Jennifer Lopez on the set of her 'I'm Into You' video shoot.
Photo: Jennifer Lopez's Twitter

American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez tweeted photos from her "I'm Into You" music video shoot, wherein she donned a Lanvin python-print silk halter gown with a matching head scarf and wrissssssssssssssssssssssstfuls of chunky Lanvin bangles. {InStyle}

• In a VERY rare act of cavalier bananasness, Vogue editor in chief Anna Wintour wore real-life J. Brand skinny jeans while watching a tennis match at the Sony Ericsson Open. The new look didn't last long, though, and order was restored to the universe when the fashion plate quickly changed into a Prada skirt later in the day. {Fab Sugar}

The Outnet, an online fashion outlet, is celebrating its second anniversary with a $2 birthday sale. What does that mean?! It means that you can scoop up ridiculously priced designer threads (i.e. a $1,795 Proenza Schouler leather jacket) for 2 bucks. For real-for real. {Glamour}

• Hottie actor Cam Gigandet recently went Chris Brown (who went Sisqo [lolololololol at a Sisqo reference]) by bleaching his 'do platinum blond. Fingers crossed that the new hair hue is for a role because we're not feelin' it. {Just Jared}

Aerin Lauder, heiress and SVP to the Estee Lauder beauty empire, will launch her own fashion company (with help from NBC's Jeff Zucker and Vogue's Anna Wintour). Watch out Tory Burch. Actually, watch out EVERY FASHION COMPANY EVER. Damn. #hardbody {She Finds}

• PR guru/reality show reg Kelly Cutrone is releasing her second book, a self-help tome called Normal Gets You Nowhere on May 3. Sign us up. Kelly had us at the title. {Styleite}

• According to the fella who makes the Victoria's Secret's Angel wings, Heidi Klum is a sweet saint to work with, while Gisele Bündchen is "always screaming." Who knew? [raises hand quietly] {Huffington Post}

• Despite the fact that American Apparel is facing Chapter 11 bankruptcy, the company is launching a new denim line. In denial or smart move? You be the judge. {Fashionista}

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Chloë Moretz at the Comedy Awards on March 26.
Photo: Getty Images

• Tween actress Chloë Moretz outshines women twice (and thrice, yikes) her age on the red carpet, and she recently revealed that she does it sans stylist. {Glamour}

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana (known to the well-heeled world as Dolce & Gabbana) are probs losing their minds rejoicing—the duo was acquitted of tax evasion (they were charged with failing to pay taxes on $1.1 billion in sales) by a judge who said there wasn't enough evidence to go to trial. Thank the satin-covered floral heavens. {Fashionista}

• The similarities between teen-blogging phenom Tavi Gevinson and Bebe Zeva, a 17-year-old fashion blogger, are sorta freaky—they both have four-letter names, they both live in non-fashion forward cities, and they are both as interested in fashion as they are in writing. And they're both preternaturally talented in a manner that freaks you out a little! {Elle}

• According to a news study out of the Netherlands, wearing designer labels—Lacoste, Hilfiger, Chanel [interesting threesome, no?])—could help you land a new gig. Yeah, but what if you need the new gig to afford to buy those designer labels. Chicken. Egg. Cart. Horse? {Styleite}

• Dude florals aren't just for island hopping anymore. The trendy (albeit sorta fey) print has been spotted under blazers, on button-downs, on Dr. Marten shoes, and Ray-Bans. {Fashion Indie}

Jessica Szohr has been tapped as the new face (er, armpit?) for Dove's Ultimate Go Sleeveless deodorant, an antiperspirant for women who like to go sans sleeves. {People StyleWatch}

Carrie Underwood hit the stage at the 2011 Academy of Country Music Awards rocking bright pink hair extensions. Looks like SOMEONE got hit by the Rihanna hair color bug. {Stylelist}

• Ever wonder what fashion designer Betsey Johnson wore to her senior prom in 1958? Apparently, it was something strapless, something calf-length, and something super-poufy. {Coco Perez}

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One of Katy Perry's looks from her 'E.T.' music video.
Photo: Courtesy of Katy Perry's Facebook.

• This week Katy Perry TOTALLY stole the show us with her new, alienesque 'E.T.' video! We pulled out every single look from the out-of-this-world vid, interviewed Kabuki, the miracle makeup man behind her transformation, and when Katy called for fans to re-create her extraterrestrial looks, we spotlighted our favorites. Why? Because we love you.

• BRITNEY'S BACK! And she showed off her hot bod in bejeweled bodysuits as she performed back on the stage like the good old days. Plus, gurl was ROCKING some Dolce & Gabbana all over her Femme Fatale album artwork!

Justin Bieber upgraded his bling and showed off his fandom at the same time when he switched out his dog tag necklace for a pendant of Stewie Griffin from Family Guy. All the while, his main lady, Selena Gomez, took Perez Hilton's Blue Ball Birthday Bash theme to heart and came out as queen of the Smurfs in her all-out blue ensemble.

• This season of Jersey Shore may be over, but that doesn't mean the casties are in hiding! Snooki stepped out in a homemade "Brunette Mafia" shirt that we're sure would be way easy to knock off.

Kelis wore crazy frontless pants, Jena Malone showed us how to wear blue eye shadow with class, style bloggers showed off their favorite animal prints, and we saw celebs sporting thick-strapped shoes all over the red carpet.

Vanessa Hudgens played it casual cool in a few T-shirts, and we showed you where to snatch them up. Meanwhile, Jennifer Hudson glammed it up in gorgeous bracelets, which got us hunting for more animal-themed jewelry that's just as drool-worthy.

• We peeked across the pond to see what our favorite British babes were wearing! Alexa Chung, Sienna Miller, Adele, and more showed us what's what with their stylish selves.

• The black hearts that British singer/songwriter Kate Nash and "90210" actress Shenae Grimes recently rocked on their cute mugs grabbed our attention! Did you <3 or </3 it?

• Before peeking between the pages, a magazine's gotta catch your eye! We rounded up all our favorite cover girls on the latest issues of Glamour, Rolling Stone, Elle and i-D. Some wore supercute getups, and others wore nothing at all!

• What were those hot dudes up to this week? Korean loverboy Rain showed off his glistening Hot Dude torso. Thanks to our moms' love of Criminal Minds, we finally discovered Mr. Hot Patootie Matthew Gray Gubler. Patrick Wolf proved that he is the ultimate boss of buttons. Oh yeah, and Ed Westwick looked supercute as he canoodled with a manfriend. Finally, Romeo picked daddy David Beckham's nose in public, but still managed to look hot. Plus, Moby and Marilyn Manson hugged it out while we captioned the pic!

Have a very stylish weekend!

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Hilary Duff at the 'Soul Surfer' premiere on March 30.
Photo: Getty Image

• Actress (er, hair chameleon) Hilary Duff was a chestnut brunette for a mere six months before stepping out this week with blonde-again locks. We feel ya Duff—with so many color options, why commit to just one? {Us}

• Someone (maybe it was Notorious BIG??) once said: "Mo' money mo' problems." The sentiment couldn't ring truer for Britney Spears. A marketing company claims that Brit-Brit owes them a 35 percent cut on sales of her fragrances—Curious, Fantasy, Believe, and Circus—and is suing for $10 million. {Styleite}

• Jewelry-drenched Jennifer Lopez is WORKING IT in her new global-themed Tous ad campaign. {People StyleWatch}

Christian Siriano has unveiled his cleaning sponge designs (think leopard print and retro patterns). Nope, this isn't an April Fools' Day joke. {The Cut}

Khloé Kardashian scored her first solo cover—wearing a pink, ruched strapless minidress—with this month's Cosmopolitan Middle East. {Styleite}

• Who remembers the Wonderbra ad featuring model Eva Herzigova from 1994? If you don't, you should check it out—it was recently named the most iconic billboard EVAH. {Glamour}

• In the new indie film Hit So Hard, Courtney Love says there's footage of her, her late husband Kurt Cobain, their daughter Frances Bean, and renowned designer Karl Lagerfeld telling her to lay off the tutu-wearing. Did she abide? Not a chance. {Styleite}

• Want to get 20 percent off at Ecko for the rest of your life? Well, if you get a tattoo of the brand's Rhino logo you can. Hello, tattoo remorse! {Coco Perez}

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Brad Goreski at Bravo Media's presentation on March 30, 2011.
Photo: Jordan Strauss/WireImage

Brad Goreski, Rachel Zoe's ex-assistant, has ARRIVED. The stylist, whose celeb clients include Cameron Diaz and Demi Moore, has snapped up his own Bravo reality show called It's a Brad Brad World. It sure is! {Stylelist}

• British singer/songwriter-turned-celebrity clothing label backer Liam Gallagher recently said in an interview with Spin magazine that the difference between his recently launched label, Pretty Green, and Jay-Z's Rocawear is that the wearers of his threads won't get arrested. Wow, dude. Loaded statement, much? {Styleite}

Kate Moss' fiancé, Jamie Hince, revealed to Express UK the he and the supermodel get custom clothes made on the cheap via "an amazing tailor in Thailand." {Glamour}

• According to one body language expert (who analyzed several Fall 2011 runway shows) the way you tote your handbag could reveal tidbits about your personality. Go science! {Vogue}

• Check out Gossip Girl's Penn Badgley showing off his modeling skills (wooooork) in a new campaign for H&M's 2011 Fashion Against AIDS collection. {People StyleWatch}

• Unlike many designers who want to change the world (or something else equally dramatic) with their clothing lines, Gwen Stefani admitted in a recent CNN interview that she launched L.A.M.B. for her own personal gratification. Nothing more. Nothing less. {People StyleWatch}

• That orange/pink/black striped Prada dress (you know the one) strikes again! This time, Zooey Deschanel appears on the May cover of Canadian fashion magazine Flare wearing the sheath with red lips and nails. {Coco Perez}

• Sooooooo, it was Anna Wintour who personally invited a green-haired Nicki Minaj to perform at the Runway to Green Vogue charity event on Tuesday night. Hmmmm...could this be a hint of a future Vogue cover for Ms. Nicki-Nicki? T'would be bonkers. {Coco Perez}

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Lady Gaga performs in Las Vegas on March 25.
Photo: Getty Images

Lady Gaga reportedly has a new side hustle as a writer for V, a high-fashion magazine. Before her first column hits on May 12, she's asking her fans to submit illustrations of her as an editor (don't forget the horn bone prosthetics). The best drawing will accompany the singer-turned-scribe's monthly musings. {Fashionista}

• At least one student at Ellender High School in Louisiana is fighting the principal's ruling that prohibits girls from wearing tuxedos to the prom. Hello, Mr. Principal! Isn't this the 21st century? {Glamour}

• We didn't see this one coming: According to Reese Witherspoon, her Water for Elephants costar Robert Pattinson had "dirty fingernails and hair," and "his clothes were dirty all the time." Method acting? {People StyleWatch}

The Kardashian crew—Kim, Khloé, and Kourtney—and their mom, Kris Jenner, are clad in white frocks and nude pumps on the May cover of Redbook magazine. Inside, the ladies tell why they just might be the hardest-working family in showbiz. {Us}

• The latest comic book heroine? That would be Angelina Jolie. We're kinda sad that the new 32-page book "Female Force: Angelina Jolie" features an introspective look at the star's career and family life...instead of showing Angie kicking bad guy butt. {Us}

• Rapper Foxy Brown got the boot in the Cayman Islands from cruise security after she LOST IT when spa staff denied her an onboard nail appointment for which she was three hours late. Dang, don't mess with a girl in need of a fill-in! {Us}

• The new Alexa Chung for Madewell collection hits soon, but as you wait (patiently), check out the five mix-and-match pieces she plans to wear to the ground. {She Finds}

Nicki Minaj wore her now-signature beehive wig dyed green for the Green Auction: A Bid to Save the Earth event held yesterday in New York City. So apropos. {Just Jared}

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Chloe Moretz on March 26, 2011 in New York City.
Photo: Charles Eshelman/FilmMagic

• The 14-year-old Kickass star Chloë Moretz, whose above-the-shoulder wavy bob is too cute for school, has added a little length (and five or so years) to her look with a headful of extensions. {InStyle}

• According to an interview in Vogue UK, fashion designer Hervé Léger doesn't do runway anymore because he finds the model selection slim (literally). {Glamour}

Katy Perry's mama, Mary Perry Hudson, is shopping a book around that reportedly discusses her dislike for everything from Russell Brand to the form-fitting shifts that her pop star daughter wears. Obviously, Mama Perry isn't Katy's No. 1 fan. {Glamour}

• Actress Emmy Rossum recently admitted that after a horrific haircut when she was 5, she's steered clear of scissors. When she does get her luscious locks trimmed, she freaks out. Poor girl. {People StyleWatch}

• If you have to regularly trim your Latise-enhanced lashes like Claire Danes, they've probably reached their max, says one makeup artist. {Allure}

Kelly Osbourne is working on designing a jewelry line, but she can't talk about it. Boooooo. We don't like secrets, especially when bracelets are involved. {Styleite}

• It's not rocket science, but it is worth mentioning—actress and Kate Spade muse Bryce Dallas Howard admits that bright, colorful clothes make her feel more social than her old black-on-black-on-black wardrobe did. {People StyleWatch}

Lil Wayne is on the cover of the latest issue of Interview magazine. But that's only half the story. On the inside, the rapper is interviewed by Paris Hilton. That is all. {Highsnobiety}

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Katy Perry made up for her 'E.T.' music video.
Photo: Katy Perry's Facebook

Katy Perry took to Facebook to reveal her alien transformation for her upcoming music video, "E.T." It's looking like a 180 from her candy-coated "California Gurls" vid...and just might remind us a little of "Avatar." {Stylelist}

Lady Gaga's custom "Born this Way" cowboy boots, which were embellished with unicorns and rainbows, took 500 HOURS to make! Just think...that's 373 more hours than James Franco's arm was stuck under that rock #127HoursJokeFTW {The Cut}

Jennifer Hudson revealed that her fiancé is still getting used to her new slimmed-down bod and couture wardrobe. Girl is gorgeous either way if you ask us. {Us Weekly}

• Get ready to become an expert on all things Chanel. The fashion house launched Chanel Makeup Confidential, which answers basically EVERYTHING you'd ever want to know about their beauty line. Plus: SHOPPING! {Stylelist}

• Looks like Chris Brown is SO OVER his bleached-blond hair. The singer tweeted a pic of himself showing that his roots have been dyed back to their dark shade. {Just Jared}

• They play high-schoolers on TV, but what did the cast of "Glee" look like when they were teens? Peek through their yearbook photos and thank the stars for celebrity stylists. {InStyle}

Natalie Portman's "Black Swan" dance double Sarah Lane wants her fair share of credit -- she claims Natalie only did around 5 percent of the dancing, while Portman's fiancé, Benjamin Millepied, is defending his No. 1 ballerina. Can we all just agree that it was a beauty of a film? {Styleite}

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Recording artist Moby and musician Marilyn Manson attend the 'Unstaged: An Original Series From American Express' after party held at The Mayan on March 23, 2011, in Los Angeles.
Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

We get the biggest kick outta famous people. And it's not Starbucks runs or gas pumping or going to the grocery store that convinces us that "stars are JUST like us"; it's moments like these where you catch Marilyn Manson goofing around with Moby that we just <3. Look at 'em. You can tell they're DYING to crack up but full deadpan-gravitassing for the shot. Thousand words are well and good, but we thought we'd caption it ("King of the World"s need not apply, come ooooooon). We got:

#Hugs Not Drugs
#Oh My Goth Get It Off Me!
#The Beautiful People (The Beautiful People)
#Love Means Never Having To Say You're Invading My Personal Space
#Mechanical Animal Rights
#My Other Backpack is a Goyard
#Do You Like Me WITH Or WITHOUT Glasses?


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Willow Smith performs in Manchester, England, on March 21.
Photo: Getty Images

• We made the most AMAZING discovery this week. While Willow Smith was performing in England, we realized she dressed SO MUCH like M. Bison from Street Fighter. Uncanny how worlds collide...

• So, Jessica Simpson tweeted about her shoe collection coming out with a new "scuba" line and then linked to a monstergross pic of some flipper-heel hybrids. Every fashion blog reported about it, including Coco Perez, but we found that she was JOKING (doy). A day later Coco Perez reported that she was pullin' his leg... but neglected to bestow us the nod. Really?

• OMGGGGG, is Jersey Shore over already?!?! Oh well. We'll just stare at this picture of JWOWW wearing wrist warmers in the meantime.

• What were those hot dudes up to this week? Jesse Williams looked extremely hot with AND without glasses (but we prefer with), Reece Thompson will be our new husband, The Strokes sizzled at SXSW, Clive Owen rocked a gnarly dad 'stache, and Paul Rudd did disheveled just right.

• Lady Gaga gave the INTERVIEW TO END ALL INTERVIEWS (please never stop giving us interviews, though, kthx) at a Google thingie this week, and we loved every second of it. Here are the highlights.

• Mega gorge Oh Land stopped by MTV to talk FASHUN, and now we're totally obsessed with her. Go get her self-titled album. It's out RIGHT NOW.

• Wanna dress like a celeb? Get Taylor Swift's Anthropologie dress, Lo Bosworth's Topshop skirt and top, Selena Gomez and Kendall Jenner's Sherri Hill dress, America's Next Top Model contestant Mikaela's gingham wedges, Audrina Patridge's patent leather platform pumps, or Steven Tyler's Chico's sunglasses and jacket (JK!!!).

• Spring trends are HEREEEEE! This week we loved: cutout manicures, unpretty lace, bangs, and graffiti? Yep.

• Elizabeth Taylor passed away. So we commemorated her life the only way we know how—by screenprinting her face on a bunch of T-shirts. We poured out some White Diamonds, too...

Jeffrey Campbell released his new lookbook, which featured bagsbagsbags galore aaaaand...Harry Potter-style specs.

• And lastly: Would you EVER wear Crocs Jelly Flats? P.S.: This question is kinda a no-brainer.

See you Monday, peoples!

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