Donatella Versace and Selena Gomez.
Photo: @selenagomez Twitter

Selena Gomez is pretty much living the dream in Milan right now. How do I know this? Because my BFFs, Anna Wintour and Donatella Versace, could NOT stop gabbing about her during our most recent group Skype sesh, wherein we also talked about pizza and #FASHUN and another former Disney darling who's been making some more, um, mature, wardrobe choices of her own these days. Just kidding. Anna Wintour and Donatella Versace don't use computers! They have someone else do all their interwebbingz for them, obvi.

But seriously. Now that Selly is no longer in danger of catching drop-crotch fever from the Biebs, she's been working on her style game in a major way. Gomez attended the Versace show in Milan on Friday and wore a killer mixed medium black dress with a bandage cut-out top and shimmery a-line bottom. She accessorized the look with a vampy red lip, smokey eyes and jet black nail polish. But instead of going home and emailing her runway wish-list to Santa Versace's PR people, she talked about the line over dinner with Donatella herself, as evidenced by a photo she posted on her Twitter with the caption, "To be great, learn from the greatest." And it doesn't get much greater than Donatella Versace. Unless, of course...


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Harry Styles

Harry Styles at the House of Holland show during London Fashion Week.
Photo: Getty Images

New York Fashion Week may be over, but it's underway in London where Harry Styles seems to be using the front row to try out his new career as a comedian. It looks like he's KILLIN' it in the front row, jokes-wise. Fashion-wise, he's keeping it simple—he can't let his look detract from his material, y'know? He showed up to the House of Holland show in a white t-shirt, ripped black jeans, and black boots, but most importantly, he showed up with his sense of humor.

Harry Styles

Harry Styles at the House of Holland show during London Fashion Week.
Photo: Getty Images

And judging from the pics, Kelly Osbourne (the purple mane seated two seats over from Styles) couldn't get enough; she was visibly into whatever this weird hand game he was playing was. Haha oh LOL, Harry. I'll be into it, too. When we're wedded.


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Here at MTV Style, we're pretty shameless about our love of food. We keep a snack drawer stocked year-round. If your event includes a meal, we RSVPed last week. We're in constant pursuit of chips, but we've also never met a granola bar we didn't like. Most of all, though, we reeeeeally like when fashion and food come together. We even devoted a whole weekly franchise to it called Food Friday. Welp, for New York Fashion Week, we took that love to the next level (OK, maybe several next levels) by wearing some of our favorite food-themed clothes to the "tents" at Lincoln Center.


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Trends from the 1990s: Crop-tops, faux-flannel plaid, logo gear and overalls.
Photos: Getty Images

Pro tip: If you wanna get a head-start on setting up your style game for Spring 2014, go home. Brush the dust off your under-bed storage bins, dig deep into your parents’ closets and recover all your siblings’ angst-ridden clothes from the 1990s. Because that decade just called. And they aren't getting their trends back. (Unless they’re calling about acid wash jeans. Then we’ll take a message.)

From Rodarte to DKNY to Alexander Wang and Rag & Bone, models in crop-tops, faux-flannel plaids, overalls and logo-gear dominated the Spring 2014 runways. Did every designer get together this summer to trade POGS and binge-watch My So-Called Life on bean bag chairs or something? Was it the Boy Meets World spin-off? The TLC biopic? The *NSYNC reunion?! Whatever the reason, '90s redux is definitely happening for Spring 2014 – and it’s all that AND a bag of chips, y’all!


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R.I.P., New York Fashion Week KWEENS. We've loved looking you up and down for the last 7 days, but really—puh-LEASE go rest those blistered feet in peace, guuuuurllllll! It is officially time to change your tired behind into some sensible flats. You've earned it! #BeautyIsPain But before you put away your spider-fur vest and your banana-peel earrings and those darling neon green leopard-spotted leather pants, we've got one more installation of street style critique from our very fierce friend, Jarvis Derrell of #shehashadit. Until next year, KWEENS!!!


Street style shot of Shay Marie during New York Fashion Week.
Photo: Getty Images

Yassssssssssss Kween Yassssssss!!! Though I'm a semi-annual follower of the Lordt, you are weaving all kinds of Black Magic on me with this modern day prequel to this upcoming season of 'American Horror Story: Coven,' and I'm sooo having it!!! Ohhhhhhhh the witchery, Liiivvvveee!!!! Serving just the right amount of skin under an ample supply of lace with the biggest clutch in the world!!!! MAAAAGICALLL!!!! There! It's set!!! I'm being you for Halloween!! #getready #shehashadit #thecraft #allblackeverything #cool #sensiblejennyhumphry #darklady #laced


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Obviously, there are a gazillion photos taken at New York Fashion Week. There are pictures of the runway, front row, backstage, street style, events, and parties, but, hello, candids > posed pics. Not to be too voyeuristic about it, but photos people don't know they're in are just better. Let's play a game of I Spy, Fashion Week edition.

I'll start:

I SPY...


Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj at the Herve Leger By Max Azria Spring 2014 New York Fashion Week presentation.
Photo: Getty Images

Sorry people, her Minajesty needs a pic and your view doesn't matter. Get used 2 it.


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Our girl Karlie Kloss is an enigma of time and space. It seemed like whenever we so much as glanced at a runway, she was on it. Does the woman ever sleep? We're not sure. But we clearly have a lot to learn. Here are 11 times Karlie made Fashion Week look easy. *cries into coffee* *eats another Karlie's Kookie*



Photo: Getty Images

When she single-handedly re-branded the Care-Bear Stare.


When she showed us how to multi-task. 


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It's done, y'all. Another Fashion Week has come and gone, and we now know what we, or more likely, celebs, will be wearing come the warmer days in seventh months. That's a lot of time to think about what to wear come April, and also a lot of recovery time. Fashion Week is exhausting! We're worn out from writing about it from the comfort of a chair, so we can only imagine how Fashion Week fixtures feel after running around in multiple fancy outfits per day, schmoozing with other famous peeps, and sitting on a hard bench with two inches in each direction to call their own.

Teen Wolf star Holland Roden was one of our front row faves from the past week, hitting up not one, not two, but FIVE shows. Two of those shows were in the same day, which Holland took as an opportunity to change her outfit, hair, and shoes. Oh, she also wore different colors to each show, and that only included NYFW standard black ONCE. Let's take a look at her wildly varying looks.


Holland Roden

Holland Roden at the Rebecca Minkoff Spring 2014 New York Fashion Week show.
Photo: Getty Images

Holland kicked off her week at Rebecca Minkoff and was obviously a fan of the live Janelle Monae soundtrack: she Instagrammed a pic of the singer, which also serves to give plebes like us a taste of front row life. It tastes like air because of #fashion. JK, it tastes like almonds because of #fashion. Holland wore a navy leather shirt, black, white, and pink striped pants, and some strappy red pumps.


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"Fabulous" is, admittedly, an oft overused word, but never have I ever FULLY understood what it meant until meeting David and Phillipe Blond (better known as The Blonds) and seeing their work up close. Sure, you can tell from photographs that their curve-glorifying silhouettes, heavy with gems and crystals like the world's most glamorous barnacles, are major show-stoppers and how that has made them go-to designers for the high octane performance outfits of all your favorite pop stars: Katy Perry, Ke$ha, Beyonce, Selena Gomez, and, like, infinity more. But seeing the pieces first-hand, glittering less than a foot from your eyeballs? That's another story entirely.


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