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Excuse us, we're just waking up from our glitter-filled dream last night, only to realize it was REAL. That's what happens when you're thisclose to a Ke$ha concert, which we were last night when she performed at Casio's Shock The World party at the Manhattan Center in New York. And we have the glitter that won't come off all over our shoulders to prove it (yes, it touched us!).

The 23-year-old singer was in town to promote her new role as brand ambassador for Casio's Baby G-Shock watches (actor Bryan Greenberg and Khloe Kardashian's new hubby Lamar Odom also scored that gig). Because, hello, TIK TOK, this girl LOVES TIME. But before any type of glitter extravaganza performance (which we'll get to, hold on) Ke$ha rocked a total of three outfits for one event. Read More...

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We always get a little weirded out when couples match their clothes. It immediately reminds us of those families who walk around DisneyWorld in family T-shirts waving flags. Weird, but they stick together, right?

Well, Kourtney Kardashian and her boyfriend Scott Disick did it today, when they palled around New York wearing matching leopard-print items. Kourtney had leopard shorts and Scott had leopard shoes.

Think they could've stopped this before they left the house? No! Why would they?! They probably did it on purpose. It screams solidarity, and because it's a funky animal print, it's more than solidarity — it's fun. Don't these two look happy? Plus, the more people who wear it, the less tacky it becomes! Rihanna, Keri Hilson, and Kylie Minogue all agree. And so do we. Read More...

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We usually see Ed Westwick as the dapper Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl. But when he's not in character, he really lets loose, like at last night's CW summer press preview in Beverly Hills, where the 23-year-old showed up wearing a wayyyyy low-cut gray shirt. Look at all that chest hair! Each strand is like a tiny magical strand dotting his chest.

He finished his outfit with even more thoughtful toppings, like tight black pants with zippers on the thigh (how LMFAO of him), stacked charm bracelets (not just for the ladies!), and magenta lace-up boots. We're loving this look. It says, 'Yeah, drool over me, I know you want to.' And we want to.

+ Do you like guys in deep-V tees like Ed?

And, below, a closer look at his Chesticle Situation ... Read More...

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When J. Cole, one of Jay-Z's Roc Nation emcee protégés and winner of the MTV2 Who Got Next Sucker Free Summit Award, stopped by the studios recently, we attacked him with style questions. Mainly because he always comes DRESSED, so we were curious to find out his thoughts on fashion. Turns out, J. Cole knows more than a thing or two. He uses his saggy pants style as a representation of rebellion against 9 to 5 jobs (oh, we hear you!), and he's a fan of Rihanna and Cassie's half-shaved heads. He also told us that he doesn't like bold, over-the-top bling. What?! We're SHOCKED. But that might change! He said after seeing the massive diamond-encrusted pieces on the necks of Waka Flocka, Gucci Mane, and Young Jeezy, he might cave and get a piece for himself. Watch the videos below to hear more.

"I'm actually thinking about going to get my first chain. I'm not into anything super flashy. I'm just tired of going to all these shows, like I do a summer jam and Waka Flocka's there, Gucci [Mane]'s there, or [Young] Jeezy's there and they come out and they're just shining like a light bulb, you know? It's against my whole beliefs as a rapper, but when you see it like that, you're like 'Hold up. You're not about to be out here shining on me boy.' So I'm thinking about getting a little chain or something. Just something to just glow a little bit."


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Well, hello, hustler! We've been watching Chris "Drama" Pfaff on Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory show for a while now, and we've seen how much he's MATURED. Before, he was cousin Dyrdek's personal assistant ... and now. Well, now, he's a mini mogul in his own right. And, may we say, he's after our own little style hearts ... he's a FASHION MAN!

He created his own streetwear label named Young and Reckless (sold at PacSun, among other places), a name that plays off one of our most favorite soap operas EVER, The Young And The Restless. Coincidence? We certainly hope not! And he's so INCLUSIVE. In an interview with MTV, he said he wants to make his designs available in malls and suburbs across America. And he won't stop there. "For the future of Young and Reckless, I plan to make it as big as I can. I'll go as far as boxers and spaghetti sauce!" Spoken like a true hustler. Watch the video below to see more.

+ Watch Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory on Monday nights at 9:30/EST.

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The August issue of Teen Vogue just came out, and Joe Jonas landed the cover, alongside his ex, Demi Lovato, for a James Dean-inspired, fifties-style shoot. But in these shots, we're only paying attention to Joe. That's because he looks greasy in the best way possible! His pants are rolled, his plaid shirts is slightly unbuttoned ... and THAT HAIR. It's slicked back with so much gel that it looks like it's frozen in place! And WE DON'T EVEN HATE IT! See, hair gel can be a sexy thing when applied correctly. That's why we've made these handy comparisons between Joe Jonas, The Prince of Gentlemanly Gel, and his reality-television star counterpart, DJ Pauly D, The King of Jersey Guy Hair Gel. What a difference, right? All gelled 'dos are not created equal.

+ Who rocks hair gel better — Joe Jonas or Pauly D? Read More...

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John Mayer looked like a runaway golfer when he performed on The Today Show this morning in New York in a pastel yellow collared shirt, plaid pants with a shortened hem, and light-colored sneakers. It's preppy overload! It's almost too much to bare.

+ Do you like his plaid pants? Leave your honest opinion in the comments!!

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There must be a celebrity rule that we don't know about that you're not 100 percent legit until you attach your name to a perfume. EVERYONE HAS ONE. And now ... so does Katy Perry! After developing the scent for a year, she just released the news this morning. Her fragrance will be called Purr. "I kept wanting to tell someone!" she told WWD today.

The scent itself combines notes of peaches, apples, and green bamboo. FRUITY. Playing off a feline-theme for the name, the bottle design was inspired by Katy's Catwoman performance outfit, and will be cat-shaped with jeweled eyes. Her "purr"-fume will be sold exclusively at Nordstrom for $36 to $65 depending on the bottle size starting this November. MEOW.

+ Do you want to smell like Katy?

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Snoop Dogg's clothing line, Rich And Infamous, is reportedly over. According to, the clothing line, which consisted of tees, hats, and coats, has struggled with the recent economic downturn and had to shut down after debuting in 2008. Now, it will no longer be available online and in stores. Good thing there are about a million other celebrity fashion lines that are there to fill the hole! As for Snoop, he's not out of the style hustle entirely — he's still endorsing other clothing and sneaker brands, like Adidas's recent Star Wars collection.

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Lindsay Lohan might be reporting to jail tomorrow to serve a 90-day sentence, but you'll still be able to see her on the latest issue of Complex magazine. (Her pose for this cover looks similar to her other cover this month for German GQ, does it not?)

But most interesting about this cover is how Complex added the streetwear element to Lohan by turning to graffiti artist and toy designer KAWS to illustrate her cover and photo spread. The artist painted over the photos so it would look like Lindsay was rolling around with KAWS' trademark giant paws.


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