Chloe Grace Moretz on the cover of 'Teen Vogue'.
Photo: Teen Vogue

Chloe Grace Moretz has been on a roll lately fashion-wise, and we don't just mean on the red carpet. Between showing off her amazing nail art and contributing a Fashion Week diary to The New York Times, the almost-16-year-old (her birthday is on February 10th) movie star is one of the youngest fashionistas on our radar right now. However, though she may be young, she is not a total newcomer to the fashion game-this little lady started her love affair with Chanel last year, at the not-so-ripe old age of 14. Her latest foray into the world of fashion comes to us in the form of the March Teen Vogue cover, on which Moretz is looking both older than her 15 years and totally age appropriate in minimal makeup, a denim vest and tons of silver chains.


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Rihanna on the cover of Rolling Stone.
Photo: Rolling Stone/Terry Richardson

I bet when Rihanna and Terry Richardson get together they have quite a time. Can you imagine? I bet they make a lot of dirty jokes. It's probably raunchy and amazing. Last week, we presented you with a mystery: what magazine cover was Rihanna shooting with Terry Richardson on January 21st? Terry posted a photo of himself with the singer on his Instagram, and just days before, Rihanna tweeted about shooting a new cover. The possibilities are endless for these two, though (both being on top of the world and all) so we were left with little but speculation and a vague hope that maybe this had something to do with her River Island line. An ad campaign? Something entirely new? Probably a magazine shoot, though, we thought. Well, as of midnight today, all has been revealed: Rihanna was shooting the cover of Rolling Stone that fateful day, and the results of the shoot have been revealed in all their glory. While we're a little disappointed that Ri isn't wearing that throwback polo bucket hat from Terry's candid snap, her beauty game is so on point that we can't really be mad. (When can we ever be mad at Rihanna? Never. Not even when she held us captive, it's insane.) Looking directly into the camera, Rihanna is bronzed to perfection with pale pink lips and thick lashes. This cover is all about how wildly gorgeous the pop star is, something that has been much remarked upon but is easy to forget amidst the outfit changes, new singles, and various and sundry other news. She. Is. Insanely. Beautiful. I personally kind of don't think she's human. You know what else is incredible about this cover? Her hair. [UPDATE: See more photos from the shoot after the jump!]


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Jhené Aiko.
Photo: Courtesy of Jhené Aiko

Okay. You guys. Are you familiar/obsessed with gorgeous songstress Jhené Aiko yet? If not, I've got some news for ya: you will be soon (especially after today's favorite things, #duh). TBH, I could stare at photos of the bananas-ly beautiful singer for days (see also: months) and wonder how a human being's skin could be so amazing. Also, feel free to discuss her fantastic hair. And then there's those soulfully smooth pipes that sort of give me an Aaliyah-in-a-church-choir vibe complete with heart-melting-inducing riffs and the insane ability to make sadness sound so damn sexy. Like, WHUT? How'd you do that, girl? Is it the shimmering synth and bass combo? Decide for yourself AKA check out her recently-released "Mirrors" black-and-white music vid in which Aiko gets her gorgeous Black Swan ballerina on and rocks a serious cat-eye. Can y'all even imagine an Aiko x Frank Ocean moody collab, because I sure can, though I'm not so sure my heart strings could handle all of the lush lovelorn loveliness. Aiko's 2013 full-length release is on its way, but until then, her Sailing Soul(s) mixtape, will get you in the mood for Valentine's Day, which for me will likely = another me, myself and my cat/a carton of Camel Lights kind of time. So fun!!! :'( As for the good news… it's time for another Favorite Things.


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Katy Perry performing at the Kids Inaugural Concert, and then at the inauguration ceremony.
Photo: Getty

We're so into the way Katy Perry stans for President Obama. There are many celebs who will ride for our newly sworn-in Commander-In-Chief, but are any of them rocking custom latex ballot dresses and attending EVERY event of the inauguration? No, just Katy. Having closely followed her time on the president's campaign trail we were eagerly awaiting Katy's inaugural weekend looks, and were CRUSHED when more of them weren't easily accessible to us online. Luckily, Vogue had our back, and linked up with Katy to publish her Inauguration weekend photo diary. Not only does it let us see candid shots of her custom stars and stripes bustier (which she designed HERSELF, along with stylist extraordinaire Johnny Wujek), but also her amazing Rodarte Inauguration ceremony coat, Oscar De La Renta performance dress, Dolce & Gabbana White House After-Party CAPE, AND her custom Kimmie Kyees patriotic nails. Ah-May-Zing. The photos really do make us feel like an insider, and of course possess that signature KP humor.


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Sundance Style

Brit Marling, Dakota Fanning, and Amanda Seyfried at Sundance.
Photo: Getty

I'm really sick of winter, are you? Everything was ok until about a week ago, when it was no longer warm enough to go without gloves and the injustice of not being able to use my iPhone with my favorite cashmere hand warmers (which I got pre-iPhone, no smart gloves here) became positively infuriating. Well maybe it wasn't THAT serious, but it is really cold, and I'm really starting to hate all of my sweaters. Maybe that's why Robert Redford decided to have the Sundance Film Festival in January, though: good old Robert knew that all of the cute starlets showing off their Park City style would be just the kick in the pants our tired winter hating closets needed to get through until spring. With the festival now in full swing and continuing through the end of the week, there are already some totally killer looks warming up our chilly hearts. Actresses Brit Marling, Dakota Fanning, and Amanda Seyfried showed off three different looks, all super cozy. Get more info on their cold weather styles after the jump!


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Caroline D'Amore.
Photo: Stephen Garnett

I must confess: I'm straight-ish for Caroline D'Amore. An easy breezy Google image search results in a few pics of Caroline posing it up with a very tan Kardashian or two. But, no shade Kimmy, Caroline is a beauty of many talents. The proof lies in her impressive ressy: She's a model (she’s smized for design goddesses including Stella McCartney and DVF…NBD), she's an in-demand DJ for many an A-Lister party (see: *lil black dress-clad door girl eyes you up, notices unpleasant jeggings* "Sorry, this is, like, a private party, there's like, nothing I can do, kbai…!"), she's an actress (oh hey, she co-starred as MTV homegirl aka Audrina Patridge's lil sis in Sorority Row). But that's not it, you guys. If you kind of remember your Saturday night, you likely got your (unfortunate) dancing-on-ya-own/mascara-running-tequila-tears on courtesy of Caroline's club banger, "Music Man," which, FYI is NUMERO UNO on the Beatport dance charts. You go, gorge gurl. In other words, check out Caroline's favorite things, which, spoiler alert, are all kinds of uh-maze. Also, shout out to Proactiv: we’ve found your new sizzling, super stylish spokesperson. Now send some bottles our way.


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Tavi Gevinson and her character in Cadaver.
Photo: Getty/Cadaver

FINALLY! You know when something is announced and then you get bits and pieces of news and then you wait and wait and finally feel like you should just give up on the whole buisness it's been so long? Yeah we know you do. That's how we felt about Cadaver, Jonah Ansell's macabre, heartbreaking animated short starring Rookie EIC Tavi Gevinson, Katy Bates and Christopher Lloyd. Not only does Tavi voice the lead character, a reluctant, sensitive med student who begins to dissect a cadaver only to have him come to life on her, but contributes to the short's soundtrack, performing Neil Young's "Heart Of Gold" and Pet Shop Boys' "Heart." Tavi hinted in her Bust magazine interview that Hollywood might be her next stop, in what is already at just 16 years, a VERY accomplished life, and her performance in Cadaver is certainly a step in that direction. Watch the full short after the jump and let us know what you think in the comments!


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rita ora cara delevingne

Rita Ora and Cara Delevingne at the British Fashion Awards.
Photo: Getty Images

When two of the fastest rising stars in the game become BFFs, you know immediately this is not going to be your average friendship. There's no doubt that Rita Ora and Cara Delevingne share the same undeniable connection as we all do with our girlfriends, but throw that crackling, bubbly, hard to define "It" quality into the mix? We're talking parties with Rihanna, hangouts with Iggy, and luckily for the rest of us, they document every bonding sesh on Instagram (thanks, y'all!) so we can live vicariously through them. The model and pop singer first linked up at a music festival last summer and have been inseparable ever since, supporting each other at Fashion Week, backstage at concerts, and popping up at birthdays. They're not slowing down career-wise anytime soon, either— Cara's reportedly the new face of YSL Cosmetics and Rita's prepping for her U.S. album release.

Recently these two ingenues sealed their famous friendship in the only way they knew simultaneously tweeting a photo of their very first magazine photoshoot together by Rankin. So until we get more details and can finally see the spread ourselves, there's no better time for a trip down Cara and Rita memory lane. LET'S DO THIS.


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Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson, Vanessa Hudgens, Rachel Korine

A still from the "Spring Breakers" trailer.
Photo: Muse Productions

After almost a YEAR of built-up anticipation via paparazzi shots and Instagram snaps, we're finally getting to see some footage from Harmony Korine's Spring Breakers. We've pulled ourselves out of the *deeeeep inhale and then monstrous yawn* daybreak hours, the legendary director is finally letting us see the trailer. As we imagined from the teaser photos of the girls getting arrested and wielding guns and ski masks, the movie's PYT stars Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson, Vanessa Hudgens, and Rachel Korine unfurl before your eyes into gritty, grimey characters like you've never seen them before.

Riff Raff-channeling James Franco makes his grand entrance just before the minute mark and Gucci Mane follows soon after. While we still have yet to see how rumored co-star Heather Morris will play out in this story, the trailer is simultaneously tiding us over and amping up our excitement for the movie's official release. Mark your calendars, y'all: Spring Breakers opens March 22 in New York and Los Angeles and nationwide on March 29.

On the inescapable (for us, anyway) style side of things, the trailer is also helping us beat the winter blahs with its Spring Break wardrobe realness. We all agreed that shopping for swimsuits in January was pushing the calendar a little bit, but we did track down some of the movie's style essentials so you can cop the Spring Breakers look now. You're welcome!


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Lena Dunham on the February issue of 'Interview'/ Allison Williams on the February cover of 'Company.'
Photo: via 'Interview' and 'Company' magazines.

Hannah wears thrifted dresses. Marnie goes for Jackie-O shifts. Hannah's messy. Marnie's painfully neat. Let's cut to the chase here, shall we? If you watch Girls, then you know that Lena Dunham and Allison Williamss characters are about as opposite as they come. It's these undeniable differences that drove them apart as roommates at the end of last season, and- spoiler alert!- are already coming into play in season two. But while all the onscreen drama's clearly fiction, the co-stars continue to work completely opposite looks on a pair of February covers (coincidence?). Lena takes a retro turn in stripped-down mod for Interview magazine, framed in a black and white portrait by Gregory Harris. With her pixie crop, accentuated lashes, and statement eyeliner, the muse for the shoot is obvious (here's a hint...).


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