So many people who aren't Justin Timberlake are wearing fedoras lately.
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Hold on. People who aren't Justin Timberlake are wearing fedoras? Since when?? It's not often that we put on our Fashion Police hats here at MTV Style. In fact, we generally avoid it. We like to think of this as a positive place, one that embraces style as a means of self-expression. We give most outfits the benefit of the doubt, striving to find ways to defend even the most weirdtresting of ensembles, but we can't be expected to live looking through rose-colored glasses. This is where fedoras come in. Don't get us wrong. We definitely don't hate the Al Capone/Bugsy Malone channeling steez—remember when we LOST IT at first sight of Ryan Gosling's Gangster Squad movie wardrobe? #majordreamboat—we just... don't love it either.


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Woman in tech?
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OK for those of you who don't know, Complex just published a list of "The 40 Hottest Women in Tech" and it's kind of a sh**show. In full disclosure, I used to work there and genuinely adore some folks who presently do but as eyerolly as I've been with "Hottest Asian Porn Stars" and "Hottest Republicans," I have to admit that I'm bummed out by this latest gallery. Like, I get it. They're traffic warlocks and people gotta do what they gotta do and I'm certainly not ruffled at the prospect of an SEO gambit that knocks the horrible AskMen.com article off the top slot in searches for "hot women in tech." I'm just disappointed that it wasn't at least backed-up by an otherwise awesome list championing the sincere gains made by women in a male-dominated industry. Check out this intro:

Technology has been a boy's club for most of its existence. Just another unfortunate repercussion of the patriarchy. But that's been slowly changing, and over the last decade we've seen a number of wonderful, intelligent, and cunning women make inspiring strides in the field of technology.

Promising, right? But then the gallery kicks off with Marina Orlova the host for YouTube channel HotForWords. In the portrait, she's wearing a seemingly painted on bra-sized vest with a tiny necktie and no shirt. She's cited as the "popular internet sensation" who now hosts a show on "Sirius Satellite Radio for Maxim." And then there's Sara Jean Underwood, formerly of G4TV's Attack of the Show. It seems the accomplishment that the 'Plex dudes felt most apt in calling out insofar as her contribution to the industry is that she went on to be a Playboy playmate. SAD. FACE.


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Kristen Stewart likes her Chucks dirty.
Photo: Getty/Converse

There are two schools of thought when it comes to Converse's iconic Chuck Taylor All Star. There are people who like them pristine, typically in classic cream or black, with just the slightest hint of a scuff mark on their otherwise snow white exterior, and then there are people (like Kristen Stewart) who like them dirty. When I say dirty I'm not talkin' kickin' around the city, everyday wear and tear, either. I mean ripped to shreds and filthy, like, it takes time and work to mess up your sneaks this bad kinda grime. Since some of us don't have the time to drag our shoes across the pavement attached to the back of a taxi cab, getting the right level of filth can be hard for the busy dirty girl on the go. You know who understands? Converse does, and that's why they've just released the Well Worn collection.


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Spiked Hat, Spiked Leggings

Daniel Palillo also has a spiked hat to match those spiked leggings.
Photo: Fatal/Nasty Gal

Hey, guys. Remember those spiked leggings we found at Nasty Gal and threw up a flag about back in June of last year? Welp, they're sold out. They've been sold out for ages. If you didn't want them, you can either stop reading this and twiddle your fingers with the browser tab open OR exit. It's your call. If you DID want them and sadly weren't able to procure them OR if you snagged a pair and need an accessory to take the look to the next level, I have great news for you. The designer mastermind behind those OG spiked leggings, Daniel Palillo, has taken those fabric-covered spikes and put them on a HAT!


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Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling goes metal for "The Place Beyond The Pines" movie wardrobe.
Photo: Focus Features

The honest truth is that we, the humble keyboard tappers here at MTV Style, will find literally ANY excuse to write about (and thereby ogle) Ryan Gosling. He repeat wears Burberry? That's totally a post. He custom-designs his leather jackets? Let's write about it. He broke up a fight in the middle of downtown Manhattan? But what's the style angle? Oh, he's wearing a tank top? Okay, do it up! The latest in Ryan-Gosling-wearing-clothes news is that MTV has received brand new exclusive photos of the dude's next upcoming film release The Place Beyond The Pines, and hooooooo boy, his movie wardrobe is definitely a new look for RyGos.


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Tommy Ton and others shooting Anna Dello Russo in "Take My Picture".
Photo: Garage Magazine

In their new documentary, Garage Magazine explores one of the most vehemently debated, scorned, and defended elements of the current fashion industry: street style. From photographers to bloggers, those involved in street style have come under scrutiny from fashion's old guard as of late, and "Take My Picture" aims to explore and explain some of the reasons why. Whether you're a blogger, an editor, a photographer or a fashion fan, you've probably caught some of the vibes coming from both sides. There was much chatter amongst both bloggers and editors alike when Suzy Menkes published a piece called "The Circus of Fashion" in The New York Times' T Magazine, right smack in the middle of Fashion Month, and "Take My Picture" has set tempers flaring again. Going through the history of street style and, really, fashion in general, the team at Garage starts from the beginning, in the 80's, when nobody cared what was going on backstage. Legendary fashion journalist and Style.com editor-at-large Tim Blanks cites the birth of the supermodel as the beginning of the age of the peacock, citing the fact that Hollywood glamour was waning and fashion glamour was taking its place. Unlike much of the debate thus far, particularly Suzy Menkes piece, the documentary shows many sides of the debate, from Susie Bubble's thought that editors turning up their noses at people who want to be photographed as "elitist," to Tommy Ton's mourning the days when he was one of few photographers in Paris' Tuileries Gardens during fashion week.


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Google adidas talking shoe

The Google x adidas "Talking Shoe" in action.
Photo: Via ArtCopyCode

Between Google Glass on the runway, designer smartphones as the norm, and model cams during Fashion Week, there's absolutely NO question that fashion is on a fast-track to Techsville these days. But despite all these crazy-cool innovations, the latest project in the pipe just might be the wildest one yet. Google and adidas have joined forces on a new sneaker that, thanks to some super slick features, is capable of turning into a smart-talking shoe with a major personality. Sure, the futuristic concept might SOUND all Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century and whatnot, but it's actually way simpler than you'd think. Here's the lowdown: the aptly-named Talking Shoe seems like regular 3-stripe adidas at first glance, but once you look closer you'll see that there's speaker connected to the tongue that's capable of speaking 250 phrases...in a highly dignified British accent, we might add.


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Cat Cape

would you wear this Cat Cape Kotatsu Blanker?
Photo: Courtesy of Japan Trend Shop

You'd think by now we'd be sartorially unshakable. Between Etsy eyelash jewelry and toilet paper roll rings on high fashion runways, you'd think we've seen it all. And then we stumble on something like this Cat Cape Kotatsu Blanket from Japan Trend Shop. I'll truncate it to "Cat Cape" when referring to it from here, but only for convenience, not because I'm positive it's a cape. By all of my previous understanding of what a cape is, this only kind of meets the mark. Where's the fastening at the neck? Why are there backpack straps? Why is she wearing it around the house (as opposed to say, flying through the air with superhuman strength)?


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Anne Hathaway in her Prada Oscars look and a dress from Valentino's s/s 2013 collection.
Photo: Getty

Who would have thought that NOT wearing a dress could cause such a stir?! Who would have thought that Anne Hathaway could be so controversial?! We never would have pegged the now-Academy-Award-winning actress as either the progenitor of a meme or as the spark for a firestorm, but that's exactly what went down at the Oscars on Sunday night. One of the preferred activities of fashion pundits is, of course, to speculate about what the biggest names on the carpet are going to wear, and Anne was thought to be a no-brainer. "She'll wear Valentino!" they all said, and moved on to the less predictable starlets. It was something of a shock, therefore, for Anne to take the red carpet not in her trusty Valentino, but in the pink Prada dress heard round the world Twittersphere. While Anne's "les nipperables" moment may have take center stage to the designer she had chosen to wear, once the meme-frenzy died down heads began to be scratched. Anne was quoted on the red carpet mentioning over and over that she had chosen her dress mere hours before hopping in her limo and heading to the ceremony, so there was definitely an air of something a little fishy going on. We, on the other hand, are extremely familiar with the last minute quick change, as we frequently get almost all the way out the door before deciding that we have on the wrong shoes, or necklace, or, well, whole outfit! So, what's the big deal anyway? We unpack the great dress debate after the jump!


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Quvenzhané Wallis and a selection of puppy purses.
Photo: Getty/Poochie & Co.

If you grew up in the 90's like some of us here at MTV Style did, you probably looked at Quvenzhané Wallis' puppy purse and were like been there, done that. Back in the late 90's animal backpacks blew up, and *digging out my barely hidden valley girl accent* oh-my-god-everybody-had-one. Personally, I rocked a plush backpack in the shape of a cow. It ruled, and fit all of my gel pens perfectly. Ravers also really liked animal backpacks, usually in neon, and that carried all the way into the early 2000's. Important history, y'all. Looks like the animal bag trend is well on its way once again, as Poochie & Co., the company behind Little Q's adorable canine carry-alls, is reporting (via TMZ) epic sales spikes since their custom "Sammy" yorkie purse appeared on the Best Actress nominee's arm at the Oscars this weekend. You can get Q.'s exact purses at tons of retailers like KMart, Marshalls, and Ross, among many others, and you can take a peek at some of their selections, including quite a few of the same purses Q herself has worn, here. Those of us who are a little *ahem* old to be carrying around a stuffed animal, though, aren't left out of the trend, either. We show you some high fashion options to get your puppy purse fix after the jump!


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