Asher Levine Halloween Masks

Asher Levine's "Editor from the Blue Lagoon" and "Count Lagerfeld" Halloween masks.
Photo: Courtesy of Asher Levine's Facebook

Just when we thought our massive throbbing blog-crush on Asher Levine couldn't get any bigger, the designer (who BTW has stamps of approval from both Lady Gaga and her creative director Nicola Formichetti at just 24 years old) pumps out a range of Halloween masks. The limited edition All Hallows' Eve collection hit Pop Souk yesterday (Sunday, Oct. 21) and featured spook-ified versions of fashion (and pop culture) favorites like Anna Wintour rendered "Editor from the Blue Lagoon" and Chanel's Karl Lagerfeld as Count Lagerfeld.


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Rihanna Paper Doll

Rihanna in paper doll form.
Photo: Via Topshop

So, during our INCREDIBLY. BUSY. workday we maaay have taken a small, itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny break to check out the "New In This Week" section on just, you know, for work research or whatever, and somehow we stumbled upon this gem—a Rihanna paper doll. WUT. This is basically our dream come true, y'all! For just $15, we can sort through RiRi's entire wardrobe and put together our favorite pieces (and beauty looks!) IRL. *high-fives entire world* The mastermind behind this concoction is Mel Simone Elliott, a UK-based artist that started I Love Mel—the same brand that did those killer Kate Moss and Ryan Gosling coloring books. Yassss.


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Elmo Fashion

Elmo shows off one of his outfits.
Photo: Via Harper's Bazaar

We'll admit we're becoming huge fans of Harper's Bazaar's online series "The Look" thanks 'dorbs wardrobe interviews with some of our fashion-y faves (like Kiernan Shipka last month!), but the most recent episode tugged at every last one of heart strings—it features Sesame Street's Elmo! Now before you get all, "Elmo can't be stylish! He barely even wears CLOTHES!" on us, we just have one thing to say: Boy has some serious style game. The proof is in the pudding, er, video, folks, because when we take a closer look at all his gear, he's got more variety than most celebs we've ever seen. From white tuxes to neon bodysuits to fur coats, Elmo's really got it all. He also touches on some of his favorite accessories including cowboy boots, a top hat, and tap shoes.


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Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse ears hit Australia's Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival.
Photo: Getty Images

It's hard to say when exactly this Minnie Mouse fashion craze first kicked off. Was it because of Kreayshawn's pink metallic Minnie ears in her anti-luxury brand anthem "Gucci Gucci?" Or maybe it was the moment two pint-sized fashion besties pushed on a pair at Disneyland last year? Whatever the reason or moment of origin, Minnie and her trademark polka-dotted bow are irrefutably more in vogue than ever, as evidenced most recently by the crop of her signature ears that Gail Sorronda used for her most recent showing at Australia's Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival.


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Kanye West's '80s and Heartbreak' created from socks (left) and the original album cover.
Photo: Famous Sock Covers Tumblr / Amazon

There are some seriously ridiculous Tumblrs in the black hole of the blogosphere, but our latest discovery just might take the weird/crazy/cool prize of them all- at least for this week. Behold, "Famous Album Covers Recreated With My Socks." Yes, it's exactly what it sounds like... and yes, it's kind of amazing. Inspired by iconic album art from over the years from musicians like Michael Jackson, The Rolling Stones, and Pearl Jam, the brains behind the site have crafted their own version using.... the contents of their sock drawers.


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If you follow Kanye West on Twitter, you've probably heard of The Fancy. Not because he's updated his verified account on the Pinterest competitor (*ACHEM* still blank as of August 9, 2012), but because he's promoted it not once but twice to his 8,252,169 followers and hinted at his involvement with the tech start-up. We have no idea how likely or unlikely it may be that you've heard of the website since we live and breath internet vapor, but we'll give you a little run-down anyway. The Fancy combines the visual collaging made popular by Pinterest and Tumblr with the shoppability of Svpply and packages it all together in a winning (and lucrative!) combination that has reportedly piqued Apple's interest. More importantly to us, though, we get to full-on culture vulture on the wish lists of our favorite music and fashion icons via verified celebrity accounts! Along with the pricey cars and high-end wardrobe staples, some of these celebs are fancying some really funny stuff (which we're sure were all meant in jest). To follow are just a few of our findings. Enjoy!


Rick Ross fancied this Louis Vuitton Jason Mask.
Photo: Getty/The Fancy

Equal parts fabulous and terrifying, rapper Rick Ross fancied this Louis Vuitton leather Jason mask.


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Cindy Crawford, Tracey Ullman

Cindy Crawford plays dress-up with comedian Tracey Ullman at The Plaza Hotel in New York City in 1990.
Photo: MTV

So what if I was swaddled in diapers when House Of Style premiered in 1989? And so what if I wasn't even BORN when The Tracey Ullman Show first hit airwaves? Does that mean I can't appreciate, nay, fall COMPLETELY head-over-heels over the glowing junction of pop culture where the two intersect? Not at all. Out of the bananas deluge of classic House of Style clips we've resurrected for our collection (around 170!!), this bit from Episode 5 wherein Tracey Ullman and Cindy Crawford rendezvous at the Plaza Hotel to play dress up in seeeeerious designer duds is hands down my favorite. To the point where my face is paralyzed in a permanent smile attack and my cheeks feel like they're about to fall off and regenerate a new set.


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Justin Bieber Johnny Bravo

Justin Bieber at his exclusive acoustic concert on July 17 in Sydney, Australia.
Photo: Getty Images/Cartoon Network

Call us crazy, but Justin Bieber's hair has been looking particularly cartoon-y lately. I mean, it's not Jared Leto Dragon Ball Z kinds of cray, but it's just SO gosh darn perfect it could appear in the Saturday morning cartoon programming no questions asked. See: The Biebs today in Sydney (er, yesterday? Australia time confuses us. #aussiesarealwaysinthefuture) at an exclusive acoustic performance sporting an absolutely perfect 'do. Not only did his coif look too good to be true (seriously, not even ONE hair out of place? How is it curved yet straight at the same time? Ridic!), but his entire ensemble sort of reminded of something... like an ACTUAL cartoon that already existed. Hmmm, tight black rolled-up tee, super dark shades, sky-high blonde 'do? Who could this be?


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Kanye West

Kanye West at the Louis Vuitton Paris Fashion Week Menswear A/W 2009 show.
Photo: Getty Images

You may remember that back in 2009, Kanye West uploaded a self-deprecating video of himself to his blog (R.I.P. KanyeUniverseCity) decreeing his new name: "Martin Louis The King, Jr." It was an attempt to make light of the fact that he and his (then) newest sneaker collaboration boasted the same name - the Louis Vuitton Don. And to comment on the waves he made sitting front row at Paris Fashion Week January that same year wearing the head-turning, cherry red kicks. Welp, now, more than THREE YEARS after that video and Kanye's ceremonious self-renaming, Jeremy Watt has developed the Kanye Nickname Generator which doles out über-fashionable monickers much like Yeezy's for all who dare to take part. Also, it desecrates any and all chances for productivity in your day. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Kanye West, Nickname Generator

Screenshot of the Kanye Nickname Generator.
Photo: Courtesy of Kanye Nickname Generator


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Lady Gaga, The Simpsons

Lady Gaga's "Simpsons" pork chop dress and her 2010 Video Music Awards meat dress.
Photo: Courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation/Getty Images

I don't know what the world is like without The Simpsons. That's not some cheap ploy to position myself as the biggest Simpsons fan ever; it's just the truth. Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart, and Maggie have been an integral part of pop culture as I know it since before my spongey baby brain could even make memories. Since its inception on The Tracey Ullman show, I've seen the Simpsons world and the fashion community intersect a few times, but over the past 25 years, never before has it been quite like this. Lady Gaga's major feature guest starring in Sunday night's Season 23 finale (May 20, 8 p.m. EST on FOX, like you didn't already know) is already a huge deal (umm, HAI, an entire episode dedicated to your visit to Springfield? #bucketlist), but as soon as we caught wind of her 18 different episode outfits, we knew we had to beg someone from the Simpsons camp to talk to us about this ASAP. Thankfully, legendary writer/producer extraordinaire (and all-around smart, funny dude) Al Jean answered our pleas and gave us the scoop on the hotly anticipated episode and all its animated fashions.


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