Viktor & Rolf jumpsuit

Viktor & Rolf's top-belt jumpsuit looks like a pair of extremely high-waisted pants.
Photo: Courtesy of Shopbop/Getty Images

It's an undeniable fact that waistbands are rising from their low-rise home of the early aughts. Where scant three years ago the term "high-waisted" was more frequently referred to as a kind of "Mom-ish" silhouette, the more modest line has since become a kind of norm. As is the cycle of fashion, as soon as you start becoming comfortable with something, at least one designer is ready to shake it up, and perhaps the Viktor & Rolf brand believes it is that such time for high-waisted pants. Billed as a "top belt jumpsuit," this Viktor & Rolf creation looks suspiciously like the MOST extreme pair of high-waisted pants on the planet.


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Adia Kibur jumbo neon hair clips.
Photo: Courtesy of Shopbop

This wedged silhouette is a familiar one for all who struggled as an elementary school-age girl to tame flyaways and keep unruly hair tamed whilst climbing monkey bars and giving book reports. The tall, skinny isosceles triangle, the curved edge, that middle divet designed to add some extra postion-holding security. The click-click open and close of the clip may have even provided a kind of stress relief to you moments before a standardized test. And yet, these aren't the Goody snap clips from your childhood, namely because they're about the size of the average third grader's face. These jumbo neon hair clips are the handiwork of the good people at Adia Kibur, the very same accessories behind the unique and colorful pieces currently selling out left and right on Bauble Bar.


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Venus Angelic

Venus Angelic poses in her puppy makeup tutorial.
Photo: Courtesy of VenusAngelic's YouTube channel

Brought to you by the same girl behind the living doll makeup craze, Venus Angelic has uploaded a brand new beauty tutorial, and while the muse isn't an inanimate object, unlike many of her previous videos, the subject is pretty much the same echelon of eyebrow-raising. You read the headline already, so you know we're talking about puppies. PETA need not worry because Venus Angelic isn't putting makeup ON puppies, but rather, teaching the people of the Interweb how to do their own makeup in the likeness of a puppy.


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Dakota Fanning Hair Chain

Dakota Fanning at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival on April 17 in New York.
Photo: Getty Images

Let's get right to it. Dakota Fanning wore a super cute, hot pink structured mini cocktail dress to Vanity Fair's opening night party celebrating the Tribeca Film Festival. The hue of the dress, gentle blown-out blonde tresses, and neutral clutch and shoe game were spot on. SPOT. ON. Now, before I get all short-breathy and overcome with Victorian vapors that might require a fainting couch and mild dose of smelling salts, let me preface what might turn into a teensy-tinsy bit of a step-on-the-pulpit diatribe about hair jewelry with this very important fact: there is nothing wrong with hair accessories. I love 'em and have been known to throw some flowers in an updo or wear a headband that looks like a giant melted inkblot. There's nothing wrong with being playful or adventurous with your hair game. *exhales while folding hands together* But hair chains? This is an accessory I find ABOMINABLE.


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Nubrella offers a hands-free umbrella option.
Photo: Courtesy of Nubrella

April showers may bring May flowers, but while you're trudging through the wet season to get to those springtime bouquets, you're going to need some serious weather-combating armor. For most people a simple umbrella will do the trick - one of the extra-large golf variety with a fancy handle or perhaps the sleek, compactible kind - but for others, those old-fashioned methods of precipitation protection just don't cut it. Sometimes you just can't be bothered with holding an umbrella. Like, what do I look like, Fonzworth Bentley?? Or maybe you want to ride your bike in the rain, but can't stand to be seen in a trash-bag-looking poncho (let's be real, only Bill Cunningham has the charm to pull that little number off). Whatever your reason, look no further than the Nubrella to make your hands-free rainy day dreams a reality.


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Lourdes Leon Material Girl Miu Miu Sneakers

Lourdes Leon and her bejeweled Miu Miu Sneakers.
Photo: Getty Images/Material Girl Collection's blog

So obviously we know by now that Material Girl is the clothing company that's a joint venture between Lourdes Leon and her mom MADONNA and we also know that it has an uber cute ad campaign that features Kelly Osbourne (and is shot by my bestie Brooke Nipar). What I had ZERO idea about until this very moment is that there's a blog and Lourdes contributes, as in, she actually writes and it sounds like a real-ass human teen not just some marketing svengali or a bloggerbot. It's awesome and conversational and peppered with scads of random, self-deprecating, parenthetical asides and I am into it.

ACK. I'm not trying to sound patronizing so please forgive me if I do. I'm not like "gobsmacked BEYOND IMAGINATION that Madge's kid is a cogent person wowowowoowowow" but I guess I'm impressed that she clearly doesn't fetishize her thoughts so much that she had to agonize over how to string sentences. This post is chatty. Example 1: "As you all know spring is coming around, oh hai time to get the zyrtec out. Fo realz the only good part of spring is fashion and warm weather, other than that it’s the re-awakening of dog poo in the park and super sexy allergies." And 2: "Ive kind of gotten into sneakers lately (wutt I know man). I personally don’t own any but my brother has a generous collection of very cool sneakers and I have been illegally raiding his closet."

What's not to love. You can tell she knocked this ish out in minutes and threw it up there all NBD-like and I just think that's incredibly rad and well-adjusted and regular. This is just reason number 32987493287432 of how Lourdes Leon is legitimately cool in a way that has less to do with nepotism than other people may realize. It's in the ingredients, man. Also, speaking of which, HI, can we talk about how much girl looks like her mom in this photo? Stunning. Plus, these Miu Miu sneakers are the jam (and likely do NOT belong to her brother).

{via Material Girl Collection}

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Clockwise from left: Sean "Diddy" Combs, Swizz Beatz, Frank Ocean, and Ludacris wear hoodies in support of Trayvon Martin.
Photo: Diddy's Twitter feed; Swizz Beatz's Instagram; Frank Ocean's Tumblr; Ludacris' Instagram

The shooting of Trayvon Martin has swept the country in the past few weeks, stirring a nationwide debate on the importance of an article of clothing, namely the hooded sweatshirt. Long a staple of leisurewear, workout wear, everyday wear, snuggle wear, cold weather wear, and just about every other kind of "wear" you can think of that involves covering your person, there has never been a reason to think twice about the meaning of a hoodie until the shooting of 17-year-old Martin (on his way home from a 7-Eleven with a bottle of tea and packet of Skittles in hand) by a neighborhood watchman who claims it was self-defense. Thousands have taken to the streets wearing hoodies to protest both the shooting and lack of arrest made on George Zimmerman, the man who shot Martin. Celebs have also been showing their support by tweeting and Instagramming photos of themselves wearing hoodies.

Diddy tweeted support for the Million Hoodies March by wearing a black hoodie and carrying a picture of Trayvon Martin as a young boy. Swizz Beatz Instagram'd a double image of himself in a hoodie, saying, "Had to Hoodie up for Trayvon, what a sad situation. Blessing to his fam." Odd Future's Frank Ocean Tumblr'd a photo of himself in a hoodie, and Ludacris Instagram'd an "I am Trayvon Martin" message with a photo of himself wearing a printed hoodie while standing in front of a plane. The outpouring of support for Martin and his family sheds light on the fact that a young person was killed, seemingly, as a result of what he looked like.


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Acquacalda's "Pic Nic Pants."
Photo: Courtesy of Acquacalda

Don't know what Picnic Pants are? Don't worry, neither did we until our worlds were cataclysmically altered by our friends at Huffington Post. Also, context clues. The good people at Acquacalda have constructed a pair of pants with a between-the-legs panel and built-in cup holder for all your picnicking surface needs. That's right, folks! We all thought holding your own plate or setting your Solo cup in a nearby patch of grassless dirt was never worth the trouble, but Acquacalda is brave enough to say it and provide a solution. Finally (FINALLY!!!) you can eat your burgers and potato salad right off your groin.

Acquacalda's "Pic Nic Pants."
Photo: Courtesy of Acquacalda


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club monaco madewell

Jacketed layers by Club Monaco and Madewell. Which is which?

Many of us have been waiting ages for Club Monaco to offer online shopping, and today our multilayered, gauzy-scarf prayers were answered. Long the favored brand for urban sophisticates looking to infuse their wardrobes with modern office separates and chic weekend wear alike, I can personally count Club Monaco on the top of my must-stop shopping list. Not only are their blazers exquisitely crafted in well-cut luxury fabrics, they're priced for those with a more modest budget. What's also interesting about this Canadian-born brand is that it is currently owned by Polo Ralph Lauren, so you know the level of taste and attention to quality is of the utmost importance. But here's where my "WHHAAA?" question-mark-slash-garbled-mouth-noise comes in. You guys, why does Club Monaco's website (and some of their clothing) suddenly, out of zee blue, remind me specifically of Madewell?


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Geraldo Rivera Trayvon Martin Hoodie

Geraldo Rivera and Trayvon Martin.
Photo: Getty Images

By now you've probably heard the tragic story of Trayvon Martin—the 17-year-old Florida high school student who was shot by neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman on his way back from a snack run to 7-Eleven. George called 911 because he thought he was "up to no good" and followed Trayvon against the dispatcher's orders. Trayvon was wearing a hoodie (it was raining that day) and was unarmed, but as George approached him, he pushed him to the ground, fired his gun, and killed Trayvon at the scene.

People have been trying to find a reason as to what would drive someone to pull the trigger on an innocent person, and this morning Geraldo Rivera told the hosts of Fox & Friends that his hoodie was partially to blame. Yep, you read that right, Geraldo thinks Trayvon's outfit choice may have had a hand in his death. WHAAAAAAT?


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