Kanye West and Rihanna

Kanye West on March 6 and Rihanna on Nov. 14.
Photo: Getty Images/Splash News

• Talk about déjà vu—it seems like every couple of months we're peering right back into the face of the Riccardo Tisci-designed Givenchy Rottweiler tee. This time, Rihanna sported the doggie tee in an outfit nearly identical to Kanye's from months ago!

• We love when Katy Perry plays dress-up, so after seeing pictures of her Wild West Birthday Party, complete with a pink cowgirl Katy, a shirtless Indian Russell Brand, and a cactus Robyn, we went wild ourselves! Send US an invite next time, Katy—we promise we'll go all out on the theme!

• When we saw Selena Gomez & The Scene's "Hit The Lights" music video we KNEW we couldn't go without analyzing each and every one of her cuteness-overload looks. So we did. #sorrywerenotsorry

• Honestly, Dakota and Elle Fanning are such a power-duo of pure talent and beauty that sometimes we wonder if they're, in fact, real girls or actually well-programmed, stylish androids. Regardless, the Fanning sisters look ready for the holidays on the cover of W magazine. And we're pretty sure robots don't celebrate Chrismahanukwanzakah, so +1 point goes to Dakota and Elle and the Fanning gene pool.

• We're pretty used to expecting Lady Gaga's kooky street-style outfits, so we were a little perplexed when she wore mom shorts one day and a scholarly pantsless outfit another while filming for the X Factor in London.


selena gomez ema

Selena Gomez in Marchesa at the EMA.
Photo: Getty Images

We showed you all nine of Selena Gomez's SENSATIONAL EMA outfits, and each one was adorbs city. From elegant mini dresses to the coolest sequin jumpsuits and hot pants, Selena style slayed it like nobody's biz. Selena and BF Justin Bieber had the cutest opposites attract couples style, too, and Lady Gaga had everyone gasping at all of her Paco Rabanne outfits. All in all, the EMA this year was a fash-parade of bananas-ness.

Chloë is totally fine with Snooki wearing her designs and also thinks JWOWW is a babe. This is totally random but also pretty cool.

Dakota Fanning's Marc Jacobs Lola perfume ads were banned in the UK for being too provocative. We begged to differ and are still scratching our heads about it (and our noses because we still really want this perfume).

Kristen Stewart was a bewitching beauty in 'Vogue Italia' and said she'd like to wear more feminine clothes. If her spooky eyes and all of the long, drapey dresses in this shoot are evidence of this style change, we like the idea.

Nicki Minaj wore a dress made entirely of stuffed animal heads. Even though it was a little creepy, we still really wanted to give her hugs because of it. She's so cuddly!


Reimagined Beyoncé and Eminem paintings.
Photo: Getty Images

Maybe it was Snooki's new hair or Gaga's impression of a giant black pearl or all nine outfits Little Miss Selena Gomez wore hosting the 2011 MTV EMA in Belfast that had us so distracted. Whatever the reason, in all our haste, we somehow managed to glaze over these AMAZEBALLS works of art that lined the walls at the MTV Voices Dinner (which BTW honored Justin Bieber for his exemplary charity efforts) following the event. I meaaaannn, Beyoncé as Queen Elizabeth I?? A literal QUEEN BEY??!? *head explodes* We'd actually love to see Bey pop and lock in one of these filigree neck ruffles at some point, though the sleeves might be a little too voluminous and therefore restricting for that "Run The World (Girls)" routine. This reimagination of Eminem as some sort of decorated nobleman is also deliciously unreal. To the point where we're cocking our heads to the side, wondering if it wouldn't be too strange-making to see Em in this kind of old-timey military garb IRL.


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Steampunk Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber in a leather robot arm gauntlet.
Photo: Courtesy of Justin Bieber's Instagram

Justin Bieber went through a shocking style transformation involving steampunk, and we now have Bieber ROBOT Fever. What on Earth (or otherwise) is this crazy robotic arm gauntlet thingie he's sporting in the upcoming "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town" music video?

Nikki Reed and Jackson Rathbone looked like the perfect wedding cake toppers for a "Breaking Dawn" event in Italy. Even though they're not a real-life couple and play vamp-siblings in the Twi-movies, they would still look amazing atop a red velvet cake.

Nicole Richie and Kelly Osbourne battled it out for the best J.Lo costume on Halloween. Nicole was a tan, veloured, Jenny-from-the-block while Kelly went for American Idol era Jen. Both had the glitz and glam swagger going on, we still can't decide!

Kreayshawn wore a leopard face ski mask and also got her own video game. We thought about how cozy it would be to wear this leopard mask while simultaneously playing her video game. It's not as easy as it looks.

There was rather breaking news that Ryan Gosling may be designing his own leather jackets. How come NO ONE can tell us where to line up to get one?

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Justin Bieber and leather robot arm gauntlet.
Photo: Courtesy of Justin Bieber's Instagram/SkinzNhydez

It seems Justin Bieber is writing a new style chapter for himself. Gone (for now) are the days of flippy sandy brown locks and purple contrast-zipper hoodies, as Bieber ushered in a new era and look for his appearance on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno last night. Justin talked about his custom Batmobile, new Christmas album, working with the legendary Mariah Carey, and how proceeds from the aforementioned album will benefit the same food bank his mother sometimes visited before YouTube and Usher catapulted The Biebs to the mega-fame he is thankful for today.

Despite all the information we retained, what's sticking with us post-interview is this new Justin. Is it because of the newness we're feeling from finally getting to see his forehead? Could it be pangs of adorable head-tick withdrawal? Or perhaps we're hung up on his very "Ode to The Leatherman" ensemble, what with the eye-bugging combination of a leather button-up with lateral tuxedo pleats AND a leather skinny tie. Whatever it is or was, it conjured a Googling wormhole that led us straight to the Etsy listing and leather designer of Bieber's robot arm that entranced us just one week ago.


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Snooki with red tips on Oct. 22.
Photo: Getty Images

• Snooki's recent tonsorial alteration (dying her hair dark brown with red tips) really held your focus this week. The mane switch to a warmer hue fell right in line with the release of her new book and the first smack of autumn's chill.

• With Halloween only a weekend away, this week was all about those last-minute preparations and more ideas to jumpstart those creative juices. Favorites this week were our Katy Perry and Beyonce costume ideas and our affordable tip for replicating Nicki Minaj's infamous derriere.

• We learned that Jessie J douses herself in Britney Spears's 'Fantasy' perfume before every performance for good luck. We would say we wonder what Brit thinks about it, but since tweeted about it, we don't have to! (Spoiler alert: she's flattered, of course.)

• We showed you what Lady Gaga's Zombie Boy looks like without tattoos after he was covered head-to-toe in an expertly applied sheen of foundation. We're in shock, not just due to the new look but also because boy must have sat there for HOURS.

• Running circles around the women of the world, Beyonce released her "Party" music video and proved there's nothing you can do to fugify this bombshell. Not even a funny face and Terry Richardson glasses.

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Lady Gaga in Asher Levine

Lady Gaga in Asher Levine during the shoot for her
"Marry The Night" music video.
Photo: Courtesy of Asher Levine

Lady Gaga wore an Asher Levine leather bodysuit and blood for her "Marry the Night" video, and we asked you if you thought she'd be bringing bicycle shorts back. The jury's still out until we see the finished vid but she looks awesome, as usual.

Kristen Stewart showed off a lot of leg for Glamour and was interviewed by Stephenie Meyer. They chatted about boys—specifically about the significance of behavior that involved throwing grapes—and the accompanying cover story photos showed a new glamorous (excuse us) side of the Twilight Saga star.

Nicki Minaj tranformed into Lil Wayne's 'Y.U. Mad' music video persona and sported pink-tipped blond dreads. She wore Jeremy Scott Adidas trainers, became "The Female Weezy," and it was all hilarious and amazing.

We showed you how to get Snooki's sparkly triangle necklace and sequin leopard tank for under $40. It's all about animal prints, bling, and poufs, people. And nails. But you knew that.

We also broke down Justin Bieber's 'Mistletoe' music video ensemble and showed you how to get the look. If you can't be with Justin Bieber, you might as well BE Justin Bieber. Also, his red fingerless gloves are rad.

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Rihanna on the November 2011 issue of Esquire

Rihanna on the November 2011 issue of "Esquire."
Photo: Courtesy of "Esquire"

Rihanna wore literally nothing but leaves and dirt on the cover of 'Esquire', and we wondered if this was the best way to showcase the "Sexiest Woman Alive." Really, guys, dirt on her face rather than a cream blush, crimson lip, and something McQueen?

Lady Gaga accessorized with a red telephone on the NY streets of SoHo. She looked amazing but clearly had no service and was kinda busy in those downtown environs.

Beyoncé rocked two 'Harper's Bazaar' covers shot by Terry Richardson and opened up about her maternity line and relationship with Jay-Z. Also, she looked mega-GORGE in the accompanying behind-the-scenes video. She runs the world!

Nicki Minaj wore a CRAY outfit that could have been cute if not for a totally out of place plushie shrug. We broke it down and offered some suggestions.

Rain announced that he was going into the military and we started mourning his luxury suiting and spectacular monogrammed luggage editorials that were his life (and ours) pre-Jarhead. Stay safe and away from thunder, bb!

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The Situation tuxedo line

The Situation wears his tuxedo line.
Photo: Courtesy of FLOW Formal Wear

• This week was all about Shore style, if you know what we mean, and we think you do. The first photos from The Situation's tuxedo line were released and included both traditional tux options as well as a version that involved a shiny vest paired with a tank and jeans. Snooki made her flip-flop collection debut, and we were totally into the pink pair covered in pickles.

Kristen Stewart covered British GQ in a vampy retro bikini, and it made us hungry to see what she's going to look like after her real Twilight vampire transformation onscreen.

Kanye West made his Paris Fashion Week debut!!! Do we need to type more exclamation points? Probably, because he was totes nervous before the show but delivered some standout pieces including a scary dog-tooth hoodie thing that is totes lust-worthy.

• We're still wondering why this didn't end up on CNN's homepage, but Ke$ha's face got attacked by a hammerhead shark. Admittedly, the shark was of the plush variety, but it was still an inspired look worthy of a Halloween costume idea how-to.

Snooki was inspired by Gasoline Glamour pumps and bedazzled her own slipper boots in a startling array of mega gemstones. Nothing wrong with adding a bit (or GOBS) of sparkle on top of comfort!


Snooki Jimmy Fallon Jersey Floor

Snooki visits the 'Jersey Floor.'
Photo: Courtesy of NBC

• The cast of Jersey Shore appeared on an episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and their Jersey Floor style transformation pretty much broke the Internet. Thankfully, while we waited for it to mend itself, the "Spread Snooki" iPhone app helped us stave off our Jersey cravings while letting us be a little nostalgic about Snooki's now-defunct poof.

Rihanna's all-denim Jeremy Scott look made waves during filming for her new music video, "We Found Love," not to mention the cray-mazing bandana panties that she was asked to cover up for making landowners uncomfortable.

Kristin Cavallari has made it to her second week of Dancing with the Stars and her dead-on Marilyn Monroe look had more than a few of us turning heads. Can't wait to see what she wears next week!

• At the iHeartRadio Music Festival, eyebrows were raising about Nicki Minaj's chicken wing necklace, so we show you where to get one of your own. Naturally.

• Thanks to a swift shutterbug, we caught a glimpse of Kristen Stewart on the set of Snow White and the Huntsman riding a horse on the coastline in all her badass armor-clad glory. Spoiler alert: she's not your typical fairy princess.

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