The great thing about jumpsuits is they're an all-in-one outfit. That pretty much makes them perfect for last-minute holiday party dressing. No need for matching, tucking, or checking to see if your Spanx are showing. (The not-so-great thing about jumpsuits, however, is trying to take them off when you have to go to the bathroom, BUT you can cross that bridge when you get to it.) Let's focus on the positives, like how wearing one gives you an opportunity to really let your accessories shine. Or how you can slip on a chunky sweater over your jumpsuit if you get a little chilly, while still looking really put together. Or how much flexibility you'll have to do the limbo and/or cartwheels and other assorted acrobatics (if that's where your night takes each her own).

Regardless of whether you'll be standing, sitting, or shimmying under a bamboo bar, we've rounded up a few of our favorite jumpsuits that'll keep you looking limber at your next holiday shindig.



Jump around! Jump up, jump up, and get down!
Photos: Nasty Gal/Shopbop/Pixie Market/ASOS

Nothing says Christmas like a red hot one-piece! (According to Miley Cyrus, at least.) I have no idea how to get in or out of this cut-out number (I'm sure there's a zipper somewhere), but the plunging V-neck and crisscross back straps sure do make it a smokin' choice! Plus, it's on sale and available in all sizes ($47)! You could also try channeling your inner-Katy Perry in this silk, long-sleeve leopard-print piece (eye of the tiger/leopard, same difference) that—BONUS!—has a super-forgiving drawstring waist ($287). Perfect for a party where you'll be crushing hors d' oeuvres. Or, if you want to veer on the dainty side, try this teal, chiffon slip jumpsuit with a (mostly) open back ($55). Lined with lace at the bustier, it's basically the equivalent of wearing your robe in public, but with way more leg coverage. Finally, this long-sleeve one-piece from Asos, which is decked out in blue and green animal prints and red baroque flourishes, will have people checking you out all night ($91). And not just because you'll look like a walking Magic Eye!


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Bieber's new kicks?
Photos: Getty Images/@justinbieber's Instagram

Over the weekend, Justin Bieber shared a photo of some fresh white kicks with the caption, "New Adidas I designed." Say whaaat? Man, Bieber really IS following in Kanye's footsteps. First, he wears a kilt in his "All That Matters" video, and now he's designing shoes for Adidas? Swag. Unfortunately, other than this Instagram post, little information has been shared about this apparent collaboration. One source told us that they could possibly hit shelves in the spring, but nothing will be confirmed until after the holidays. HMPH! *crosses arms, pouting* We don't appreciate being teased, especially where shoes are concerned. Shoes and/or Justin Bieber, actually. (The lengthy lead-up to that short film for The Key was pure agony.)


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Unless you've got the kind of friends who plan winter shindigs during summer (which sounds stressful), holiday party invites typically start rolling in right after Thanksgiving. Yep, just when you were about to bless your food baby with a name, suddenly you've got to turn around and slip into something fun, festive, and most important, something that STILL FITS.

Since drooling over pretty clothes is basically our job (OK, it's totally our job), we went ahead and did some of the frock-shopping grunt work for you. Behold! Holiday dresses at plenty of price points and in several different styles: short cocktail attire, gowns, and long-sleeve minis. Belly on up to the fireplace with a cool glass of eggnog (or, like, a Pumpkin Spice Latte) and check out some of our favorite picks below!



Photo: ASOS/Pixie Market

Whether you're going barelegged with peep-toes or pairing it with tights and a chunky heel, each of these cocktail dresses will definitely snag you a smooch under the mistletoe. Show off your stems in a structured cap-sleeve number from River Island ($109), which boasts a stunning, metallic jacquard snake pattern and a super futuristic feel. But if you'd rather look to the past for inspiration, the plaid print on this red and black sleeveless shift dress ($79) is perfect for embracing your inner-'90s grunge girl. The delicate lace trimming and the open V-back amp up the sexiness factor of this day-to-night piece, which would look just as killer with Doc Martens as it would with platform pumps. And, OK, yes, we pretty much love everything leather right now—but the silver and bronze studded details on this black strapless dress ($94) really seal the deal.


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Ahh, the ubiquitous ugly holiday sweater. What once was a cheerful way to keep warm in the '80s has now turned into a so-tacky-it's-trendy fair-weather fad. (Thanks a lot, Bill Cosby.) Entire parties get thrown in honor of these sartorial atrocities, reminding us that: 1) Most things from the '80s should stay in the '80s, and 2) no one looks good in red and green. No one. Not even you. Check eBay, Etsy or your local Goodwill, and you'll find yourself swimming in Fair Isle patterns, snowflakes, and discarded knitting projects with triangular Christmas trees and lopsided presents.

What we're offering here are not those sweaters. These holiday sweaters are kiiind of on the naughty side. They're perfect for that inevitably themed party with your friends, but we doubt Granny and Pop would approve. In fact, there's a good chance they'd be straight-up offended. Or maybe they'll deck the halls with LOLs. IDK. Either way, we've rated each from one to 10 in terms of how vulgar and/or confusing your grandparents may find it, along with its party-pleasing potential, should you take it out in public. 'Tis the season to be tacky! (Fa la la la la, la la la la.)




The Sweater: Granny Got It ($40)
Vulgarity: Nine. It doesn't get much worse than murder.
Confusion: One. We all know how this song ends. Although it kind of looks like grandma is about to get run over by MULTIPLE reindeer.
Party-Pleasing Potential: Five. Points for clarity and the allusion to a campy holiday tune, but there's one major downside: being forced to listen to everyone you encounter sing that song, word for word.
What Would Grandma Say: "Young people these days have no respect for their elders!"


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Rita Ora

Get as cray as Rita Ora.
Photos: @ritaora Instagram/Macy's

Rita Ora really is just like us. After a full day, she likes to recuperate at home, in a comfy sweater. Of course, our full days aren't usually spent stunning everybody at the British Fashion Awards in a silver sequined Vivienne Westwood dress and then getting cast in Fifty Shades of Grey, but sometimes we have to hit up the supermarket after work, so, same diff.

After saturating her Instagram with high fashion yesterday, including pictures of her in a Tom Ford black-and-white fur coat and a Philip Treacy headpiece, Rita shared a pic of herself wearing a "Cray"-emblazoned sweater from Madonna's Material Girl line. While Rita, who is the line's current spokeswoman, probably got the sweater for free, you can steal her steez for under $50.


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The new icon collection from Memes On Clothes.
Photo: @themocbrand's Instagram

YASSS! Our prayers have finally been answered (and then some). We've been touting the genius of Yolo Polos ever since they first started stitching hip-hop memes on shirts, waaay back in August. After they paid tribute to Dada Drake (#DADALEAN), we put in a humble request for a Wheelchair Jimmy version. In September, we got an extended color palette, Jay Z's Dad Dive (#AWKWARDDIVE) and Miguel's Billboard Leg Drop—which, of course, we welcomed to the polo shirt fold with open arms. Sadly, Miguel's meme shirt was recently discontinued, but DRY YOUR EYES because the newly re-branded M.O.C. Brand now has FIVE new viral icons and one of them is—you guessed it—Wheelchair Jimmy. We're not sayin' we had anything to do with it, but... *flips hair*


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Britney Spears

Britney Spears: turtlenecks' biggest fan.
GIF: Jenny Shafei

No one loves turtlenecks more than Britney Spears. It's just a fact. From her immaculate white "Sometimes" top to her red latex "Oops...I Did It Again" catsuit to her mid-aughts Starbucks run uniforms, the Louisiana girl-turned-woman has been a fan of the hyper-modest neckline since way back her earliest days of pop superstardom. That's not to say she didn't also delve into lower-cut territory (and midriff-baring and micro hemlines) because she totally totally did, but Brit's thing for turtlenecks, and even a subtle mock neck, is pretty unique, and with the exception of Spears herself has remained a relic of the late '90s until now.

Despite it not necessarily being the most flattering steez for most normal humans, Britney has stood by the look for over a decade and may be the precise origin to blame responsible for the sartorial phenomenon that is the short-sleeved, cropped turtleneck. Now, to celebrate her 32nd year (AND because we're right on the heels of her eighth studio album Britney Jean), we're offering up 32 turtlenecks for any brave lady (Brit included) whose closet (and clavicle) is feeling a little bare.


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The most important person to shop for? YOURSELF. Peep our pics from MTV Style Holiday Gift Guide.

After dropping billz on your BFFs and the dudes in your life, you've gotta TREAT. YO. SELF. As long as you're throwing things into online shopping carts left and right, why not let a few things for yourself fall in, amirite? Your friends/family/significant others/pets deserve thoughtful gifts, but so do you. Who knows you the best? YOU DO.

As with our BFF and dude gift guides, we've rounded up a variety of gifts, from spa sets to sweaters to shoes. In the market for a bag to end 2013/ring in 2014 in style? We've got you. Want a fragrance you may actually wear daily rather than just promising yourself you will? We found four that are right up your alley. There are things that will help you have a festive holiday season, things that you'll use all year, and things that no closet should be without (see: Style Wars scarf). Check our glorious gift guide after the jump!


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Get the dudes in your life something they'll love (and use!) from MTV Style Holiday Gift Guide.

If you're still freaking out because Thanksgiving is one week later this year and therefore gives you less time to holiday shop for everyone in your life: fret not, we've got you covered. Yesterday, we brought you the gifts that your BFF is sure to love, no matter her taste. Today's gift guide focuses on the dudes in your life, whether that's your brother, boyfriend, or BBF (boy best friend).

We searched high and low (all while sitting in the same chair) for things that dudes are gonna love, from sweaters to home goods. We have camping gear for your favorite mountain men and grooming kits for the fancier guys. There are kitchen wares for any aspiring chefs you may know, as well as books for the literati in your life. Seriously, we've got it all. Once you check it out and get shopping, you'll forget about all the wrapping you have to do in the next 3 weeks! Enjoy your temporary ~serenity~ and peep the guide after the jump!


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Word to the wise: anyone who tells you that they already know exactly what they're packing for Thanksgiving break is a flat-out liar. Or, like, a really good planner and someone we could all stand to learn something from. Either way, packing for a four-day weekend can be harder than packing for a two-week trip—because if you're going away for a legit long-vacay, you at least have an excuse to stow away half of everything you own.

For a shorter stay-over (and one that revolves around eating, at that), it's way better to condense your clothes into a bag or two and be comfy—which translates into cutting back on shoes and purses. *GASP* I know, I know. The HORROR. Let's be honest though: you're praahbably not going to clomp around the kitchen in those strappy suede stilettos you just bought. And do you really need to bring a giant tote when you'll be parked on the couch in a food coma for most of the weekend anyway? That's what I thought. ~Tough Love~

So, in an effort to help guide you through your inevitable procrastination, we went ahead and put together an entire Thanksgiving wardrobe that's all ready to be crammed into a carry-on.



For chillin' out, maxin', relaxin' all cool.
Photo: Uniqlo/ASOS/H&M/Piperlime

+ Sweatshirt: H&M Natural White Sweatshirt ($39.95)
+ Pants: Uniqlo Women's Legging Pants ($19.90)
+ Bag: ASOS Trio Lock Cross Body Bag ($49.83)
+ Shoes: DV By Dolce Vita Java Boot ($89.99)

Maybe you're meeting up with friends for lunch. Maybe you're headed to that one place in town where you ALWAYS run into EVERYBODY. Or maybe you just need an excuse to venture outside and change out of your PJs. No matter what you're doing during the day, being at home shouldn't be an excuse to look as lazy as you feel. Besides, no one has to know that you're actually wearing jeggings.


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