Robot Leggings

Would you wear these robot leggings?
Photo: Nasty Gal

OK, I probably should have put "Robot Leggings" in quotation marks to start because truth be told, that's what they deserve. If you just read this headline, "Would You Wear These Robot Leggings?" without seeing the picture, you probably had visions somewhere along the lines of Balenciaga's Spring/Summer 2007 collection with that bananas impressive C-3PO-ready skintight gold leg armor. Or at the very least, you thought of some Lycra, pajama-safe rendering of Power Ranger costumes. It's safe to say that you didn't at all think of these Daniel Palillo "robot leggings" as they are so-called by Nasty Gal.


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Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg in his "Snoopermarket" commercial.
Photo: Overstock

Do you ever think sometimes that maybe Snoop Dogg (or Snoop Lion, depending on the project/your vibe) sits around his house (in a plushy robe and house slippers, of course) and just brainstorms puns he could make with his name and how he could spin them into business ventures? Take the latest: The Snoopermarket, a collaboration (a.k.a. marketing stunt, depending on your tilt) with wherein the man stars in a commercial and curates a suite of his (and his family's) favorite products.


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Rihanna Topshop Lawsuit

Rihanna's happy!
Photo: Getty Images

Don't mess with Rihanna, y'all! Last May, RiRi sued Topshop for selling a tee with her face on it, and today it all came to end when Mr Justice Birss ruled in favor of Rihanna in High Court, according to the Telegraph. Basically, this is what went down: Topshop sold a tee featuring a photo of Rihanna (peep it here!), and apparently after repeated attempts from RiRi's team to take the shirt down, Topshop refused. The judge said a "substantial number" of Topshop buyers could have been under "false belief" that it was an officially licensed tee and added that it was damaging to her "goodwill" and showed a "loss of control of her reputation in the fashion sphere."


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Gimme dat 'za.
Photo: Nasty Gal/People's Pennant/1991 Inc

It's no secret that we love pizza. I mean, c'mon, we're from New York—there isn't anything better than a fresh slice of 'za in the wee hours of the morning. So, to celebrate our appreciation for the cheesy stuff, we rounded up some of our favorite pizza-inspired pieces, but, a little forewarning: do not read this on an empty stomach. First up, we have an extremely graphic (we mean that both ways) pizza sweater ($65) that's only for THE most diehard 'za stans. If you want something a little less intense, we like this "Pizza" crop top ($8) that is totally cute, but also shows off your affinity for junk food. If you don't feel like wearing your heart, er, pizza addiction on your sleeve, you can always swipe up a "Pizza Party" flag pennant ($25), which shows that you're always in the mood for a 'za hang out sesh.


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Jay Z

Jay Z might be next to collaborate with Barneys New York for the holidays.
Photo: Getty Images

Holy grail! According to our friends over at WWD, Jay Z (minus the hyphen) has been in "secret talks" with Barneys New York for a possible collaboration slated to drop during the holiday season. While neither party has confirmed the news, we can only hope (and write sweet letters to Santa) that the rumors become reality.

You might be saying to yourself, what could Jay Z bring to Barneys New York? Hellloooooooo??? He's JAY Z! He runs this town. C'mon, "Empire State of Mind" is pretty much the New York state song at this point. It makes perfect sense that the fashion mecca of the city gets cozy with its leader. Plus, Jay's interests have totally expanded over the years, from inciting a game changing partnership with Samsung for Magna Carta… Holy Grail, starting his own sports agency, to shutting down art galleries for his "Picasso Baby" music video shoot. There's no doubt, Hov won't conquer the fashion world, too. I mean, all he rocks is "Tom Ford"—and well, that speaks for itself.


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Way better than a 500 Benz, AMIRITE?
Photo: Society 6/Amazon/Etsy/Beloved Shirts/Very Vile/Milk Sick

Happy Friday, y'all! We're kicking this one off with everyone's favorite NOM-focused shopping franchise: FOOD FRIDAY! *tosses up fistful of glitter and French fries, follows with jazz hands* On the menu this week, we have the MTV Style order-in staple: sushi. When it's a sweat-inducing 99 degrees in the city, the last thing you want to do is go outside, let alone jack up the temperature in your apartment by turning on the stove. Thus, sushi has become our culinary savior as we crawl through the dog days of summer. Since we just can't turn off the little voice in our brains that asks, "But what's the fashion angle?" (even about the most mundane observations in our lives), we decided that sushi deserved a shopping homage. Surprisingly, there's actually a ton of fun stuff out there that capitalizes on our love of the iconic Japanese food. Check it out!


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Demi Lovato

A still from Demi Lovato's "Made In the USA" music video.
Photo: Hollywood Records

If you haven't seen Demi Lovato's "Made in the USA" music video, stop what you're doing right now and hit play. We're pretty sure nothing encapsulates the sunkissed skin, hair blowing in the wind, free feeling of summer in the good ol' U.S. of A. quite as sweetly as Demi's new video and track. (P.S. As Lovatics already know and are way stoked on, "Made in the USA" is also D's directorial debut!) And to add the rampant Americana cherry on top, Demi spends the entire vid clad in *drumrolllll* you guessed it! DENIM. The combination of it all—blonde-haired, blue-jeaned Demi and the super-sweet Aimee Teegarden #texasforever—is giving us so much shop-lust and totally convincing us that we need more denim in our closets. SO, naturally, we went online shopping, and now, we're going to share with you what we've found. ENJOY!


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Beyonce Topshop

Jay-Z and Beyonce.
Photo: @kingsizeslimthugga's Instagram

If there's one thing we know about Beyonce, it's that she loves Topshop. Not only has she been spotted in the British retailer's duds before (at Kanye's birthday party, no less), but, you guys, one time we wanted to write about a Topshop tee she was wearing in public, but it was already sold out by the time the blog post was about to go up. O_____O This time around, we peeped Queen Bey sporting a bold, graphic banana leaf printed Topshop tee and shorts, and the best part is—GASP—it's still available to purchase. *weeps silently in cubicle*


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