Hear that? *pushes index finger to your lips...yes, through the computer screen* That's the sound of Halloween being HALF A MONTH away! So far, in our quest to prepare you for all your costumed comings and goings this year, we've hooked you up with political, cinematic, and even *achem* culinary All Hallows' Eve inspiration—along with celeb-based ideas like Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry costume ideas. NOW, make way for a bevy of Trick or Treat-worthy getups inspired by pop's golden boy: JUSTIN BIEBER!


Justin Bieber

To infinity and Bieb'yond.
Photo: Official Rock Star Costumes/Spirit Halloween/Chachi Pants/Halloween Costumes


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Sexy Food Halloween Costumes

Sexy Pizza, Sexy Fries, and Sexy Burger Halloween costumes.
Photo: Yandy.com

The "sexy" Halloween costume has been a holiday staple of sorts since long before Mean Girls made fun of it in 2006. The practice of young ladies turning lingerie into costumes has been plaguing All Hallows' Eve for at least a decade, and while it may have started with skimpy versions of cop costumes or firefighters or animals, it's since spread to just about everything: "sexy" ninjas, "sexy" children's toys, "sexy" Hannibal Lecter, and who could ever forget those "sexy" Sesame Street characters? Welp, it turns out there are also food costumes. Thus, this week's Food Friday topic.

Given that dressing up as food is notably on-trend this year AND given that the sexualization of Halloween costumes knows no bounds, we should have seen this one coming. I mean, why (other than, you know, a preference for modesty and the fact that late October can get pretty chilly) would you rather wear an XL sweatshirt printed with a blown out photo of greasy pepperoni pizza when you can wear this costume from Yandy.com which comes with a built-in crust neck pillow instead?? And one thing is for sure: a skintight bodycon minidress is exactly what I want to wear after eating super-sized French fries and a Big Mac.


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It's no secret that Katy Perry loves Halloween. She loves it almost as much as we do. Last year alone she wore a vampire costume and dressed as Jane Lane from Daria. (Way to make the rest of us look bad with our one costume, KP.) Katy loves Halloween so much she launched her own costume shop within her official merch store. There's a "Roar" music video costume and a "Roar" single Sukajan jacket that we're O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D with, but here at MTV Style we like to do things our own way, which is why we've assembled three Katy Perry costumes of our own.


Katy Perry

You're not stranded in the jungle like Katy Perry in her 'Roar' video but you can look like you are.
Photo: Capitol Records/ASOS/Papermart/PaperGoods

Katy sports several jungle-friendly looks in her "Roar" video (we broke down the entire thing here, BTW), but it's her final palm skirt, leopard print crop top, floral crown look that deserves recognition. The lady is adaptable: her plane crashed in the jungle and she looks like this! Since crop tops and floral headbands are so ~in~ right now, both can be found pretty easily in stores and online. The skirt, on the other hand, will require a bit of craftiness, but it'll all be worth it when you can say to people, "See this? I made it. I'm a regular ol' Martha Stewart over here." You'll need to cut the green table cloth into strips, tie each one around a ribbon, and then tie the ribbon around your waist. If Queen Katy can look like that in the jungle, you should be able to look even better: you have technology and scissors on your side!

+ Top: ASOS Mix and Match Halter Leopard Print Bikini Top ($32.04)
+ Floral Crown: ASOS Bouquet Garland Headband ($17.80)
+ Ribbon: Papermart Satin Finish Ribbon ($6.76)
+ Tablecloth: PaperGoods Lime Green Rectangle Plastic Table Cover ($1.29)


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Along with giving you a chance to role play as someone else—be it superhero, vampire, or Miley CyrusHalloween can also be a good opportunity to show everyone how politically clever/satirical you are (assuming you're not already doing that every week as a member of the Saturday Night Live cast and writing team). Last year, we had the 2012 Presidential Election and that unforgettable Big Bird comment from Mitt Romney as topical inspiration. This year, we have the government shutdown.


Government Shutdown

Statue of Liberty and Lincoln Memorial closed for business.
Photo: Spirit Halloween/Zoro Tools

When the government shuts down, so do the government owned and operated national parks and monuments. That means: your plans to visit all those historically rich American landmarks have been foiled until things are back up and running again. Make your Statue of Liberty costume current events-appropriate by wearing a "Sorry, we're closed" sign around your neck. Or go more D.C.-centric as a closed Lincoln Memorial.

+ Statue of Liberty: Statue Of Liberty Adult Women's Costume ($26.99)
+ Statue of Liberty Torch: Light Up Liberty Torch ($6.99)
+ 'Sorry, We're Closed' Sign: Open/Closed Sign ($2.29)
+ Abraham Lincoln Costume: Abe Lincoln Men's Costume ($39.99)
+ 'Closed, Please Call Again' Sign: Open Closed Store Sign With Clock ($3.99)


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If you live on this planet ("Hi! I'm Earth. Have we met?"), there's a chance you may have heard by now that Miley: The Movement, airs tonight. *SQUEAL* It's basically gonna be like Christmas, but with more twerking, less wreaths and like, a TON of tongue. ICYMI, Miley Cyrus, Queen of Can't Stop/Won't Stop, has had a pretty may-jah year, so we thought it only fitting to pay tribute to the artist-formerly-known-as Hannah Montana with the sincerest form of flattery: Halloween costumes, DUH. Oh. What? You thought all the foam fingers would be sold-out by now? YOU THOUGHT WRONG. (Go. Buy. Now.) And BTW, you won't find any pre-packaged costumes here. NEWP. *hair flip* We decided to get RULL creative to help you put together your favorite Miley moment: from that VMAs performance to one of the first times we saw her twerk (in a unicorn onesie, no less) and even alllll the way back to the vintage Miley days of The Disney Channel—we are hookin' you up with some super-sweet outfits that will a.) provoke jealousy b.) get people talking and c.) prahhhbably rile up the Parents Television Council. So, you're welcome.



Be Miley from this year's VMAs!
Photos: Getty Images/Covergirl/American Apparel/Nasty Gal/Amazon

You've seen it, you know it, you love it and you totes don't get what all the fuss was about. When Miley ripped off her fuzzy-wuzzy wuz a leotard on stage at the 2013 VMAs, gasps echoed through the crowd. It was awesome. Cyrus rocked a nude, latex two-piece and white platform sneakers for the second part of her performance, and chose to accessorize the look with a simple, now-infamous foam finger. But don't stress! We get it—not everyone has the cajones to be quite as ~bold~ as Miley, so we tried to achieve her VMAs look with a little more, um, coverage. The mesh panel on this pale-colored bodysuit gives the illusion of belly-bearing, without having to worry about like, doing crunches and stuff.The matching gym shorts allow you to go about your trick-or-treating without showing everyone your booty and the bright red lipstick will make sure that your words stand out in a crowd. (As if the foam finger won't do that already.)

+ Bodysuit: American Apparel Play Mesh Sunsuit ($48.00)
+ Shorts: American Apparel High-Waist Denim Short ($24.00)
+ Lipstick: Covergirl Continuous Lip Color in Really Red ($4.99)
+ Foam Finger: Old Glory Miley Cyrus Twerk Foam Finger ($9.95)
+ Shoes: Nasty Gal ZOMG Platform Sneaker ($65.00)


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Cool Runnings

Cool Runnings.
Photo: Walt Disney Pictures

Get ready to feel old, y'all! Seriously, grab a seat. *waits for entire interweb audience to sit down* It's been 20 years since the initial release of Cool Runnings, everyone's favorite feature film loosely based on the 1988 Winter Olympics debut of Jamaica's national bobsled team. Yep. October 1993 kicked off with this movie, and in celebration of its 20th birthday, we're kicking off October 2013 (and our always anticipated Halloween costume series) with a little DIY Cool Runnings group costume. We'll get to the Lady Gagas and Katys and (DUH) Mileys in a bit, but first things first. Feel the rhythm! Feel the rhyme! Get on up, it's bobsled time!

Cool Runnings

Cool Runnings DIY costume ideas.
Photo: Capezio/A1 Skateboards/Amazon/Office Depot/Staples/Walmart


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Katy Perry, Jessica Simpson, Rihanna

Katy Perry, Jessica Simpson, and Rihanna dress up for Halloween.
Photo: Courtesy of @KatyPerry's Twitter/@JessicaSimpson's Twitter/Getty Images

Katy Perry as Daria's Jane Lane. Jessica Simpson in pigtails and a leather corset. Rihanna toting a tiara and scepter. It's November 1, y'all. The Catholic Church and other Christian denominations observe this as All Saints' Day, but perhaps a bit more widely spread, this is also the day you thumb through everyone's Halloween Facebook/Twitter/Instagram photos regardless of whether you and your friends spent the day in costume or in your PJs by candlelight, crossing your fingers for your power to come back #Sandy. To make it easier for you, we rounded up some favorite (and flagrant) celebrity costumes from All Hallows' Eve.


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Oh, shiz! *looks at watch* Halloween is, like, right now, and if you still don't have a costume yet, you might be freaking out. Don't worry, though—we've got some super quick costumes you can put together from pieces that are sitting in your apartment right this second. Whether you've been procrastinating, forgot, or are just plain lazy, we're SURE you can pull something totally awesome together before dusk hits. C'mon girl, let's go! Time's a wastin'.


Lazy Girl Halloween Costumes

Photo: Modcloth/Walmart/BeltOutlet.com

If you own a solid yellow dress/coat/shirtdress/tunic/basically ANYTHING of this variety, you can be the super 'dorbs Morton Salt Girl. It's simple: Slip on the dress (the one shown here is from Modcloth), grab a (preferably) white umbrella (like this ElieBrellas wooden handle one), pick up some Morton Salt from your local grocery store, and BAM! You've got a costume. Extra points if you have white tights and yellow flats to finish the look.


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Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, Halloween

Miley Cyrus dresses as Nicki Minaj for Halloween.
Photo: Courtesy of @MileyCyrus's Twitter/Getty Images

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! A few days ago, we hooked you up with a full flipbook of celebrity costumes from over the weekend, but the actual day is finally here, and there's just one star's All Hallows' Eve dress that we really want to break down into nitty gritties: Miley Cyrus as Nicki Minaj. It's a rare and wonderful occurence when one of our favorite celebs masquerades as ANOTHER of our fave stars and one we get majorly amped about (see last year's Battle of the Halloween J.Los). Naturally, we HAD to take this opportunity to unpack Miley's Nicki-inspired look.


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Lucy Hale's technicolor unicorn costume.
Photo: MTV News

Having Halloween on a Wednesday means that the holiday festivities have the potential to stretch out over an entire week. Not only does this mean candy, candy, and MORE candy, but it also means that you have the opportunity for not just one but many costumes. You may have rocked your showstopping Halloween look on Friday or Saturday past, but there is still ACTUAL Halloween to worry about. If you need some inspiration, celebs are a great place to look for costume ideas. We especially loved Lucy Hale's technicolor unicorn costume, complete with horn, rainbow mane and furry boots. This look is part "My Little Pony" and party candy raver, and avoids the "sexy" costume cliche by virtue of being so totally over the top. Lucy is committed, and we're into it.


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