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A still from Gotye's "Somebody That I Used To Know" music video featuring Kimbra.
Photo: Eleven

Gotye's "Somebody That I Used To Know" was one of the biggest runaway musical successes of the year. Not only was the heart-wrenching ballad a colossal radio hit, the music video for the track featuring Kimbra was awesomely iconic to the point where it earned its own SNL Digital Short starring the singer himself. Given all of the above, we think getting a group of three (yes, THREE) together to be this video for Halloween is a guaranteed costume winner. Given all of that, we've hacked a way for you to do it yourself. Roll up your sleeves, warm up your credit card, and LEGGO!



Dress up as Gotye for Halloween.
Photo: Courtesy of Capezio/Walmart/Hardware and Tools/KMart/Target/

The "Somebody That I Used To Know" costume is definitely not for the faint of heart. While it doesn't demand you IDENTICALLY replicate the abstract geometric designs of the original video, you should be sure that all of the lines and colors match and meet appropriately. Cop yourself a nude unitard and a grip of paints (fabric for the onesie and face for, well, your face), and get to work with some foam brushes! You'll need black eyeliner to define the lines on your face and neck and a laundry marker to draw lines on the unitard (and don't forget a ruler!).

+ Unitard: Capezio Adult Long Sleeve Unitard ($34.00)
+ Eyeliner: Maybelline Unstoppable Eyeliner in Black ($5.64)
+ Fabric Marker: Sanford Rub-A-Dub Laundry Marker ($0.94)
+ Paint: Tulip Soft Fabric Paint, Neutral 5 Pack
+ Face Paint: Wolfe Face Paints in Skinz Fair ($3), Wolfe Face Paints in Skinz Rich Ivory ($3), Snazaroo Face Paints in Rust Brown ($2.50), and Snazaroo Face Paints in Light Grey ($2.50)
+ Brushes: Linzer 8501-S Foam Brush Set ($1.19)
+ Ruler: Westcott Non-Shatter Ruler ($1.02)


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Halloween Zombie Nail Art

Photo: Via Samarium's Swatches

Sure, we've been getting into the Halloween spirit with killer costume ideas (like Lady Gaga's new and improved meat dress or Katy Perry's enchanted "Wide Awake" look), but we have yet to go down the dark and gory road that is All Hallows' Eve. *evil witch cackle* *thunderclap* If you're willing to get a little grisly with your costume and have some serious nail art skills to boot, we have JUST the thing for you—a zombie-fied manicure that'll definitely add an extra bit of edge to your back-from-the-dead ensemble. I mean, you don't even have to WAIT until Halloween to sport a seriously revolting mani, (I mean, hello, season three of The Walking Dead just premiered yesterday AND that Zombie 5K is just a week away), but you might, um, really gross people out in the meantime. This manicure is all about getting as gruesome as possible—the bloodier, the better! Remember: You are a flesh-eating corpse, and your nails need to reflect that. So, where do we start? Well, take a cue from Samarium's Swatches' blog and use only matte polishes for the beat-up and bruised nail beds, but be sure to keep the "blood" shiny to make it look nice 'n fresh. Mmmmm, humans. Fun tip: She used dark, matte eye shadow around her cuticles and fingertips to add an extra gross touch. PERFECT.


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The countdown is on! Halloween is officially three weeks away, which means that there's just enough time to put together an elaborate, show-stopping costume. As the clock ticks down and we get closer, obviously your options for going all out get fewer and fewer, unless you're a lightning-fast, super DIY'er. Every year there are a few of our faves who have totally amazing, Halloween-ready looks, Katy Perry of course being one of them. Last year we told you how to get "T.G.I.F." ready, and this year we're going to be doing some of Katy's more recent, still totally iconic, looks. Some of these are harder than others, requiring online tutorials, scissors, glue and a significant time commitment, others are considerably easier, using clothes you might already have on hand and a few simple props. Either way, you'll look just as rad as Katy, and are sure to turn some heads.

Katy's "Wide Awake" Enchanted Garden Look

Get Katy's "Wide Awake" look.
Photo: Getty/Manic Panic/Urban Outfitters/Amazon

In the interest of full disclosure, one of the most attractive things about this costume is the excuse to dye your hair purple. You could also wear a wig, of course, and depending on your age should always ask permission before doing something like this, since even semi-permanent dye will stick around for awhile. You can also just wear a purple wig. We LOVE Katy's look in her "Wide Awake" video, where she drapes flowers across a nude maxi dress, which she has paired with white patent Dr. Martens. Her beauty game is flawless as well, with her long grape-hued locks accentuating perfect skin and a demure pink lip. Butterflies in her hair and a killer 3-D floral mani knock this look out of the park. With a simple nude dress, some butterflies and flowers (which you can totally glue onto your nails), and some fabric tape, you can re-create this look incredibly easily. If you want to go a little deeper with it, you can do this paper flower DIY, and drape your creations across the dress with yarn or twine.

+ Butterflies
Fancy Butterflies $5.25
+ Flowers 452 Pc. Pastel Paper Flower Assortment $12.75
+ DIY Flowers Paper Flower DIY
+ Dress Go Make Noise Slub Knit Maxi Dress $59.00
+ Hair Dye Manic Panic Purple Haze $13.65


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Adam Lambert on Pretty Little Liars' Halloween episode.
Photo: ABC Family

Halloween month may already be in full swing, but there are still three weeks left until the spookiest day of the year. Costume planning, plotting and scheming may have you busy, but you might also be eagerly, anxiously, desperately awaiting a date a little sooner than All Hallow's Eve: October 23rd. Have no idea what I'm talking about? Well you must not be a diehard Adam Lambert fan, then, because if you were you would know that the 23rd is the night that Adam will appear as a guest star on the Pretty Little Liars Halloween special! Here's what we know right now: Adam will perform at a costume party in the episode, which is called "This Is A Dark Ride." From a new teaser video, we know that one of the songs he will play will be "Cuckoo," from Tresspassing, and that his costume is something like a Victorian meets, well, Glambert, Vampire. We can't imaging it would be all that easy to sing with those fangs in, but if anyone can do it, Adam Lambert can. We also know, from an earlier teaser, that this appearance is going to involve not just singing, but acting as well! Is there anything he can't do? Check out some more teaser photos after the jump!


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Katy Perry Halloween Nail Art

Katy Perry performs at the amfAR Inspiration Gala in L.A. on Oct. 11.
Photo: Getty Images

So, we're basically stalking Katy Perry. I mean, not really, but we are consistently on the lookout for her nail art to the point where it's, heh, kind of embarrassing. But, like, have you seen KP's nail game? It's always insane, hence why we need to be on watch 24/7. In September, she showed off a KILLER Daria mani and just last week she sported Obama's face on her fingers. Last night she switched up her digits once again—this time with a Halloween-themed design. OoOooOh! Fun! While performing at the amfAR Inspiration Gala, she wore an off-the-shoulder floral ruffle Naeem Khan gown with a rhinestone belt and, of course, DEM NAILS. Let's take a closer look at these bad boys, shall we?


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With fewer than three weeks to go, the countdown to Halloween is officially ON. This tick-tock time crunch plus the pressure of churning out an epic, unforgettable and pop culture-relevant costume means you'd better get started stat. If you're still looking for outfit ideas, ahem, may we suggest PSY? He's only the biggest YouTube superstar since, like, forever, and basically exploded the internet this summer with "Gangnam Style." Considering we've already dissected the music video look by look, that makes the costume hunting EVEN easier. And with our group costume ideas inspired by each of the ridiculous characters in the clip, all you need to do now is grab your best friends and start plotting. It's SO easy, you'll even have time to learn his dance moves before the big night. Let's do this!


Photo: Dress like Psy's "Gangnam Style" video for Halloween.
Photo: Courtesy of YG Entertainment/ Topshop/ASOS/Forever21/Topman

Who better to start off with than the man himself?! Whoever's lucky enough to nab PSY's action-ready ensemble has to be prepared to give MAJOR face, rock the dance moves like no other, and have the singer's swanky "I know I'm hot" saunter down (after all, with great power comes great responsibility...). Here PSY's dressed in his baby blue tuxedo jacket, black pants, bowtie and shades. He's working a slick dress shirt underneath all this, but if you don't feel like investing in one yourself (or raiding your dad's closet), a basic white tee will do. Replicate PSY's outfit with a light blue blazer, black skinny jeans, a bow tie, and some round sunglasses. Now all you need to do is perfect those facial expressions...


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Sexy Sesame Street Halloween Costumes

Would you wear a "sexy" Elmo, Big Bird, or Oscar the Grouch Halloween costume?
Photo: Courtesy of

You heard it here first: "sexy" Sesame Street character Halloween costumes are real things that exist. I put the word "sexy" in quotation marks not just because it's a totally subjective term, but also because using it in such close proximity to a public broadcasting program that helped teach me the alphabet and how to count is pretty gross (to say the very least). Big Bird, Elmo, and pals have been making headlines and trending topics lately with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's mention of the large beloved avian puppet in the October 3rd presidential debate against incumbent Barack Obama. It actually makes the big yellow guy excellent fodder for Halloween costuming, but is rendering these cuddly childhood staples into décolletage flaunting, sheer-panelled ensembles that reveal more than enough under-butt necessarily the right move for your politically charged All Hallows Eve suiting? We're not so sure.


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Happy Friday, y'all! If you're a big do-it-yourself-er and are in the market for a heavy-lifting Halloween costume you can get cracking on NOW, might we suggest going this year as Lady Gaga? Mother Monster is not only well-versed in the world of high fashion (who else would the House Versace trust to bring "THAT dress" back??), she's also a couture connoisseur, dreaming up more daily one-off ensembles than there are days in a year. Lady Gaga is the kind of pop star Halloween was made for, and we at MTV Style are obviously subscribers to her every move, making us the perfect fit to unpack her iconic looks for your All Hallows evening. Put your paws up, roll up your sleeves, and be prepared to get a little dirty. Your Mother Monster Halloween hack starts now!

Lady Gaga, Halloween, Born This Way meat dress

Dress like Lady Gaga for Halloween.
Photo: Getty Images/American Apparel/Walmart/Foster's Fun Shop

Gaga made The Meat Dress a household name back at the 2010 Video Music Awards, which may make you think it's played. BUT Gagaloo brought the beef frock back this year for her current Born This Way Ball tour and in an updated (also, WAY easier to replicate) strapless version with a bullett belt! Get a similar look yourself by nabbing up a strapless cotton/jersey dress with a bit of a flared skirt. Print close-up photos of raw meat onto a TON of sheets of iron-on transfer paper. Follow the directions on the packaging and adhere the sheets to the dress - the paper will also make the flouncy skirt a little more rigid like Gaga's. Slip on a bullet belt at the waist of the dress, a pair of fishnet heels, and you're ready to go!

+ Dress: Cotton Spandex Jersey High-Waist Skirt ($34.00)
+ Belt: Bullet Belt ($5.99)
+ Iron-On Transfer Paper: Epson Iron-On Cool Peel Transfer Paper ($14.62)


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Feel that crisp chill in the air? Yep, that's fall. Along with the autumnal turning leaves and apple cider, that means *drumrolllllll* HALLOWEEN SEASON IS UPON US. We've put together a long series of solo AND group costumes *brushes shoulders off* that will roll out this month as we approach All Hallow's Eve, and we're kicking October off with one of our favorite ones yet: a One Direction group costume!! Wrangle up your four best friends and start divvying up who's going to be Harry, Zayn, Liam, Niall, and Louis, grab a 5-pack of Hanes Tagless white tees, have everyone (except whoever's being Louis) dig up their favorite pair of khakis (or cop these $19.75 ones from Aeropostale if you're REALLY committed to the boy band uniformity), and check out what we've rounded up for you below for the rest!


Harry Styles, One Direction, Halloween costume

Dress like Harry Styles for Halloween.
Photo: Getty Images/Spirit Halloween/Abercrombie & Fitch/ASOS/Walmart

Nailing the signature One Direction hair is CRUCIAL for the proper execution of this group costume, so grabbing wigs and not being afraid to style them appropriately are key factors to getting this right. Harry is unofficially "The Preppy One," so get his look with a crested navy blazer (this one is definitely more of an investment piece, but you can also pin a patch on this Forever 21 blazer for a similar look that's much more affordable) and line the lapel with white electrical tape for that fresh contrast piping. Grab your white tee, khakis, and red lo-top Chucks, muss up your hair to perfection, and you're ready to go!

+ Wig: Leading Man Brown Wig ($18.99)
+ Blazer: Blair Blazer ($140.00)
+ Shoes: Red Converse All Star Ox Trainers ($70.36)
+ Tape: 3M White Electrical Tape ($13.87)


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One of Laura Willis' expertly styled costumes for Target.
Photo: Target

If you're a vintage fashion fiend and have ever visited New York City, there's a good chance one of your first stops was Screaming Mimi's in NoHo. The eclectic village boutique offers expertly curated vintage wares making it one of those stores that you enter and leave three hours late in a euphoric fashion daze. And that's just for most of the year. If you're planning a trip to Screaming Mimi's, as the name might suggest, the best time to go is around Halloween. The shop's owner, Laura Willis, is the queen of Halloween, and decks out the bright exterior of her shop with heart-stoppingly elaborate window displays that would put the winner of any costume contest to shame. It's only natural, therefore, that when Target was looking to add a little stylish flair to their Halloween lookbook they would enlist Willis, and that she, in turn, would create amazing, totally prize-worthy costumes from just what the store already had in their stock.


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