Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen teamed up with Damien Hirst on a collection of backpacks.
Photo: Getty Images/ via Just One Eye

It must be fate. Just this morning we were digging ourselves out of an internet wormhole of retro Mary-Kate and Ashley Youtube videos, and now we've gotten wind of some seriously jawdropping Olsen news that we absolutely HAVE to talk about. The actresses-turned-CFDA winners have debuted a brand new capsule collection of super luxe backpacks in conjunction with Damien Hirst. The Row designers and the contemporary artist collaborated on nine different styles of the carryall, embellishing the label's signature black patent Nile crocodile leather backpack with Hirst's quirky-cool designs. It's an awesome concept, sure, but just like all the other swoon-worthy pieces from The Row, the bad news is, it's gonna cost you. A lot. If you thought the Olsens wouldn't dare to top the $39,000 price tag on their other (controversial) backpack, think again...because they totally went there. The limited-edition collection of bags is listed at online design store Just One Eye for "price upon request." We called, and it retails for a cool $55,000. Gulp.


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Jared Leto makeup

We pit Jared Leto in drag makeup against a woman madeup to look like Jared Leto.
Photo: Courtesy of @JaredLeto's Instagram/selfOblivion's YouTube channel

Around these parts of the Internet, Chrissy Mahlmeister is our resident Commander-in-Chief of all things Jared Leto. From his recent absence of eyebrows to his one-time mullet and difficulties with knits, she has it all committed to memory and organized in pristine little Oxford manila tab dividers. HOWEVER, given my preoccupation with the style world's bizarro underbelly (Ex. A, B, and C) and a deep appreciation for makeup artistry, I'm borrowing the reins momentarily for a very important question. Which is more impressive: Jared Leto in lady makeup for his upcoming role in Dallas Buyers Club OR this lady (a.k.a. selfOblivion) who made an INCREDIBLE tutorial for Jared Leto makeup?


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Ke$ha performing on the 'Today Show' last week in NYC.
Photo: Getty Images

If there's one thing we've learned about Ke$ha over the years, it's that this girl LOVES her accessories (see: studded hair, epic gold earpiece, and consistently over-the-top music vid style). Get ready, because now the singer's putting this signature "more is more" approach to good use with a brand new jewelry line that represents pretty much all of the above. She's teamed up with Charles Albert on a mixed-media collection of rings, bracelets and necklaces featuring everything from arrowheads to sharks to skulls. She's EVEN taking cues from that teeth headdresswith an "edgy and raw" piece made out of metal cast human teeth. Wait...what?!


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Yoko Ono Opening Ceremony

Yoko Ono's "Fashions for Men" for Opening Ceremony.
Photo: Courtesy of Opening Ceremony

The question seems simple enough. Would you wear Yoko Ono's Opening Ceremony collection? Without looking, you think, "Duh, why not?" And then, you catch a glimpse of the inner-thigh cutouts, crotch handprints, and *achem* butt motif running up and down these togs, and you maybe start to squeeze down on the brakes a little bit. MAYBE. Sure, Yoko Ono is her own living legend on top of being the widow of John Lennon, and perhaps that's reason alone for someone to sport her designs. *Kanye shrug* But let's not forget for one minute that she is a primarily avant-garde artist and her two-part M.O. (just, like, as a person) is to first, get a reaction from her work, and second, project a particular message to the world. That said, if this collection makes you squirm or giggle or click "Buy" or ELICIT ANY FEELING EVER, that's GOOD. Whatever you're feeling is good. More specifically, though, we want to know if you feel like wearing any of it.


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These are a few things MTV Style is thankful for this year.
Photo: Courtesy of Cara Delevingne's Instagram/Svpply/Isabel Marant/VICE/Bigelow Chemists/Sephora

There are a lot of things that we, the keyboard-tapping individuals behind MTV Style, are truly thankful for this year. Our families and friends and health and jobs and happiness are chief among them but are only the tip of the iceberg. We're also grateful for a lot of things that probably will never make it to a Hallmark card. Like cat memes and cool ranch Doritos and our Karlie Kloss and Joan Smalls helmed House of Style reboot. With so much to be thankful for, it's hard to boil it down to just ONE (somehow style-related) thing, but we tried. Check out just a few things we're thanking our lucky stars for this Thanksgiving season after the jump!


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The Chanel Fall collection is available on Lacquerous.
Photo: via Lacquerous

If you didn’t know it already, we MTV Style folk are pretty obsessed with our nail art. And with Halloween and Election Day behind us, we’re getting all geared up to paint our paws for the holidays. (Cranberry colors for Thanksgiving? Tiny fir trees for Christmas? Glitter galore for New Years? The possibilities are endless!) But with so much to celebrate this season, it’s a big commitment to shell out the dough for the premium polishes that we all want. So meet Lacquerous: the brand new company that, like Rent-The-Runway before it, let’s you borrow instead of buy. For $18 a month – that’s about half of what a bottle of Chanel or Tom Ford would run you – Lacquerous will mail you three high-quality shades based on your profile’s preference. Rock the colors for a month, then send ‘em back in the prepaid envelope and you’ll get three new bottles within a few days. No more shelling out stacks for a color you wear only once! No more throwing away barely-used bottles that have turned clumpy and crusty! Pretty fabulous, right? Well… there’s a catch.


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Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is really into the strong brow lately.
Photo: Courtesy of @DDLovato's Twitter/Getty Images

Along with being Topshop's most loyal customer, Demi Lovato is one of the beauty game's MVPs, from her early-adoption of perceivably risky trends to her break-neck hair change pace. Granted, the "strong brow" look that she's been doing a lot of lately has been around for a while now (hashtag Lily Collins, AMIRITE???), but there's something about Demi's iteration that makes it feel really new and more importantly, somehow attainable for everyone else.


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Cat after bath

Shower Cat is stunned by your weird bathing habits.
Photo: Getty Images/Hulya Ozkok

Girls and extra-long-haired dudes, you know how sometimes you shed hair while you're in the shower? You're lather-rinse-repeating your glossy mane, and sometimes when you hit that second step, a few strands fall out and into your hands. It's a totally normal, human thing, like having finger and toenails that grow and require clipping. But what we want to know is: what do you do from there? What do you do after you realize you have hair in your hand? We at MTV Style have come to the realization that, contrary to our self-centric beliefs about the world, there are actually several different routes on which this situation can travel, and we'd like to unpack them for you. A word of warning to the easily squeamish and weak-stomached: I would probably stop reading here because I'm about to go IN on some weird, hairy bathing habits.


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Wrangler denim

A style from Wrangler's Denim Spa Collection.
Photo: via Wrangler Chile Facebook

Between waxed, ombre, and pretty much every print imaginable, it's official— basic blue jeans are SO over. And while the most recent crazy incarnation of denim may look normal, these new pairs prove that it's what's below the surface that really matters. A slew of labels like Wrangler and LeRock have just rolled out collections of cosmetics-infused denim, which promise to be softer, stronger and more comfy than normal jeans, all while improving your skin. Wait, what?! In scientific terms, this means incorporating nanoparticles of Vitamin E, amino acids, and antioxidents into the fabric. According to WWD of Wrangler's new Spa Therapy collection, "The jeans’ therapeutic finishes have aloe vera or olive extracts to soothe the skin. The company claims that the collection’s jeans contain circulation-boosting and cellulite-reducing elements, and also feature moisturizers and a delicate jasmine fragrance." Is it just us, or do these jeans sound MAGICAL? Unfortunately, that means it's usually too good to be true.


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Tooth Shoes

Would you wear these toothy Apex Predator Shoes?
Photo: Courtesy of Fantich & Young

Since it is Halloween, after all, we bring you this Wednesday a fashion tale of weird. Take a good long peek at these toothy oxfords by Fantich & Young. Dubbed their "Apex Predator Shoes," the strange kicks are part of one of the British art duo's installments which shows alongside their "Apex Predator Suit." Being works of art and not entirely wearable, it's a bit of a useless question to ask, "Would you wear this?" HOWEVER, if you're reading this now, you're already half-way through a post about shoes that have what look like HUMAN TEETH growing from the bottoms, soooo chances are you've developed your own answer regardless.


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