The Jonas Brothers on the cover of 'FAULT' Magazine.
Photo: Udo Spreitzenbarth/'FAULT' Magazine

If we’ve seemed at all out of sorts lately, it’s because we’ve really been struggling to fill a huge void in our lives—but fear not! Because that void is about to be refilled. Collectively, the Jonas Brothers have been AWOL for the past few months—and while we understand that they can’t do everything together all the time, it’d be a lot easier for us to keep track of their handsome mugs (and avoid future life-voids) if they just stayed in the same place. Forever. We’ve got a whole lot of love for plenty of other boy bands out there, but the JoBros are special. The JoBros are, well, BROS. And there’s something pretty presh about keeping harmonies in the family. (Also because, eyebrows.)

So, when we got word that Joe, Kevin and Nick would all be appearing on the cover of FAULT Magazine’s Fall 2013 issue at the same time AND talking about their new album, V, we swooned SO hard—like, right here at our desks. It was basically like watching a bunch of really stylish dominoes topple over in graceful succession. (FYI: No one was injured in said swooning.) Once we recovered, we peeped some shots from their “illumination”-themed shoot, and then we swooned again. JK we just squealed really loud instead because HI, they’re hot.


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Justin Timberlake in T Magazine.
Photo: T Magazine

HELLO, NEW DESKTOP BACKGROUND. In a recent spread from T Magazine, Justin Timberlake pierces our hearts with his eyes and makes us want to live in black and white FOREVER. He also appears quite pensive in kind of a worrisome way, in which case, we are totally here for you, JT. Seriously, cry us a river. (Heh.) We are available at a moment’s notice if you need a shoulder to weep on when Jessica isn’t around, or whatever.


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robert pattinson

Robert Pattinson shows us his steamy side.
Photo: Dior

Um. Is it hot in here or is it just me? The LOOONG-awaited Robert Pattinson x Dior Homme fragrance ad video has finally arrived in full and IT. IS. STEAMY! We’re talkin’, like, hand-on-a-foggy-car-window-aboard-the-Titanic steamy. But with less dying in the end. Directed by Romain Gavras and set in black and white to Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love,” (which screams “sexy” on its own), R. Patz and model Camille Rowe get into all kinds of naughty trouble in the 2-minute short film, abiding by the campaign’s recently revealed manifesto:

“Life is short, break the rules (they were made to be broken).” – James Dean


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robert pattinson dior homme

Robert Pattinson gets undressed for Dior.
Photo: Dior

Well, well, well. Look who decided to loosen up his buttons. Was that so hard, R. Patz? After 3 months of pensive stares, roof-top sitting and fully-clothed bathing, Dior has officially let Robert Pattinson's sparkly vampire chest out of its constrictive (albeit well-constructed) shirt-cage. It's not everything we hoped and dreamed for, but darn it, it's something. And we'll take it.


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robert pattinson

New York 2013: Yup, looks about right. Robert Pattinson, Dior and the Chrysler Building are all still here.
Photo: Dior

FINALLY! Well, sort of. This summer, Dior has made an art out of the science of stretching things out. Every time the French fashion house released another still from their hotly-anticipated Dior Homme fragrance campaign with Robert Pattinson, it felt like our days got a little longer and our hearts sank a little deeper. WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?! (Other than serving as a constant reminder that R. Patz is definitely still the sparkliest of all former vampires.) IS HE EVER GOING TO TAKE HIS SHIRT OFF?! (Because we need to re-confirm the sparkle, natch.)


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david beckham

We think David Beckham is selling something here. Ab grease?
Photo: H&M

In the immortal words of Adam Sandler circa 1995, "Sooo hot! Want to touch the hiney! Awoooo!" You guys, David Beckham, 38, is shirtless again. No, not on the soccer field–he's definitely still in retirement. Besides, ain't nobody got time to watch an entire game when you're really only there for the celebratory money shot in the event of a win. This season, Sexy Becksy is kickin' it with H&M for his eponymous Fall 2013 Bodywear Collection. And if you remember the line's February debut (and smokin' hot, larger-than-life window adverts), this means that the dude isn't just shirtless–he's modeling manties, too.


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Nicola Formichetti, G-Dragon

Nicola Formichetti and Big Bang's G-Dragon.
Photo: Getty Images

The one thing I can't get enough of is how Nicola Formichetti commissions exclusive music for his shows with Mugler. It's never predictable and the selections have run the gamut from Lady Gaga to Azealia Banks to the legendary Japanese composer Ryuchi Sakamoto. Each time, it's like the score cracks open Nicola's head to reveal what he was thinking during the inception of each collection and it's fascinating. So when "Nicopanda" shot me an email that he'd been working with Korean megastar, Big Bang's G-Dragon for his latest, I got really excited. It's hardly news to regular readers of this site that K-pop is my jam.

When Nicola and I talked yesterday afternoon he was exhausted but energized. It was 10:00PM Paris time and he still had about 10 more dudes to fit before he could go home. That said, he wasn't too tired to give me the scoop on his "theme song" for the Mugler Fall/Winter 2013 Men's collection. Despite Big Bang's success, it's G-Dragon's work on his own that Nicola specifically responded to. "I wasn't sure that Big Bang's music was right," says Formichetti. "It's too pop for what I wanted to do with the season but G-Dragon's solo career has a lot more rap, trance, a lot more techno."


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joseph gordon-levitt hitrecord

JGL wore a hitRECord tee to the premiere of The Master at the Toronto International Film Festival this year.
Photo: Getty

How does Joseph Gordon-Levitt find the time to do so many things at once? Between his duties as one of Hollywood's a-list to running hitRECord, his open-collaborative production company, Joe is one of the busiest men in the entertainment industry, but that's what you have to do if you want to be successful AND innovative. hitRECord, which Joseph founded as a way to let artists, writers, filmmakers, and musicians collaborate on creative projects and actually get paid for them, is getting ready to embark on its Fall tour, and announced today that they will be taking a new partner along for the ride: Levi's. Joe explains the collab in a video released by hitRECord, which you can watch after the jump. He says that, in addition to the fact that Levi's has an amazing track record working with artists, he also "wears Levi's every day" and that his whole family has been wearing the legendary jeans forever. This is quite an endorsement, coming from a man with sartorial flair that makes us swoon like no other actor in Hollywood (it's so true we're so obsessed, ugh). ANYWAY, check out the video after the jump, and try and check out hitRECord on their fall tour!


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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Margiela suit

Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Glamour.
Photo: Courtesy of Glamour Magazine

We know it's silly (and maybe a little sad) but we really do get a little butterfly-ified when we gaze upon Joseph Gordon-Levitt's undeniable punim. He's the kind of guy you would imagine would make you laugh, never do you wrong, and would totally impress your mom at family holidays, all the while being super hot to boot. He also knows how to wear the crap out of some clothes. Three piece suits, fall layers, and basic t-shirts: no sartorial staple phases JGL, oh no, and now, in the October issue of Glamour, he's proving himself once again. The spread does double duty, as a straight-up interview in the magazine and as a cute feature on date night dressing online, but both are pure cuteness. Let's look at the online spread for now. So it's supposed to be about the girl, how you can wear a Marni cape on a date or a cozy sweater and silk skirt (both by Oscar De La Renta), and these are definitely two fall looks we can seriously get behind, but we're also really feeling Joe picking us up for our date in an oxblood Maison Martin Margiela suit and crisp white Thom Browne shirt, unbuttoned just so. I mean, what would you even do? You would die of happiness, that's what. See more of JGL's sweep you off your feet looks after the jump.


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Adam Brody has definitely grown up, although he shows off some boyish style in his GQ spread.
Photo: Peggy Sirota/GQ

The first thing most people mention when they talk about Adam Brody is, of course The O.C., Fox's Orange County-based teen show that ran from 2003 to 2007. On it, Brody played the adorable Seth Cohen--the sweet, awkward foil to Benjamin McKenzie's brooding heartthrob Ryan. I wonder if Adam Brody gets bummed out by this always being the first thing people talk about. He should be stoked--his portrayal of the geeky Seth gave hope to all the comic book loving, Modest Mouse listening indie boys of the world, while also giving the girls who secretly crushed on them (this girl right here) an on-screen romance that was more their speed. Even after The O.C., Brody stayed one of our fave laid back surf-dude jocks (but, like, a cool non-jock jock, you know?). Now, five years after the show went off the air, the actor has six movies to his name in 2012 alone, and has taken to the pages of GQ to prove that he's still the hunky nerd (only now, emphasis on the hunk) that he once was. In the spread, Brody effortlessly transitions his style from playful prep to leather jacket cool to be-suited gentleman, and in the article, he talks about his own personal style (no socks!) and his plans for the end of days.


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