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Sharp Talon Ring

Would you wear a sharp talon ring?
Photo: Courtesy of Nasty Gal

Have you guys tried that fingernail ring trend yet? It's only been THREE MONTHS since we first told you about it. What are you waiting for already?? Whatever your reason, perhaps this latest sharp talon ring from Nasty Gal will be the proverbial straw to break your gilded and gem-encrusted camel's back! Blurring the lines between jewelry and nail art, Nasty Gal's talon rings (yes, there's another less sharp version!) offer a happy marriage between the two seriously vital style components for just TEN. BUCKS. Zut alors!


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Lady Gaga Fame

What does Lady Gaga's Fame perfume smell like?
Photo: Courtesy of Haus Laboratories/Macy's

Hear that? That's the sound of Lady Gaga's much-anticipated Fame perfume FINALLY hitting Macy's shelves across the country! We've been trailer teased and taunted with jaw-dropping campaign photos for the better half of the last two months, but now (NOW!!!!) we can finally get our hands on Mother Monster's debut fragrance and answer all our burning questions. Will the "First Black Eau de Parfum" really change colors? Will it stain my clothes? What exactly does "tears of Belladonna, crushed heart of the tiger orchidea with a black veil of incense, pulverized apricot, and the combinative essences of saffron and honey drops" smell like??? Walk with us.


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Festival Feet

Would you wear Festival Feet?
Photo: Courtesy of Spinning Hat

I guess that question is a little clunky. I'm not actually asking if you'll wear FEET, since, you know, you probably already have those growing from your legs. I'm talking about these things called Festival Feet that I found whilst perusing Spinning Hat (as I do), an online stuff retailer specializing in products of the not-so-serious variety. "Okay," you might say, "what did you expect from a site touting products with 'playful design?'" I honestly have no idea, but I can't say I expected these tromp l'oeil Chuck Taylors.


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Shia LaBeouf on 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno'.
Photo: Getty Images

Just putting it out there, but after our last epic trip through Shia LaBeouf's facial hair history, we kiiiiind of thought he was done. Finished. Finito. After all, where can you really go after Shia Stubble Stage 4, AKA the seriously grown out Full-On Woodsman look?! Turns out there's a LOT more room for growth...and we mean that literally (pun definitely intended). Last night the actor hit The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, where he debuted his brand-new shaggy 'do and caused a communal jaw-dropping session this morning. Sure, he's got the same ringlets as he did when we last left him last year, but this time they fall almost to his shoulders! Paired with his sleek suit, the unkempt hair reminds us a little bit of a movie star version of Buffalo Bill, don't you think?


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Katy Perry, John Mayer

Could Katy Perry's new style be inspired by John Mayer?
Photo: Courtesy of @KatyPerry's Twitter/Getty Images

Katy Perry and John Mayer have been making headlines lately as one of the music community's biggest maybe couples of the moment. Neither Katy nor John have commented (yet?) on the notable spike in time spent together, but ever since they were photographed together leaving L.A.'s Chateau Marmont, the prospect of "JohnKat" has definitely been raising eyebrows for the past month. Now, it seems Perry and Mayer are sharing more than just time and memories - they're sharing style sensibilities, too!


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Miley Cyrus, Robyn

Is Miley Cyrus channelling Robyn with her new look?
Photo: Courtesy of @MileyCyrus's Twitter/Getty Images

If you've laid a finger on the interwebz this week, you're probably MORE than aware of Miley Cyrus's drastic new bleach blonde pixie haircut. Not only has she been tweeting pics of it at a break-neck pace that seems almost hourly, but fans and fashion blogs (what has two thumbs, y'all?) alike are going nuts over the "Party in the U.S.A." singer's new look. Our pals at Buzzworthy made an argument recently that the punkier baby blonde 'do might be channeling Gwen Stefani - a conjecture we can totally see, especially when she breaks into the bright red lip look. But this see-through shirt + printed leggings outfit from one of Miley's most recent photos is screaming ROBYN to us!


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Boho Rock

Boho Rock temporary body tattoos.
Photo: Courtesy of Nail Rock

Okay, so technically these Boho Rocks are "face and body" tattoos. We concede that in the model shot for the flower version, they illustrate an example of the tiny strip tatts being used as faux bracelets, but let's be real. With a name like "Boho Rock," these were clearly made with the intention of providing an alternative to the skinny headbands worn bohemian-style across the forehead. It's a decent idea since many ladies cite that their aversion to the dome pieces are the way they flatten hair or make weird crease marks. The Boho Rock tatts get you a similar look without all the fuss. But, like, guys... This is a forehead tattoo. If you squint your eyes really hard, yea, it kinda looks like a headband, but at the end of the day, you're temporarily joining the leagues of these forehead-tattooed brethren. *sucks teeth in second-hand embarrassment*


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Classics by Buffalo

These are 12-inch tall platform shoes by Buffalo.
Photo: Courtesy of SoleStruck

We have EYES. We've seen platforms before. From Nicki Minaj to Taylor Momsen to Kerli we've been witness to our fair share of high-rise kicks, but these Buffalo Classics certainly take the cake. With a 12-inch heel and 11-inch platform, these black flatform sneakers will make their wearer a full FOOT taller for the equally tall price of $599.95. While they're still shy of the Guinness World Record-breaking 16-inch stiletto heels that hold the title of World's Tallest, I think we can all agree that these are still some MONSTER shoes.


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Alexa Chung Overalls

Alexa Chung wears overalls on July 15, Feb. 9 and Aug. 1.
Photo: Splash News/Getty Images

OK, we need to talk. Whenever we see Alexa Chung do anything we totally take note because, duh, she's a fashion "It" girl. She's always on the forefront of trends and trying new things and blahdy blahdy blah, but sometimes we're a wee bit skeptical of the next big thing she's trying to pull off. And lately, that means overalls—real, actual, TLC-style oversized overalls (See also: That House of Style segment on colored denim.) OK, maybe they're not that crazy, but still! We haven't seen these bad boys pop up since the '90s (well, if you don't count Miley Cyrus' denim jumpsuit thing from a few weeks ago), and we're kiiiind of not quite sure if we're ready for it to come back. In mid July, Alexa sported vintage-y denim dungarees with a statement necklace and black tank. She accessorized with ankle espadrille wedges, a snakeskin bag, and circle sunnies. We're sorta feeling this retro vibe, but these overalls are bordering on culottes territory, and yeah.... *shiver*


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Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey's "Triumphant (Get 'Em)" single cover art.
Photo: Courtesy of Island Records

Eeeeee! Calling all Mariah Carey Stans and purveyors of the 50K+ views on this CLASSIC supercut of Mimi's best runs and riffs! Our Lady Mariah doth dropeth her new Rick Ross + Meek Mill-assisted single today! MC released the saucy, LEGGY single art for the track earlier this week. Mariah looks pheeeeenomenal in a warm gold, strapless dress with a flirty side cut-out and side slit up to there. Her waist-length locks are sleek, straight and a soft honey color, and she's backdropped against a crackling amber glow. It's no secret that Mimi loves her GOLD, so in honor of the song's debut and this sultry cover snap, we're taking a look back at her other golden album art outfits!


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