Don't have a Halloween costume yet? Who cayyy-ares! You don't need to get all gussied up to rock some killer nails for All Hallows' Eve. In fact, we kind of like it when people (like Katy Perry!) wear mismatched manis because you can experiment with a different design on each nail. Fun! And listen, we promise these aren't nearly as barf-inducing as our zombie-inspired nail designs from last week, but we WILL guarantee that these sets are sure to stir some spooky feelings from within. First up—Sophie from The Illustrated Nail absolutely stunned us with her scarily on-point mani. From Dracula to Frankenstein to horrifying jack-o-lanterns, she covered all her basis in the most chilling way possible. LOVE!


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Halloween Zombie Nail Art

Photo: Via Samarium's Swatches

Sure, we've been getting into the Halloween spirit with killer costume ideas (like Lady Gaga's new and improved meat dress or Katy Perry's enchanted "Wide Awake" look), but we have yet to go down the dark and gory road that is All Hallows' Eve. *evil witch cackle* *thunderclap* If you're willing to get a little grisly with your costume and have some serious nail art skills to boot, we have JUST the thing for you—a zombie-fied manicure that'll definitely add an extra bit of edge to your back-from-the-dead ensemble. I mean, you don't even have to WAIT until Halloween to sport a seriously revolting mani, (I mean, hello, season three of The Walking Dead just premiered yesterday AND that Zombie 5K is just a week away), but you might, um, really gross people out in the meantime. This manicure is all about getting as gruesome as possible—the bloodier, the better! Remember: You are a flesh-eating corpse, and your nails need to reflect that. So, where do we start? Well, take a cue from Samarium's Swatches' blog and use only matte polishes for the beat-up and bruised nail beds, but be sure to keep the "blood" shiny to make it look nice 'n fresh. Mmmmm, humans. Fun tip: She used dark, matte eye shadow around her cuticles and fingertips to add an extra gross touch. PERFECT.


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Katy Perry Halloween Nail Art

Katy Perry performs at the amfAR Inspiration Gala in L.A. on Oct. 11.
Photo: Getty Images

So, we're basically stalking Katy Perry. I mean, not really, but we are consistently on the lookout for her nail art to the point where it's, heh, kind of embarrassing. But, like, have you seen KP's nail game? It's always insane, hence why we need to be on watch 24/7. In September, she showed off a KILLER Daria mani and just last week she sported Obama's face on her fingers. Last night she switched up her digits once again—this time with a Halloween-themed design. OoOooOh! Fun! While performing at the amfAR Inspiration Gala, she wore an off-the-shoulder floral ruffle Naeem Khan gown with a rhinestone belt and, of course, DEM NAILS. Let's take a closer look at these bad boys, shall we?


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Photo Print Nail Art

DIY cat decal nails!
Photo: Via Transient Expression

Listen, I totally understand that not everyone is amazing at nail art (trust me, I try it every week) and that sometimes no matter how hard you try to paint Daria's face on your fingertips, it'll still end up looking like Beast Jesus. (Unless, of course, you actually WANT your nails to look like Beast Jesus because that can most certainly happen.) And you know what? I'm here for you. Luckily, nail transfer decals are ALL the rage these days for us not-so-artistically-inclined folk. The basic idea behind it is this: Anything in print form can be transferred onto your tips with the right method. So basically, if you've ever flipped through a magazine and thought, "I want that exact pattern/person/cat on my nails," then you're good to go. Be forewarned—there are a TON of different ways to approach this method of nail art, but I'm just skimming the surface with the top three techniques I've found most useful. Let's get to it!


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Oh, hai October. Didn't see you there! Now that we're officially into the fall season, it means YAY, PUMPKINS! PRETTY LEAVES! COAT WEATHER! FALL-THEMED MANICURES! *pants* There's no better way to celebrate a season change than with some killer nail art, amirite? We rounded up our top autumn-inspired designs that'll hopefully inspire you to create some mini masterpieces of your own, so check 'em out below!


Fall Nail Art

Photo: Via Spektor's Nails

We never get tired of seeing Aztec prints, but the typically-bright pattern usually seems better suited for summer. Not anymore! Switch up your neons for some rich shades of burgundy, navy, and gray like Judith from Spektor's Nails, and you've got yourself one badass fall mani, y'all.


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Demi lovato anti bullying

Demi Lovato showing off her best blue nailed pinky swear.
Photo: Getty

What does it take to stand up to a bully? Well, besides being brave and strong, and of course believing in yourself, standing up to a bully also requires the knowledge that someone has your back. The latest celeb to take a stand against bullying and show that she is one of those people in your corner is Demi Lovato, who just launched the brand new "Mean Stinks" anti-bullying campaign with Secret. Through the campaign, Demi hopes to shed a light on her own experiences being bullied, and also to encourage girls to make a commitment not to bully one another. That commitment is a literal one, in fact, in the form of a "pinky swear," one of the most sacred of friend-pacts. To symbolize this promise, the campaign uses an image of two girls with their pinky nails painted blue as its logo, and encourages participants to also paint their pinkies blue to signify their commitment to the cause. MTV News caught up with Demi when she made an appearance at the Young Women's Leadership School in East Harlem, New York. She spoke with freshmen girls about her own experiences with bullying, and heard some of their stories. Check out the video after the jump!


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Katy Perry Daria Nail Art

Katy Perry arriving in Tokyo on Sept. 24, and her 'Daria' nail art.
Photo: Getty Images/@KatyPerry's Twitter

If there ever was a moment where the stars aligned and everything in the universe fell perfectly into place, this is it, y'all. Like, Katy Perry wearing Daria nail art? Could this be more perfect? NOPE! *high-fives self* KP is constantly bustin' out the best nail game whether it's in music videos or on the red carpet, but this—this officially tops everything we've ever seen. She arrived in Tokyo today (yes, as in, TO. DAY.), and guess what one of her first stops was? To the nail salon, obvs. (Such a girl after our own heart.) She got the ENTIRE cast of the '90s animated MTV series on her tips (we see you, Jake Morgendorffer!) and tweeted, "It doesn't get any better than hand painted DARIA nails by the girls at ES Nails TOKYO!" You're tellin' us, Katy. *mind explodes*


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Zooey Deschanel Nail Art Emmys

Zooey Deschanel's nail art at the 2012 Emmy Awards in L.A. on Sept. 23.
Photo: PictureGroup/@TomBachik's Instagram/@ZooeyDeschanel's Instagram

We can't say we're surprised that Zooey Deschanel once again brought her nail art A-game to the red carpet. Girl has been sporting top-notch tips for-ever, so when she tweeted her Emmy Awards-themed design earlier tonight, we just HAD to discuss. First off: Awwww! TV nails! Not only is it incredibly appropriate for the event, but Zooey even put her vintage-y spin on the design by creating a '60s-era tube. Her accent thumb was adorned with the mini TV complete with glitter across the screen, while the rest of her mani was coated with a tangerine base finished with Swarovski crystals and glitter. Ooohh, fancy!


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Ever since the velvet manicure popped into our radar in early 2012, we couldn't WAIT to try out the fuzzy stuff. Ciaté released a set at Sephora that comes in burgundy, navy and gray, which is perfect for fall, but after taking it for a spin, we kind of, um, wanted to turn it up a notch. We are, after all, total nail art FIENDS, so it's hard for us to stick to one solid color on all of our tips. All it takes is a little flocking powder (which you can find at any local craft store or all over the internetz) sprinkled over some wet polish, and TA-DA! Velvet mani ideas for dayyysss. Let's check out some of our favorite furry inspiration from around the interwebs, shall we?


When it comes to furry monsters (or muppets), there's no shortage of of hairy beasts that can be transformed into nail art on your tips. (PLEASE peep this xoJane Cookie Monster mani if you haven't already.) The gal behind Pixel's Polish wanted to bring her favorite Pixar characters to life by making a 3D homage to the terrifying twosome from Monsters, Inc.. She did teal and purple flocking powder polka dots on the majority of her tips, but left one accent finger open for a detailed homage to that oh-so-famous single green eye. Perf!


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When New York Fashion Week and nail art combine, beauty is BOUND to happen, and at the spring 2013 shows we couldn't get enough of all the killer designs! From out-of-this-world 3D nail art to subtle stained tips, there was certainly no shortage of mini masterpieces to be found on the runway. We narrowed down our top 10 favorite designs, so take a peek at all the stellar nail art below!


Nail Art New York Fashion Week Spring 2013

Nail art from the spring 2013 The Blonds show at New York Fashion Week.
Photo: Getty Images

The Blonds certainly glam it up for their runway ensembles, so of course they needed top-notch nails to match! While the models all wore different nail designs, we personally liked this new approach to the traditional caviar manicure. The red pearls are placed delicately down the center of the nail for an avant-garde take on the trend. (Also, PLEASE don't forget to take a peek at Phillipe Blond's tips. Like, we're gonna need our face painted our nails ASAP. Kthxbi.)


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