Victoria Justice in her Halloween shopping creation.
Photo: MTV

In her new movie Fun Size, Victoria Justice plays a girl forced to babysit her brother on Halloween instead of going to the coolest party, where she was, of course, invited by the cutest guy. In an adorable Dorothy costume, Victoria and her brother get into all kinds of spooky holiday hijinx and hilarity ensues. MTV News' Christina Garibaldi took Justice shopping for Halloween costumes, and in the video that you can watch below, you'll see that the star is 100% in the Halloween spirit. Between a unicorn mask, feather boa, and some really hair-raising werewolf gloves, the actress puts together a look that might not be winning any costume contests, but is certainly hilarious. Watch the video after the jump!


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If you live anywhere on the Atlantic coastline, you've undoubtedly heard talk of the impending "Frankenstorm" also known as the "Snor'eastercane" — a weather monstrosity of epic proportions which is currently threatening the United States' east coast with floods, high winds, and upwards of a BILLION dollars worth of damage. News hot topics are always the perfect fodder for Halloween costumes, so what better thing to be on Halloween than the very thing that's encroaching on your good time? Plus, West Coasters and those of you living in Central and Mountain time, can absolutely also take part as news of the big storm spreads across the nation (whether you're wearing the costume ironically or not is your call). Here are two ways — one solo and one group effort — you can embody the All Hallows' Eve weather buzzkill with your costume!



Dress as Frankenstorm for Halloween.
Photo: Courtesy of Spirit Halloween/Costume Craze/Turtle Contacts

GET IT?!? Two Halloween staples — monsters and superheroes — combine here for one hilariously relevant costume idea. Pick up the Frankenstein makeup and monster effects in the same place as the essentials for one of the X-Men series' most badass heroines, and BOOM! Insta-costume.

+ Green Face Paint: Green Cream Makeup ($1.99)
+ Monster Effects: Monster FX Kit ($9.99)
+ Storm Costume: Adult Storm Costume ($53.89)
+ Wig: Vampire Vixen Wig ($19.99)
+ White Contacts: White-Out Contact Lenses ($49.99)


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Two styles from the new Halloween Converse collection.
Photo: Courtesy of Converse

Converse has already rolled out several editions of designer Chucks, teamed up with musicians like M83, and remained an integral part of the Hollywood style star uniform...yes, even on the red carpet. It seems like the sneaker giant has transformed its classic slim silhouettes into pretty much everything already, but now the Chuck Taylor All Star is getting yet ANOTHER makeover just in time for Halloween. Converse teams up with a crew of San Francisco artists like Alán González and Kris Mestizo for a spooky-cool collection that's too good NOT to wear year-round.


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Actual Halloween is still exactly one week away, but the beauty of having All Hallows' Eve fall on a Wednesday is that you get TWO weekends to celebrate! Whether your spooky festivities are kicking off this coming weekend, or you're saving it all up for the proper fright night, we have some easy peasy costume ideas inspired by some of our favorite fashion plates that require extreeeeeemely minimal effort on your part, but are sure to be #totesamaze. Let's get started!


Karl Lagerfeld

Dress like Karl Lagerfeld for Halloween.
Photo: Getty Images/Courtesy of Forever 21/ City/MotoSport

Karl Lagerfeld is not only a chic, high fashion Halloween option, near-replicating his luxe minimalist, heavily tailored steez for the purposes of this holiday is actually not that difficult nor does it have to be super expensive. You can cop almost all of Karl's stark black and white pieces at your nearest Forever 21, put your hair in a ponytail (COVERED in white hair spray), and finish it off with a pair of sunglasses and fingerless leather gloves.

+ Blazer: Double-Breasted Blazer ($27.80)
+ Shirt: Pleated A-Line Shirt ($22.80)
+ Sunglasses: Jack Martin Frisky Business Sunglasses ($12.95)
+ Pants: Essential Pintucked Ankle Trousers ($24.80)
+ Tie: White Solid Tie ($4.95)
+ Brooches: Layered Rhinestone Brooch in Gunmetal ($6.80) and Rhinestone Frond Pin ($9.80)
+ Shoes: Studded Oxfords ($22.80)
+ Fingerless Gloves: River Road Hollister Shorty Fingerless Gloves ($13.59)
+ White Hair Spray: White Hair Spray ($2.99)


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Katy Perry Vampire Nail Art

Katy Perry on October 19.
Photo: Via The Cobrasnake

Guys, Katy Perry may be the master of Halloween. Like, she's been on an All Hallows' Eve kick ever since the beginning of the month, and we see NO signs of her slowing down. We're not mad though—she's always sporting the most on-point Halloween game (if that's a thing), and it's reallllyy beginning to get us into the spooky spirit. Just a couple weeks ago we spotted her wearing a mix-and-match witch, ghoul and jack-o-lantern mani (PRESH) and this week she went ALL. OUT. in a vampire costume with matching nail art for her blood sucking-themed birthday bash at the Magic Castle in L.A. She got decked-out in the most dead-on (heh) Victoria-era ensemble complete with a bell-sleeve white lace dress covered in gold crosses. She finished the look with a giant, bejeweled spider necklace (LOOK AT THAT THING), a gold crown, fiery red contacts, dark burgundy lipstick, fangs, and, of course, killer nails.


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EmotiStyle as toast for Halloween.
Photo: via Emotistyle

"Sexy" Sesame Street Halloween costumes may be a thing this year, but C'MON, guys...we can do so much better than that! After all, Halloween is all about flexing those creative DIY muscles, and wearing next to nothing in your scantily clad bunny outfit? Ehh...not exactly mindblowing (insert Mean Girls quote here). In a stroke of internet magic this morning, we discovered an amazingly awesome music video with the exact same message...and some rad dance moves to boot. The brilliantly-titled "Things You Can Be On Halloween Besides Naked!!!" comes courtesy of New York-based comedians EmotiStyle and is basically a hilarious how-to dress guide while still keeping your clothes on. Zipping through clever AND covered-up costume ideas like phone chargers, toast, and Louis CK, the outfit options in the clip are accompanied by zingers such as “You can just be a nurse. You don’t have to be a sexy nurse.” #Truth. So because we're obsessed (and wanted to pick their Halloween-y brains), we tracked down EmotiStyle's Shamikah and Molly to talk about the problems with costume shopping, Halloween dos and don'ts, and why fashion dreams rarely come in a plastic bag. See what they have to say after the jump!


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Your completed leopard look!.
Photo: Annamarie Tendler

This is what happens to me every Halloween: I say,  "I'm not going out, I'm not going out, I'M NOT GOING OUT!"  And then, two days before the 31st, I decide, "ok FINE, I'll go out!"  Frantic running around New York City then ensues, as I hilariously try to scrape together some half-baked idea.  Of course, I always come up with something totally brilliant in the middle of the night, but there is no way I'd be able to pull it off in time.  Does this scenario sound familiar to any of you?  Yes?  Well then this post is for you!


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Don't have a Halloween costume yet? Who cayyy-ares! You don't need to get all gussied up to rock some killer nails for All Hallows' Eve. In fact, we kind of like it when people (like Katy Perry!) wear mismatched manis because you can experiment with a different design on each nail. Fun! And listen, we promise these aren't nearly as barf-inducing as our zombie-inspired nail designs from last week, but we WILL guarantee that these sets are sure to stir some spooky feelings from within. First up—Sophie from The Illustrated Nail absolutely stunned us with her scarily on-point mani. From Dracula to Frankenstein to horrifying jack-o-lanterns, she covered all her basis in the most chilling way possible. LOVE!


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Asher Levine Halloween Masks

Asher Levine's "Editor from the Blue Lagoon" and "Count Lagerfeld" Halloween masks.
Photo: Courtesy of Asher Levine's Facebook

Just when we thought our massive throbbing blog-crush on Asher Levine couldn't get any bigger, the designer (who BTW has stamps of approval from both Lady Gaga and her creative director Nicola Formichetti at just 24 years old) pumps out a range of Halloween masks. The limited edition All Hallows' Eve collection hit Pop Souk yesterday (Sunday, Oct. 21) and featured spook-ified versions of fashion (and pop culture) favorites like Anna Wintour rendered "Editor from the Blue Lagoon" and Chanel's Karl Lagerfeld as Count Lagerfeld.


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Even though Lana Del Rey's breakout single technically debuted last year, the New York songbird has stayed firmly planted in the spotlight ever since, making her the PERFECT last-minute lazy girl Halloween costume. We've witnessed various incarnations of the star recently, whether it's in her statuesque SNL column dress, channeling Jackie O. with A$AP Rocky in "National Anthem" (and onstage thereafter), and most recently as a romanticized free spirit in "Ride." No matter which version of Lana is your favorite, we've got tons of quick and easy ways to recreate her signature look just in time for Halloween. So blast the music, practice your lip pout, and check out our ideas below!


Dress like Lana Del Rey's "Video Games" album art for Halloween.
Photo: Universal Music/ Courtesy of Etsy/AE/L'Oreal/Miss Selfridge

It makes sense to start things off with the OG Lana look from her "Video Games" album art- wide eyes, nude lips, a simple cross necklace, and most importantly, the statement flower crown. The first components are super easy to score, but the headband requires a bit more thought. There are pleeeeeenty of options on Etsy - flower crowns are a huge trend, after all- or you can make the accessory yourself. To DIY, just hit up your local crafts store and grab some artificial flowers (we hear Michael's has a good selection). Then just attach them to a headband or wire with glue, and ta-da! You're set. We usually don't recommend procrastinating, but just in case you leave the costume sitch to the last minute, whip out this Lana outfit and you're good to go in no time flat.

+ Floral Crown: Etsy Hair Wreath ($39.00)
+ Tank: AE Boyfriend Tank ($11.99)
+ Eyeliner: L'Oreal Extra Intense Liquid Pencil Liner ($8.95)
+ Lipstain: Tarte LipSurgence Matte Lipstain ($17.95)
+ Necklace: Miss Selfridge Rose Gold Cross Necklace ($13.00)


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