"Fabulous" is, admittedly, an oft overused word, but never have I ever FULLY understood what it meant until meeting David and Phillipe Blond (better known as The Blonds) and seeing their work up close. Sure, you can tell from photographs that their curve-glorifying silhouettes, heavy with gems and crystals like the world's most glamorous barnacles, are major show-stoppers and how that has made them go-to designers for the high octane performance outfits of all your favorite pop stars: Katy Perry, Ke$ha, Beyonce, Selena Gomez, and, like, infinity more. But seeing the pieces first-hand, glittering less than a foot from your eyeballs? That's another story entirely.


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Ariana Grande in dresses by Kenley Collins.
Photos: Getty Images

It’s no secret that we’ve been stalking Ariana Grande’s style for a while now. But these days she’s everywhere and with each new appearance comes yet another amazing vintage-looking floral frock. A few years ago, the former Victorious star told us at the time that she loved to wear ‘50s-inspired designs on stage (“poufy skirts, big bows … very fun, girly and young”), and now at the height of her pop star hysteria, it seems like she’s sticking with what and WHO she knows! Kenley Collins, a Project Runway alum with a major thing for patterns and prints, is the designer behind a ton of the dresses that have helped shape Grande’s classically beautiful style. Obviously, we were dying to get the deets on the lady behind the look, and Kenley was kind enough to fill us in! (P.S. Keep an eye out for more to Ariana x Kenley to come! Collins' new collection, The Marilyn, rolls out on November 2nd and will be available through her website.)


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carly rae jepson

She wants to be where the people are.
Photo: Getty Images

She may be a bonafide adult at the age of 27, but whenever I see her sweet lil' face, I just want to pinch her rosy cheeks and call her Cutie Rae Jepsen. Of course, I'm talking about CARLY Rae Jepsen, erstwhile singer of THE song of Summer '12, "Call Me Maybe." Jepsen’s been a brunette since / we first met her / and this is crazy / but now she’s gone / bright ginger, baby! And while she's been sporting the copper shade since June, it was Disney, not the (now-fading *whimper*) summer sunshine that moved her to lighten up.


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courtney love vanity fair

Courtney Love belts out a ballad about Etsy.
Photo: Vanity Fair

FLASHBACK: At the 1995 VMAs, Courtney Love, the hard-rocking, hard-talking front woman of Hole, chucked her MAC makeup compact at Madonna during an interview with Kurt Loder. #Can’tBeTamed. Now, after nearly 25 years as the most unfiltered female in rock and roll, Love is a lot less concerned with crashing conversations and has turned her focus toward fashion.

Since serving as a dutiful muse to Saint Laurent’s Hedi Slimane, Love’s officially ready to kick her Never The Bride label (which debuted in 2011) into full gear. Ladies of the ‘90s, REV. YOUR. ENGINES! In fact, the OG of grunge chic apparently has plans to give Rodarte a run for their money. SCURRT! Yup. It’s like that.

Coming off the end of a U.S. tour, Love, who’s also releasing a memoir and heading back to Hollywood, recently phoned it in to Vanity Fair to talk about plans for her Victorian rebel collection, the pains of being popular and her six-figure online shopping addiction. Girl, we feel you. Not so much the six-figure stat, but binge shopping on the interwebz is most definitely a real problem. And the first step is admitting it. Here’s what we learned from the VF chat:


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It is a play-date fever dream and a 2013 MTV VMA wish-fulfillment miracle that none other than the legendary Kathleen Hanna and future-legendary Grimes (also known as Claire Boucher) interviewed each other for our All Access Live stream. We've included the clips for you of this fascinating chinwag but the best part is that the conversation topics ran the gamut from deceptively subversive Beyoncé lyrics and contemporary misconceptions of feminism.

Hanna, who blazed the trails as the lead singer of Bikini Kill and Le Tigre, is currently the front woman for Brooklyn band The Julie Ruin, whose debut album Run Fast will be released on September 3rd on TJR Records. And of course Grimes, who will also be hosting our Red Carpet show later today with designer Rachel Antonoff, is best known for her Faery Queen musings and manifestos on various social media platforms as well as her status as a critical darling amongst the music cognoscenti for her peripatetic influences and how her voice feels like air conditioning on your face.


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Jamel Shabazz

A Brooklyn street style photo from Jamel Shabazz's collection.
Photo: Courtesy of Jamel Shabazz

Before fashion bloggers flocked to Lincoln Center matching outfits with Canon cameras, Jamel Shabazz roamed Brooklyn in the '70s, '80s and '90s capturing the roots of street style from the borough’s graffiti covered corners. What we remember of the bygone time is a bunch of Kangol hats and adidas shell toes with all the cool kids peering over gleaming Cazal shades, but much like what makes street style so interesting now, it wasn’t about what you wore but how you wore it. “Back in the 1970s, we made do with what we had,” writes Shabazz in an email. “If you had a pair of Pro- Ked or Converse sneakers they were to last you until you started seeing holes, and for the most part you only had one pair. Many of us were self-styled and we took great pride in being original; never really wanting to look like the next person.”

Shabazz’s analog pictures may have faded over the decades but it’s unmistakable that the swag of the era—the fastidious attention to detail in personalized fit and accessorizing—continues to define what inspires us. Girls dripping in gold chains, sporting distressed, bleach-splattered jeans, (ripped just so) is as timeless as it is unmistakably fly and even the Borsalino black hat that may have seemed so fresh on Theophilus London two years ago is just a reincarnation of a look Shabazz captured almost 30 years before.


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Miley Cyrus Grills

Miley Cyrus showin' off dem grills.
Photo: Via Hello Style

We'll admit that sometimes even the most in-depth celebrity interviews can get a little, well, boring, but when Miley Cyrus and Harper's Bazaar executive editor Laura Brown team up, it's a TOTAL blast. The adorable twosome hung out on camera for the fashion mag's online video series "The Look," (which we've been loving for awhile now) and together they dish on everything from hair extensions to the Olsen Twins to even--yes--grills! We first noticed Miley's affinity for metallic teeth in her "We Can't Stop" music video, and since then, we've been DYIN' to hear more deets about them. And now friends, that time has come.


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Hayley Williams Sneakers

Sink Or Swim Custom Kicks by Jill Forie
Photo: Sink Or Swim Custom Kicks

Here’s something that’s the best: you cop a new pair of shoes. You put them on. You stare at them on your own feet in admiration. Look at those spiffsters! Fresh as hell! And since you found them at a little off-the-track sneaker store while on vacation, ain’t nobody in YOUR town gonna have those. That’s right. As far as you’re concerned, they’re one of a kind. THAT is the BEST.

However, little sunshine buckets, there’s one more thing that’s even better: having a pair of sneakers that are actually one of a kind. This is the part where we introduce you to Jill Forie, the creator of Sink Or Swim Custom Kicks.

On a scale of one to “how she do dat?”, Jill’s art skills are insane. See those shoes up there? She hand painted them. And each pair—all 450 she’s created over time—is completely unique. Jill works closely with each customer to create a design that’s completely tailor-made. Once she even made a pair for Hayley Williams, who wore the crap out of them.

Jill’s currently working on her Masters in Berlin, but she took some time to answer a few questions for us. Ausgezeichnet!


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Costume designer Mona May's sketch of Cher and Dionne's outfits in 'Clueless.'
Photo: Courtesy of Mona May

The 1990s may be known as the grunge era, but in 1995, something cataclysmic happened in the world of cinema to change all that. Um, hello? We're totally talking about Clueless, aka one of the best teen movies of ALL TIME. It became a fashion phenomenon and catapulted star Alicia Silverstone, who plays Beverly Hills high schooler Cher, into superstar status. She singlehandedly stomped all over bland flannel and baggy jeans with super feminine, thigh-high, plaid mini-skirted abandon along with her best friend Dionne. Together, they wore matching outfits that were fresh off the runways and tailored to fit their personalities—such as Cher's to-DIE white Calvin Klein dress that is still relevant today—and spread their sartorial prowess to Tai (played by the forever-missed Brittany Murphy, RIP), the grunge-y new girl who gets a hilariously killer makeover.


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Jessie Ware, Rihanna, Danielle Haim

Jessie Ware, Rihanna, and Danielle Haim wear Silver Spoon Attire.
Photo: @JessieWare Instagram/Getty Images/@SilverSpoonAttire Instagram

Remember how fasincated we were by Rihanna's unorthodox hat game a few weeks ago? How, all in a span of a few days (in the middle of summer, no less), Rih was spotted in a pin veiled beanie, a camo + cameo bucket hat, and a black skully with a white paisley kerchief peeking out from the fold. How she tagged "@silverspoonattire" in all her selfies with those outfits. And how we were so mesmerized by the pieces that we had to track down the designer and for a chat. Welp, London-based Silver Spoon Attire is actually helmed by a duo—Damian and Avigail Collins—and lucky for us, D was kind enough to oblige us with a quick interview over the most intimate of modes of communication: email (unfortunately, I'm no good at making overseas phone calls. Check out our words exchanged below!


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