Olsen Twins The Row Fur Bag

Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen at the CFDA Fashion Awards on June 4 and their bag from The Row.
Photo: WireImage

Listen, we're well aware Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen KNOW style. They won the highly-acclaimed Womenswear Designer of the Year Award at the CFDAs, which currently puts them at the top of the 2012 fashion roster. But esteemed accolades aside, we need to get real for a second and just say this—they're selling a bag from The Row's pre-fall 2012 collection for nearly $17,000. YEAH. This backpack (that's right! You can tote this sweatfest on your back all summer long!) is a collection of fur patches sewn together into one giant, mismatched fuzzball. Unlike the previous $40,000 The Row crocodile bag from one reptile, which is (oddly) more expensive but equally anger-inducing, this backpack is made from the fur of at least three different animals. Yipes. The thing is, if you're PETA there's obvious reasons to be mad (and they certainly are! #trollsens), but what if you're just a plain ol' fashion person that is looking at this for what it really is—a really, really expensive bag.


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Chocolate Scented iPhone Case

We wonder, is it milk chocolate, or dark chocolate?
Photo: Thinkgeek

Remember life before cell phones? Probably not, huh? Well, we do, and it was really different. You couldn't have confusing text message interactions with your crush, your mom couldn't call you whenever she wanted, you actually had to print out directions in advance or, gasp, carry a map. It was madness. We even had a beeper for awhile. CRAZY. But now we have iPhones, Blackberries, Google Map, gizmos and gadgets aplenty, you know the drill, and as a result, we also have to make choices about the accessories that surround them. A knuckleduster iPhone case works for Rihanna, but is it right for you? Maybe you're further towards ten on the cuteness spectrum. Enter the Chocolate Scented iPhone 4 Case. Making things scented it like the final frontier of novelty items, so of course this exists, but, would you really want your phone, and by proxy your bag or pocket, to smell like candy all the time?



Nasty Gal Totally Exposed Blouse

Nasty Gal is selling this Totally Exposed Blouse.
Photo: Courtesy of Nasty Gal

Remember when sheer shirts first started being a thing? We were all, "OMG, it's so see-through! People are totally going to see my bra. Am I okay with that???" After a while, we got over it, learning the subtle nuances of lingerie and which brassieres are "inside-only" and which ones are meant (at least potentially) for showing off. Over time, sheer tops grew to be a bit more normal, still fashion-forward but not a thing we'd NEVER seen before. As with most trends, there comes a turning point when a steez starts to feel a little played out and people begin to look for the newest envelope-pushing look. Perhaps then, this Totally Exposed Blouse from Nasty Gal is just the next and final step for bra-baring fashions before we do a complete 180 and walk back in the direction of turtlenecks. Or maybe this is the latest evolution of the cutout trend we've grown to love so much. Either way, we're not exactly 100 percent on this style, so we're consulting you, dear readers, for your opinion on this top.


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A male model chilling during Band of Outsider's 60-hour show.
Photo: Courtesy of Band of Outsiders

What, Ed Westwick strutting the Men's Fashion Week runway in a teeny mustache? Been there, done that. It takes more than a star and some facial hair to impress this crowd. When it comes to the Band of Outsiders 2013 collection, let's just say the brand has found its own way to inject some creative spice into the shows. Scott Sternberg's label is swapping celebrity catwalk cameos for the longest fashion presentation...ever. Starting today, a male model will live in a Parisian art gallery for a grand total of 60 hours (that's almost 3 days!), only ducking out every 90 minutes to switch outfits. The stunt sounds a little bit like a very high fashion version of Big Brother, but we're not complaining. Passersby can check out B of O's perfectly tailored suits in the glass windows (sans invite), and those who didn't score a trip to Paris can check it out via livestream. Talk about all access.


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Lady Gaga, Steven Tyler

Lady Gaga arrives in Melbourne, Australia, and Steven Tyler performs in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Photo: Getty Images

Far be it from us to suggest that Lady Gaga is swagger-jacking Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler. We're just saying, postulating rather, that perhaps Mother Monster has been catching up on episodes of American Idol while resting up after her Born This Way Ball concussion, and all those guest performances had a sartorial influence on the pop star. We can't shake how visibly inspired her Melbourne arrival togs appear to be. Crazier things have happened, right?


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Shailene Woodley and Ezra Miller looking distinctly damp at a screening for 'Red Lights.'
Photo: Getty

Don't tell our moms, but we're definitely guilty of leaving the house with wet hair on more than one occasion, even in the dead of winter. Sometimes you just don't have time for blow drying and styling and all that, am I right? We usually try to save our wet hair days for times we won't necessarily run into anyone, or, you know, get snapped on a step and repeat by a zillion paparazzi, but all that might be about to change thanks to Ezra Miller and Shailene Woodley. The duo stepped into the spotlight at a screening for supernatural thriller Red Lights last night in laid back, rolled-out-of-bed-chic looks, both topped by, of course, wet hair. The outfits, which also complimented each other color-wise, with both actors sporting warm shades of orange, managed to be so casual they turned back around into cool territory, or at least we think so. The two just won the same award at the Cannes Film Festival-"Male Revelation" for his turn in We Need To Talk About Kevin and "Female Revelation" for her angry daughter in The Descendents-so maybe that's where they planned their red carpet dress down? We find it hard to believe this is just a coincidence *strokes chin and scribbles notes in conspiracy theory notebook*.


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Willow Smith's tongue piercing

Did Willow Smith and a friend really pierce their faces?.
Photo: Willow Smith's Instagram

The MTV Style office let out one of our loudest collective gasps in a long while when we noticed this photo on our fave little diva Willow Smith's Instagram. The gasp was followed by a loud "Willow, no!" and much furious internet sleuthing. Could the 11 year old "Whip My Hair" singer have actually PIERCED HER TONGUE??? First of all, too young, obvs. Second of all, doesn't it seem like a really bad idea to combine braces and a tongue ring? Right?! Ugh. Willow poses in the photo with her gal pal Bobbie DeBarge, who was also sporting a stud lip piercing. So, are the piercings real? Willow would have needed a parent's consent to get her tongue pierced in the state of California, and we just cannot believe that any parent would let their 11 year old get a piercing like that. I mean, we were that age when we got our EARS pierced.


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Nancy Stella Soto Hand Bag

A handbag by Nancy Stella Soto.
Photo: Courtesy of Stand Up Comedy

A trusty, neutral clutch is a great thing to have. It's your go-to carryall date, holding your hand (err, scratch that, reverse it) from season to season as you traipse from one faaaabulous event to the next. It should be bold enough to make a statement but not so loud that it overpowers your outfit (nobody outshines YOU, honey booboo child!). Could this oversized, handprinted number by Nancy Stella Soto be the one for you? Maybe! Let's talk it out first, though.


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Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried for Cle de Peau Beaute.
Photo: Courtesy of Cle de Peau Beaute

$13K can buy you a LOT of things… a car, a down payment on a house, and approximately 53 pairs of Air Yeezy 2s (that is, if you buy them at the $245 retail price). Um, it can also buy you a really, really expensive jar of face cream from Cle de Peau Beaute. Supposedly the most expensive moisturizer IN THE WORLD, the over-the-top concept sounds almost like a joke- but turns out the ridiculously pricey product has a real campaign, complete with a celeb spokesperson. They’ve tapped Amanda Seyfried as the face, and the Lovelace star (and ex-model, we might add) works her trademark good looks in these ultra-glam ads. According to the website, “As the exciting embodiment of luminous sophistication and natural radiance, Amanda Seyfried captures the very essence of Cle de Peau Beaute. She is pure of heart, vibrantly alive, and brings joy into the lives of others.” Okaaay, then. But the craziest part of the whole ordeal? It's SO exclusive, they're only selling three jars!


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Adidas Jeremy Scott Handcuff Sneakers

The adidas x Jeremy Scott Roundhouse Mids.
Photo: Via adidas' Facebook page

We're no stranger to the sheer, utter excitement that comes from every new adidas x Jeremy Scott collab that hits the internet, but last week when adidas released a sneak peek of their JS Roundhouse Mid sneakers on Facebook, they were greeted with some unusually negative feedback. The high top purple, gray and orange sneakers featured plastic cuffs that wrap around the ankles, which people claimed resembled "racist" shackles. Facebook commenter Greg Taylor said, "To those who don't think this is racist, I guess your ancestors were not in shackles less than 200 years ago. [...] You can totally disregard hundreds of years of history but it does strike a nerve to those old enough to remember different times. [...] This is in poor taste at best."


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