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The premiere of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse happened last night in Los Angeles, and we're pretty sure that if you listened hard enough, you could hear giddy screams permeating across the country (eeeeeeeeeek!). And one of the reasons why is because of these two boys: Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner. The two Twilight mega-stars showed up to the event last night ... and they came dressed. Both wore suits designed by Gucci, skinny ties, and they're both wearing the same patent lace-up dress shoes. However, their suits were totally different. Robert chose a bold deep maroon color, and we're not too shy to say that this hue looked extremely flattering on him. He looked so cleaned up. And mature. And put together. (Though, is his hair getting spikier, or is it just us?) Meanwhile, Taylor opted for the tamest shade of the rainbow: Gray. How modest! What — werewolves can't wear color?

+ You tell us! Who looked better — Team Edward or Team Jacob?

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T.I.'s Akoo look on the left, and Donnis's Akoo look on right. Donnis got the girl?
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T.I.'s fashion label Akoo is gearing up to launch a new collection this fall, and with that, just released brand new billboards around the country. So, of course, we scouted them out. Sadly, we found out that T.I. isn't in most of them! But when he's not there, he's decided to put another rapper in his place. He passed the Akoo torch to up-and-coming MC, Donnis. Um, where did Mr. Donnis come from and how could he have possibly scored that gig? Well, we caught up with the 26-year-old rapper from Jonesboro, Georgia (near Atlanta, like T.I., how fitting!) to find out. See what he has to say about becoming the face of Akoo and why he likes T.I.'s style below. We'll give you a hint … "You don't have to wear XXXL T-shirts to be a rapper," Donnis told us. Amen.

How did you get involved with T.I.'s clothing line?
"When he first visited New York after he paid his debt to society, he came into a studio visit of mine. Then he vanished. After I finished my session, he was sitting outside and said he had the shoot coming up [for Akoo] and asked me if I wanted to be involved. It was a right-place-at-the-right-time situation."

What do you like about T.I.'s style?
"He made it cool to be fashionable and have lyrics. You don't have to wear XXXL T-shirts to be a rapper. You can still be fashionable and make good music and keep your street cred intact. Basically, you don't have to wear baggy jean and extra huge T-shirts to be cool."

What was it like working with T.I. for Akoo?
"For me it's a dream come true. I am excited to be involved in anything he's got going on because he paved the way for me. I knew one day I would stand beside him. He would be the king and I would be the prince. But to be a part of his clothing line and to be the face of it, that's amazing to me."


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Turns out JWOWW isn't the only Jersey Shore cast member with an eye on the sewing machine. Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino has teamed up with clothing label Dilligaf by Bohica Bill to design a line T-shirts, sweatshirts, and accessories, which the company describes as "high quality wearable art." Hmmmm. We're not really sure what that term means. But, if we can tell anything from what his fashion statements already tell us, we can only imagine his clothes are going to have these elements:

• The shirts will hug the bicep/pectoral areas.
• They will only worn when absolutely required. For example: Going to work, appearing on TV, or getting past the bouncer at a club. (But once you’re inside, anything goes.)
• Even when said T-shirts are worn, they will be raised frequently to allow for maximum ab exposure. (Perhaps they should include a thumb-hole on the bottom hem for easy lifting? No? Never mind.)

Alas, our hypotheses must go unanswered until next month, when the items are supposed to come out online. So, just how did the Sitch get hooked up with Dilligaf? The label's president, Jodi Massry, says that he's a kindred spirit for the company's "irreverent approach to life." In other words, he scored the gig because they like how he doesn’t take anything too seriously. Except T-shirts. And tanning. And the gym.

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We caught up with Ed Westwick a few weeks ago at Express's 30th anniversary event in New York, where we quizzed him about summer stuff. (Whoa, time flies!) And now that, as of Monday, it's *officially* summer, we finally think it's time to divulge what he had to say about men's swimwear.

What do you think of tiny spandex swimsuits on men?
Ed: "A lot of time the short ones are cool. If you have the bod for it, you know. I think it all has to do with how you wear it, and that's for anything that has to do with clothes."

What kind of swimsuit do you wear?
"I don't specifically like the surfer ones."

Do you wear little banana hammocks, like Speedos?
"Oh, always. Certainly."

Oooh, a man with confidence! Work those itty-bitty bottoms, Ed. Blind us with your thighs! We'll probably love it.

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When The Game stopped by recently, we learned that he harbors some intense feelings about tight pants. That's why he said no one should threaten the right to wear his pants saggy, baggy, and low. Not even lawmakers who have proposed ordinances in New Jersey, Louisiana, and Florida to fine men wearing saggy pants. "The law is not going to work," he said. "What — are the police going to start missing murders and hopping out writing tickets for sagging and there's a lady getting robbed around the corner at gunpoint?" Oh. Hell. No.

Watch the video to see the whole pants rant, and find out what he really thinks about guys who wear tight black pants. And the Game's fashion advice doesn't stop there! He also showed off his man bag and revealed his favorite white tee. Click "Read More" under the video clip to hear more of Game's fashion opinions.


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That's a Situation. Adam is in the center, Noah is far right.

Dolce & Gabbana’s new ad campaign for its fall collection came out this week, and it features five male models, one of whom is former star of The City Adam Senn. And while he's there to sell the clothes, we see Adam wearing very little clothing. In fact, he's shirtless and in full perfectly-toned glory in of the four of eight photos in the campaign. (There's one where he's not wearing any pants, but he is wearing a jacket, so that disqualifies it from the count. Ha!)

One of the other models featured is Noah Mills, who played Samantha's love interest in Sex and the City 2 (or as we remember, the butt we see at the beginning of the movie). Adam, Noah, and the other three models (Sam Webb, Arthur Kulkov and Evandro Soldati) flex their biceps and rough-house with each other in the photographs, all during a fitting with a tailor.

The photos were shot by Steven Klein, the same director behind Lady Gaga's Alejandro video. And you can see some very distinct, very attractive similarities between the two projects: Namely, lots of muscular male models prancing around in tight underwear, which is just fine with us. (Mr. Klein, you are welcome to direct as many things as possible, including our next office party. Thanks!)

+ Check out more shots of Adam and Noah below, and tell us your opinions about the looks. However, please note, it's not the full eight-part campaign. We're only putting up the ones with minimal clothing. Because why not.

More pictures ...

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