Lady Gaga in London.
Photo: Splash News

Working in Times Square on Halloween can be confusing, because it’s like, "Oh, look! Everyone’s wandering around in costumes." But wait—are these people in costumes because it’s Halloween, or are they wearing costumes because it’s just another day in Times Square? IDK. Same goes for Lady Gaga. Case and point, the photo above: is she channeling geisha style because it’s ~finally~ Halloween, or is her Asian-ish get-up just another outfit in her over-the-top wardrobe? Again, IDK. But regardless, that giant conch-shaped parasol is pretty great, and we definitely appreciate the nod to "Venus" in the form of a new prop.


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Lady Gaga in Louis Vuitton SS14.
Photo: via Louis Vuitton

Being in London has certainly inspired Lady Gaga to try out some new looks, especially in the head accessory department. The Brits do love their headgear (Royal Wedding fascinators, anyone?), so she's in good company. Last week, we saw her debut a merkin mask, which completely covered her face and head. Then, she took on a more "natural" look, sporting what looked like a corn husk headband. Then, yesterday, on her way into film The Graham Norton Show, she recycled an outfit, wearing a DOPE hat that she also showed off a few weeks prior. How she emerged from filming the show, though, is an entirely different story.


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Is Hannah Montana due for a comeback?
Photo:@mileycyrus' Twitter

Could it be?! Will Miley Cyrus resurrect Hannah Montana this weekend for Halloween?! She's yet to wear a costume this year (that astronaut suit from the "Real And True" music video doesn't count), and by the looks of some recent photos the singer posted on Twitter of her trying on long, flowing hair, we’re thinking the answer is a solid maybe. The first brown wig posted is awfully reminiscent of her Disney alter-ego's dirty blonde locks—though, she'd need to add some heavy bangs to get it exactly right. But if she's going for impact, a throwback ode to her former tween self would certainly be a shock. WAY more shocking than any costume she could ever come up with that's devoid of clothing. (Been there, seen that.)


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Lady Gaga arrives at 'The Graham Norton Show.'
Photo: Splash News

*GASP!* It's true, Little Monsters. Lady Gaga recycles outfits from her wardrobe, too! OK, maybe not the muppet moo moos or the toliet paper gowns or the tulle see-through fairy dresses of her wardrobe (not yet, at least—because TBH, they just wouldn't be quite as mind-blowing the second time around), but a hat and some shoes here and there? It's actually pretty refreshing, IMHO.

Yesterday, Gagaloo was snapped in London on her way into The Graham Norton Show, and we were like, WHOA! Gaga looks ... NORMAL! (By Gaga standards, anyway.) Mother Monster went pantless in a weather-appropriate flannel shirt, tucked her dark, OMG ~natural~ strands up into a hat and wore (duh) ginormous platformed, patent leather, lace-up, stiletto boots. (Like we said, this is "normal" by Gaga standards.) Now, where did we last see this look again?


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Ciara and her 15-carat stunner.
Photo: Getty Images

Dudes of the world, the ante has officially been upped. Over the weekend, Ciara got the Kim Kardashian treatment when her rapper-producer boyfriend, Future, proposed on the same day as her 28th birthday celebration. (She said yes!) And, if the engagement ring is any indication, the couple's future together will be really, really, REALLY bright. Ciara showed off the 15-carat Avianne & Co. rock at a Moët & Chandon event in Houston last night (also in celebration of her birthday), where her dramatic, high-slit Alon Livne gown took a serious back seat to the stunning bling on her left hand.


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Lady Gaga steps out in London.
Photo: Getty Images

Welp, it looks like Lady Gaga is officially infected, you guys. Remember that pale powder rash she had on her legs in Berlin? Now it's spread to her face and appears to have taken a serious turn for Kabuki. Either that, or we should all be really concerned about her lack of melatonin intake. She has been working awfully hard lately, running around the world in support of ARTPOP/carrying large blocks of fur on her shoulders/traipsing through Europe barefoot. Or maybe this is just her ~actual~ Halloween costume? Tons of celebs dressed up this weekend and this could totally be Gagaloo's DIY-version of like, the White Queen or something. Although, does Halloween really even exist in the weird world of Lady Gaga?


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Rihanna for British 'GQ.'
Photo: @badgalriri's Instagram

Trick or treat? JK, you don’t get to choose. You get both! You’re welcome. Actually, thank Rihanna, because she’s the one that’s appearing on two different magazine covers in December. And TBH, I think we could all learn something about time management from Rih—because seriously, how did she manage to squeeze in two different magazine covers (for different countries, no less) in between all of the touring, marketing, shopping, smoking, grinding, TV show producing and shark diving she's been doing these days? SHEW. *wipes brow* #impressed.


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Katy Perry performs at Lakewood High School in Lakewood, Colorado.
Photo: ABC News

Katy Perry amped her schoolgirl style up BIG TIME this morning when she gave a private performance to students and faculty at Lakewood High School in Lakewood, Colorado. The spirited pop singer, who celebrates her 29th birthday today, looked homecoming-ready in a bedazzled version of the school’s ~actual~ cheerleading uniform: a black and orange striped two-piece representing the Lakewood Tigers. The students of Lakewood won Good Morning America’s "'Roar’ With Katy Perry Contest," by creating a viral lip-dub video to her hit song in one single-shot take, and thus, were rewarded with a special appearance by KP, Queen of the Jungle herself.


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Lady Gaga in Berlin.
Photo: Getty Images

NOPE. That is not, in fact, a whimsical wood nymph extra from a German production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Nor is it a newly escaped patient from a nearby psych ward. That wide-eyed, big-haired, barefoot woman is, of course, Lady Gaga, making another dramatic exit from her hotel in Berlin. Of course. Yesterday, Gaga left the Ritz wearing this confusing attachment, and today, she goes sans shoes. We understand the want to wiggle your toes freely, especially when they're constantly being stuffed into 12-inch platform stilettos, but isn't that a little unsanitary? Just sayin'. Also, is that chalk on your legs? Did you take a tumble during a game of hopscotch? So many questions.


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Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga in Berlin.
Photo: Splash News

Ummm. Someone left her Berlin hotel earlier today in this "outfit." Any guesses? No, it is not Michelle Obama. Nope, it's not Miley Cyrus. Yes, it IS LADY GAGA! DING DING DING. Yesterday, she walked around with a claw in an airport, and today, she's walking around Berlin in this blonde merkin mask. She knows Halloween is next Thursday, right? So awkward.

Outfit-wise, she has on a chartreuse trench coat dress with fur sleeves, but NO 1 CURR about her clothes when that is on her head. I mean. Seriously, what is that? A hat? A mask? A disguise because she's about to go commit a robbery? Maybe a closer look will help us understand what's going on up there.


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