Alexander Skarsgård and Joe Manganeillo in the January 2012 issue of "August Man."
Photo: Courtesy of the "August Man" Facebook page

While we were replaying episodes of True Blood on our DVR and suffering from total TB withdrawal, it seems hotties Alexander Skarsgård and Joe Manganiello were busy suiting up for magazine covers. The sexy beasts have surfaced on August Man looking more put together than humanly possible. In fact, they're both so unbelievably well-dressed that we can't choose which steamy cover outfit we like better! How does one decide between Skarsgård's take-me-out-to-the-ball tux (and gloves?!) and Manganiello's perfectly layered ensemble?


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Douglas Booth in Mr. Porter.
Photo: Courtesy of Mr. Porter/Laurence Ellis

Gulp. Um, hi, Douglas Booth. *shyly waves* We're SO sorry to interrupt your diligent theater studies, but we really need to talk. The last time we spoke was more than a year ago, and boy, how things have changed since then. We spotted you in this week's issue of Mr. Porter, and we have to say that you're growing up into a fine, stylish young actor right before our very eyes. And, we know you're only 19, but DANG, you can really sport winterwear like no one we've ever seen. (We're not creepy, we swear!) In his first studious look, he sports a chunky knit beige Givenchy wool sweater over a J. Crew cotton tee paired with swept-back hair, perfectly trimmed stubble, and a pondering stare. (He's PROBABLY wondering, "Where have my MTV Style girls been all of 2011? Oh, how I miss them so!" NBD.)


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Tyler Posey in a Marc by Marc Jacobs sweater for "DA MAN" magazine.
Photo: Courtesy of "DA MAN"

Well, isn't THIS a sight for sore eyes?! It feels like AEONS have passed since I last saw a new image of the angled jaw and tousled dark locks of Mister Tyler Posey (as we all know, I live in the internet and can only experience people by bounding from picture to picture). What with the season finale of Teen Wolf happening ages ago and Tyler busy filming his lead role in White Frog, it's as if I've been walking around, a veritable SHELL of a human, until this delicious editorial spread for DA MAN magazine finally breathed life into my veins. The combination of that smoldering gaze, hands scrunched up in his luscious locks, casually perched against the back of a chair, and that pristine preppy-athletic Marc by Marc Jacobs striped sweater is almost too much to handle after so much time apart. But we're not complaining because uhh, hellooooo, nurse, AMIRITE?? *sops up puddle of drool from top of coffee lid with shirt hem*


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Zac Efron Street Style

Zac Efron in London on Nov. 30 and in L.A. on Dec. 1.
Photo: Getty Images/Splash News

Wait, a minute. Hold the phone. Um, how come no one informed us that Zac Efron has THE best street style? We were perusing Getty Images all la-dee-da and then Zac appeared out of nowhere and killed us ALL DEAD right there in the cubicle because he looks so freakin' gorge in his effortless yet insanely well-fitting ensembles. *deep breath* But seriously, what's going ON? Did the fashion-y part of his frontal cortex finally develop when he entered his mid-twenties because we likey the new and improved Zac. On Wednesday in London, he was spotted wearing a lightweight gray tee, a brown and gray flannel shirt, slim-fit brown trousers, black patent oxfords, and UGHHHH the best slightly-worn dark navy leather jacket with a fur collar. He tousled his hair up and kept his face clean shaven jusssttt how we like it. (R.I.P. infamous Zac 'stache.)


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Jimmy Fallon Justin Timberlake GQ

Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake in "GQ."
Photo: Courtesy of Peggy Sirota/GQ

Before we dive into the all-out adorableness that you're about to endure, we need to get one thing off our chest. It's obvious that Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake are total BFFs, and we LOVE seeing them together at all times, but do you know how this cute couple came to be? They met at the MTV VMAs in 2002! Yeah. NBD, but we had a slightly large hand in bringing together the most 'dorbs twosome of all time. *brushes shoulders off* Most recently, the besties reunited for a KILLER fashion shoot for GQ's Men of the Year issue. Jimmy and Justin, who were named "Showmen Of The Year," held nothing back in this stylish and showstopping (heh, sorry) fashion spread. In their first look, (above) they are a dapper (and darling!) pair in slim-fitted suits and freshly shaven faces. Jimmy wears a black suit, crisp white shirt, gray skinny tie ensemble entirely from Dolce & Gabbana, and Justin sports a gray suit, white shirt, and black skinny tie from the Calvin Klein Collection. For accessories, we love their matching tie bars from The Tie Bar (appropriately named!) and Jimmy's Tom Ford pocket square for an extra touch of class. But, um, heed this warning before you move on: Your heart might explode with love and rainbows and happy feelings and general love for people and uncontrollable urges to hug everything around you after you see the rest of these photos. You've been warned.


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Taylor Lautner on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno."
Photo: Getty Images

As much unbridled joy as seeing Taylor Lautner bare his chest and rippling biceps and granite-hard abs and sinewy arms *achem* you know, be shirtless and stuff, we really do SO appreciate how well dude wears a suit. Sure, most celebs have stylists, and granted Tay's ensembles were probably handed to him for that Rat Pack-esque GQ Australia cover spread, but that shouldn't discount how chicly clean tailored lines complement Lautner's chiseled bone structure, as if the guy were reared from the womb in a pinstripe waistcoat. Taylor's comfortable confidence in suiting and the interesting pairings/colorways/cut choices he chooses to step out in keep our sights squarely focused on his every sartorial move. And in his appearance on last night's ep of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Taylor reveals he actually LIKES wearing them too! #dreamsdocometrue


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Rupert Grint stars in a new music video for Ed Sheeran.
Photo: Getty Images

Can we just have Rupert Grint guest star in everything? With the Harry Potter movie series complete, we're searching DAILY for any excuse to see more of Harry's lovable right-hand-man in action. Sure, we had that bright spot when Rupert and Tom Felton posed for a few Band of Outsiders Polaroids, but our Rupe sightings have been few and far between since then. Thankfully, he's ponied up and plopped himself in front of a camera again to star in pal, Ed Sheeran's newest music video - and looking mighty casual-cute, we might add.

The short for Ed's latest single, "Lego House," follows Grint (posing as Sheeran, BTW) as he writes lyrics, traipses through empty landscapes, and sits alone in his room, lip-syncing to the song overhead. Watching grown up Ron Weasley appear to be crooning along with soft Savage Garden Redux-esque ballad is awesome, period, but being able to do so PLUS the added benefit of laying eyes on the BEST worn-in coral/salmon/Nantucket red print-lined hoodie is almost too good to be true.


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We celebrate Penn Badgeley's style in celebration of his 25th birthday.
Photo: Getty Images

Hellooooo, NURSE! We're sad that Gossip Girl skipped a week yesterday, but thanks to Penn Badgley's parents for doing the horizontal tango 25 years ago today, we're getting our GG fix by celebrating the birthday boy's impeccable street style on and off camera. Penn's Dan Humphrey is a character that makes the cold hearts we wear not on our sleeves but the bottom of our platform pumps actually feel feelings. You see, this well-developed character is a writer (ding!) who dresses well (ding ding!) and is played by an actor blessed with comparable off-screen style, cheekbones carved from a slab granite rock, and a full head of LUSCIOUS chestnut waves (dingdingdingdingding!).


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Zombie Boy in the November 2011 issue of "Inked."
Photo: Courtesy of "Inked."

Just when we think we can't become ANY more obsessed with Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" muse Zombie Boy aka Rick Genest, he always finds a way to weasel his cute little self back into our lives and knock us dead (heh). Most recently he was spotted in the November issue of Inked magazine (how perfect) posing in a 'DORBS fashion spread filled with sequin jackets, bowler hats, and plaid vest and pant ensembles—with all of his killer head-to-toe skeleton tats on full display. We LOVE that he isn't afraid to flash some skin (I mean, how could we?) and even reveals that *gasp* some of his body is still untouched by tattoos! In his first look, he's drop dead GORGE in a record print (!!!) Wacko Maria red sequin tux jacket paired with black Ben Sherman pants. Typically an over-the-top rhinestone trim lapel gives off serious Las Vegas entertainer vibes, but Rick's badass smize, septum ring, and fearless shirtlessness completely transform this jacket into something we kind of, um, REALLY want. Who knew? In his second look he's also shirt-free in a plaid Craig Robinson suit vest and pants paired with brown Ben Sherman brogues. We're SO not mad at him refusing to wear a shirt with most outfits—in fact we are very, very into it. MORE RICK, PLEASE.


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James Franco Gucci

James Franco in the Gucci "Made To Measure" campaign.
Photo: Courtesy of Gucci

Oh, HELLO, James Franco. Sorry to bother you as you're artfully lounging on that smoky film set, but we have a little something to talk about—this Gucci "Made To Measure" campaign you're all gussied up in. When we think "James Franco style," we immediately conjure up his art school chic look in our mind (which usually involves colorful skinny ties or slightly creepy mustaches or even wooly cardigans worn over suits). But then—BAM. These Gucci photos show up in our inbox and we're all, "Wait. Wut." James is looking HOT, dudes. And, like, not in a, "Let's hang out at the local coffee shop and talk about our favorite bands" kind of way, but an older, more mature, "Let's drink and schmooze at my young entrepreneurs dinner party tonight" kind of way. JAMES IS ALL GROWN UP, Y'ALL. *single tear*


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