Ke$ha at the RIAA Presidential Inaugural Charity Benefit.
Photo: Getty Images

Doth our eyes deceive? This week, a few style stars bear striking similarities to things, well, not themselves. Intentional or not, we're calling them out!

+Ke$ha attended an inaugural charity event in a patriotic Paul & Joe pantsuit, which just happened to be spangled with blue sequin stars, include a bedazzled headpiece and expressly bring to mind Wonder Woman.
{via Just Jared}

+Willow Smith ran some errands in a draping black leather ensemble and is apparently Neo's protégé. Who knows, whipping one's hair back and forth COULD be the new Matrix move?!
{via Oh No They Didn't!}

+Catherine Zeta Jones stepped off a plane looking like a straight up Pilgrim. Buckle hat and all.
{via Coco Perez}

+ Katy Perry channeled a seksi (but not TOO seksi!) Uncle Sam in a Johnny Wujek creation that she wore for the Kids' Inaugural Concert in Washington, DC.
{Us Weekly}

+Kerry Washington also hit up the nation's capital, but appeared curiously international in a red tartan dress. Fer real though, only she could resemble a Walker’s Shortbread box and still look flawless.
{The Cut}

+ And Adam Levine, you deserve a moment of pondering because...we don’t even know. You're a Hershey Kiss alien who got attacked by paint balls and only lives once?
{via Us Weekly}

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Seed Of Life Corset

Seed Of Life Corset created using Shapeways.
Photo: Courtesy of Three Form Fashion

Even though we're keenly aware that the collision of fashion and technology is nothing new (think: Nike Fuel Bands, the Google Glass, and, notably, Snooki’s “fashion you can hear”), this week we swept the tech-minded corners of the interwebs and found some of the latest, greatest, and totally wackadoodle projects in high-tech fashion!

+Behold Shapeways, the 3D printing marketplace that facilitates manufacturing of YOUR great ideas by simply uploading a design file. Check out the mind-blowing video in the link, and get to steppin' on your own best-friend necklaces, sunglasses, Gothic candelabra, whatever!
{via The Creators Project}

+IBM released an algorithm that predicts steampunk will be a major force in the future of fashion. I mean, Bieber's rocked it before (and we respect his stewardship), but we can't reaaaally imagine clocks, pipes, and moving gears dominating the runway.
{via Refinery 29}

+The world's first fashion hackathon O_O is coming to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Top engineers will compete to create a digital concept (perhaps an app?!) for the industry. Can't wait to see THIS crowd brush shoulders with the fashion week regulars!
{via Decoded Fashion}

+Burberry's flagship store in London boasts some crazy tech: the world's tallest retail screen, 550 hidden speakers, screens that turn into mirrors, and a hydraulic stage (for impromptu in-store gigs, of course). Guess you can teach old brands new tricks?
{via The Guardian}

+This year's Consumer Electronics Show showcased I'm Here, a GPS tracker connected to social media platforms and small enough to fit on your clothing. Great for losing a sock, not so great for a losing a stalker.
{via Mashable}

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Ryan Lochte

Is Ryan Lochte officially launching a fashion line?
Photo: Getty Images

With the impending hysteria of the Fall/Winter 2013 collections, it's high time we remember that fashion ain’t all that serious!

+Ryan Lochte inked a reality series deal with E! this week, prompting whispers on the street that his fashion line is, jeah, a real thing. It's set to consist of shoes and "glitzy" accessories. Jawesome.
{via Entertainmentwise}

+Even with unparalleled red-carpet game, Emma Stone thinks it's hilarious that Vogue named her the best-dressed gal of 2012. It's all about the LAWLS.
{via Coco Perez}

+Jerry Seinfeld sacrifices his trademark white sneakers for the dear Mrs., who finds them "jarring."
{via The Cut}

+Check out this tri-colored Jason Wu bag that totally looks like a Poké Ball. Chalk it up to coincidence, but for $1700 it better come with a Charizard and Mewtwo!!
{via Refinery 29}

+Model David Gandy launched “Blue Steel Appeal" this week as a part of the UK charity Red Nose Day 2013. His announcement came complete with a screening of Zoolander and plenty of pouting.
{via Elle UK}

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Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr climbs every mountain.
Photo: Miranda Kerr's Instagram

The fashion world welcomes 2013 by stepping out in more ways than one!

+ Miranda Kerr goes for the "I'm a star!" pose atop a mountain and further proves that sneaker wedges are God's gift to (wo)man.
{via Miranda Kerr's Instagram}

+ OG House of Style host Cindy Crawford hoses herself with champagne in front of the Hollywood sign while Terry Richardson shoots the amazingness of it all. I guess two really is a party!
{via Coco Perez}

+ Rihanna bikes in the woods, frolics on the beach, and trots around on a horse in a tourism commercial for her native Barbados. HIP HIP, on an iiiisland in the sunnn...
{via Huffington Post}

+ Clover Canyon's Spring '13 collection positively STUNS with near kaleidoscopic colors and prints that channel the alfresco beauty of the brand's California home. Each piece leaves something to unpack, but is still so wearable and we wish we had a billion $$$ to buy it all.
{via Clover Canyon}

+ It might not be a cliff in the outdoorsy sense, but you've likely heard the term "fiscal cliff" floating around for a few weeks. What does it mean for the fashion world? (Also, just what does it mean, period?)
{via Fashionista}

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Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger performs.
Photo: Getty Images

Here at MTV Style, we're not under any pretense that the fashion world is shy. But this week it seems like no one wants to hold their tongue!

+ Mick Jagger is a "dandelion," according to André Leon Talley. In his review of The Rolling Stones’ 50th Anniversary concert, the Vogue editor-at-large (amusingly) waxes poetic on the front man's iconic stage presence.
{via Vogue}

+ Coco Rocha, social media-savvy model du jour, issues her unique perspective the new Instagram Terms of Use.
{via Coco Rocha's Twitter}

+ Lena Dunham was just crowned 2012's Coolest Person of the Year, but apparently America's Next Top Model winner Laura James tried to nominate herself?
{via Time}

+ Selfridges, the super awesome UK luxury department store, would actually like you to shut up. Early next year, the retailer is set to launch a SILENT shopping area for customers to peruse in peace!
{via Women's Wear Daily}

+ Aaanddd James Franco has just announced that he will be releasing a SECOND book of poetry, entitled Directing Herbert White. The collection apparently takes its title from a poem that Franco composed about a short film he wrote based on a poem by Frank Bidart... Giddy up!
{via Refinery 29)

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Sony Earbuds

Sony advertises earbuds as music icons.
Photo: Sony/Welcomm Publis Worldwide

Statues? Lifetime achievement awards? Knighthood? Child's play. This week, the legacy of famous icons are commemorated in style.

Elvis Impersonator
A South Korean advertising agency launched a clever campaign for Sony in which music icons like Elvis Presley, Kurt Cobain, Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix, and MOZART are reimagined as earbuds.
{via The Inspiration Grid}

Sweater Gang
We're not totally sure where these came from or why they exist, but here are some illustrations of famous sweaters. We're talking Bill Cosby, The Dude, Mr. Rogers. The trillest.
{via Highsnobiety}

Polos of the Future
To celebrate Lacoste's 80th anniversary, the pioneering polo brand created a video in which stylish contempos traipse city streets in self-tailoring, color-changing, and sleeve-growing polos.
{via Women's Wear Daily}

Viva Forever
If jukebox musicals are a pop culture rite of passage, then the Spice Girls have been inducted! Check out the fabulous fashion from their press night for Viva Forever!
{via Coco Perez}

Family of Force
The Air Force One is no longer a solitary style icon. Nike announced this week that it will use the revolutionary design principles of the classic shoe to create a whole family of innovative sneakers.
{via Nike}

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Kate Bosworth

Kate Bosworth fronts Topshop's holiday campaign.
Photo: Kate Bosworth's Twitter

This week, fabulous figures in the fashion world are charting new territory.

Kate Sings
Kate Bosworth was revealed as the new face and VOICE of Topshop's first ever holiday campaign. With so many actresses fronting fashion brands these days, is she upping the ante?
{via British Vogue}

Nicolas Tweets
Nicolas Ghesquière arrives fashionably late to the social networking world. And although @TWNGhesquiere has no tweets yet, just look who's pictured in his avatar. Bffle cakes.
{via Twitter}

Anna Delegates?
Will Anna Wintour, our dictator of taste, serve a new post as ambassador to the U.K.? The rumor mill is ch-ch-churning! Also, tehe at the thought of Queen Anna technically being a civil servant.
{via Women's Wear Daily}

CR Sells Out
It's official. The former editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris Carine Roitfield has completely sold out the first issue of CR Fashion Book at newsstands. Not too shabby for a maiden voyage, eh???
{via Fashionista}

Bunnies Collab
Playboy (of all retailers) forays into the world of designer collaborations! The design duo, Cushnie et Ochs, will team up with the nudie mag to create a bondage-chic leather bra. Natch.
{via Refinery 29}

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Kate Middleton

The Duchess gets bangs.
Photo: Getty Images

Black Friday was all about price cuts. This week, however, the fashion world is cutting more than costs!

Fresh Cut
Kate Middleton got BANGS, y'all!...Or at least that's what everyone's calling them. They're more like side-swept angled layers. But that's just not as news-worthy.
{via InStyle}

Diamond Cut
Bulgari on Fifth Avenue furnished its holiday windows with a brilliant, weaving, sparkling SERPENT. This wasn't your average spooky snake, however--thousands of LED bulbs made it look like the iconic diamond necklace slithering across the storefront. So. damn. frosty.
{via Bulgari}

Documentary Cut
HBO released a trailer for its upcoming documentary about the editorial genius at Vogue. What exactly does a fashion editor do? You're about to find out.
{via Fashionista}

Horses Cut
Treasure & Bond in SoHo installed a fake motel scene in the middle of its store. The display is a pop-up for Horses Cut Shop, a graphic t -shirt brand andddd incidental treasure trove of Americana.
{via Racked National}

Short Cut
Attention ASOS customers aka every fashion-y girl ever: you can now access Covetique, a site that sells previously-owned and politely-discounted designer clothes through ASOS! We're talking Alexander McQueen, Gucci, Chanel. Dead.
{via British Vogue}

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Emma Stone

Emma Stone makes Vogue's annual Best Dressed list.
Photo: Vogue

As Billy Shakespeare once said, “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.” This week, these people (and one bitmap image) were GREAT.

Emma Stone...
landed on Vogue’s Best Dressed list! We can't say we we're allll that surprised she snagged the number one spot, but then again, why should we be?
{via Vogue}

Nina Garcia...
was promoted to Creative Director at Marie Claire. There's been a lot of editorial shuffling lately, so BRAVA! to the Project Runway judge who locked her spot at the top of the masthead.
{via Fashionista}

Channing Tatum...
was named Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine! Even though this might be the biggest "a-duhhh" of the week, we've got serious respect for this dude. Plus, we called this wayyyy back when he did that bicycle kick in She's The Man.
{via People}

has created the world’s first invisibility cloak. Apparently see-through fabric is a thing? For us Muggles, this is HUGE.
{via Racked}

is Oxford English Dictionary's word of the year. We're pretty sure this is an acronym, but WHO'S COUNTING? Celebrate good times, come on!!
{via Jezebel}

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Bar Refaeli

Bar Rafaeli on a tramp.
Photo: Bar Refaeli's Instagram

This week the fashion world channeled the spirit of being a kid, because we all want to go back to a time when naps were encouraged and prime real estate was in a tree.

Bouncing Bar-ound
Bar Refaeli nails a midair pose and shows little concern for potentially exposed knickers. I mean, YOU MAD?
{via Instagram}

Cara's Onesie
Cara Delevingne celebrates a self-declared pajama day in the kind of “lounge-wear” hilariously ironic for her Victoria's Secret debut.
{via Racked National}

The Spoiled Child
Designer Julien David explores the sacred and turbulent moments of our school-aged years with his "Les Enfants Gates" collection. Check out the pattern based on GRAPH PAPER and join us in a collective shudder at the thought of 10th grade Trig.
{via Style Bubble}

Disney Princess Jewels
Chopard collaborated with legendary London department store Harrods to create a collection of jewels inspired by Disney princesses as a part of the store's holiday window displays. Featuring everything from Rapunzel's hair to Snow White's poisoned apple, you too can experience the magic with just a hop, skip, and jump over the Atlantic Ocean!
{via Vogue}

On Your Mark...
Opening Ceremony, Timberland, and some rull cute boys team up for a game of capture the flag in a new video for the brands' footwear collaboration. Girls vs. boys? WHO'S WITH ME.
{via Hypebeast}

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