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Photo: Nasty Gal's new 'Anti-Prom' lookbook.
Courtesy of Nasty Gal

Prom season is officially in full swing, and by now, the message should be coming through loud and clear: there's NO one right way to do prom. You could rock a short dress, you could go ultra-glam, hey, you can even go as a hamburger if you wanted...but leave it to Nasty Gal to show us some of the coolest options yet. If you know NG, then you already know that Sophia Amoruso & co. have never really done things the traditional way. Luckily, the retailer's "break all the rules" philosophy applies to their newest lookbook as well, aptly titled "Anti-Prom." Stocked with tons of dresses (duh), plus unexpected pieces like spiky stud accessories, leather jackets, and even bright blue creepers, this is prom like you've never seen it before (and it's awesome).


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Let's face it. This time of year it's impossible not to get caught up in all of the glorious hype surrounding prom. Whether you're a freshman going with a hot upperclassman or dancing the night away with a big group of girlfriends at your last dance, prom is nostalgic and wonderful and overrated all at the same time. And if you're like me, where your senior prom was in an events center that held a livestock show a few hours before (yes, it still smelled like cattle and hayfeed), the lights kept brightly on the whole time and the "DJ" "spun" from an iPod set up, prom certainly was a night to remember. (Shout out to my Nebraska youth!) But no matter, because luckily, network television always delivers an excellent prom night with dramatic king and queen announcements, outrageous themes and a pretty sparkling bow on the high school coming-of-age sitcom. We've sorted through the gowns and corsages of our favorite TV proms EVER, including the glory days of The WB line-up (oh yeah, we went there). Get ready to relive it all.


glee prom

Rachel and Finn win Prom Queen and King at the dinosaur-themed prom in 'Glee.'
Photo: Courtesy of FOX

We don't have to go too far back in time (literally) to remember the prom of Glee's McKinley high school, but we do have to go back several million years to embrace Brittany's "Dinosaurs" theme. Although fossilization and spiked punch don't seem to go hand in hand, the Cheerio cheerleader-turned-class president selects the theme and institutes a "no hair gel" ban, targeting dear Blaine who has never made a public appearance without slathering his normally frizzy fro with product. In protest, Kurt, Blaine and Rachel decide to throw an anti-prom, but gathering in a damp and dirty motel with nothing to do and no good Bravo TV to watch the crew quickly turns around and heads to the Mesozoic era with the rest of the kids. Of course what's a dinosaur themed prom without some modern day pop song performances? The girls perform the Selena Gomez anthem "Love You Like A Love Song" while the boys croon 1D's "What Makes You Beautiful." We conclude with a "Take My Breath Away" ballad as Finnchel (Finn + Rachel) take the title of prom king and queen and ride off into a Brontosaurus-filled sunset.


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Prom Pastel Nail Art

Photo: Via Julia Martinez

Prom is in full swing, y'all, which means it's time to get that head-to-toe look whipped into shape ASAP. By now, you've (hopefully) swiped up a super fun frock, played with some amazing 'dos, and tested out the perfect makeup look. But we still have one very, very important detail that we can't overlook: the nails! Nothing pulls an entire outfit together like a set of seriously gorgeous tips, and we rounded up some springy, pastel-themed designs that are super easy to recreate on your own—we promise! Think of it this way: If you can do a simple stripe or polka dot, you're totally in the clear. Oh, and that Caviar manicure set? We have a tutorial on that, too.


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Romance, you guys. Prom is a great many things—a chance to have one more night with all your friends before high school ends and the big, bad future swallows you up, a chance to look AMAZING in a fancy dress, you know—but it's also a big deal in terms of puppy love. Relationships and crushes alike feel SO MAJOR in high school that one slow dance can feel like you've died and gone to swoonsville and being asked to prom is a very exciting prospect. When I was in high school, I went with my best dude friend Dave, and I can't even remember how he asked me, I think we were walking through the halls after choir and he was just like, "Hey, wanna go to prom with me?" and so we did. This was before YouTube, OK? Stakes are way higher for today's prom Don Juans, though, with flash mobs, viral everything, and the internet getting all up in everyone's business. Which brings us to the topic at hand: THE PROMPOSAL. You kids these days, you're CA-UTE. Just a quick spin through the #promposal hashtag on Twitter is enough to melt the stoniest of bitter hearts—from the expected roses all over cars and hallway banners to the, well, downright weird, people are getting CREATIVE. We found a few promposals that we thought really captured the spirit of the trend, and the girls who received them were kind enough to share their photos with us!

Allison Murphy's promposal.
Photo: @alimurphy735

After doing some research on both Allison Murphy and her boyfriend Luke's twitter accounts, we have learned that they REALLY dig cereal. In particular, they're really into Barbara's Bakery Puffins. We assume that this means the two of them, you know, hang out after school and snack on cereal, so wasn't Luke being sneaky when he altered a box of their fave treat to ask his lady to be his prom date? Cute, cute, cute. Love a man who can get crafty. Also, he wore a tie (we're hoping he did it for the occasion and not as part of a school uniform) when he did it, which is so on point. Gentlemen, take note: when asking a lady to prom, make sure you look right. You hear us?


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Hey guys! Yes, we're talking to YOU. We all know that prom is a special occasion, a formal event, something you'll remember forever, yadda yadda yadda, but who says you can't be comfortable all night long while you're at it? Proving that prom doesn't have to be stuffy, this week we showed all the dudes out there how to look slick minus the traditional tuxedo action, and now we're taking things a step further (heh) with the very best sneakers to wear to prom. Believe it or not, your favorite casual brands CAN work with formalwear—it's just a matter of how you style 'em. Hey, if Frank Ocean, Logan Lerman, and Russell Westbrook can do it, why can't you? So get the lowdown below... you can thank us later.


Frank Ocean looks sharp in black lowtops at the 2013 Grammy Awards.
Photo: Getty Images/Mr. Porter

When it comes to classy sneakers, it really doesn't get more understated and cool than Common Projects. Luxe and subtle, these black leather lace-ups bring an extra dose of style anywhere... even your high school dance floor. While they're definitely not cheap at $390 a pop, Frank Ocean proves that this slick number is definitely worth saving up for. Start counting your pennies now!


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Sure, we've been finding ways to have THE most perfect prom all week long, but have you ever wondered how some of your favorite celebs celebrated their big night out? Well, we certainly have, and since we work at MTV (NBD), we thought we'd find out how some of our biggest stars stacked up. We rounded up prom pics from Jersey Shore, The Hills, Laguna Beach, Awkward., and TRL cast members, and, OMG, we are so excited to share them with you. Warning: Lots of awesomeness ahead.


Snooki Prom

Snooki at prom.
Photo: MTV/Snooki's website

Our girl Jersey Shore girl Snooki didn't look so much different back in the day. She definitely had the "T" of "GTL" on lock, and, um, that up-do with the tendrils cascading down the side? SO mid-2000s. She went for the classic smoky eye and nude lip look paired with a strapless teal dress, which she said she swiped up from JC Penney. Not bad, Ms. Polizzi!


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Celebrities: they're just like us? Er, not so least when it comes to looking gorgeous on the red carpet. Along with impossibly good genes, we all know the stars have a team of creative masterminds to get their hair, makeup, and nails in tip-top shape for major events. But here's awesome news for those out there who are NOT on Hollywood's A-List (read: everyone else), because these beauty pros are generously willing to divulge their secrets! Earlier this week we filled you in on how to replicate Kristen Stewart, Amanda Seyfried and Sarah Hyland's best hairstyles for prom, and now we're quizzing the makeup artists behind Rihanna, Jennifer Lawrence, and Katy Perry's most glamorous faces. Regardless of whether you're rocking a short dress, a long gown, or anything in between, find out how to copy the looks for prom below!


Rihanna at the 2013 Grammy Awards
Photo: Getty Images

Katniss Everdeen may have bragging rights to the "Fire Dress," but leave it to Rihanna to crank up the heat even higher on the 2013 Grammys scene in a bright red custom Alaia gown. The cherry-colored sheer frock might command our eyeballs initially, but it's Rihanna's classic Old Hollywood makeup look that really seals the deal here: super-long lashes, defined brows, and THAT amazing red lip. According to the pop star's makeup artist Mylah Morales, obtaining a traffic-stopping effect like this one requires a group effort. "Whenever we do anything with the crew, it's a collaboration between everyone," she told us over the phone yesterday. "Basically we find out what Rihanna will be wearing and then discuss the best beauty look." Although Mylah isn't opposed to rocking a statement mouth with dramatic eyes, this time around she says, "I gave her a really clean, matte face so her lips were the focus, especially given her dress." Want to nab the perfect red mouth for yourself? Mylah recommends using a combination of lipliner (she used Cherry from MAC on Ri), a base color (Ruby Woo) and finish things off with Lady Danger to really give a pop of color.


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Hey guys!! *waves from within a thicket of sequins and tulle* How is prom season treating you? Well, I hope. Here at MTV Style, we've made it our mission to supply you with a comprehensive guide to THE school dance of all school dances, from prom dresses on the über-cheap to celeb-worthy hairstyles and even a few fashion tips for dudes. It's been pretty standard fare for the most part—pastel, sparkle, pretty little things. That is, until now. Brace yourselves, people. I'm about to steer our prom coverage into the weird and wonderful world of ETSY!

Before we dive all the way in, a little disclaimer: this is a post wherein I am going to show you things I found on Etsy, and we all pretend together about what it would be like if someone hypothetically wore them to prom. Am I suggesting you yourself wear these dresses? No. Am I suggesting you avoid these dresses and any other permutation of each ensemble's general idea? Interestingly enough, also, no. Being that THIS is what I wore to my own prom (in high school, I was really into classics, translation: ZZZzzzzzzz), I'm probably the last person who should be telling anyone to wear a burger dress to any place. That said, if you have the lady cojones to hit the dance floor in "two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, on a sesame seed bun," then by all means, please do it. And send us pics. Now, let's go!


Etsy Prom

Would you dare to wear a hamburger dress to prom?
Photo: Courtesy of FELTUPCLOTHES' Etsy shop

At its core, this is a midi dress featuring a full skirt with multi-colored tiers. It just so happens that the order of those colors and tiers markedly resemble a cheeseburger. Actually, no, that was the entire aim of this Burger Queen dress. Plus, this thing has eyes and menacing eyebrows, making it not just a burger but a burger monster. Genius. We should warn you, though, this retails at the meaty price of $225.00, so you best be serious.


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The time has come for us to talk tech. With prom inching ever closer, we want you feeling fully prepped when you step down the stairs and off into the night. Lucky for you, this kind of prep doesn’t require an over-sized purse packed full of electronics. Without totally dating us, when we were going to prom, we were forced to lug around our parents hulking huge digital cameras to snap quality pics. The added baggage was such a downer, especially when we were boogieing on the dance floor, but guys! It’s 2013! The future! And now most of us are lucky enough to be carrying around these amazing mini computers in our pockets. All hail the iPhone, the saint of communication and savior of quality mobile images (we heart Androids too!). With a little lipstick and your trusty phone stocked with these awesome apps, you’re good to go. Check 'em out below!


Iggy Azalea loves the Drake Photo Booth.
Photo: Iggy Azalea's Instagram

Dateless on prom? Have no fear, Drake Photo Booth ($.99) is here. Part goofy, part great, this app provides you with a variety of Drizzy M************ Drakes to lay over your prom pics. Hey, might as well create some imaginary memories too!


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You might've noticed that we can't stop talking about prom. Even though we've covered everything from affordable dresses to celebrity-inspired hairstyles, we've just barely scraped the surface—particularly in the dude department. If you're a guy looking for style tips for the big night (or his date looking for some much-needed advice!), you've come to the right place. We've got head-to-toe ensembles that'll have you lookin' sharp on prom night, and, no, none of these looks involve a tux. (You're welcome.)



A traditional (and awesome) prom look!
Photo: Zara/Gargyle/J.Crew

For the guy that wants to look traditionally handsome, we recommend this killer gray suit from Zara ($238.00) that has a contrasting black collar along the top. Finish the look with crisp white, round collar shirt ($49.90), a skinny black tie ($69.50), polka dot pocket square (or one that matches her gown) ($45.00), sleek black oxfords ($338.00), and call it a day!


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