Would like the full look, please.
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Emma Watson showed up to the Valentino Haute Couture show in Paris lookin' like she just got off the back of a motorcycle. A fancy, gorgeous motorcycle. She also wore only one earring, which is just, like, her effortless style embodied.

Rihanna got her nose pierced. More specifically, she got her septum pierced. She tried to distract us from her new facial piercing with an iridescent bucket hat, but as Rihanna experts, we caught on quickly.

• Ciara debuted her brand new, two-tone, waist-length dreadlocks, which confirm her status as one of the coolest moms on the planet. Not that we need extra proof, TBH.

• Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson hung out in the front row of a Dior show, which is all fine and good, except they didn't invite me.

• Jared Leto wore gold pants to the Chanel show in Paris. Oh, the pants are from Chanel's women's collection.

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YAY, Kesha is back.
Photo: Teen Vogue

• Kesha ditched her face paint for bangs on her new 'Teen Vogue' cover. The full spread is stripped down and gorgeous. We're feeling this new Kesha era.

• Beyonce and Jay Z kicked off their highly anticipated On The Run Tour and, as expected, there are a ton of outfits. We're partial to the fishnet and leather leotard, but then again, we like anything Jay wears (JK, JK LOL).

Rihanna covers Harper's Bazaar Arabia and is, unusually, fully covered up throughout the entire spread. She can wear all the clothes or nothing and kills it either way.

One Direction is releasing a new makeup line which Niall showed off on his hands. A free idea for their marketing team: Niall polish. Get it? He wears a glitter manicure well.

FKA Twigs dropped the video for "Two Weeks" this week and is serving up all kinds of Aaliyah in Queen Of The Damned realness. If you haven't watched this video upwards of ten times this week, you're missing out.

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What, like you've never seen Gaga wear underwear as outerwear?!
Photo: Splash

• When it comes to style, Rihanna and Lady Gaga are known to do their own ~thing~. But when both of them stepped out wearing pink satin robes—during the day, in public, with heels—we couldn't help but wonder if we were observing a trend in motion. (Trend or not, try at your own risk.)

• Ariana Grande kissed her signature monochrome costumes goodbye (at least for the night!) when she took the stage at the MuchMusic Awards in some serious sequins. The girl seriously lit up the stage—and this time, it wasn't just because of her voice.

• Kanye stopped by Cannes to talk about fashion, technology, and how getting a cover from Vogue made everything—including, apparently, a video as bonkers as Bound 2—OK. We still don't know if Anna Wintour would be into the whole getting-frisky-on-a-motorcycle thing, but whatev makes Ye happy makes us happy.

• Zendaya was just tapped to star in Aaliyah's biopic, but the Disney star has been channeling the R&B princess for years. She even dressed up as Aaliyah for Halloween last year, '90s Tommy Hilfiger and all. Girl is ready.

• T.I. (finally!) released his music video for "No Mediocre" featuring Iggy Azalea. No offense to our boy TIP, but Iggy Iggs—and her Dolce & Gabbana LOVE belt—totally steal the show. We, well, love it.

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Not the only bunny in the 'Pills N Potions' video, FYI.
Photo: Young Money Records

• The video for Nicki Minaj's "Pills N Potions" video dropped on Monday. Nicki wore a ton of different ~lewks~ but, for some reason, we're particularly fond of the smoking rabbit.

• If you wanna be in a magazine this summer it looks like you have to get your hands on this Dior dress. Shailene Woodley, Charlize Theron, and Anna Kendrick have all worn it and we wondered who pulled it off best.

Nicolas Cage wore his face on his shirt and we found options for you to follow his lead. How meta is this trend gonna get, for real?

One Direction is releasing a new fragrance called You & I. Our biggest question is whether or not the bottle will be shaped like a gray sweater?

• Beyonce released new merch featuring emojis. I repeat, emojis on shirt. Beyonce + emojis = all our dreams coming true.

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Style icon, TBH.
Photo: Getty Images

• Obviously, the thing we and everyone else most wanted to talk about this week was Rihanna's totally sheer dress. You know the one. Made of 230,000 Swarovski crystals? Yeah, that one.

The Fault In Our Stars finally hit theaters (today!) and Shailene Woodley went barefoot on her way to the premiere. Yep, no shoes on New York City sidewalks. O_O

• Nick Minaj wore silver star pasties and a sheer shirt to Hot 97 Summer Jam, marking the first time she performed in her preferred accessory. (We're talking about the pasties. Oh, you got that already? Ok, ok.)

• The CMT Awards were on Wednesday and Kacey Musgraves schooled us in how to wear not-so-basic black both on the red carpet and on stage.

• In honor of the return of Orange Is The New Black (which I will be watching from the second I leave work until I am finished with every episode), we tested beauty hacks from the show's posters. Do tampons work as curlers? You'll have to watch to see!

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So long, leotard.
Photo: Getty Images

• Miley Cyrus attended the World Music Awards and performed in—gasp!—a gown. Even leotards need a day off once in a while, y'know?

Lana Del Rey showed off her selfie skillz in Intro Magazine. LDR's selfies > my selfies. She has a natural talent, TBH.

Mariah Carey wore a Versace gown on the subway because, I mean, what else would Mimi wear on the subway? She looks like she's having a great time, which makes me suspect glamour is the key to a tolerable commute.

• Kristen Stewart upgraded her sneaker collection with a pair of Chanel kicks. These shoes are not appropriate for the gym. Like, at all.

• Kim Kardashian and Kanye West got married on Saturday (yeah, that was this week) and we imagined what a commemorative plate would look like. It would feature Kanye lyrics, naturally.

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Katy and her new 'do.
Photo: Getty Images

Katy Perry debuted a new shade of green for her hair. While IRL her hair has faded, she keeps the "slime green" alive and well on stage with magic a wig.

• Nicki Minaj teased a photo from the set of her new video, in which she totally looks like the barb next door. No wigs and a sweater—maybe subdued Nicki is here to stay?

Karlie Kloss and Selena Gomez matched in monochrome at the American Ballet Theatre Gala. We're, like, pretty sure they got ready together at Taylor Swift's. It makes sense, right?

• In "Dark Horse," Katy Perry requests someone make her an Aphrodite, and that's exactly what artist Mark Ryden painted her as with blue hair, floral dress, and all.

• We took a look at Tyler Posey's style evolution, from tiny QT in Maid in Manhattan to adult QT in Teen Wolf. He wore a leather jacket on his first red carpet, which is the most #swaggy.

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Rihanna for 'Vogue Brazil.'
Photo: @badgalriri Instagram

• Rihanna posted tons of photos from her mostly topless photo shoot for Vogue Brazil and then surprised us all with another (and somehow even more NSFW) topless photo for Lui. There was a whole lotta topless Rihanna around this week.

Demi Lovato's blonde hair got its moment in the spotlight again when Cosmopolitan for Latinas to on its cover. She also took a selfie that showed how down she is with trying local fashion.

• The 10th anniversary of Mean Girls fortuitously landed on a Wednesday, which meant it was time to break out the pink.

Rihanna attended the iHeart Radio Music Awards and looked like she'd just emerged from The Matrix. Very Jada Pinkett Smith, very #futuregoth.

• Katy Perry has been previewing her Prismatic World Tour wardrobe all week and shared the sketch of a colorful and caped Valentino piece she'll be wearing.

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No-makeup selfie queen.
Photo: @ddlovato Instagram

• We were jealous of Demi Lovato's no-makeup selfie because (a) she woke up like that and (b) she woke up like that at 4 p.m. SHE GETS TO SLEEP UNTIL 4!

• Lupita Nyong'o was named People magazine's Most Beautiful, which is a no-brainer, TBH. Have you see her? 2014 is already Lupita's year, and it's only April. #bowdown

• You guys, Ariana Grande is totally having a Nancy Sinatra moment right now. She also wore a sweater and knee-high boots (and no pants) to the White House, so...

• Rita Ora ruined a white dress and shoes when she had paint poured all over her during a performance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The new look was giving us some Alexander McQueen x Carrie vibes.

• One Direction has autograph-inscribed sneakers that they're sending to fans who subscribe to their newsletter. The remaining question is: Will these bad boys ever be sold in stores?

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Understated Nicki Minaj.
Photo: Getty Images

• All of our faves came out for the MTV Movie Awards, including Nicki Minaj who was very atypically understated in a black Alexander McQueen gown.

• After surprising us with orange hair last week, Kristen Stewart has already changed her hair color, this time to bright red. Seriously, everyone is changing their hair.

Rihanna wore a straight-up robe to the Movie Awards, which further cements her status as a hero in our books. For her performance she changed into a bomber jacket, and matched with Eminem. Fashion twinsies.

Adam Lambert debuted a green 'do, which led us to wonder whether he or Katy Perry pulled green off better. Will blonde hair be a distant memory soon?

• Ellie Goulding maintained goddess status from the Movie Awards red carpet to her performance, wearing two white gowns and, as always, perfectly mussed hair.

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