True Blood Nail Art

Photo: Via Brit Nails

You guys, it legit seems like FOREVER since we've watched/discussed/drooled over our favorite True Blood characters. Between Bill, Eric, Alcide and Jason we could barely keep our shiz together when their chiseled abs graced our small screen, and luckily, the Bon Temps drama has returned after a long-awaited hiatus for its sixth (!!!) season. The premiere, which happened last night, was a friendly reminder that we need more vampy goodness in our lives, so to celebrate, we rounded up five amazing nail designs to show off our True Blood fandom in the most fashiony way possible. First up, a GORGEOUS set that features a straight-up perfect dark-to-light red ombre, splattered blood, the show's logo, and a drippy tip. Killer.


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We hope you're sitting down because we're about to share some news that'll make you feel really, REALLY old, y'all—tomorrow marks the 20th anniversary of Jurassic Park being released in theaters. Whew! On June 11, 1993 the Steven Spielberg-directed dino flick hit audiences nationwide and is (still!) one of the highest-grossing films of all time in the U.S. Earlier this spring, the film was re-released in 3D, and there's STILL talk that a Jurassic Park 4 will eventually come to fruition in 2014. Either way, there's a whole lotta reasons to celebrate the prehistoric reptiles as of late, so we rounded up some killer (heh) Jurassic Park-themed manis to (stylishly) commemorate this iconic moment in movie history. First up, we have a nail set inspired by the black, red, and yellow film poster with the signature T-Rex skeleton silhouette, white outlined typeface and infamous water ripple.


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Orly's Shade Shifter polish, mid-color change.
Photo: Courtesy of Orly

Mood rings might be stashed away with your Lisa Frank trapper keepers from middle school, but now there's a new color-changing product on the market....and this time, nobody has to know when you're feeling angsty. Arriving along with the heat of summer, Orly's rolled out a brand-new nail polish coat that morphs hues as your body temps fluctuate. The beauty company's new Shade Shifter coats might go on dark, but they react with the Orly Gel FX lacquers to become translucent as you get hotter. In other words, your base color becomes revealed when you step outside or move away from the A.C., slowly transitioning from dark to clear (even becoming two-toned and tie dye along the way!). Genius, right?! And, like all gel polishes, they last FOREVER— so you'll have plenty of time to experiment all summer long. Is this the manicure of the future? See how it works in the video below, and let us know if you're willing to give this trend a high five.


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Lady Gaga at her Fame fragrance launch in New York on Sept. 14.
Photo: Getty Images/ArtFact

Listen, we love nail art a lot (maybe too much even), but sometimes even we get blindsided by people's utmost dedication to the mini masterpieces. This past Friday, we were tipped off (heh) to an auction where you could bid on nail art previously worn by Lady Gaga. We saw a pic that featured a killer black and gold stiletto-tipped nail hand painted by Aya Fukuda (a NYC-based nail artist who has been behind some of Gaga's most famous tips) which Mother Monster wore at a Fame fragrance launch and Born This Way Dublin performance last fall. In theory, this is TOTALLY AWESOME. Gags always has the most decked-out sets created by world-renowned nail artists, but when we actually read the description of the bid, we were, well, a wee bit disappointed.


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Whew, we don't know about you guys, but we're already dreaming about the three-day weekend ahead. In case you forgot, next Monday is Memorial Day, which means we have a few extra hours to soak in the sun and do one of our FAVORITE holiday pastimes (other than shopping)—eating. Don't judge! We all know that we'll spend the majority of our day off standing next to the grill stuffing our faces with some of our favorite meaty treats: hot dogs, hamburgers—you name it, we'll eat it. To celebrate this joyous feast occasion, we found some BBQ-themed nail art to get you stylishly in the mood for this weekend's festivities. Warning: drooling may occur.

Memorial Day Nail Art

Photo: Via Nail Nerd

Dang, if there's one thing we love fresh off the grill, it's a cheeseburger complete with ALL the fixings. Luckily, there's a mani that can reflect any meat-lover's dream: super gratuitous close-ups of burgers painted on each finger. Make sure to include the sesame bun, ketchup, lettuce and cheese! (Extra points if you make it drippy.)


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Zayn Malik, Perrie Edwards

Little Mix's Perrie Edwards gave her boyfriend, One Direction's Zayn Malik, some nail art while he was sleeping.
Photo: Courtesy of @LittleMixOffic's Twitter/Elegant Touch

What happens when you combine One Direction, Little Mix, nail art, and (our favorite pastime!) sleeping?? Look no further than the epic collision of awesomeness above. What's going on here? Welp, first off, our faaaaavorite Brit-Irish boy band member Zayn Malik is SLEEPING *pause for a beat* SHIRTLESS, but more specificially, he's just gotten a prank manicure from his girlfriend, Little Mix's Perrie Edwards. On one hand, we're all, "Fiiiiine, we'll face facts that Z is spoken for," but on the other, the Bieber's Girlfriend-esque first-person perspective of Perrie's snap gives us the opportunity (if even for a split-second) to pretend that this is OUR hand holding Zayn's and OUR evil genius behind his mid-slumber manicure. That is, until take one look at the nail wraps' packaging... DOH. There she is!


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Thanks to the release of the star-studded Great Gatsby film (see: Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, and Carey Mulligan) this past weekend, there's been non-stop chatter about the literary classic as of late. Suddenly, we started to feel super nostalgic for all the books we were forced to read in high school (and how we totally didn't appreciate them while we were there...oops). To honor all those awesome English teachers during our most tumultuous teen years, we decided to round up some of the most popular books and transform them into nail art! (Don't worry, there's no quiz at the end.)


Great Gatsby Nail Art

Photo: Via Celine Does Nails

Of course, we have to start with the inspiration behind this post: The Great Gatsby itself. This nail artist decided to take the signature blue cover art and reinterpret it into an AMAZING five-part nail design, complete with the floating face, title, byline, and city skyline. We give her major props for the painstakingly on-point replication of the typography and serious attention to detail. Shall we say she, erm, killed it?


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Katy Perry Nail Art Met Gala

Katy Perry at the 2013 Met Gala in New York on May 6.
Photo: Getty Images/@KatyPerry's Twitter

By now you've probably peeped ALL the insane Met Gala red carpet looks, but have you seen the nail art?! Everyone from Katy Perry to Rita Ora to Nicole Richie sported super ornate manis that we NEED to discuss. KP matched her embellished Dolce & Gabbana ensemble with equally decked-out nails. She layered blue and pink glitter over gold polish and finished the look with gold pyramid studs and ruby gems. WERK.


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Ciate Corrupted Neon Manicure Set

The Ciate Corrupted Neon nail set.
Photo: Courtesy of Ciate

Must. Get. Glowing. Nails. Right. This. Instant. *shakes self out of trance* Whoa. Sorry, dudes. Even WE got spellbound by our own hypnotizing GIF that features Ciate's new Corrupted Neon nail set. You might remember the British nail brand for making the (now infamous) Caviar manicure and insanely cool chalkboard nail set, but this time around they are taking nail art to a whole new level with their neon set that SCREAMS summer. The kit includes a matte neon paint pot, loose neon glitter and a mini UV top coat, which (if you've been keeping up with our blog!) you might remember us talking about last week. Illamasqua released a Paranormal UV polish collection, which featured four shades that could glow under any black light—and Ciate's polish works the same way! So, yes, your nails can be neon bright at the beach during day and glowing at the club long after the sun sets. I mean, just look at how she WERKS both looks in our UH-MAZING GIF above. *brushes shoulders off*


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Illamasqua glo polish

Illamasqua UV Glow Polishes in (clockwise from left) Ouija, Seance, Clear/Glo, and Geist.
Photo: Courtesy of Illamasqua

There's no doubt that the '90s are back, and with them comes a hearty dose of rave-inspired fashion. Some of us, however, are still being treated for the emotional scars caused by our own forays into rave dressing in our youths (nightmares of parachute pants and double buns haunt our dreams), and aren't ready to dive head first into the trend. That doesn't mean we have to be pariahs, however, and with Illamasqua's new Paranormal UV nail polish collection, we can bring that glowstick vibe into our day to day lives without having to make too much of a commitment. The collection will be available in stores and online April 30th.


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