crazy cat bikini

Would you wear this crazy cat bikini?
Photo: Mr. Gugu & Miss Go

Fellow East Coast dwellers might have a hard time believing this, but summer is, in fact, on its way. It's a slow crawl for those of us along the Atlantic, but *shrugs* we'll wait it out. In the meantime, though, we're combing the interwebz for SWIMWEAR! Hey, it's slightly more "productive" than binge-watching throwback episodes of Arrested Development, right? Amidst our hunt, hoarding all our links and wants in our Svpply profiles, we happened upon this little string number. Sold separately, these pieces are aptly titled "Crazy Cat Triangle Top" and "Crazy Cat String Bottom," and are definitely one way to turn heads at the beach/lake/pool this summer.


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Rihanna Unbuttoned Shirt

Rihanna in New York on May 8.
Photo: Getty Images

If there's one thing we know about Rihanna, it's that she LOVES breaking the rules (I mean, her Instagram name isn't BadGalRiRi for nothin'), and last night was no exception. She was spotted in NYC yesterday wearing a button-up shirt... that wasn't buttoned. Now, we're not talking about the whole grunge-inspired open flannel shirt with a tee underneath look, we're talking about a GORGE Balmain (thanks to Courtney Justice for that ID!) patterned blouse that she just straight-up decided to leave open with no shirt/bra/anything underneath (besides her signature body chain, of course). She managed to keep it closed by tucking it into a matching Balmain teal skater skirt (SMART) and finished the look with pointy nude pumps and giant hoop earrings.


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floral cat ears

Why does this floral ears headband exist?
Photo: Urban Outfitters

At face-value, without any context, these floral cat ears really aren't that offensive. Who doesn't like flowers? Or animals? What harm did headbands ever do to anyone? It all seems innocent enough. Prim, sweet, feminine, whatever. But (for us anyway) there's something truly sinister that lies within this headband's ingredients. This is the ill-advised headgear lovechild of 2012's two landmark fashion phenomenons: flower crowns and cat ears. And THAT, the reckless combination of these two things into a separate genre of accessory, makes this floral ears headband the evil Frankenstein's monster of played out mega-trends. Also, our collective worst nightmare.


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dog temporary tattoo

Jorge Bendersky applying a "U.S.A." tattoo to Hubbell the chihuahua.
Photo: Jorge Bendersky

I guess the more appropriate way to start this conversation is by letting you know that temporary tattoos for dogs do, in fact, exist. Yes, friends, the practice of ephemerally branding yourself with butterflies and hearts and stars is no longer limited to humans. Welcome into the fold, canines! And extend your paws to shake the hands of Jorge Bendersky, the New York-based dog groomer stylist who is largely responsible for setting this trend ablaze thanks to a high-profile Upper East Side clientele. And yes, according to, temporary tattoos for dogs ARE trending, extending to far-reaching exotic locations like Australia, Poland, and *achem* Iowa.


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Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber wears a Chanel logo ski mask.
Photo: Courtesy of @JustinBieber's Instagram

Soooo this happened. "This" being the above image wherein Mr. Justin Bieber, the internationally super-famous pop star, is posing for an Instagram selfie wearing a black ski mask embroidered with Chanel's iconic interlocking C logo. (We'll note that he's also wearing a band jacket which simultaneously reminds us of modern matador Macklemore, 1980s Michael Jackson, and yuletide Biebs himself, but let's keep focus on the mask for now.) From front row at Paris Fashion Week courtesy of Kanye West to a prominent feature in Opening Ceremony's Spring Breakers lookbook, ski masks, for whatever reason, are majorly trending, and it looks as though J.Biebs will not be left in the robber-chic dust.


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Hey guys!! *waves from within a thicket of sequins and tulle* How is prom season treating you? Well, I hope. Here at MTV Style, we've made it our mission to supply you with a comprehensive guide to THE school dance of all school dances, from prom dresses on the über-cheap to celeb-worthy hairstyles and even a few fashion tips for dudes. It's been pretty standard fare for the most part—pastel, sparkle, pretty little things. That is, until now. Brace yourselves, people. I'm about to steer our prom coverage into the weird and wonderful world of ETSY!

Before we dive all the way in, a little disclaimer: this is a post wherein I am going to show you things I found on Etsy, and we all pretend together about what it would be like if someone hypothetically wore them to prom. Am I suggesting you yourself wear these dresses? No. Am I suggesting you avoid these dresses and any other permutation of each ensemble's general idea? Interestingly enough, also, no. Being that THIS is what I wore to my own prom (in high school, I was really into classics, translation: ZZZzzzzzzz), I'm probably the last person who should be telling anyone to wear a burger dress to any place. That said, if you have the lady cojones to hit the dance floor in "two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, on a sesame seed bun," then by all means, please do it. And send us pics. Now, let's go!


Etsy Prom

Would you dare to wear a hamburger dress to prom?
Photo: Courtesy of FELTUPCLOTHES' Etsy shop

At its core, this is a midi dress featuring a full skirt with multi-colored tiers. It just so happens that the order of those colors and tiers markedly resemble a cheeseburger. Actually, no, that was the entire aim of this Burger Queen dress. Plus, this thing has eyes and menacing eyebrows, making it not just a burger but a burger monster. Genius. We should warn you, though, this retails at the meaty price of $225.00, so you best be serious.


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Miley Cyrus leather shorts

Miley Cyrus wore leather basketball shorts to Pharrell's birthday party.
Photo: Via @MileyCyrus' Twitter

From her sheer, studded and embellished pre-Grammys dress to her black and white striped Chanel jumpsuit, we're already well aware that Miley Cyrus isn't exactly the traditional type when it comes to formal dressing. However, the singer took her daring approach to a whole new level this weekend when she attended Pharrell's 40th birthday bash (happy birthday, P!) in... leather basketball shorts?! Yep, that happened, and leave it to Miley to be probably one of the only people in the universe to pull off the risky look. They're from En Noir men's collection, which the pop star alluded to on Twitter, saying "Girl in boys clothing." Clearly stealing from the guys is a real thing these days (see also: Ciara), and it's a trend we can definitely get behind. She paired the luxe bottoms with a crop top courtesy of Maison Martin Margiela and Simone studded leather jacket. While Miley kept most of her outfit on the androgynous side, the star DID add one decidedly feminine touch: killer Saint Laurent sky-high heels.


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Buzz Bissinger looking subdued.
Photo: Getty

OK, for those of you who have not read the GQ feature on the writer of Friday Night Lights, who spent over HALF A MILLION DOLLARS ON GUCCI CLOTHING, go do that right now because it is amazing. It's just a tremendously well-written and fascinating train-wreck of an experiential essay. The TLDR is that the Pulitzer Prize winning 58-year-old who sold 2 million copies of the MEGA-HIT, Friday Night Lights, a book that went on to be a movie and an incredible television series (TAYLOR KITSCH WE LOVE YOU. Tami Taylor, also) at 35, had the gnarliest mid-life crisis that was triggered by the empty nest of his kids going off to college, and his wife leaving to work in Dubai. In the last three years, he's spent no less than $587,412.97 on designer clothes and accessories and spouts tallies like the following:

I own eighty-one leather jackets, seventy-five pairs of boots, forty-one pairs of leather pants, thirty-two pairs of haute couture jeans, ten evening jackets, and 115 pairs of leather gloves.

YOU GUYS, HE SAYS HAUTE COUTURE JEANS! Obviously, this merits further discussion (especially he's since gone into rehab to kick his shopping habit), so pop-culture pundit and fellow MTV Style writer Julianne Escobedo Shepherd and I went in. The following is an incredulous Gchat conversation in which Julianne and I curse a lot because we are FLOORED that this dude and this article exists. Also, look at this gallery to get an idea of what Buzz looks like in his clothes. It's PRICELESS.


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Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper at 'The Place Beyond The Pines' premiere last night in New York.
Photo: Getty Images

We've been tracking the fashion in the new flick The Place Beyond The Pines for a while now, and how could we not? I mean, METALHEAD WARDROBE, people! But while the on-set stills have given us plenty to talk about as we wait for the movie's release this weekend, Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper's premiere looks are an entirely different topic of discussion on their own. The two stars hit the red carpet last night in New York City looking dapper as usual, but with some, um, unusual twists to the traditional formal dude uniform.


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Mariah Carey in coral, and Nicki Minaj (with Smokey Robinson) also in...coral.
Photo: Getty

Watch out, y'all, there may be trouble brewing on the American Idol set, and it's giving us traumatic flashbacks to our high school days. We had to do a double-take last night, when Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj took to the judges table in...wait, are they wearing the same dress? THE HORROR! Both Mariah and Nicki, notorious rivals, had decided to wear solid coral dresses for the Motown episode of the show, and although the cuts were definitely not identical, it seemed like it had to be something of an unfortunate coincidence. Did you ever show up to a school dance in the EXACT same dress as your sworn frenemy? Nightmarish. To add insult to injury, yesterday was Mariah's birthday. The bright side, though: they both look amazing in this color.


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