Snooki shows off her Gasoline Glamour shoes.
Photo: Courtesy of Snooki's Twitter

Honestly, who isn't amazed by the bananas encrusted, glittering, MAJESTIC quality inherent to every pair of Gasoline Glamour heels? Surely you have eyes, so you can see why the impressive no-inch-left-uncovered attitude toward embellishment exhibited by this footwear designer is so moving. I mean, just LOOK at these things, shimmering and refracting SO many beams of light, and try not to be totally rocked by their ability to be simultaneously mind-boggling and awe-inspiring! I bet you can't do it. So it's no wonder Snooki couldn't help but snap and post a few photos of her wearing the shoes for a photo shoot last night.


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Keri Hilson, Jessie J, and Pink wear punky combat boots.
Photo: Getty Images

In keeping with the late '80s/early '90s revival (oh, you thought the resurgence of flannel, jumpsuits, and neon at the same time were a coincidence?), the hard-as-nails combat boots of the punk/grunge/New Wave era are making a comeback in a big way. This week alone, Keri Hilson, Jessie J (now without cast!!!), and Pink have all worn variations on the classic look. But, obviously, these fashion-forward ladies aren't wearing your parents' Doc Martens. Some things remain the same, for sure, and the essence and sentiment, of course, persist through ages, but Keri, Jessie J, and Pink are wearing iterations on a stand-by, updated for the current times.


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Demi Lovato on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" and one of her favorite pairs of Jeffrey Campbell shoes.
Photo: Getty Images/Courtesy of Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato may have appeared on-air wearing pair of sparkly peep-toe Christian Louboutins when she visited Late Night with Jimmy Fallon two weeks ago, but when the Late Night cameras caught up with her backstage, our girl was aaaall about some deliciously platformed Jeffrey Campbell designs. For those who, like us, follow Demi and her Instagram feed religiously, this doesn't come as a huge surprise. From 140-character proclamations of her undying love for Jeffrey Campbell's shoes to her die-hard donning of his footwear for public appearances (it may have been Loubous for Jimmy Fallon, but earlier that same day she was sporting JCs at Good Morning America), Demi's Late Night confession only confirms what we already knew.


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Fergie wears Breast Cancer Research and Awareness shoe to iHeartRadio Music Festival.
Photo: WireImage/Courtesy of Fergie Footwear

Every October, we are faced with a deluge of pink products, a reference to the pink ribbon which is the official symbol of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Over the years, we've collected stacks of fuchsia rubber bracelets, rosy-hued slogan T-shirts and yes, even a plastic umbrella in a lovely salmon hue (hey, we'd never say no to shopping for a good cause). But leave it to Fergie to come out with something ridiculously fabulous and fashionable in support of Breast Cancer Awareness—a limited edition 4-inch Fergie Footwear 'Awareness' heel that's fuchsia pink and sparkly all over.


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Jennifer Lopez, Kat Deluna, and Nicola Roberts wear hot shoes.
Photo: Getty Images

Most girls go through some sordid version of the following push-and-pull relationship with the color pink. One minute, it's plastered over everything you own, companies paint their packaging with the bold hue to invoke pleading tantrums of want, and dabbles of pink nail polish find its way onto every accessible surface in your bedroom. Basically, it rules. Then, you reach a certain age, and something turns, spoils inside you, and you reject the color and everything you think it stands for: immaturity, feminine ideal, that ex-best friend who never returned your glitter Barbie Jaguar convertible... *achem* You abandon it. And THEN, more years pass. You try on a bright pink dress as a joke and realize that WHOA, it looks GREAT against your skin. It makes you look way tanner in a healthy and totally natural way. It brings out your complexion's best undertones without a need for blush. It's A. MA. ZING. Annnnd that's why fabulous grown women like Jennifer Lopez, Kat Deluna, and Nicola Roberts wear and WORK hot pink.


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Eliza Doolittle, Kelis, and Karine Vanasse wear hot shoes.
Photo: Getty Images

Maybe I'm the only one who has been clutching so tightly onto summer, fighting off autumn with such unbridled objection, but now that the crisp chill of fall is finally creeping into my hardened heart, I'm warming up (*ironic ba dum tsh*) to the idea of a change in seasons. Also, the clothes are kind of... better during the cooler months. Sure, things get dicey once snow and sleet hit and you're relegated (slash demanded daily by your mom no matter how many miles away she is) to wearing parkas and sensible shoes, but you have to admit that just as the leaves start to turn and the air thins slightly, the layering party preceding the winter solstice is just so FUN! You may shed a few tears as you stow away those trusty sandals that got you through the summer's dog days, but fear not, young one! Eliza Doolittle, Kelis, and Pan Am actress Karine Vanasse show you what closed-toed goodness fall has in store.


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Spring 2012 shoes by Tommy Hilfiger, Mara Hoffman, and Y-3 at New York Fashion Week.
Photo: Getty Images

There's just some certain je ne sais quoi about shoes that gives me warm-and-fuzzies. Call me whatever, but there's something so mesmerizing to me about a well-crafted INTERESTING pair of shoes. The runways of New York Fashion Week were teeming with so much fascinating footwear, from intricately cut-out brogues to printed strappy platforms to majestic knee-high gladiator heels. What you see before you, this compilation of pairs by Tommy Hilfiger, Mara Hoffman, and Y-3, is but a mere sampling of all the beauty, creativity, and straight-up architectural expertise exhibited at Fashion Week.


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Photo: eBay

If I were still with my Star Wars-obsessed ex-boyfriend, I'd probably be bidding on this Adidas X Star Wars Stormtrooper Helmet for his Christmas present or a "just because" gift ('cause, you know, I was an excellent girlfriend AND I REALLY HOPE HE'S READING THIS). That's because, despite the fact that the helmet is made using two pairs of Adidas shoes and mouth-breathing into sneaker all day long isn't necessarily my idea of a fabulous time (also, masks are scary, let's face [heh] it), I recognize the unbelievable creativity behind this piece. SO SICK.

Made by Freehand Profit for Star Wars Remix, where artists "remix" elements to create their favorite scenes or characters from the movies, this one-of-a-kind work of art is constructed with Adidas X Star Wars Superskate Mids that are intricately twisted, molded, and shaped to encase an EFX Studio Stormtrooper prop helmet. And it's not merely decorative; the helmet, complete with holes for important stuff such as breathing and vision, is ACTUALLY WEARABLE for occasions like Halloween, sci-fi cons, looking awesome, ruling at life, and vanquishing your foes because their heads have exploded from jealousy. See, these freakin' shoes are basically doing you, like, nine favors. Bid now!

{via eBay}

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The 2011 NIKE MAG shoe and Michael J. Fox in 1989's "Back to the Future II."
Photo: Nike

Ever since we first saw Back to the Future II, we've bided our time until the year 2015, when we, like Michael J. Fox's character Marty McFly, would be able to experience hoverboards, flying cars, food hydrator machines, and scarily accurate weather forecasts. But as time passed, we lost hope of ever knowing what it'd feel like to cook a pizza in seconds or know FOR SURE whether or not it would rain on any given day.

Nike must have heard our pleas, because they're releasing the NIKE MAG high-top shoes, a replica of the rad original pair worn by Michael J. Fox in the movie. If you don't know what we're talking about (as in, you were too lost in Michael's baby blues), get this: these sneakers did ALL the work, including forming to Marty's foot and tying his shoelaces. While Nike's 2011 edition doesn't do that (hey, it's four years ahead of its time), the futuristic-looking shoe features an electroluminescent NIKE in the strap and a glowing LED panel, which lights up for five hours per charge. 'Cause, you know, shoes that illuminate are WAY more awesome than your average high-top.

Only 1,500 people will get to look as fly as McFly. Starting TODAY at 8:30 p.m. PST, the shoes will be auctioned off via eBay's Fashion Vault, with all net proceeds going to The Michael J. Fox Foundation. Now, where are our acid-washed jeans?

UPDATE: MTV Movies Talks To "Back to the Future" Writer Bob Gale About Nike Air McFlys

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Katy Perry, Lil Mama, and Jessie J wear the best shoes of the night at the 2011 VMAs.
Photo: John Shearer/Getty Images

I hope you didn't think we forgot about the most important (in MY humble opinion - though, I know I'm biased) accessory in our 2011 VMA style round-up! Oh, ye of little faith. There were just SO many options, such A-grade shoes game (not to mention outfit changes) that we needed to let it all marinate before we made our selections. The flipbook is full of our picks, but our three most exemplary well-heeled ladies of the night were big winner Katy Perry, MTV family staple Lil Mama, and VMA House Artist Jessie J.


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