Pixie Lott, Jessica Szohr, and Naya Rivera wear flat shoes.
Photo: Getty Images

We don't have to tell you that shoes can make or break an outfit. It's a proven FACT that you can snazz up any basic black dress or jeans and t-shirt combo with some killer shoes. Oh, and we're not talking crazy, billion-inches tall platform killer either, we're talking FLAT killer as in menswear-inspired oxfords, loafers, or slipper shoes. Not only are these shoes more comfortable for your morning commute (i.e. walking to homeroom or across campus), they're guaranteed to up the style factor of absolutely ANYTHING you're wearing. Dresses? Check. Jeans? Double-check. Kicky uniform skirts and tights? You better believe it! Seriously, these shoes go with everything.

Even though sartorial style-slayer Alexa Chung has been rocking the lace-up flat shoe look for eons, we love that Pixie Lott wears them all the time, too, especially with feminine skirts and shorts and tights. Gossip Girl's Jessica Szhor broke all the fashion rules by pairing her pointy black oxfords with a cocktail dress (super cute), and Naya Rivera went for the dressing-up-denim option (we told you it works!) by pairing her jeans with two-tone loafers (LOVE). Thus, MTV Style has chosen our favorite flat shoes—from creepers and oxfords to rad slip-ons—to kick your back-to-school style into the fast (yet comfortable) lane.


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Olivia Palermo at the DKNY Summer Soiree in July 2011; the Olivia-designed shoe for "Young Hollywood Cares."
Photo: FilmMagic/Stuart Weitzman

See, this we like. Instead of adding to the already-saturated celebrity-fronted clothing line hullabaloo, this "Young Hollywood Cares" collection makes a tremendous amount of sense. Not only does the Stuart Weitzman-led initiative benefit Dr. Marsha Moses' pioneering research in ovarian cancer, but it also allows four ladies with a penchant for rocking our socks off to try their hand at shoe architecture. The City style guru Olivia Palermo (whose Weitzman pumps have already debuted on the red carpet before), Scarlett Johansson, Gossip Girl Michelle Trachtenberg, and Hayden Panettiere all put their own spin on the Weitzman heel (think sky-high for Hayden, edgy for Michelle, and so on), which is rad because those girls know what goes into a good pump. They made sure their offerings stayed true to their personal style, oh...aaand contributed to a good cause. So let's see what each lady dreamed up:

Olivia went girlishly sophisticated with a pink feather-embellished wrap-heel, but kept things clean with a streamlined satin strap.


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Richie Rich, Kelli Goss, and Grace Phipps wear red carpet Litas.
Photo: Getty Images

Doth mine eyes deceive me? *rubs face vigorously* Are those really Jeffrey Campbell Litas on the red carpet?! JC's platform boots, ubiquitous to the blogosphere, are actually making their way to the red (or blue) carpet. Honestly, one sighting of a pair of these puppies at a major event would be heart-stopping enough, but to spot THREE instances of the shoes on our image wires in just ONE WEEK (via designer Richie Rich, newcomer Kelli Goss, and actress Grace Phipps)? Well, we're sent into a biological tailspin of malfunctioning organs and synapse misfires. My nerves are so fried, I'm, like, this close to needing to dictate this post to a wide-eyed, nimble-fingered intern.


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Lucy Hale, Naya Rivera, and JoJo wear interesting takes on the classic pump silhouette.
Photo: Getty Images

Whether your dress has a bajillion strategically placed cutouts and mesh panels or you're already rocking, like, eight mismatched prints (all in the same complimentary color palette, of course—let's not get crazy), inevitably there are going to be times when your full-length mirror is screaming at you to take it down a notch on your feetsies. It's at this point when you peer into your closet, dust off those trusty solid pumps you save precisely for times like these, and slip them on with only just a twinge of sadness. Well well well, BIG NEWS, sweetheart. Take a cue from Shoe Update veteran Lucy Hale, smokin' Glee star Naya Rivera, and sultry songstress JoJo for a way to wear pumps when you need to but still keep your footwear interesting.


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Ashlee Simpson, Amber Stevens, and Cynthia Rowley wear saturated shoes.
Photo: Getty Images

Giddy off the whimsy, friendship, and Americana of Independence Day, we floated through July in a cloud spun from sno-cones and glitter and summer dreams, and so it seems August has finally snuck up on us. Here it is, guys. Soak in this last month before school starts back up, before the leaves change colors and the air turns crisp. Start kissing the summer (and the flings that have probably come with it) goodbye. But MOST importantly, bust out all your brights and neons out in full-force this month while there's still time to rock them! Take a cue from fash-forward Ashlee Simpson, the lovely Amber Stevens, and designer Cynthia Rowley, and wear the color on your feetses.


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Deena Cortese Furry Boots

Deena Cortese transitions from white to black furry boots on July 26.
Photo: Getty Images

There's something beautiful happening amongst the ladies of Jersey Shore—their outfits are always seasonally timeless. Whether it's the middle of February or the middle of July, you can always count on two things: extremely short dresses and larger-than-life boots. Heck, JWOWW barely even wore a SHIRT during her New Year's festivities, and Lord knows that's in the middle of winter. These ladies are saying a big "F YOU" to weather because they will NOT let Mother Nature have her way, and we love that. Just yesterday, Deena was spotted in Seaside Heights buying a, erm, tent (iiiiiiiiinteresting) in a short white Dirty Couture dress (hat tip to Pauly D) and matching white furry boots. This an IDEAL daytime look because it's comfy and perfect for running errands like, oh I don't know, buying outdoor camping housing facilities. (We REALLY hope this means corresponding camping outfits à la corresponding camping furry boots. Um, Snooki in a Girl Scout uniform trying to light a fire? YES, PLEASE.) To transition this outfit into night, Deena classed it up with her SECOND pair of furry boots, this time in black, with what looks like a blue ¾ sleeve romper and a kind of AMAZING white Prada drawstring backpack.


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hailee steinfeld camilla belle ashely tisdale shoes

Hailee Steinfeld, Camilla Belle, Ashley Tisdale in their Miu Miu heels.
Photo: Getty Images

We're WELL aware that it's been almost a week now since Miu Miu drew in throngs of stylish young Hollywood womenfolk for its formal screening of "Muta" by Lucrecia Martel. Believe us, no one (NO ONE) clicked through the images of cute girl after cute girl pining over the contents of their wardrobes for a longer time or with more unbridled fashion lust as Team Style. Impeccable dresses and well-tressed coiffures aside, what continues to haunt our dreams TO THIS VERY DAY is the event's dangerously spot-on shoe candy, illustrated most impressively by the face of Miu Miu herself, Hailee Steinfeld. Actress-model Camilla Belle and stylish starlet Ashley Tisdale brought the foot game solidly, as well.


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Olivia Palermo wearing Stuart Weitzman Young Hollywood Cares Collection to the NYC Premiere of "The Smurfs."
Photo: Getty Images

When Olivia Palermo graced the offices of Elle magazine on The City, she was known for her chic officewear and KILLER shoe game. It comes as absolutely no surprise that the stylish socialite collaborated with shoe purveyor Stuart Weitzman for the "Stuart Weitzman Young Hollywood Cares Collection" to benefit ovarian cancer research, which she debuted earlier this week at The Smurfs premiere!


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Maria Sharapova, Jaime Winstone, and Jessica Szohr love their ankle-hugging shoes.
Photo: Getty Images

So, guys, we had a revelation. A really big, really important MEGA-revelation that will change the course of your lives and ours for, like...a while. Because you know what? Tuesdays just aren't all they're cracked up to be. You'd think wedged between dreary Monday and the hopeful Hump Day Wednesday, Tuesday would have a little pep in its step on that up-hill climb toward Friday. (At least, for what it's worth, Thursday is giddy with anticipation of the weekend.) Tuesdays just fall flat. Well well well. SURPRISE! We've moved the beloved Shoe Update to TUESDAYS to breathe a little life and joy and fancy into the sadly deflated day. And this installment of the round-up spotlights the lovely Maria Sharapova, English actress Jaime Winstone, and ex-Gossip Girl Jessica Szohr in their ankle-hugging finest.


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Alexa Chung at the Chanel Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2011/2012 show in Paris, France, on July 5, 2011, Eliza Doolittle at the world premiere of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2" after party in London, England, on July 7, 2011, and Evanna Lynch at the world premiere of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2" in London, England, on July 7, 2011.
Photo: Getty Images

A couple shoe things of note happened this week. A lot of which took place in Europe. OK, so there were more than a couple things—the world is a vast and giant place full of millions of people living out their simultaneous existences, blahblahblah something something, Disney theme park. But, listen. We don't have access to photographs of those amazing shoes and killer outfit you wore to dinner last night (unless you sent it to us for our Top Style Blogger feature *wink wink, nudge nudge*), so for the purposes of storytelling, bear with me and just, y'know, nod along.

So this week, a few of our favorite ladies across the pond did something really interesting: pairing girly, frilly frocks with kick-arse (That's how they say it over there, right?? Oh wait, no, that's PIRATES... *head retracts into body like a turtle*), edgy-femme footwear. Our girls Alexa Chung, Eliza Doolittle, and Evanna Lynch show us how to execute this refreshing take on outfit assemblage.


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