While last week on Faking It we were obsessed with Amy's jeans, suspenders, and fisherman sweater, this week we turn our attention to Karma. Even if you didn't know her name—or that her parents operate a juice truck—you would totally be able to tell that she was raised by hippies. While Amy's style is a bit more casual and masculine, Karma's is flowy and feminine. Last night's outfit is the epitome of her overall aesthetic, IMHO.

Faking It

Katie Stevens as Karma on 'Faking It.'
Photo: MTV

Karma has a knack for mixing colors and textures together. She's wearing a distressed denim jacket, a cotton dress, a leather belt, and a woven tote. Between where her belt is cinched and where her jacket falls, she's got her proportions on point.


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I've got some bad news if you were planning on, like, accomplishing anything before noon tomorrow. MTV is playing Maid in Manhattan, which happens to star a 10-year-old Tyler Posey. Yep, Tyler played Jennifer Lopez's son long before he played Scott McCall on Teen Wolf and we're celebrating his first major role. If you're a big Tyler fan, be sure to watch the movie starting at 9:24 a.m. EST on MTV and, if you're a really big fan, again at 5:30 p.m. EST. You can celebrate your love with fellow fans using #WeHeartTylerPosey.

We figured the best way to show why we at MTV Style heart Tyler Posey would be through his #FASHUN. The dude has come a long way since his Maid in Manhattan premiere outfit, so we need to talk about his style evolution. If you start reading now you'll have ample time to brush up before the movie premieres on MTV tomorrow. Let's start!

Tyler Posey

Tyler Posey at the premiere of 'Maid in Manhattan' in 2002.
Photo: Getty Images

Check out li'l Tyler at the Maid in Manhattan premiere! While he hasn't worn a turtleneck on a red carpet since then, he wears leather jackets, jeans, and sneakers all the time–he had his wardrobe staples established at a young age. Upping the #swaggy levels of this look is that hoop earring! We see you, hoop earring. We see you and we'll never forget you.


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Nicole Beyer, Fast Food Heights, Beyonce

Yes please to Beyonce nail art.
Photo: @nicolebyer Instagram

Three things we're very into around these parts are nail art, Beyonce, and MTV Other, which is our main source for short shows that we share with all our friends so they think we're cool and funny (I guess it helps that we're naturally both those things *hair flip*). The trailer for the second season of Fast Food Heights just dropped, and we are so excited. Fueling our excitement? BEYONCE NAIL ART.


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Faking It

Rita Volk as Amy on 'Faking It.'
Photo: MTV

Last week when we spoke to Faking It's costume designer Mandi Lane, she gave us a ~tip~ to keep an eye out for the cream sweater that Amy wears in the show's third episode. That episode was last night and—OMG—what a sweater—nay, outfit it was. The essential elements are an Irish fisherman sweater, a pair of loose and distressed jeans, and—the clincher—suspenders. Even though it's almost warm in New York, I'm desperate to cop this look and wear it immediately. It is 100%, as Mandi described it, "effortlessly cool."


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Faking It

Amy and Karma on 'Faking It.'
Photo: MTV

In case you haven't been keeping up with Faking It, let me just tell you, you're missing out. (The good news is: There have only been two episodes so far, so you can catch up in under an hour.) One of our favorite elements from the show is (duh) the wardrobe—we can imagine students actually wearing these clothes IRL, and you get a great sense of each character's personality through their outfits. We talked to Mandi Line, the show's costume designer, about the characters' styles, dressing high school students, and how styling Faking It is different from Pretty Little Liars (yep, she's responsible for the clothes on that show, too).

Faking It

Karma on 'Faking It.'
Photo: MTV

MTV STYLE: How would you describe Amy and Karma's wardrobes? How do their styles differ?

MANDI LINE: Karma (Katie Stevens) is modern, flirty, and boho. She comes from a hippie background, so she wears eclectic pieces, but she also wants to be popular, so she pairs them with modern pieces for an overall feminine feel.


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MTV's new series Faking It debuted last night and—guess what?—it's really good! A new show means new characters to meet and, more important, more wardrobes to discuss. As with many MTV shows (see: Teen Wolf), the fashion choices seem totally appropriate for high schoolers, and we are very excited to see what Karma, Amy, Shane, and Liam wear in the rest of the episodes.

I'm getting ahead of myself, though—let's talk about the pilot's most fashionable moments.

Faking It

Amy and Karma on 'Faking It.'
Photo: MTV

We knew we'd like this show when it opened with a shot from within a closet. Hi, we like closets and the things that go in them. Karma (Katie Stevens), one of the two lead characters, then asks her best friend/fake girlfriend, Amy (Rita Volk), how blind people get dressed, which is never really resolved.


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It's one thing for an individual star to look good for award show appearances. They just have to go shopping, match their outfit to their manicure, and they're pretty much good to go. But for a TV show's entire cast to look good? Now THAT is a rare occurrence that takes major styling talent and coordination. We were lucky enough to witness such red carpet wonderment on several occasions at last night's MTV Movie Awards. The cast members of our very own MTV shows managed to look great alone AND as groups, and we humbly offer up our admiration. Check out some of the most fashionable lineups, below:


MTV Movie Awards 2014, Dylan O'Brien, Tyler Posey

Dylan O'Brien and Tyler Posey at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards.
Photo: Getty Images

We've come to expect only the best fashion when it comes to our Teen Wolf stars. Don't worry—they all delivered last night. Tyler Posey, one of MTV's pre-show hosts, looked appropriately casual in jeans and a fitted jacket. Dylan O'Brien went with jeans and a jacket as well, only his black and dark gray color palette gave off a much more ~bad boy~ vibe.


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Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad modeling her April collection for Kohl's.
Photo: Kohl's

They say that April showers bring May flowers, but Lauren Conrad is WAY ahead of schedule. She hopped on board the floral train all the way back in February when she launched her Kohl's Spring 2014 collection—always ahead of the curve, that one. The line's springy patterns and airy fabrics made us forget about being in the middle of winter completely. LC introduced even MORE pieces from her collection on her website today, and we're getting major feels of seasonal déjà vu. Just as the collection's first pieces made us fast-forward to springtime, these new items make us feel like we're already frolicking in the summer sunshine. I guess being a talented fashion designer isn't enough for Lauren—she had to go and master the art of time travel, as well. *hair flip*


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Lauren Conrad

We got got.
Photos: @laurenconrad Instagram/LaurenConrad.com

It seems like just yesterday we were lauding Lauren Conrad's decision to dye her typically blonde 'do pastel purple—APRIL FOOLS, it was yesterday (which, coincidentally, was April Fools' day). Turns out LC totally punk'd us and Photoshopped her lavender hair. Well, joke's on you, Lauren, because we are now convinced you should do it for real. More convinced than ever. We know Kristen Ess has the ability, we saw the color she "mixed"—quite the elaborate prank involving your hair colorist, TBH—so why not let her plop that mixture on your head? It looks sooo good.

Lauren isn't the first reality show star to fool the public into thinking she had gone purple—Nicole Richie posted a purple-haired pic to her Instagram, only to reveal she was joking. But then...she did it IRL. Will Lauren follow in her footsteps? We hope so.


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Lauren Conrad

Photo: LaurenConrad.com

Unless this is some kind of April Fools joke, Lauren Conrad has taken a purple plunge. I hope it's not a joke—her hair, as always, looks perfect. Like, I want to go to the drugstore right now, buy some purple dye, and color my hair in the bathroom. Sorry the sinks are stained purple, coworkers, but this was a hair emergency—bye boring blonde, hello pretty purple!

It was only a few weeks ago that we were complimenting LC's short, springy 'do and now she's taken the look to an entirely different level. This pastel purple isn't the first unnatural color Lauren has tried out—she's gone both pink and multi-color before—but it's the first time she's committed to having the shade for more than a weekend. In a blog post, she explains that while she normally uses temporary dye, this time she went with semi-permanent, which lasts for six to eight weeks. A bold move, but one I respect (and envy), since it looks so good.


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