Cameron Diaz in Lanvin on March 30, Amber Lancaster on March 30, and Victoria Justice on March 26.
Photo: Getty Images

Strappy sandals are typically dainty. They're delicate and (let's be honest) sometimes uncomfortable. As we type this we're having flashbacks of skinny leather ankle straps cutting into the flesh of our Achilles. Stinging...burning...take 'em off! Soooooo, you can imagine what a pleasant (less traumatic) surprise it was to see stars step out this week in more forgiving footwear with thicker, less blood-thirsty straps. Cameron Diaz promoted her new movie Bad Teacher at CinemaCon wearing bold Lanvin pumps that featured wide toe and ankle straps. Meanwhile, Amber Lancaster popped by the launch of the 2011 Victoria's Secret SWIM Collection wearing futuristic gold and tan heels that had wide straps AND a cross foot strip for added support. Then there was Victoria Justice who accented her bright blue midriff/skirt combo with chic pewter baby-platforms at Perez Hilton's Blue Ball Birthday Party. All of these pumps are serious feet treats, but which pair is your favorite?


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Audrina Patridge in Christian Louboutin on March 23, Kristin Davis in Miu Miu on March 19, and Leona Lewis on March 19
Photo: Getty Images

Black patent leather and peep toes go together like peanut butter and jelly...chips and dip...ham and cheese...bacon and peanut butter and banana and honey and deep fried with ice cream and... What?! It's past our lunchtime...sorry. Anyways, the point is that this shoe style is a classic that alwaysalwaysalways works no matter what the occasion. The Hills alum Audrina Patridge, who—P.S.—has a new reality show debuting in April, posed in a pair of Christian Louboutin pumps that showed off her fresh maroon pedi. We're still debating the dress (the color? and the belt? ehhhh...), but the strappy Miu Miu patent stilettos that actress Kristin Davis stepped out in were undoubtedly sexy. And while it was hard to look away from British singer Leona Lewis' horsehair frock, we're so glad we did. That's when we spotted her swoon-worthy platform heels. Yum. It's near impossible to go wrong by keeping it simple and flipping it with a little sheen (if you don't own a pair, hop to it), but whose shoe game do you think stood out this week?


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Kat Graham's shoes in 'I Want It All (Abe Clements Remix & Viral Video).'
Photo: Courtesy of Kat Graham

Wowowowowowow. We can always count on Kat Graham to look gloriously well turned-out and smoking hot in all her videos but the type of #swagswagswag that has a beautiful girl like this flaunting nothing but her shoe game really goes after our hearts. And even though the Jeremy Scott cloven hoof boots from S/S 2011 are loooooooong impossible to get your mitts on (especially this screaming red/zebra edition *droooooolz*) you can definitely get your eBay stalk on and know that AT LEAST you can cop the UES Forsyth Wedge (the studded sneaker boot) on cuhraaaaazy sale (65% off!) right now here. We're digging on the Jeffrey Campbell Pixie-ish joints too (the all-black suede) but we're pretty sure they're not Pixies since they have a tab on the side zipper and we feeeeeeeel like we've seen the hardwared up Mary Janes and Ribbon wedges somewhere before but IDK! Help us out in the comments and spread the wealth of your show knowledge. Ooooor just watch this banger on repeat and "shop your closet" like you're supposed to instead of blowing paycheck after paycheck on heels like we do. Like, obvi not ALL of our paychecks. We need to take taxis if we're gonna look this pretty from the ankle down. We like to preserve our investments for utmost fiscal responsibility. That's how that works, right?


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Mikaela on 'America's Next Top Model.'
Photo: Courtesy of the CW

Last night's "America's Next Top Model" was as catty (reeeeeer! hisssssssss! somethingsomething baby leopards *scrrrraaaatch* ZOMG sidebar, but did you guys read this today? #catsrule) as ever. There was the typical infighting, DIARY READING and a host of other despicable behavior (one literal case of "hugging it out" [and it worked! I <3 being a girl), but the part that the judges were 100 percent on board/supportive/not-tryna-outdo-each-other-with-quips was how much they loved Mikaela's gingham shoes. Now, some of us at MTV Style either own or have visited or stalked these Jeffrey Campbell "Mariel"s in leather, floral, blue, red, black etc., etc., so we thought we'd let you know where you could cop them too if you weren't as shoe stalky as we are. Here and also here. Now, VERY IMPORTANT. Would you ever wear ankle socks with these? We're thinking maaaaaaaybe black fishnet socklettes. Anything light would be way too costumey right? Or wrong? Hmmm....

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Look it. Far be it for us to besmirch the infallible veracity of everything Perez Hilton. Like, in life or in fever dreams wherein sensory faculties are compromised, but we can ID dude as being important and best when looking upon us favorably. HOWEVER, check out this Coco Perez post DUB. TEE. EFF??!! Ummmmmm. If you're a loyal reader (as all of you should be), you'll remember we figured out YESTERDAY that Jessica Simpson's tweet regarding her "scuba shoes" was meant in jest. And we knew because we correctly ID'd the shoes as designed by Paul Schietekat. Coco Perez was all, "Jessica Simpson 'announced' she's expanding her shoe line to scuba fins." Throughout the afternoon, a slew of sites picked up the story and ran with it. One full day later, aka today (that's like math, right?) Coco Perez is all, "Nice try, Jess" and to that say: AHEM. Or in modern (so modern) internet parlance: FIIIIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRRSSSSSSSTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Photo: Courtesy of @JessicaSimpson


Sooooo, Jessica Simpson tweeted yesterday that she has "scuba gear coming soon" for her Jessica Simpson Collection and then linked to these SUPER GROSSMONSTER HYBRID FLIPPER STILETTO BARFS and continued to write, "Heels for every occasion ;)" We then noticed that Perez Hilton blogged about it on Coco Perez saying, "Jessica Simpson announced she's expanding her shoe line to scuba fins. This is almost as silly as that non-water friendly bathing suit." We were all like, "What? This can't be real. This bish made like eighteen majillion squillion dollars on shoes last year..." But then, our unflappable sleuth skills kicked in, which is about the time that we noticed the presence of a, WAIT FOR IT, winky face! Turns out, Stylelist wrote about these weirdo flipper heels, like, a thousand years ago (OK, it was 2007), and they aren't even REAL SHOES. They are an art installation piece by a Belgian sculptor named Paul Schietekat entitled "High Tide Heels." Sorry Perez, strike through update winky frowny face that jam. You got hornswoggled. #flimflam

Are those heels for REAL?
Photo: Courtesy of Paul Schietekat

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Left: Crocs Carlie flat. Right: Melissa purple snakeskin peep toe.
Photo: Courtesy of Crocs/Epaulet

UGH. Crocs. Everything about the perforated, flattened, rubberized horrors made you want to kill them with fire (remember how they even peddled those packets of plastic "flair" that you could customize your shoes with? *barfs violently at the memory*). Regardless of how loudly they were championed by fans who claimed they were "ridic comfortable" or "reasonably priced," there was just something unmistakably tragic and "sweatpants 365" about shuffling around in gardening clogs of varying upbeat colors. But after months of plummeting stock prices and round after round of fashion blogs and magazines openly mocking the plastic shoes, it seems the company is rallying. Cue to the news that Crocs is going "couture" with "cute" springtime flats. To be all the way real, there's nothing egregious about these peep-toe skimmers with the contrast insoles and you can argue that they're OK at $45 a pop, but could you ever really shake the negative brand connotations enough to buy them? And tell anyone who asks what they really are? ESPECIALLY when Melissas are on sale all over interwebz at $50?

+ We can't bring ourselves to cop Crocs. Can you?

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Fearne Cotton in Fearne Cotton on March 15, Whitney Port on March 14, Jennifer Hudson in Fendi on March 10
Photo: WireImage/Getty Images

Teeter-tottering on giant platforms is one spring trend we can't live without (especially on a bare leg), and judging from the mile-long pins of Fearne Cotton, Whitney Port and Jennifer Hudson, our favorite starlets can't either. This look has been all over the runway this past fash week, with stacked heels, wild wedges, and even flatforms (think the love child between the former two), and now they're all over the red carpet. British TV presenter Fearne Cotton stepped out in steep sandals from her own clothing and shoe line, and we absolutely ahhhdore the hot peach color. Also hawking her own wares was Whitney Port, who posed in these glittering silver wedges while showing her Whitney Eve Fall 2011 line in Los Angeles. And we were blown away by Jennifer Hudson's sick two-tone purple and pink snakeskin ankle straps that she performed in last week. We're obsessed with the power of platforms, but who stands out the strongest—and tallest—to you?


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Kat Graham in Loriblu on March 9, Amanda Seyfried in Lanvin on March 7, Blake Lively in Christian Louboutin on March 5
Photo: Getty Images

Um, can we please take a moment and appreciate the gorgeousness that is the ankle wrap situation displayed here by Kat Graham, Amanda Seyfried, and Blake Lively? Hot daaaaaaamn, ladies! Well played. Let's break these stellar steppers down, shall we? Because these are not your average, run-of-the-mill shoe closures, and for that, we applaud you. Slowly. While plotting to steal your stuff. Kat's neon yellow and black polka-dotted Loriblu heels brought a bright burst of color, but it was the thick ankle cuff that really caught our eye. We also swooned over the hardware of Amanda's double-tied leather and wood Lanvin sky-high stilettos, while Blake stepped out in Christian Louboutin's golden-tassel adorned wrap sandals that managed to jockey for attention despite her glittery couture dress. We absolutely adore all of these ankle embellishments, but which closure do you covet most?


+ What's behind the jump? See Hailee Steinfeld in Miu Miu, Jennifer Lopez in Brian Atwood, Zoe Saldana in Christian Louboutin, and MANY MORE in our Hot Celebrity Shoes gallery, which is updated weekly. You are SO welcome.

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Teresa Palmer in Christian Louboutin on March 2, Eva Mendes in Pierre Hardy on Feb. 26, Mia Wasikowska in Nicholas Kirkwood on Feb. 26
Photo: Getty Images

Strappy sandals aren't what they used to be. And that's a good thing! Instead of the same ol' tied-up/ankle wrapped/crisscrossed look, we're seeing tons of upgrades to the classic silhouette. Teresa Palmer's laced-up-to-her-shins croc-print Christian Louboutin pumps prove that straps aren't reserved for sandals alone, while Eva Mendes' double ankle tie adds an unexpected twist to her bright turquoise Pierre Hardy heels. We also loved the cutout details of Mia Wasikowska's Nicholas Kirkwood peep-toes which created a pseudo strappy feel to her funky slingbacks. These stylish sandals have us super excited to show off our crackle coat pedicures, but which pair is your favorite?

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