The Chanel Fall collection is available on Lacquerous.
Photo: via Lacquerous

If you didn’t know it already, we MTV Style folk are pretty obsessed with our nail art. And with Halloween and Election Day behind us, we’re getting all geared up to paint our paws for the holidays. (Cranberry colors for Thanksgiving? Tiny fir trees for Christmas? Glitter galore for New Years? The possibilities are endless!) But with so much to celebrate this season, it’s a big commitment to shell out the dough for the premium polishes that we all want. So meet Lacquerous: the brand new company that, like Rent-The-Runway before it, let’s you borrow instead of buy. For $18 a month – that’s about half of what a bottle of Chanel or Tom Ford would run you – Lacquerous will mail you three high-quality shades based on your profile’s preference. Rock the colors for a month, then send ‘em back in the prepaid envelope and you’ll get three new bottles within a few days. No more shelling out stacks for a color you wear only once! No more throwing away barely-used bottles that have turned clumpy and crusty! Pretty fabulous, right? Well… there’s a catch.


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By now we've already obsessed over our favorite EMA red carpet ensembles and peeped all the killer performance outfits, but there's still oneeee last thing we need to discuss—the nail art! Rita Ora, Heidi Klum, and Pixie Geldof all sported badass manis that matched their ensembles so perfectly we just HAD to get a closer look.

2012 EMA Nail Art

Rita Ora at the 2012 MTV EMA in Frankfurt am Main, Germany on Nov. 11.
Photo: Getty Images

Rita sported an intricate fire-engine red Marchesa layered taffeta gown complete with crimson lace all across the top. Her nail art was a dead-on replica of her dress and featured a detailed red flourish design over a translucent base (just like her top!) with accents of gold (just like her jewelry!) for a mani we MUST have in our lives ASAP. *drools*


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Election Nail Art

Photo: Via

Tomorrow's the big day, friends! At 6 AM the polls open, and the 2012 Presidential Election will officially begin. And you know what? It doesn't matter who you're voting for, as long as you get in there and DO IT. We, of course, want to celebrate such an important event in the most stylish way possible, so we rounded up some killer DIY election-themed nail designs that are easy enough to do and still get plenty of shut-eye before the big day. We love this ballot-themed set (above) that includes the iconic checked box on her thumb, and red, white, blue and silver designs along the rest of the fingers. Lucky for you, there's a video tutorial to create this EXACT look, so, yeah, now you have no excuses, people.


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We're well aware that Halloween is just a couple days away, and we've definitely been finding some badass ways to celebrate (check out our zombie and mix 'n' match nails), but there's also another GIGANTIC holiday coming up later this week—the Day of the Dead! The Mexican fete, which takes place on Nov. 1, honors those that have passed away by decorating sugar skulls and visiting the graves of the deceased. Here at MTV Style, we always have to celebrate holidays in the most stylish of ways, so we rounded up our favorite Día de los Muertos-inspired sets for you to try below. Well, what are you waiting for? Get to it!

Day Of The Dead Nail Art

Photo: Via Nancy McNails

Uhhh, these might be the coolest Day of the Dead nails we have ever seen. The attention to detail on each finger is AMAZE, not to mention the flowers on the eyes are 3D. Yes, 3 freakin' D! This is what we call "aspirational" nail art because, well, hahaha, we aren't gonna be able to recreate these on our tips during our lifetime, but we must commend them on their ability. *bows down*


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Mariah Carey OPI

Mariah Carey's new OPI collection.
Photo: Courtesy of OPI

It's HEERRRREEE! Just a couple months ago we broke the news that Mariah Carey would be teaming up with OPI to create a limited-edition collection of polishes, and today we FINALLY get to peep all the goodies. Eeee! The set of lacquers, which are set to launch in January 2013, feature eight Mariah-inspired colors, including a new, never-before-seen nail texture called "liquid sand." Oh la la! OPI says this new polish "dries to a textured matte finish infused with reflective glints of light." Whoa, guys, is this, like, 3D glitter for our nails because we can TOTALLY get behind that. I mean, of course Mariah's nail polish collection would have glitter in it—she's the queen of all-things sparkly and, um, it was also the name of her oh-so-iconic album/film. (Also, let's not forget that custom "Glitter" nameplate belt buckle she wore back in '01. Yep.) Anywho, onto the nails!


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Katy Perry Vampire Nail Art

Katy Perry on October 19.
Photo: Via The Cobrasnake

Guys, Katy Perry may be the master of Halloween. Like, she's been on an All Hallows' Eve kick ever since the beginning of the month, and we see NO signs of her slowing down. We're not mad though—she's always sporting the most on-point Halloween game (if that's a thing), and it's reallllyy beginning to get us into the spooky spirit. Just a couple weeks ago we spotted her wearing a mix-and-match witch, ghoul and jack-o-lantern mani (PRESH) and this week she went ALL. OUT. in a vampire costume with matching nail art for her blood sucking-themed birthday bash at the Magic Castle in L.A. She got decked-out in the most dead-on (heh) Victoria-era ensemble complete with a bell-sleeve white lace dress covered in gold crosses. She finished the look with a giant, bejeweled spider necklace (LOOK AT THAT THING), a gold crown, fiery red contacts, dark burgundy lipstick, fangs, and, of course, killer nails.


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Don't have a Halloween costume yet? Who cayyy-ares! You don't need to get all gussied up to rock some killer nails for All Hallows' Eve. In fact, we kind of like it when people (like Katy Perry!) wear mismatched manis because you can experiment with a different design on each nail. Fun! And listen, we promise these aren't nearly as barf-inducing as our zombie-inspired nail designs from last week, but we WILL guarantee that these sets are sure to stir some spooky feelings from within. First up—Sophie from The Illustrated Nail absolutely stunned us with her scarily on-point mani. From Dracula to Frankenstein to horrifying jack-o-lanterns, she covered all her basis in the most chilling way possible. LOVE!


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Halloween Zombie Nail Art

Photo: Via Samarium's Swatches

Sure, we've been getting into the Halloween spirit with killer costume ideas (like Lady Gaga's new and improved meat dress or Katy Perry's enchanted "Wide Awake" look), but we have yet to go down the dark and gory road that is All Hallows' Eve. *evil witch cackle* *thunderclap* If you're willing to get a little grisly with your costume and have some serious nail art skills to boot, we have JUST the thing for you—a zombie-fied manicure that'll definitely add an extra bit of edge to your back-from-the-dead ensemble. I mean, you don't even have to WAIT until Halloween to sport a seriously revolting mani, (I mean, hello, season three of The Walking Dead just premiered yesterday AND that Zombie 5K is just a week away), but you might, um, really gross people out in the meantime. This manicure is all about getting as gruesome as possible—the bloodier, the better! Remember: You are a flesh-eating corpse, and your nails need to reflect that. So, where do we start? Well, take a cue from Samarium's Swatches' blog and use only matte polishes for the beat-up and bruised nail beds, but be sure to keep the "blood" shiny to make it look nice 'n fresh. Mmmmm, humans. Fun tip: She used dark, matte eye shadow around her cuticles and fingertips to add an extra gross touch. PERFECT.


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Katy Perry Halloween Nail Art

Katy Perry performs at the amfAR Inspiration Gala in L.A. on Oct. 11.
Photo: Getty Images

So, we're basically stalking Katy Perry. I mean, not really, but we are consistently on the lookout for her nail art to the point where it's, heh, kind of embarrassing. But, like, have you seen KP's nail game? It's always insane, hence why we need to be on watch 24/7. In September, she showed off a KILLER Daria mani and just last week she sported Obama's face on her fingers. Last night she switched up her digits once again—this time with a Halloween-themed design. OoOooOh! Fun! While performing at the amfAR Inspiration Gala, she wore an off-the-shoulder floral ruffle Naeem Khan gown with a rhinestone belt and, of course, DEM NAILS. Let's take a closer look at these bad boys, shall we?


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Photo Print Nail Art

DIY cat decal nails!
Photo: Via Transient Expression

Listen, I totally understand that not everyone is amazing at nail art (trust me, I try it every week) and that sometimes no matter how hard you try to paint Daria's face on your fingertips, it'll still end up looking like Beast Jesus. (Unless, of course, you actually WANT your nails to look like Beast Jesus because that can most certainly happen.) And you know what? I'm here for you. Luckily, nail transfer decals are ALL the rage these days for us not-so-artistically-inclined folk. The basic idea behind it is this: Anything in print form can be transferred onto your tips with the right method. So basically, if you've ever flipped through a magazine and thought, "I want that exact pattern/person/cat on my nails," then you're good to go. Be forewarned—there are a TON of different ways to approach this method of nail art, but I'm just skimming the surface with the top three techniques I've found most useful. Let's get to it!


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