Demi Lovato in her video for 'Neon Lights.'
Photo: @ddlovato's Twitter

When Demi Lovato debuted the cover art for her new single, "Neon Lights," last week, we were all like, “OOOH” and “AHHH” and “where can we score some glow-in-the-dark nail polish?” Lovato stripped down and submerged herself in water for the beautifully illuminated first shot, and now we’re learning that there’s a lot more where that came from, thanks to a few sneak peek screen grabs from the song’s soon-to-be-released music video.

In honor of passing the 20-million follower mark on Twitter (*throws confetti*), Demi shared several pics from the rain-drenched shoot and OMG HER HAIR GLOWS, TOO. (Wait, is that why she dyed it neon blue or was the black light-friendly tint just a happy bonus? Hmm.) But that's not all that glows! Demi gets decked out in all KINDS of neon makeup: nail polish, lipstick, super thick cat-eye liner. SO FUN. We can haz, plz?


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Rihanna, What Now

A still from Rihanna's 'What Now' video.
Photo: Def Jam Records

So, Rihanna has been laying pretty low recently, huh? She hasn't changed her hair; her Instagram feed isn't very badgal at all, but filled with pictures of her childhood; and, like, we just miss her, you know? Our Rihanna void has been temporarily filled by the video for "What Now," which she's been teasing for the past week. Her wardrobe doesn't stray much from the behind-the-scenes video she posted yesterday, but, as always, there are subtle details that deserve attention.

Rihanna, What Now

A still from Rihanna's 'What Now' video.
Photo: Def Jam Records

The video begins with the girl from The Last Exorcism: Part II (unfamiliar? Here's a refresher). JK, it's Rihanna! She's in that floor-length white dress we saw yesterday. What we didn't notice yesterday was just how sheer it is. *GULP*


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Just in time for the widespread onset of seasonal affective disorder, A$AP Rocky released the music video for his moody "Phoenix" track (exclusively on MTV's RapFix, BTW *hair flip*). Rocky's lyrics touch on suicidal thoughts and musings on mortality, and appropriately, the video is dark to reflect the heavy topics explored in the song. Directed by Francesco Carrozzini (who shot the Harlem MC for the cover of L'uomo Vogue), the video carries the weight of a short film and employs a pretty star-studded cast to boot: Michael K. Williams of Boardwalk Empire and The Wire fame and our girl, supermodel Joan Smalls. All our Rocky-stanning (and being fam with Joan, of course) has come to fruition because MTV Style was fortunate enough to get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the video and (duh) its wardrobe!


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Rihanna filming a scene for "What Now."
Photo: Def Jam Records

OK. Now that we’ve seen a few sneak peek pics and behind-the-scenes footage from Rihanna’s new video for “What Now,” we are officially afraid. Like, we’d even go so far as to say that “Disturbia” ain’t got nothin’ on this. And that video was RULL scary (but also pretty sexy, because Rihanna). Despite the soft, balladic nature of "What Now," the concept behind the video, which was shot in a warehouse in Thailand over 22 hours, is supposed to be “eerie” and “creepy,” says Rih. Well, mission accomplished from what we've seen so far, which includes a lot of mullet, retching, writhing, and possibly an exorcism. #goth


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Juicy J and Drake in a still from Drake's "Worst Behavior" music video.
Photo: OctobersVeryOwn

HOLD UP, HOLD MY PHONE. Drake has unleashed his Tennessee-flavored video for "Worst Behavior," and it must be analyzed immediately. Drizzy teamed up once again with his Toronto pal, Director X ("HYFR," "Started From The Bottom") to seize the streets of Memphis with pink three-piece suits, an OVO Owl mascot costume and general tomfoolery befitting of the song's title. There's much to discuss, so let's get crack-a-lackin'.


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Rihanna gives a sneak peak of her 'What Now' style.
Photo: @badgalriri's Instagram

Over the weekend, Rihanna posted a few short clips to Instagram of fans singing along to a live performance of her new single, “What Now.” One of the accompanying captions implied that a music video for the song would be coming soon, and judging from those videos, we got the impression that it might be fan-fueled. D’awww! #RihannaNavyLove Well, that may still be the case, but we now know that it will also include THE MULLET. Oh, and a very ripped, #ghettogoth Rihanna. BONUS!

According to Rihanna, the video for “What Now” is set to be released on #FRIHDAY (see what she did there?), and from the two style snaps she shared, it’s going to be RULL angsty. AND, if the lyrics of the song are any indication, the reason she’s squatting in that corner looking so angry in her heavy black eye makeup praaahbably has something to do with some unresolved issues with a certain *achem* trouble-making ex. But that’s just a guess, of course.


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Miley Cyrus

A still from Future's 'Real and True Feat. Miley Cyrus' video.
Photo: Epic Records

The video for Future's "Real And True featuring Miley Cyrus" track has been hotly anticipated ever since pictures of naked (but sparkly) Miley were released in October. Good news, y'all: the video just dropped (exclusively through MTV, BTW), and shimmering alien Miley is, in fact, featured, as well some space fashion, so let's take a look!


A still from Future's 'Real and True Feat. Miley Cyrus' video.
Photo: Epic Records

Even in the complete darkness of space, Future needs sunglasses. It's possible he gets a lot of glare from the huge diamonds in his ears, but it seems more likely he just wants to look cool in front of Mr. Hudson and Miley. With only 2 other people around, these shades have Future fast-tracked to becoming the cool guy of the gang.


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Jay-Z, Pharrell Williams, Change Clothes

Photo: Roc-A-Fella Records/Gif: Jenny Shafei

How's this for a Monday morning bombshell? It's been ten years since the release of Jay-Z's "Change Clothes" track featuring Pharrell Williams. Ten years!! And while the music video didn't exactly tell an accurate story of how time would unfold after its debut—it opens with Jay walking into what's meant to be his retirement party, though, spoiler alert: he released Kingdom Come just three years later—"Change Clothes" did have a strong and lasting influence on hip-hop style.


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One Direction

Niall Horan in the 'Story Of My Life' music video.
Photos: Niall Horan's Twitter/One Direction's YouTube Page

As all good Directioners know, One Direction's "Story Of My Life" video is dropping on Sunday. 2 days. Yep. Prepare your minds and viewing areas. In anticipation of the video, the boys have been sharing photos of themselves on set, which has been transformed to look like their respective homes. In the pic that Niall shared, he's wearing a very familiar red, white, and blue cableknit sweater jumper (I'm getting used to the lingo I'll have to use around my husband, Harry). It's one he wore as a flushed bb in Ireland! It makes an appearance in This Is Us! Missing from the present-day photo? His bride-to-be, Katy Perry!

Something tells us that between the title of the song and this repeated outfit situation, this video is going to be verrrrry nostalgic. Will they all wear clothes from their pasts? Will they try to fit into pants they wore when they were 5? They should, because most of their pants are ripped. I mean, 3 of the 5 lads (#lingo) had ripped jeans on the cover for Midnight Memories. Childhood pants may be small, but they're also fully intact.


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Ariana Grande

A still from Ariana Grande's 'Right There' music video.
Photo: @arianagrande Instagram

Ariana Grande has been giving her Arianators an in-depth look behind-the-scenes of her "Right There" video for over a month. She's revealed what she'll wear (a pink corset dress with a hoop skirt), what she'll hold (a pink lace fan), as well as what her co-star, Big Sean, will wear (pants with leather knees and zippers). It was only through the preview, though, that we got an accurate sense of just how glamorous and elaborate the video is going to be.


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