Pauly D, Vinny, and The Situation dressed up for Halloween.
Photo: Getty Images/WireImage

Halloween may be over and stores may have already started switching out the ghoulish black and orange in favor of wax cornucopias and bushels of tinsel, but that doesn't mean there isn't still a LOT of action to rehash from the night before while you rehabilitate from your scary movie marathon hangover and/or sugar coma. Chief among these obviously being the costumes of our Jersey Shore dudes, Pauly D, Vinny, and The Situation, proving that the Shore girls aren't the only ones to go all out for Halloween. Ranging from simple to balls-to-the-wall dedicated to eyebrow-raisingly classy, these boys did us proud last night with their excellent display of holiday spirit. Always ones to stir the pot, though, we want to make things a little more interesting by pitting their ensembles against one another.


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Snooki, Leslie Mann, and Kim Kardashian Halloween 2011

Snooki, Leslie Mann, and Kim Kardashian in their Halloween costumes.
Photo: WireImage & Leslie Mann's Twitter

It's Halloween! On a Monday!!! What's so awesome about this and triple exclamation-worthy is that all of the CELEBratory parties happened this weekend (to allow for sleeping-in while still in your superhero makeup or sexy leopard Snuggie, a'la Snooki in Vegas), and now our toiling, tricked-out fingers can TREAT you with the finest of Halloween costume roundups. From the Mexican food-catered environs of Kate Hudson's Palisades party attended by everyone from Leslie Mann dressed as Kreayshawn (SHE AIN'T BASIC) and Nicole Richie as JLO to Glee parties featuring Lea Michele as a white swan and Amber Riley as Nicki Minaj. Among the more colorful costumes, Kim Kardashian was a flame-haired Poison Ivy and Mandy Moore was utterly unrecognizable as a hair metal rocker. But what about Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, and all the rest of the celebrity gang? Right this way my pretties, MWAAAA HAAAA HAAAAA!


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Nicole Richie as Jennifer Lopez with Joel Madden, and Kelly Osbourne as Jennifer Lopez with Joan Rivers.
Photo: Courtesy of Nicole Richie and Kelly Osbourne's Twitters

There's something so alternate universe-y about celebrities dressing up as other celebrities for Halloween that sends our minds into an obsessive tailspin. Enter Nicole Richie and Kelly Osbourne costumed as two eras of Jennifer Lopez. Sure, normies like us dress up like presidents and popstars left and right and something something people are people, but it feels, to us at least, very much like if you dressed up as that kid from your Spanish class or the dude who swipes your card at the gym. That isn't to say it isn't awesome or hilarious (holy EFF Joan Rivers as a cig-toting Suri Cruise) or the resemblance isn't uncanny, it just makes our heads a little itchy.


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Gettin' Nail'd at Figure 19 hosted by Rita de Alencar Pinto, Left by The Illustrated Nail, Right by Naomi Yasuda.Photo: Chloe Beck

Halloween is so close we can almost TASTE the candy corn-laden sugar coma that awaits us around the corner! Hopefully you've already secured your vestments for the weekend and the ACTUAL holiday this Monday (though, if you still haven't yet, we've cooked up some Halloween costume ideas for you), and all that's left are the final finishing touches to your ensemble: hair, makeup, and NAILS. Y'all know how all over this nail beat we are, so when we heard Rita de Alencar Pinto was hosting a Gettin' Nail'd Halloween party, we put down the pint of Americone Dream cleared out our schedules and ran over! Rita, BTW, is rocking the the full-on committed All Hallow's Eve nails to the left complete with vampires and tombstones and Frankenstein courtesy of The Illustrated Nail's Sophie Harris, who was at the party churning out masterpiece after masterpiece all night. Also at the party were the uber-talented and acclaimed Fleury Rose (who did MY nails) and celeb nail artist Naomi Yasuda (who's behind the deliciously autumnal studded eggplant mani on the right).


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Heidi Klum gets her Halloween costumes fitted.
Photo: WireImage

Supermodel Heidi Klum is notorious for pulling out all the stops for Halloween. Known for her cooky costumes and MAY-JOR parties, it's no surprise that the ever-dedicated Klum got fitted for her two All Hallows' Eve ensembles over a MONTH ago (while we, on the other hand, are still scrambling to put together the pieces of ours). Only just now, though, are we able to gaze upon the almost finished product. On the left Heidi looks straight out of the Bodies Exhibit in a full body catsuit costume she's dubbed "The Visible Woman." The hand-painted muscle striations are only half-finished here, and we can only IMAGINE the bananas makeup job that is sure to top off the look.

Klum also gives a sneak peek of her second Halloween outfit: a hairy gorilla suit, complete with fanged tooth caps. This look isn't complete yet either, but that large-eared skull cap promises another nearly unrecognizable makeup transformation. We can only hope that the dark manicure, thumb rings, and friendship bracelet arm party will also somehow remain incorporated. While, sure, we're kind of used to seeing Heidi looking out of this world, whether she's scantily clad walking the runway in her skivvies and ginormous wings or dressed to the nines looking positively unreal alongside her hubby Seal, it's still a (welcome) shock to see her get so into the holiday in such fantastic garb.

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Nicki Minaj butt

Nicki Minaj showing off her assets at the Billboard Music Awards.
Photo: PictureGroup

Last week we set you up with some KILLER ways to cop Nicki Minaj's signature style for Halloween, but let's be honest here, folks. We all know the most important part of ANY Nicki costume is dat butt. We suggested these fine derriere enhancers, but since they start at around $30, that can be a pretttyy expensive toosh commitment. Luckily, the NY Daily News spotted a Nicki Minaj costume tutorial video that suggests you *gasp* stuff diapers down your back side. A-HA! How did we not think of this before? YouTube gal Erika'Chalon describes her Barbz-out ensemble and says, "What's the secret? Diapers! Just stuff them in and use five. You can make it as big or as small as you want." So brilliant and soooo much cheaper. Let's give it up for Erika'Chalon, y'all. *slow clap*


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Not to be dramatic, but this has been Beyoncé's YEAR. She broke the news of her pregnancy at the 2011 VMAs, gave THE MOST KILLER performance at the Billboard Awards, and continues to release one stylish music video after another. We can BARELY keep up with Pregnancé, so in her honor, we have three to-die-for costumes that you can wear this Halloween—and, yes, two of them include a super sexy baby bump. So take THAT, other boring hot chick costumes. *finger snap*


A still from Beyoncé's "Countdown" music video.
Photo: Courtesy of Columbia Records

The '60s-inspired looks from the "Countdown" video were sooo uh-mazing that we knew we had to cop one of them for Hallow's Eve. Our fave was the shot of multiple Beyoncés in primary color mock turtleneck leotards with a wide-brim black and white hat. Gather your girls (and gams!) to re-create this look in a snap, and don't forget some choreographed dance moves. (Pregnancé belly optional.)

+ Blue Leotard: Capezio Women's Turtleneck Long Sleeve Leotard in Royal ($26)
+ Red Leotard: Capezio Women's Turtleneck Long Sleeve Leotard in Red ($29.95)
+ Black Leotard: Womens New Team Essentials Turtleneck Leotard in Black ($29.50)
+ Green Leotard: Womens New Team Essentials Turtleneck Leotard in Kelly Green ($29.50)
+ Hat: San Diego 6-inch Brim Sun Hat in Black/White Mix ($30.40)


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The week of All Hallow's Eve is upon us! Only a few more days remain for you to secure your Halloween costume, and as the big night approaches, we're offering up some fool-proof outfit ideas that will have you turning heads (and we do mean a full Exorcist-style 360; it is Halloween after all). While she may have opted for normal human clothes while concentrating on a full-blown skeleton face for her own costume, Katy Perry's day-to-day style is a veritable hotbed of Halloween inspiration. With an the armful of music video releases and her status as a dress-up mastermind, it wasn't hard to pinpoint a few show-stopping (AND easily replicable) KP looks.

1. GLAM T.G.I.F.

Katy Perry as Kathy Beth Terry in 'Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.).'
Photo: Courtesy of Capitol Records

Katy's charmingly awkward alter ego Kathy Beth Terry gets a glam '80s-tastic makeover in her 'Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F)' music video, and we found all the tools you'll need to achieve one of your own. Slip into a whole lot of neon in this magenta crop top and lime green skirt (or this one), right down to the mis-matched patent pumps (don't worry, the heels are the same height, so you won't be wobbly!). Swipe on some colorful frosted makeup, envelope your teased up crimpy 'do in a cloud of Aqua Net (for authenticity), and don't forget your party cup!

+ Shirt: Baby Rib Crop T in Heather Deep Pink ($20)
+ Skirt: Herve Leger Light Green Skirt ($100)
+ Belt: Lime Green Faux Leather Wide Sash Belt ($3.29)
+ Bracelets: Neon 80s Style Deluxe Bangle Bracelets ($7.99)
+ Earrings: 80s Neon Earrings and Necklace Set ($7.97)
+ Shoes: Yellow Patent Pointy Toe Pumps ($20.95) and Neon Pink Patent Wild DNA Pointy Toe Pumps ($25.70)
+ Party Cup: Orange 16 oz Plastic Cup ($4.99 pkg/20)
+ Eyeshadow: Sephora Collection Colorful Palette in Island Oasis ($24)
+ Eyeliner: ULTA Kohl Eye Liner Pencil in Indigo ($3)
+ Hairspray: Aqua Net Professional Hair Spray ($3.49)
+ Lipstick: CoverGirl Continuous Color Lipstick in Iced Mauve ($11.74)


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Last night's Jersey Shore season finale wrapped up 12 glorious episodes of insane drama, one-of-a-kind style moments, and memories SO hilarious that they will last us forever. But there's no reason to be too sad just yet—you can continue the Jersey Shore legacy by dressing up as your favorite housemate for Halloween! And if you REALLY want to score some bonus points, get all of your friends to dress up as the cast and have an Italian-style Sunday dinner right before you head out—just like at the Jersey Shore house! I know, I know, it's SUCH a good idea. You're welcome.


Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi films on location for "Jersey Shore" on July 29, 2011, in Seaside Heights, New Jersey.
Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

Snooki's moved on since her high pouf and towering stiletto days—now she rocks leopard print and furry Mukluk-style boots on (almost) a daily basis. Cop the new meatball look by adding colorful extensions, studs, and booty shorts. NOTE: You'll need a spray tan before diving into this ensemble, but that goes without saying, right? If you want even MORE ideas, try these five twists on the traditional Snooki costume.

+ Shirt: Sand Tropéz "All Star" Baby-Doll Tee ($27)
+ Undershirt: Forever 21 Leopard Lace Top ($12.80)
+ Shorts: Competition Dance Shorts in Black ($14.95)
+ Boot Covers: Black Furry Boot Covers ($24.90)
+ Hair Extensions: 16" easiLites Human Hair Clip in Bubblegum-Pink and White-Chocolate ($7.95 each)
+ Headband: Pink Leopard Headband Scarf ($3.86)
+ Bag: Schandra Rockstar Handbag ($49.75)
+ Prop Underwear: I Love Vinny Classic Thong ($12.50)


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OK, party people, we're getting CLOSE to Halloween, and we mean close to the week-of when everyone starts to panic and stores run out of costumes. BUT never fear, we've got your monster costume on lockdown. MONSTER, you say? Ohhhh, yes. It's not really Halloween anymore, people, it's GAGAWEEN! Thus, we present a plethora of Lady Gaga-inspired looks that will help you pay Little Monster homage to Mama Monster's biggest style hits. From a fancy side-ponytail zombie to smoky Jo Calderone, there's a paw-pumping look for everybody (including a few for you lazy monSTAHS). When people ask who you're dressed up as (duh, as if they wouldn't know), just tell 'em you were born this way, OK? Yeah, we went there.


Lady Gaga on Oct. 6, 2011, in London, England.
Photo: Getty Images

So, a running motif in the costume lexicon of Our Lady of G is HARRRRR, and lots of it. Gaga was recently seen out and about in London in this V-shape hair dress and matching hair sombrero, which also has the addition of truly Halloween-y accessory, a handheld picture of The Bride of Frankenstein. This look requires a little bit of work, in that you'll need to glue copious amounts of hair onto a floppy hat and leotard. (It doesn't have to be exact, just get it on there.) But you can throw your own hair under a mint-green wig and add some crimson lips and dark shades. Voilà! Extend your arms to wee babies on their trick-or-treating routes and bellow, "COOOOOME TO MAMA MONSTAAAAAAAH!"

+ Hat: Dorfman Women's Big Brim Ribbon Hat ($24.99) - Decorate with hair from a long black wig like the Extra Long Godiva Black Wig ($15.99)
+ Wig: Green Glamour Wig ($11.88)
+ Sunglasses: Black Original Cat Eye Sunglasses ($10.99)
+ Vest: Alloy Mongolian Faux Fur Vest ($51.92)
+ Gloves: Black Faux Leather Elbow Length Zipper Gloves ($15.99)
+ Bodysuit: American Apparel Gloria-V Bodysuit ($44)
+ Cover Up: Fringed Shorts ($29.95) or GoJane Layered Fringe Shorts ($32.80)
+ Picture: Bride of Frankenstein Portrait Poster ($6.95)—Though the original art that Lady Gaga is holding ("Mother Monster" by LukeyGore13) doesn't appear to be for sale, you could try drawing or photoshopping your own version.
+ Hosiery: Leg Avenue Industrial Fishnet Tights in Black ($7)
+ Shoes: Forever 21 Studded Stiletto Heels ($24.80)
+ Lipstick: M.A.C Viva Glam Lipstick in I (Intense brownish blue-red Matte) ($14.50)


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