Topshop has a Prom Queen Style section.
Photo: Courtesy of Topshop

Spring is definitely in the air. While we're still experiencing our fair share of April showers, there are enough sunny-skied temperate days to remind us that we're on a steady transitional path onto sun-soaked shoulders, freshly cut grass, and balmy evenings. With the onset of Spring comes seasonal twitterpation, merry-making and of course, PROM. We all know Camille La Vie/Group USA and David's Bridal will be stocked for the annual formal function, but it looks like UK retail giant Topshop is getting in on the Prom action, too.


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Prom Dresses

Three prom dresses from Prom Girl.
Photo: Courtesy of Prom Girl

Did you guys read the WSJ article a couple days ago about how high schools are cracking down on dress codes for prom with intricate Power Point presentations and nifty little tricks like using your hand and your collarbone to deduce whether or not you're revealing too much boobage (the exact words are as follows: To deal with cleavage, the dress code asks girls to place the index finger on one side of the collarbone and the thumb on the other. "If any skin shows beneath your hand...your dress is too low-cut.")? It sounds insane and alarmist and conjures all sorts of images of stuffed-shirt administrators mouth-breathing and getting slap-happy with rulers and getting their foppish feathers ruffled over NOTHING. But then, um, I clicked on some of the questionable dresses and they legit bum me out. Is this real and totally a thing? Do high school-age ladies really want to dress like they're on "Dancing With The Stars?" Because: yikes.

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HM Conscious Glamour Collection

Looks from the H&M Conscious exclusive glamour collection.
Photo: Courtesy of H&M

If you're just beginning the highly anticipated prom dress hunt, we've got a place for you to start—H&M! The retailer will launch a collection of red carpet-ready dresses just in time for the big day, and the best part is that they're also eco-friendly. All the frocks are made from sustainable materials like organic cotton, hemp, and recycled polyester, so you not only will look super cute, but you're also secretly helping the environment. Score! If you're opting for a floor-length gown, H&M has tons of gorge dresses to choose from—our favorite being the plum and lavender recycled polyester crepe dress with floral embroidery and a removable skirt ($199). Yep, you read that right—if you get too sweaty on the dance floor, you can detach the long dress for an all-night boogie fest. Two-for-one deal? Yes, please. If you want to make quite the entrance, opt for the organic cotton and silk gown with an organza crease meringue skirt ($299). Throw a bold necklace on that bad boy and you're good to go. For a bit more color, go for the plunging lemon recycled polyester gown with a beaded top ($79.95).


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Victoria Justice

Victoria Justice at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards.
Photo: Getty Images

You can stop rubbing your eyes in disbelief, ladies, because YES, you read that headline correctly! You (YOU!) could wear the very dress Victoria Justice sported at the 2010 Video Music Awards to your Prom! "How?!??" you ask. "Don't those things get frozen and archived in some gilded underground cave, only to be resurfaced 10+ years later for museum features and auctions??" WELL, curious minds, that's not the case this time. The Victorious star has given her Jill Stuart red carpet frock to Donate My Dress, an organization that gives girls across the country the opportunity to cop lightly worn prom dresses for free!


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It's so hard to say goodbye, but the time has come to bid MTV Style Prom Week adieu. At least until next year. We kicked off the week counting down the 12 most memorable movie prom dresses and rounded up the 20 best prom dresses under $100 for frugal fashion plates. Then, we broke down the outfits from MTV's feature film, 'Worst. Prom. Ever.', gave you some easy prom hairstyles you can pull off yourself, and moments ago we showed you anti-french manicures for every clique. We round out our coverage with an exclusive look into the showroom of Sherri Hill, celebrity dressmaker and the go-to designer for your perfect prom dress!

Selena Gomez performs at the 2011-12 Disney Kids and Family Upfront in New York on March 16, Snooki at the MTV Europe Music Awards 2010 in Madrid, Spain, on Nov. 7, 2010, and Kendall Jenner models for Sherri Hill.
Photo: Getty Images/Sherri Hill

You may or may not already know who Sherri Hill is, but chances are you've seen her work. Whether it's on stage being rocked by Selena Gomez, worn by our girl Snooki at her multiple birthday celebrations (a different dress for each party, duh), modeled by none other than Kardashian sis Kendall Jenner, or on the dance floor of your own prom, the Sherri Hill label has become synonymous with youth, glamour, and fun. The designer thinks about the girl each dress is meant for throughout the entire process (a rarity), and her collection is so eclectic that every girl from rocker to southern belle to glamazon is covered. Peep the interview below!


We were also lucky enough to have Sherri walk us through some of her favorite pieces from her current collection! She says that nude and feathers are BIG for prom this year (take note, I mean, she's kiiiiiind of an authority in all things PROM). The nude dress with the tulle skirt and hand-cut mirror-encrusted bustier that Selena Gomez wore has been the most requested dress of the year (which is pretty easy to see since it's insanely gorgeous). You can really see how dedicated Sherri is from the comprehensiveness of this collection: a purple gown with a bead-encrusted bustier and ruffle skirt, a pink mirror-ball sequined strapless dress, an emerald-and-gold beaded gown with a hi-low hem, and a turquoise frock with a full ostrich feather skirt and a bustier embellished with the tiniest French beads EVER MADE. Check them out in the walk-through below!


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Oh noes! Prom week is almost over *sniff sniff* but lucky for YOU we're still rolling out only the best! All week MTV Style has been featuring must-have tips for THE perfect prom look. So far you've picked out your favorite dress for under $100 and practiced your to-die-for DIY hair style all while watching the HILAR MTV film "Worst. Prom. Ever." (which we hope inspires you to figure out what NOT to do on the big day). But what's a dress and hair without some killer nails?! Check out some handy (heh!) inspiration below!

OK, listen. We hate to enforce cliché high school stereotypes, but ladies, let's be real for a second. In high school, it's all about finding yourself and trying to be different but also trying to fit in at the same time. WHEW. Being a teenager is HARD. Luckily, we're here for you. Prom is SO FUN because you have one night to dress up and feel like total royalty, but you still want to be you. We've gathered some UH-MAZING nail ideas for every type of girl on her fabulous day, AND mom won't get mad because it doesn't break the bank. All of these looks were inspired and completed by the amazingest nail manicurist in the whole world Lisa Logan. (In case you don't believe us, Lisa has done Beyoncé and Katy Perry's nails, and she designed her own line for Minx. Yeah, she KNOWS what's up.) So now it's just up to YOU to decide which look you want to rock. Will you go girly glam or sporty chic? Pick your look below!!


Goth nails.
Photo: Zev Schmitz/MTV | Model: Lisa Chudnofsky

The girl who always dons all-black will most likely wear a dark ensemble on prom day as well, which is why we gave her a Minx metallic burgundy sheen to her nails. This pop of color will stand out against her black dress, and the Minx skull and crossbones accent nail adds an extra dark twist to her look. These nails require NO painting handiwork because they are press-on stickers! Heat up the sheet of stick-ons with a hair dryer for a few seconds to make them sticky and pliable and place on the correct size nail. Fold any excess over the top and file the rest away with a nail file. Adding a clear top coat isn't necessary, but it'll keep the look lasting longer. (Psst! Want the necklace too? Buy it from Forever 21!)


Sporty nails.
Photo: Zev Schmitz/MTV | Model: Chrissy Mahlmeister

Just because the athletic girls are always sweating it out on the field, it doesn't mean they don't want to get glammed up once in awhile too! Since they need to keep their nails short, it's fun to play with some strong colors like we did here. We painted two coats of Essie Mesmerize for the first layer, and then added some super-trendy half-moon accents. We cut out these white Minx half moons, layered it over the blue (now they look light blue!) and finished it with a top coat. This two-tone look would be PERFECT if you want to show some team spirit by rocking your school colors!


Wallflower nails.
Photo: Zev Schmitz/MTV | Model: Nicole Sia

The quiet, artsy girl that sits in the back of the class is probably buying her prom dress off Etsy—or better yet is MAKING it—and wants some equally individual nails to complement her outfit. That's why we went with two coats of Katy Perry's sparkly pink OPI Teenage Dream polish and topped it with a layer of China Glaze crackle coat in Lightning Bolt. Unlike most of the dark crackle top coats we've seen, these light colors give her nails a girly and springy feel without being over-the-top. The hint of super glammy sparkle is jusssstttt peeking through, kind of like our favorite wallflower girls who are just beginning to break out of their shell!


Prom queen nails.
Photo: Zev Schmitz/MTV | Model: Hilary Petee

The prom queen always has the most perfect hair, the most perfect makeup, the most perfect dress. The only thing she needs are the most PERFECT nails! We opted for something bright, cheerful, and SUPER girly for our popular lady. To get her look, we painted two coats of Sally Hansen's Nail Growth Miracle in Bold Buff. Then, to set off her GLORIOUS SPARKLY TIARA (obviii) we added an accent nail loaded up with different pink heart rhinestones by Erikonail! You can either use clear nail polish or nail glue to stick the stones on, but glue will last longer. Disclaimer: We can't guarantee the other girls in your class won't copy you.


Rocker nails.
Photo: Zev Schmitz/MTV | Model: Rachel Goldner

We can see this rocker girl showing up to prom in a tulle-layered, cocktail dress paired with high-top Converse sneakers and TONS of killer accessories, so of COURSE she needs some nails that will be able to stand out from the hubbub! These Minxlusion black fishnet nails look silver in some light but rainbow in others, which looks AMAZING if you plan to rock out under a disco ball and spotlights in these bad boys. Plan on getting noticed all night if you wear these, and seriously dudes, let us have a moment: OHHH MYYY GAHHHH HOW COOL ARE THEY?!?!

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As you know full well, MTV Style's 2011 Prom Coverage has been barreling full steam since Monday, to where you couldn't even believe how thoughtful and considerate we were to collect these thoughts, stories, and galleries for you. We unveiled the 12 most memorable movie prom dresses and showcased the 20 best prom dresses for under $100. We presented you with the fashion credits and crying-while-you-laugh DRAMZ of MTV's feature-length film, 'Worst. Prom. Ever.' Today, we got more GEMS in do-it-yourself hair so if you blew your whole budget on shoes, it'll still be smooooooth (or cute-wavy) sailing.

The last thing you want your prom hairdo to remind people (mostly your hot date) of is a poodle or a maid of honor at an unfortunate wedding in the 1950s or Marge Simpson (which is OK if--and only if-- you're Nicki Minaj) or some sort of curlicue breakfast danish. So, here's an idea: Skip the stuffy updos altogether--and save buckets of bucks for things like killer shoes or a strawberry-scented facial instead--with one of these super-simple DIY mane ideas. Problem solved. Plus, you won't be plucking painful pins out of your head for HOURS after the Big Night.


Audrina Patridge in West Hollywood on March 5, 2010, and Rihanna in New York City on May 2, 2011.
Photo: Getty Images

If you were as obsessed with Barbies as a kid as we were, then you know how to braid. Put your skills to good use by creating a loose, side braid in your locks for prom night. Start by curling your hair (at least shoulder length) with a large barrel curling iron. Then make a deep-side part and finger-comb all of your hair to the opposite side of the part. Braid your hair over your shoulder and tie off the end with an elastic that matches your hair hue. Don't freak if pieces fall out around your hairline--it will give the style an instant dose of romance.


Camilla Belle in New York City on April 12, 2011, and a model at the Marchesa Fall 2011 presentation in New York City on Feb. 16, 2011.
Photo: Getty Images

There are so many other things to worry about on prom night. Have you learned how to "Dougie" yet?!? Instead of wrestling with frizzy strands all night, make them a part of your look. Grab a jar of aloe gel (it's the most moisturizing kind) and rub a little through your palms. Then, slick strands into a smooth ponytail. But, leave the tail HUGE/PUFFY/GLORIOUSLY FRIZZY. Spray the slicked part with a little anti-humidity spray, then forget about your hair and DANCE.


Aimee Teegarden in Los Angeles on April 21, 2011, and Katerina Graham in Hollywood on April 26, 2011.
Photo: Getty Images

Soooooo you spent all of your prom-planning time plotting out your dress, shoes, makeup, nails, corsage, restaurant reservations, transportation, etc.; leaving you with 1.4983 seconds to plan your hair? Instead of trying to figure out what to do with ALL of your hair, focus on your bangs only. And, believe it or not, your options are limitless... If you don't have bangs, pull out a pair of scissors or those clip-on joints. If you have long bangs that part in the middle, change it to a side part. And if you have short, brow-skimming bangs, sweep them to one side and spray them with light hold hairspray so that they stay put.


Hailee Steinfeld in West Hollywood on Feb. 27, 2011, and Emma Watson in New York City on Nov. 15, 2010.
Photo: Getty Images

When you don't know what to do with your hair or what kind of jewelry to rock, meld the two together with hair accessories. Slip on a Swarovski crystal headband, a glittery brooch (which is so old/new school by the way), or a metallic ponytail holder for a bit of instant sparkle. But don't go overboard--one bauble will keep your look interesting, but not over-the-top tacky.


Nicole Richie in Los Angeles on Feb. 25, 2011, and Anne Hathaway in West Hollywood on Feb. 27, 2011.
Photo: Getty Images

Tousled, beachy waves are easier than you think. Plus, there aren't 50 million fussy pins to mess with! Start by separating hair into 2-inch sections. Spray each section with a light hold hairspray, before wrapping it around a curling iron and holding it there for 10 seconds. After you've curled all of your hair, spritz your roots with a salt-water spray to create piece-y texture, fluff to style, and BE OUT.

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Yup, MTV Style's 2011 Prom Coverage has popped off well and good with yesterday's full run-down of the 12 most memorable movie prom dresses, running the gamut from Carrie's simple pink sheath to Bella's tiered gown from Twilight, and today we've got more in dress solutions, tips and info for those thrifty prom attendees who refuse to compromise style on a budget.

In this economy, especially if you're out there toiling to put away money for an after-graduation trip or if you're saving up for college books and tuition, there's something upsetting about the prospect of dropping hundreds upon hundreds of dollars on a dress. Even if it's THE PROM. That said, the truly beautiful thing about understanding fashion, trends, and personal style is that you can absolutely find the perfect dress that's so crazily you that your friends would be up in the store, grabbing it, thrusting it in your face and squealing, GURL, this is SO you! And, you can do it on a budget. All it takes is a little research, some gumption, and nothing else since we've composed an entire gallery of gems as a cheat sheet to present no less than 20 Best Prom Dresses For Under $100. You are very welcome. Happy promming and check back in with us daily for more in 2011 coverage.

Neon Pink Embroidered Strapless Dress
Photo: Courtesy of 2PromDress

THE TREND: Fitted bodice with a full and floaty skirt.

Flouncy tulle layers in a cocktail length with an ornate bodice and megawatt hue? Perfectly on-trend and a steal at $89. Pair with strappy metallic heels and a simple clutch and you're good to go. The only thing I'd add for extra credit is a simple, pendant necklace OR drop earrings for an winningly pulled-together ensemble.

Asymmetic Bardot Cocktail Dress
Photo: Courtesy of ASOS

THE TREND: Ultra-vibrant, saturated color.

Simple, sleek, and in a beautiful, summery color that you could honestly wear to any number of occasions. Finding a dress for under a bill is resourceful, granted, but sourcing the yellow version of an LBD you can wear anywhere is the undeniable pro move.

Beaded Collar Belted Dress
Photo: Courtesy of ASOS

THE TREND: Studded accent pieces.

The sheen of silky black, the delicate Peter Pan collar that's rendered completely badass with the application of studs. The juxtaposed daintiness of an unsentimental bow on the belt. The proportions, the straight-across bodice, the short-short length. The contradictions and contrast make this the perfect dress for the nuanced complications that make you uniquely you... (and totally unpredictable).

Sequin Shift Dress
Photo: Courtesy of Nordstrom

THE TREND: Allover sequins with a subtler sheen.

The enticing sparkles of an otherwise matte sequin. The tasteful glint that speaks to a lady who definitely knows how to cut loose while remaining elegant and 100% non-sloppy at all times. A slinky scoop length and a sleeveless silhouette that moves as gracefully as you do. There isn't a shoe out there that wouldn't be complementary. Other than if that shoe was also entirely comprised of sequins though, if that is the direction you're going in a) more power to you and b) DO IT WITH HEART. Plus, seriously, this dress would carry flip flops it's THAT workwithable.

Peter Pan Collar Lace Waisted Dress
Photo: Courtesy of ASOS

THE TREND: Peter Pan collar + lace.

Color saturated lace so effectively conveys starry-eyed romanticism without the gag-reflex-inducing cloying douchechills of an overpoweringly pretty frock. Not only is God in the details with the collar but the quietly gathered waist also lends a ladylike contour without infantilizing gimmicks like a baby doll cut. If you nail the color, this is definitely a dress you will not tire of. In a pinch you could roll in wool tights and rock it in the dead of winter with a turtle neck or wear it al fresco, with a ton of jewelry and bare legs to brunch, too.


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Prom is a big deal, and it can go a number of ways: It can be the best night of your life, an evening rife with blissful memories that becomes your happy place later when you're having teeth removed, or when you've locked yourself out of your extortionately priced studio apartment at 4 am clad only in your underpants and needing to wake up for work in two hours. Or, prom sucked. You got pressured into asking a dude you didn't like that much or maybe a rando asked you and you went and it was a bust because you ditched each other and it was 100% DRAMA at the after-party.

Oooooor you rolled DEEP with your crew and had a BLAST and you wished in your heart that it would never end, but you acknowledged with wisdom beyond your years that this kind of magic can't be sustained. Now you talk to like two of the 12 OG BFFs over Facebook, and that's it. The point is, prom is loaded, heady and awesome and vital to a bunch of CUHLASSIC movies that make us swoon time and time again with the boys and the dancing and the budding of young love. To kick off our week of prom coverage, we present The 12 Most Memorable Movie Prom Dresses, to relive the fancy-pants fashion magic that we can witness from the safe distance of our screens.

#12 - NEVER BEEN KISSED (1999)

Photo: Courtesy of Fox 2000 Pictures

The Role: Drew Barrymore as Josie Geller
Costume Designer: Mona May
The Dress: Awwww. Never Been Kissed ruled. Basically, Drew goes back to school and gets a major do-over of the more critical high school experiences, and, of course, prom is a big one. Michael Vartan is a ridic dishy teacher who blablablbla NOSPOILERs and looks banging in a tux and while Drew's concertina-pleated, bell-sleeved, lace overlaid situation is a little "ornate," it's a huge improvement from her original silver lamé, poufy sleeved, French maid's costume she wore in her teens.

#11 - PRETTY IN PINK (1986)

Photo: Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

The Role: Molly Ringwald as Andie Walsh
Costume Designer: Marilyn Vance
The Dress: I'm not going to attempt a synopsis of this because if you haven't seen Pretty In Pink, you simply have to. Immediately. And you can, because it's in reruns with a diligence you could set your watch to. Andie, our thrifty protagonist and a talented seamstress—mashes up a preexisting dress that her older BFF Iona (who is an incredible fashion plate, real talk) wore to her prom and a dress that her depressing, broken father buys her from a thrift store—into a pink, polka dotted, cut-away, leg-o-mutton, 3/4 length sleeve gown that wows her friends and Andrew McCarthy (a handsome rich dude who everyone thought was "out of her league"). Admittedly, when you pull away far enough to gain a little perspective, the dress is actually a little fug. But it's unconventional and original, and the can-do attitude is great. This movie is in my own personal top 10, so just let your ocular muscles go a little lax and blurry on it and you'll be fine.

#10 - PROM (2011)

Photo: Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures

The Role: Aimee Teegarden as Nova Prescott
Costume Designer: Shoshana Rubin
The Dress: Prom is still in theaters at the time of publishing SO I'm not going to give too many plot points away, but Nova tries to orchestrate a PERFECT prom and this beautiful, delicate, satin-piped, sleeveless champagne dress with a gathered bodice and gilt floral lace is definitely the first step to a magical, magical night. Peep the way we can barely even see her friends or the rest of the bedroom in the background? That's how you know you love a dress. Or hate your friends. JKJKJKJK, go see the movie.


Photo: Courtesy of Fox Searchlight Pictures

The Role: Tina Majorino as Deb
Costume Designer: Jerusha Hess
The Dress: Pluck out a single feature of Deb's dress from Napoleon Dynamite and it could be construed as categorically heinous, but in concert, this would actually be the best hipster irono-fug prom dress ever. First of all, it's firmly retro in full '80s glory. Second of all, the tiered layers are very on-trend for spring. The low-cut square back is flattering for several body types, and the hue is a cloying pink that would look fierce with a black suede platform, T-strap pump.


Photo: Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures

The Role: Monique Coleman as Taylor McKessie and Vanessa Hudgens as Gabriella Montez
Costume Designer: Caroline B. Marx
The Dresses: Taylor's dress from High School Musical 3 skews costumey, but the fit and the thoroughness of the accessories anchor the look. Girl goes for it with layer upon layer of dotted Swiss royal purple tulle and Vee Hudge as Gabriella does diaphanous like a goddess with an empire-waisted, strappy floral dress with a sash in a flirty cocktail length that moves as beautifully as she does. Also, HAAAAY Zac Efron, ssup.

#7 - 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU (1999)

Photo: Courtesy of Touchstone Pictures

The Role: Julia Stiles as Kat Stratford
Costume Designer: Kimberly A. Tillman
The Dress: A single strand of pearls, a simple almost severe updo, a chiffon shawl, a spaghetti-strapped column, bias-cut dress that looks fantastic as a silhouette and does nothing for your boobs... aka THE quintessential prom look in the late-'90s, early-aughts. The deep, deliciously, jewel-like purple against Kat's milky-white skin and the fact that this was the first REAL, sustained length of time that her character wasn't being an utter a-hole to Heath Ledger in 10 Things I Hate About You, makes this one of the most romantically intense prom scenes ever. You could cut the tension with a knife.

#6 - TWILIGHT (2008)

Photo: Courtesy of Summit Entertainment

The Role: Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan
Costume Designer: Wendy Chuck
The Dress: Oh man, I love that after almost getting killed a whole bunch, Bella and Edward from Twilight still get to go to prom. Bella's gorgeous royal blue, tiered, ruched, deep-V, midi-length dress complements her Converse and her leg cast, and the cream of her soft, vintage, embroidered cashmere cardigan with the satin trimmed contoured edges softens the bold hue. Edward is also nothing to sneeze at. In fact, he is something to cling at. While sobbing. And begging him to bite your neck even if in IRL he's just some shy, pale British dude.

#5 - JAWBREAKER (1999)

Photo: Courtesy of Crossroads Films

The Role: Rose McGowan as Courtney Shayne
Costume Designer: Vickie Brinkford
The Dress: Dudes. Rose McGowan's body. Okay, I know in Jawbreaker Courtney's the baddie and we should all wish her demise but honestly, check this out. This is a structural anomaly and a bit of fashion soothsaying that is wholly impressive. First of all, it's more a teeny, tiny, sleeveless body-con minidress than a whole frock. Using the white underpinning as the backbone, the other, clingy, silky, see-through pieces are simply draped along the bustline and secured beneath the silver trim and flowed to the floor as an A-line. Granted, the true foundation is that McGowan's torso and legs are of a shapely tautness that is rarely found in nature but, the reason why this dress is a sartorial anachronism is that THIS is basically an illusion maxi skirt that is presently on all the fash blogs more than a decade later.


Photo: Courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

The Role: Kristy Swanson as Buffy
Costume Designer: Marie France
The Dress: How funky is your chicken? And more critically, how lose is your goose? As much as I love the Joss Whedon TV Buffy run, there's something about the zaniness of the Swanson-helmed feature-length Buffy The Vampire Slayer original that make this prom ensemble so memorable. The fact that this ass-kicking, stake-driving badass goes to prom in a Grace-Kelly-on-her-wedding-day perfect blonde upsweep is notable, and the fact that her "glandular assets" are so ample in a halter-neck, dotted Swiss, crinoline-shaped version of a Marilyn Monroe dress (totally almost typed Manson which would've been a different dress entirely) reminds us that Buffy, even bloodied and filthy from fighting bloodsuckers, is a total hottie.

#3 - JENNIFER'S BODY (2009)

Photo: Courtesy of Dune Entertainment

The Role: Megan Fox as Jennifer Check
Costume Designer: Katia Stano
The Dress: So Megan Fox may be divisive as far as people either loving her or hating her, but the glory of her very Gothic Lolita, floor-length, almost Edwardian-looking Jessica McClintock dress with the contrasting black lace bands and the looooooong satin gloves in Jennifer's Body cannot be denied. I mean, look at this, here is a dress that IMPROVES as the night wears on. It looks better totally run-through and sodden and, of course, floating several feet above any surface. The gathers along the bodice and the interplay of the eery track lights on the transparent layers really works for us. As does the fact that she kept the jewelry and hair sleek and simple and murderer-y.

#2 - CARRIE (1976)

Photo: Courtesy of Redbank Films

The Role: Sissy Spacek as Carrie White
Costume Designer: Rosanna Norton
The Dress: Carrie is a prom movie classic, and while the likelihood of you being doused in bucketfuls of pig's blood and retaliating by locking the gym doors and setting the entire roomful of sociopathic and morally depraved students on fire with your mind is only at about 7-19% on any given prom weekend, you can't say that Carrie didn't look positively radiant in her pink sheath on The Big Night. The silky satin. The delicately gathered seams that support Carrie's dirty pillows. The matching shawl. The entire aesthetic is well thought out and beautifully executed and soooooorta reminds me of a retro version of the pink Gwyneth Paltrow Ralph Lauren dress that she won her Oscar in (in a way that had me Pavlovian conditioned to think something baaaad was going to happen at the Academy Awards), but maybe that's just me.


Photo: Courtesy of Touchstone Pictures

The Role: Lisa Kudrow as Michele Weinberger and Mira Sorvino as Romy White
Costume Designer: Mona May
The Dresses: Romy and Michele's High School Reunion has the best version of prom you could ever, ever hope for. You roll with your equally cool and rad bestie and you wear complementary, black, Madonna outfits with "Like A Virgin" and "Blonde Ambition Tour" hair, respectively. You layer as many rosaries as you would eye shadow colors, and you Go. To. Town. You both sew in big, padded bras into your various thrifted pieces with clumsy "it'll hold for the night" stitches, you dance and "Vogue" like maniacs, you laugh your faces off about EVERYTHING, don't care a whit about what anybody else is doing and when it's all done you have ZERO regrets, tatters of this weird and beautiful disintegrating dress, French fries in your underwire and a grip of photos that will remind you that there once was a time when you and your bestest ladyfriend thought you were invincible and untouchable and maybe you totally were and you looked completely cramazing doing it.

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I love these two as a couple. What a festive way to celebrate two important events in their life. Mariah looks like a dream.

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