Dimepiece 'The Romeo Pant'

Would you wear Dimepiece's "Romeo Pant"?
Photo: Dimepiece LA

OK, a little clarification before we dive in. I'm not asking if you would wear an outfit comprised of a pair of pants and a cape. The question at hand here is: would you wear these pants which have a cape attached? This "Romeo Pant"—as they're called—is brought to life by MTV Style and celeb favorite Dimepiece. It's EXTREMELY rare that we come across something that L.A. designers Ashley Jones and Laura Fama produce that we're not immediately head-over-heels for at first sight, but maybe we just need a little convincing.


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Dolce Gabbana

Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce.
Photo: Getty Images

As they used to say in the olden days, "Can't ban the taxman." D&G masterminds Domenico Dolce and Steffano Gabbana were found guilty of tax evasion yesterday in a Milan court and each sentenced for one year and eight months in prison. Sound like a harsh sentence? Wellll... the judge ruled that they owe the Italian government over 40 million Euros—that's around $53 million US. Clearly it wasn't like they were fudging expensed lunches on their return or stuffing dollars from the D&G outpost stores into their mattress (unless they're living on that XXL Kenzo Sofitel jammer, in which case, holler!). It's a complex ruling in which the storied designers and their company were found to have not reported earnings from a D&G offshoot based in Luxembourg, which prosecutor Laura Pedio said, "It was a very elaborate (use of an offshore company) that appeared legal, but was illegal," according to CNN. "Their attorney, Massimo Dinoia, plans to appeal the charges, saying that "Dolce and Gabbana will not go to jail now or ever."


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Some might say there's a thin line between pushing the envelope and just being straight-up nonsensical. Fashion Week and all its other runway-laden permutations is a hotbed for that kind of style gray area and this week's London Men's Collections were no exception. Don't get us wrong, there were PUH-LENTY of gorgeous completely 100% wearable looks that stormed the catwalks across the pond, but there are ALWAYS going to be a few token ensembles you look at and think, "Umm, this exists?" Thus, we've rounded up what are, in our opinion, the five most difficult outfits to wear IRL from this season's presentations. Enjoy!


Nasir Mazhar

A look from Nasir Mazhar's Spring/Summer 2014 collection.
Photo: Getty Images

We're pretty sure it shouldn't come as a surprise that wearing a giant black plastic bucket on your head is going to present some vision issues, but even there ARE microscopic holes near the ocular region, it's probably just as difficult to walk into a coffee shop and be taken seriously when you're sporting this bad boy.


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BlingSting is a thing.
Photo: Courtesy of BlingSting

We get press releases of varying utility all day at MTV Style. Some are helpful and exciting and others are ill-conceived to the point of seeming like dispatches from lunatic space aliens attempting to lay a trap. The following is an imagined conversation during a fictitious meeting that took place between the revolutionary thinkers behind BlingSting, a bedazzled pepper spray.

Dude 1: Gentlemen, my team and I called this ideation meeting to discuss the future of safety for all women who we know and love every day. Picture this: I'm a chick, I'm pre-gaming with my girlfriends. I look good. I smell GREAT. I had a couple dranks. I'm totally gonna smang it. I'm wearing one of those tight dresses but with sequins and, like, only one sleeve, and as I'm leaving my house, I want to be responsible and pack my pepper spray, but I don't because it's such a *air quotes* fugly buzzkill.


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Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus attends the New MySpace Launch event in Los Angeles.
Photo: Getty Images

Make way for the latest sartorial news from the poster child of IDGAF, Miley Cyrus! Billy Ray's babygirl turned up (literally, and you know, figuratively) on the red carpet of last night's new MySpace launch event in L.A. in a head-turning, eyebrow-raising ensemble, but as her confident stance and smug mug suggest, she's throwing up deuces to haters. If you squint at Miley's outfit-of-choice, it's not reeeeeally anything we haven't seen before—toeing the line between hard-edged and sexy by pairing badass materials with cuts the highlight the *achem* female form.

She reprises her favorite T by Alexander Wang leather bra top, wearing it under a patent leather bomber jacket by KTZ. Her pants are baggy but she wears them with immaculate white boss lady Christian Louboutin pointed-toe pumps—an overall silhouette similar to the outfit she wore to Pharrell's birthday party. Pretty standard stuff for Miley. Except for those pants. Those deserve a closer look.


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lensless glasses

Maison Martin Margiela gold half-frame lensless glasses.

Look, we know the whole lensless glasses thing isn't new. I mean, just last year at precisely this time, we watched as the 2012 NBA Finals morphed into a kind of fashion face-off centered on the things. But these? These Maison Martin Margiela gold half-frame specs (if you can even call them that) are a completely different story. Instead of thick, Buddy Holly frames these are of the dainty reading glasses variety wherein only the upper half of the frame exists and is rendered in some sort of metal. Without lenses though, this is really just a strangely cut, hinged headband that you just happen to wear on your face.


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Kye knee wraps

Would you wear these Kye knee wraps?
Photo: Opening Ceremony

One of the biggest pitfalls of summer, sartorially speaking, is that the clothes just aren't as good. No disrespect (we know how sensitive tank tops can be...), but there just isn't as much you can do with your summer wardrobe. No layering. No coats. No heavy, obstructive knits. Just you, sweltering heat, and the job of figuring out new and creative ways to not really wear anything but still keep all the vitals covered up. One way around the wardrobe restrictions of summer is accessories. And a lot of them. These Kye leg wraps we found at Opening Ceremony, though, aren't necessarily what we had in mind.


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Gareth Pugh

Gareth Pugh black silk flared train runway trousers.

I fully recognize that "puddle pants" is not the official name for this garment. According to SSENSE, the given name of this Gareth Pugh creation is "black silk flared train runway trousers," a.k.a. A MOUTHFUL, a.k.a. I'm still going to refer to them as puddle pants. Obviously, this name is way shorter, but also, I think this more accurately captures the essence of these trousers. That is, the hem of your pants are puddling at your feet. You're standing in a puddle of pants. No disrespect to Pugh at all. Generally, I love his design aesthetic—a kind of starkly gothic futurism that is just so brain-pettingly wonderful to look at—but from a logistical, you know, walking standpoint, I can't help but mentally play the YouTube supercut of me face-planting after EVERY step each time I look at these pants.


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Bangs Beanies

Just some bangs beanies. Hanging out.
Photo: VFiles

I don't hate hats. But I wouldn't say I love them either. I like how they look on other people. And I appreciate their functional qualities like keeping your head warm or shielding you from the sun and UVA/UVB rays, etc.etc. ZZzzzzz. But I guess you could say I have a general aversion to them. Does that mean I will NEVER let one touch my head? No. But I always find them difficult when they do. I'm a fussy, fidgety person and I have a lot of hair, and that combination makes the process of affixing a hat to my dome (not to mention keeping it on) its own special, waking nightmare. If you are my polar opposite (meaning: if you love hats and have no hair), boyoyoy, do I have a product for YOU! Enter the bangs beanie.


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Bradley Cooper in Gucci at 'The Hangover 3' premiere.
Photo: Getty Images

Bradley Cooper: the man can make a trash bag and Eagles jersey look almost as good as a Tom Ford three-piece suit. Not to MENTION those piercing blue eyes, that smile, and the extremely rare talent for pulling off the highly risky man bob. Yep, whenever we're lucky enough to see this guy hit the press circuit, you can bet it's going to be a really good day. Earlier this spring we feasted our eyeballs on the actor's classically dapper The Place Beyond The Pines red carpet outfits, and he's showing off a bolder, more daring side for The Hangover Part III. It makes total sense, right? Funny movie equals fun fashion. And taking this philosophy to heart, B.Coops turned up at last night's premiere in a seriously traffic-stopping burnt orange Gucci suit. Coordinating perfectly with his surroundings, it seems like someone's taking a page from One Direction's style book....


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