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Bringing back the pasties.
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Recently, Nicki Minaj has been keeping her look subdued. She's worn floor-length gowns to events in lieu of, like, a billion stuffed animals and has been favoring simple hair to wigs. She even—it seems—was so done with her wigs that she gave them to Rihanna. While we've enjoyed Nicki's new ~lewk~, we'd by lying if we said we didn't miss her old one. Well, good news—last night she brought back one of her former fave accessories: pasties!

Nicki performed at Hot 97 Summer Jam (and hung out with Rih, #JEALZ) wearing some silver star pasties and a completely sheer chain mail shirt. Nicki has been a longtime fan of pasties, but this is the first time we can think of that she's ever worn them on stage. She's worn them in videos, in the comfort of her own home, and on Halloween, but never as, like, an integral part of her outfit. It makes sense, though, considering how much she hates bras.


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In March it was announced that Rihanna would be the recipient of the CFDA 2014 Fashion Icon Award. The ceremony is tonight, and we figured, as we bide the hours left until we see what badgalriri shows up wearing, we'd take a look back at a few of the trends she has been RIHsponsible for. In an interview with the New York Times late last week, Mel Ottenberg, her stylist, remarked that he loves working with Rih so much because of her undeniable influence and ability to get people talking. We will never get tired of talking about Rihanna, TBH. Peep a few of our fave trends that we attribute to her below!


Rihanna, Jade Thirwell, Katy Perry

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When Rihanna Got Into It: November 2012.
When Others Got Into It: Spring 2013.
A Brief History: Rihanna debuted her matchy-matchy look almost two years ago on her 777 Tour, but the trend is still going strong in stores. These days practically every shirt seems to come with a matching bottom. This summer is going to be full o' sets, IMHO. As an early adopter of the trend, Katy Perry wore a matching crop top and skirt to the Kids Choice Awards in 2013, but she was still months behind her pal. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em, right?


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Beyonce Blue Ivy


It's time to officially admit it: Beyonce and Blue Ivy Carter are our favorite fashion duo of 2014. (Don't worry, Bey and Jay are a very close second.) Even when Blue Ivy was a wee babe, her sheer existence accentuated Bey's ensemble, and these days, she's discovering her own style—by raiding her mom's closet, obviously. Bey posted this 'dorbs photo of Blue Ivy sporting her stilettos making it look like she planned to match her designer heels with her summery orange floral frock—it's that good. It would be amiss to not mention that Blue Ivy is, in fact, following in her mother's footsteps, and we ain't mad at that! (But hold on, is she already dressing better than us, though? Worried.) Lucky for us mere commoners, Bey posted even more pics of her stylin' mama-baby hangs for a photo sesh we are calling "Queen B and Her BB."


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Katy Perry

Been watching 'Ghost World,' Katy?
Photo: @katyperry Instagram

Uh, is it just us or has Katy Perry been spending her extra hours online, googling “counterculture?” Over the past few months, she’s dyed her hair slime green, shopped at VFILES, and even worn Lil B’s face on her dress, which is all to say she’s come a long way from her quirky pinup “I Kissed a Girl” days. Honestly though, we’re feeling this new Katy—especially her most recent look, which seems to nod to one of the greatest films ever made, at least if you ask me: Ghost World. It’s just one of those movies that sticks with you, scene by scene, pithy phrase by phrase, and, of course, outfit by outfit. So when we saw Katy wearing thick-framed glasses, a throwback grunge look with her faded slime green hair, combat boots, and a general air of apathy, we immediately thought of movie’s awesome protagonist Enid, played by Thora Birch.


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Elle Fanning

"Just two nobodies."
Photo: WOWPresents

Iggy Azalea and RuPaul, two of my imaginary best friends in life, hung out together (without me, sob!) for a brand-new edition of the reality star's web series "RuPaul Drives..." in which he, yes, drives around L.A. with all the people you'd ever want to trap into a car and fire questions at (John Waters, Susanne Bartch, Courtney Stodden—you know the type).

As they're cruising around looking like norms sans on-stage costumes ("just two nobodies," Iggy says), both lay eyes on a cool chick walking down the street. Iggy proclaims, "I love a girl who puts a wig on in the A.M." And then the conversation turns to her love of a good lace-front wig.


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Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey in her subway finest.
Photo: @mariahcarey Instagram

For most people, taking the subway is not very glamorous. You're crammed in a narrow box with people who wear huge backpacks and DGAF that, like, three extra people could fit in the space of their bag. Yesterday, four other people and I were prevented from holding onto anything because a woman decided to rest her entire body against a pole at rush hour. In short: The subway is the worst.

Mariah Carey, on the other hand, obviously does not think it's that bad. Maybe it's because she treats it as a luxurious mode of transportation? The elusive chanteuse obviously enjoyed her time on the 1 train late last night, sharing photos from the event (only for Mariah Carey and tourists is riding the subway an event worthy of capturing on Instagram) and describing it as a "joyride" and her look as "#subwayincouture." While normally I try to avoid being on the 1 train at 2 AM, I would've paid to be there for this. Like, way more than the typical subway fare.


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Fashion faceoff: Joan Didion vs. Harper Lee.

Ladypockets is a brilliant new blog that can only be described as a cross between Instyle and C-Span. Sounds funny, right? It totally is! But it'll make you think big thoughts, like why do we care so much what Hillary Clinton wears when she's doing so much important work? And where did Ruth Bader Ginsburg find that perfect double-breasted blazer (but seriously, I would wear/want to own ASAP)?

There's an old saying that goes, "Behind every great blog is a great woman." (That's how it goes, right?) So Katherine Fritz, the writer/genius behind Ladypockets, took a break from photoshopping magazine spreads and tracking down Sandra Day O'Connor's turquoise blazer to fill us on how the whole project started.

MTV STYLE: Where and when did the idea for Ladypockets first pop into your head?

KATHERINE FRITZ: Ladypockets was an idea I had after reading an article—I think maybe on Buzzfeed—that compared Jennifer Lawrence's Oscar dress to a tampon. I had just seen American Hustle and thought her performance was great, and I had this moment of incredible frustration that I had clicked through, like, sixteen articles mocking her Oscar dress, none of which were saying anything along the lines of "Just a reminder: This woman won two Academy Awards by the age of twenty-two," or "Hey, this is the top-grossing female action movie hero of all time; remember when a female action star both shattered box office records and passed the Bechdel test?"

I hope that in some small way, this project can make us step back from our magazines and computer screens and say, "Wow, yeah, the way we talk about women's bodies and women's clothing choices instead of their accomplishments is really dumb."


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Enjoy your Memorial Weekend? We did. However, I'm pretty sure my weekend full of barbecues and housecleaning wasn't as amazing as seeing Rita Ora on stage during BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend at Glasgow Green. Not only is she showcasing more from her forthcoming collection with Adidas Originals, but her hair is some kind of Rainbow Brite meets Bo Derek in 10 (look it up kids), kind of awesomeness. She's serving up some Living Colour realness, and I am into it.

And then I realized why. It reminds me of superheroes and other comic book characters.


As #Brats around the world know, Cher Lloyd's new album, Sorry I'm Late, dropped today and Cher was here on Live From MTV to talk about it and more. So much more. Decked out in a leather and tulle dress from Brian Lichtenberg and strappy silver shoes from Fendi, Cher discussed her worst hair style ever, how she finally find her style after becoming famous, and what she'll wear in the video for "Really Don't Care" with Demi Lovato.


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Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart at the 'Clouds of Sils Maria' party in Cannes.
Photo: Getty Images

We've always admired Kristen Stewart's red carpet footwear choices because they are, largely, comfortable and as appropriate for a picnic as a premiere. K-Stew has paired sneakers with designer looks for as long as we can remember, though it looks like she's stepping up (heh) her footwear game. While in the past she's paired Converse and Vans with designer dresses, she's moved onto more expensive designer sneakers from Chanel's runway.


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