HK Choi: AHHAAHAHAH it’s pandemonium on the plane. We’ve just left Berlin after a rooooough time in Paris and the Fuse guys in front of us just sabotaged the Official Rihanna documentary by chanting “B Roll” in unison and it was genius. Playboy dude just asked them to recreate it for HIS camera but they aren’t having it because that dude is “just trying to scoop an angle!” It's every man for himself. I wish they hadn’t given us German meat chips for our 4:00 AM plane snack because it’s making me punchy. I also love that we have twelve drink tickets pooled between us because drinking would make us barf. We may be teetotalers after last night.

[Pause to reorganize the mountain of chocolate and cornichon sitting on our tray tables. Also so Maud can lick meat chips off her fingers.]

Maud Deitch: I tried to get people on Twitter to place bets about when they think we’ll actually take off for London, but nobody’s biting. I think when we have to build our own feudal society from the rubble of the plane after the revolution, bookie is a pretty decent position to be in. I, personally, think we’ll leave at 4:45 AM, which is exactly 4 hours and 45 minutes from the time that the original itinerary said we would arrive in London.

MHKC: Normally, I’d agree with you but the delays have gotten longer and judging from the previously established trajectory we’ll be leaving at 11:00AM. I’m also beginning to think she’s a figment of my imagination. This is SUCH a good argument for holograms. As in, I wish we were all holograms.


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Rihanna performing in Stockholm.
Photo: Mary H.K. Choi

The following is a conversation between me and Maud during a 90-minute delay on a Stockholm tarmac waiting for Rihanna who we know ARRIVED at the nightclub at 5AM last night and proceeded to pour and do a grip of shots. We also can’t get our wheels up because we’re waiting for a bunch of reporters who can’t sit the F down because they were raised by wolves. Wolves that were CLEARLY tortured and abused at the hands of THEIR forebears because holy crap, this is ridiculous.

Mary H.K. Choi: Oh my god, I’m so tired and this flight out of Stockholm is one majillion hours late. I wish they hadn’t served all the mimosas at 9 in the morning.

Maud Deitch: My coffee high wore off about 20 minutes ago and then I started Googling whether or not there are bed bugs in our hotel in Paris. People need to sit down.

MHKC: I legit can’t think about bed bugs right now. I haven’t been checking my mattress seams at all. I’m just so relieved every time we see a bed. I have to say though, I love that they’ve been putting us in the same seats in Home Plane because any change in the one routine I’m hanging onto would end me. Stockolm was a trip, thought. So fun. Best show yet?

MD: Definitely best show yet. Ri seemed way into it and the small variations in the set list made a huge difference. That guy doing the modified “Rollin’ With The Homies” dance from the balcony really solidified the whole thing. Thanks for pointing him out. Also we need to talk about “Stay” because it made me feel a lot of feelings (which is a theme for me this trip I think).


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Rihanna onboard her 777 Tour flight.
Photo: Getty Images

Dude. So this 777 Tour is nuts. I mean, nothing about an international Rihanna tour that happens on a private jumbo jet across seven countries didn't already sound bananas but there was zero way anyone could prepare for this. Trying to pack the right stuff was impossible. We were told that we could bring two checked bags but that seemed like an awful lot and I thought I'd be beating the system if I just brought a carry-on. Plus, (and not to invoke THE WORST energy ever but...) baggage overages made me think of Aaliyah reports so I thought I'd play it safe. As you know, the first leg of the tour goes down in Mexico City and the second is in Toronto (with the rest of it going: Stockholm, Paris, Berlin, London, with a final show in New York), which means a climate change that spans thirty some-odd degrees. You end up packing a winter coat, some sweaters, a summer dress and a bikini but pretty much all of it’s JKJKJK because you never leave an airport, bus, plane or venue. So far, it’s like a Vegas bender—you just don’t see a whole lot of outside.


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Rihanna on her tour jet.
Photo: MTV

Rihanna appeared on her 777 Tour airplane to cheers and explosions of flashbulbs, and journalists leaping out of their seats. In sunglasses with her head half shaved, hair long and black on the opposite side, she strode through the aisles greeting everyone, at one point saying, "This is some presidential s***." Rihanna was all smiles, laughing as she walked. Her outfit was travel ready: a black tank and jeans, grey leopard backpack and a Starter jacket tied around her hips. She also rocked long, pale pink stiletto nails to finish her look.

Stay tuned to MTV Style for all the 777 tour news!


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Rihanna's 'Nude' fragrance bottle and packaging.
Photo: Maud Deitch/ MTV Style

It's bedlam on the Rihanna 777 plane. So, if you don't know, me and Maud are on a seven country tour with Ri for the next week and of course THE first order of business is discussing this swag bag full of free stuff.

Maud scored a bottle of Rihanna's new mega fance parfum suitably called Nude (um, cello have you SEEN her GQ cover?). We sprayed it discreetly on the plane (we didn't want that ish to waft and have all of these journalists MURDER us) and agree that it smells like candy and powder with a musky undertone that adds some sexxxy nuance. I got Reb'l Fleur and we both got DRUMROLL PLEASE... Rihanna socks. They're amazing and we're going to wear them until they disintegrate.


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Katy Perry Emma Roberts Jaime King Mandy Moore

Jaime King, Katy Perry, Emma Roberts, and Mandy Moore at the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund event in L.A. on Oct. 25.
Photo: Getty Images

Well, we're officially jealous of the West Coast. Yesterday, celebs, designers, and artists gathered together for the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund event at the Chateau Marmont in L.A. looking as if winter weren't just a month away (or mere days if you count the Frankenstorm coming our way. Yipes!). Jaime King, Katy Perry, Emma Roberts, and Mandy Moore all showed up sporting super summery graphic print frocks that are seriously making us miss those warm summer days. Jaime wore a crimson red paisley print peplum Giambattista Valli Resort 2013 dress with a brown Valentino clutch and matching shoes. She finished her look with a killer gold cuff, bold red lips and soft, blonde waves. PERF!


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Kanye West, Leandra Medine, and Mia Moretti In Maison Martin Margiela for H&M.
Photo: Courtesy of H&M

The fact that the launch event for the Maison Martin Margiela x H&M collaboration last night was beyond A-list (A+ List?) comes as no surprise. Immortalized in lyrics of hip-hop songs by Jay-Z and Kanye, worn by the most discerning celebs, and always on the cutting edge, the fashion house was, until now, about as lux and rarefied as it could get. This is why, when rumors were swirling that Margiela would be joining forces with H&M on a collaboration, we held our breath in disbelief. It was true, though, and your opportunity to cop it for yourself is quickly approaching. The likes of Kanye West, The Man Repeller's Leandra Medine, DJ Mia Moretti and many more turned out in New York city for the launch, some even transforming into real-life models of the new collection. Sidebar: our own House of Style host Joan Smalls turned out for the event, right after her live Twitter interview with Karlie Kloss and the Wall Street Journal! Ok back on track—Kanye, Leandra, and Mia showed us how versatile and wearable the super directional collection can be, so we wanted to go through the look book and tell you which exact pieces the three were wearing!


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Transitional dressing is hard for everyone, but for the red carpet? Not only are the stakes higher, the competition more fierce, and the flashbulbs FAR more plentiful, but there are also just so many options. Do you go dark, the way many New Yorkers purge their wardrobe of all color the minute the first leaf hits the pavement? Or do you go ultra bright, in chilly-day-warming jewel tones and little hints of the summer that has just passed? The Elle Women In Hollywood party was last night, and its red carpet had many awesome examples of both methods for mid-fall dressing. In the first camp, Emma Watson, Kiernan Shipka, and Anna Kendrick went darker (Kiernan playing with black and white), while Emma Stone, Kristen Wiig, and Nina Dobrev went ultra-bright.

Emma Watson, Kiernan Shipka, and Anna Kendrick wore black to the Elle Women In Hollywood Party.
Photo: Getty

Emma Watson looked chic but still relaxed, her signature blend of laid back and edgy, in a black structured cocktail dress with a nude accent and layered construction. Paired with a pair of strappy, geometric heels and centerparted, pulled-back hair, the look was still a little light for the colder months, but just right for right now. Kiernan Shipka proved that she's growing up so fast (but not too fast) in a sweet black and white dress featuring a demure little collar and peplum. Her blonde hair, stick straight and center parted, and black pointed toe shoes looked elegant and age-appropriate. Anna Kendrick went for the vampier, more fall black look, in an ornate bustier dress and platform heels, her hair cascading around her shoulders in light waves. All three women got the delicate balance of darkness and light just right, looking October appropriate, but not at all Halloweeny.


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Joan Smalls, Sky Ferreira, and Karlie Kloss at Carine Roitfeld and MAC's Le Bal in Paris.
Photo: Getty

Oh what we would give to have been in Paris last night, even just a fly on the wall at Carine Roitfeld and MAC's Le Bal last night? MTV Style was in the house, with our House of Style hosts Karlie Kloss and Joan Smalls looking INCREDIBLE (but is that really a surprise *hair toss*), though, so we can't say we totally missed out, but still. We wonder if there was a dress code in effect because the theme of the night was definitely all black everything. You can count on the high fashion set to take something simple and work it out, though, because this black was most certainly not even close to basic. Joan went sheer with her black, wearing a long, filmy gown with strategically placed embellishments, sleek, center parted hair, and the night's other necessary look: a super smokey eye. That last part should come as no surprise, as smudged kohl is one of Carine's signature looks, and this was her party, after all. Sky Ferreira took a different tack with her all black, wearing a super 90's short sleeved turtleneck (the trend continues!), A-line skirt in what is either velvet or sateen, a wide belt at her waist and her signature super bleached-out hair messy and parted deep on the side. Sky's beauty look was still based around a smudgy black eye, but unlike Joan, who paired hers with a nude lip, Sky went with a punch bowl pout, looking like she had moments before been eating a cherry popsicle. Karlie's look was something akin to a Parisian warrior, in a high-necked dress with a perfectly placed slit up and gorgeous geometric cut outs. Karlie kept her lips bare like Joan, but went for a side part, adding that Parisian, "oh this old thing?" flair that's so totally irresistible.


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Lady Gaga bites Yoko Ono at her Fame launch at the Guggenheim museum.
Photo: Getty

We've already shown you the tattoo that Lady Gaga had inked onto her scalp at the Guggenheim museum last night, in celebration of Steven Klein's short film for her debut fragrance, Fame. Well, now we're ready to tell you the whole story, as far as we know it (and you know, you can never be sure with Mama Monster). She entered atop her car, as we said in our previous post, and snuck into the Gugg before most of the crowd had assembled, and well before her guests had arrived. We then took our place on the carpet to watch as the revelers poured in. It was a mix of high fashion faces, from Marc Jacobs to Interview editorial director Fabien Baron, to The Man Repeller herself, Leandra Medine, and pop notables like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. We were lucky enough to chat with a select few of the guests about what they were excited about and what Lady Gaga means to them, catching up with some of the celebs mentioned above (you'll have to watch to see who), as well as Yoko Ono, who compared Mama Monster to an angel, and figure skater and reality show star Johnny Weir, who is himself often referred to as "The Lady Gaga Of Figure Skating." Once inside, guests were treated to a screening of Steven Klein's short film, which he told us "explores the idea of the temptation of fame," and all of its many facets, as well as to Gaga's "Sleeping With Lady Gaga" performance piece. Check out our red carpet interviews, the full short film, and some photos from inside of the event after the jump.


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