OK, fine. It's not officially summer yet, but judging by the fact that I'm already sporting a sweatstache and have the A/C in my apartment on full blast, it's as good a time as any to really start talking about swimwear. Now, before you look down at your pale legs and begin weeping uncontrollably, rest assured that it's just a matter of time before you're sporting a gorgeous glow for all to see— which, of course, means the reappearance of those inevitable tan lines. Here's the deal, though: there are a LOT of cute swimsuits out there, and these days designers aren't afraid to get a little crazy with cut-outs, straps, buckles, holes, laser-cutting, basically anything. This means after a day at the beach, you run the risk of going home with some unfortunate leopard-spotted skin. In lieu of that, I rounded up the cutest swimsuits that'll leave you with some seriously questionable tan lines—consider this post part PSA/part swimsuit market for badass beach babes. I mean, I can say with utter confidence that if you turned up to a pool party in any one of these suits, you'd certainly be making a statement.


Swimsuit Tan Lines

Photo: Nasty Gal/Urban Outfitters

It seems the key to the worst tan lines begins with one-pieces. Chromat designed a seriously strap-happy, metal-inspired number that, yes, features a pentagram on the chest. Just the THOUGHT of derobing in this thing while it's wet feels like the work of the devil; but then again, you did buy a swimsuit with a pentagram on it. Beach Riot also makes a killer swimsuit that, from the front, looks like any ol' one-piece with angry black panthers. Tut from the back, this little number also displays some seriously intricate latticework. I mean, a suit this cool makes those weird tan lines totally worth it.


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Photo: Urban Outfitters/Topshop/Boutique1/ASOS

In case you didn't hear us screaming it at the top of our lungs, SUMMER IS FINALLY HERE! Well, almost. While some of us might be having a little bit of a hard time acclimating to the heat (and how bad our hair looks in the humidity, yikes), there's no denying that life is better when you can throw your tights into storage and prance around in a floaty little dress. Memorial Day weekend marks the official start of summer Fridays, beach weekends, and general laid back-ess, and naturally you're going to want to dress thematically. What's our favorite long weekend tradition? BBQs, OBVIOUSLY! Hotdogs, hamburgers, lemonade, the taste of charcoal on our tongues? Heaven. The summer is full of opportunities for grilling, but there's something so special about the first time you break out the propane tank, you know? You've already got your BBQ-themed nail art on lock, so throw on your hamburger sneaks, get that hot dog dress out of storage and let's get cookin'!


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Daft Punk stan swag.
Photo: Etsy/Society6

Bless whoever invented headphones for making it possible for us to listen to Daft Punk's "Instant Crush" enough times to drive a sane person crazy over the past week or so. The robots released Random Access Memories, their guest-filled, jam-packed mega album, to flurries of critical praise this week, and we have to say, we've become totally caught up in the Daft Punk fever. Here's the thing, though: those helmets really don't do anything for our hair. Like, we get it, you want to be mysterious, but a girl's gotta keep her 'do under control, know what we're saying? How are we supposed to keep our tonsorial game on point while also fanning out to the fullest while dancing around to the Daft Punk/Pharrell collab "Get Lucky" in our living rooms (see also: everywhere)? Behold, the glory of the internet! From the subtle to the totally over the top, there are myriad ways to show the world you're a Daft Punk fan, whether it be with a poster, a bracelet, or a key chain.

Of course our first stop was Etsy, where we found what is perhaps our favorite piece of Daft Punk swag. This Italian charm link bracelet ($15.00) is a subtle way to add a little disco to your arm party without having to make TOO much of a commitment. On the jewelry tip, you can also wear the signature helmets proximate to your head, with a pair of silver helmet inspired earrings ($15.99). If jewelry isn't your thing, you can keep the robots close to home with a helmet key chain ($15.46), or have them hanging IN your home with a letterpress poster ($13.00). If you love the RAM album art as much as we do, you can carry the polygon tote ($22.00) around wherever you go, or, perhaps even better yet, you can REALLY prove your obsession with the Daft Deco iPhone case ($35.00).

How do you like to show the world that you're a Daft Punk stan?

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Beyonce Rent The Runway

Beyonce and some of her Rent The Runway picks.
Photo: Getty Images/Rent The Runway

A-ha! We knew there was something in the works between Beyonce and RentTheRunway.com. Ever since we got wind that her Mrs. Carter World Tour VIP tickets included $600 worth of designer dress and accessory rentals from the site (AND a personal styling hotline), we couldn't wait to find out more about Bey's partnership with the brand. As it turns out, you not only have the chance to sport couture outfits at insanely low prices, but you also have the opportunity to wear a dress that King Bey picked out herself. Rent the Runway launched The Beyonce Boutique (seriously, that's what it's called) where you can shop all of her favorite dresses, jumpsuits and accessories from the site, which basically means you can pick out a dress hand-picked by Beyonce to wear to Beyonce's show and be the biggest Bey stan of all time (without anyone having to know).


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Prepare your closets...Lazy Oaf x Nasty Gal is coming!
Photo: via Lazy Oaf

You guys. Summer is SO SOON we can practically taste it. But along with melty ice cream cones, longer days, and nonstop sunshine, here's one extra thing to get you pumped up for the season: Nasty Gal and Lazy Oaf's brand new, just-announced, sure-to-be-epic collab! Now, we realize we may toss around the word "favorite" a lot and make several high-flying proclamations around these parts of the internet, but please trust us when we say there are few labels that have quite as strong a hold on our closets (and wallets) as these guys. A Full Nelson, if you will. So when we get word that these two companies are teaming up on a '90s-inspired collection hitting stores this summer, you know it's gonna be awesome.


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Bangs Beanies

Just some bangs beanies. Hanging out.
Photo: VFiles

I don't hate hats. But I wouldn't say I love them either. I like how they look on other people. And I appreciate their functional qualities like keeping your head warm or shielding you from the sun and UVA/UVB rays, etc.etc. ZZzzzzz. But I guess you could say I have a general aversion to them. Does that mean I will NEVER let one touch my head? No. But I always find them difficult when they do. I'm a fussy, fidgety person and I have a lot of hair, and that combination makes the process of affixing a hat to my dome (not to mention keeping it on) its own special, waking nightmare. If you are my polar opposite (meaning: if you love hats and have no hair), boyoyoy, do I have a product for YOU! Enter the bangs beanie.


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Photo Print Socks

Photo print socks!
Photo: Via Shop Jeen/Hollywood Mirror/Nasty Gal

In case y'all missed the memo, digitally-printed clothes are in. Christopher Kane started it all with his ultra-realistic galaxy print back in 2011 and since then, it's been a non-stop free-for-all covering everything we own in whatever crazy photos of nature/food/animals we can find. So far, we've seen everything from dresses decked out in clouds to pants covered in flowers to sweaters smothered in French fries, but this spring we've decided to take on one area of our ensemble that is often overlooked--the socks. Now, we know what you're thinking, "Who cares about socks?" Well, first off, we do--especially right now! This spring is ALL about wearing ankle socks with shoes (we're talking pointy heels, platform wedges, stacked booties, EVERYTHING) to spice up our wardrobe. Don't believe us? Everyone from the editors at Elle to Rihanna to the fashion icons at Nasty Gal have been behind this trend, so we're absolutely-mega-sure this is something that's going to stick.


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We've already told you about how excited we are that one of our favorite models, the one and only, the hilarious Chrissy Teigen is covering this year's Hangout Fest on hangout.mtv.com. But we don't really feel like we did the actual festival, which is a fantastic mix of AMAZING bands and a totally beautiful beach (i.e. heaven, pretty much), the justice that it deserves. Hangout is a seriously good time, and no matter which aspect of awesomeness you're the most excited for, there's most definitely something for you. Like Coachella, there is a HUGE variety of music to choose from, and there's a pretty solid chance that no matter what your preferred genre, there will be something right up your ally at Hangout. We picked three of our most anticipated, but also different, Hangout Fest acts and broke down some looks that we think would make you look right at home in the crowd.


Solange inspired festival style.
Photo: Nasty Gal/ASOS/Urban Outfitters/Forever 21/Zara

Obviously, we take serious style inspiration from Solange on a regular basis, so when we were thinking about who could kick off our Hangout Music Fest style-a-palooza she came to mind immediately. We LOVE her bold style, and have to credit her for single handedly doing away with any fear we might have of wearing mixed prints. In her honor, we think either a shorts suit or, better yet, a jumpsuit in a bold, colorful print is just the ticket for looking fly and still being able to dance to her set at Hangout. We love the Nasty Gal Flower Punch Jumpsuit ($88.00) paired with a colorful, low heeled sandal like ASOS' Hedley Heeled Sandals ($76.36), a classic panama hat like the BDG Aloha Straw Panama Hat ($29.00), an easy cross-body bag like the Forever 21 Canvas Saddle Bag ($24.80) and finally a little pop of something extra, like the silver Tiger's Head Belt from Zara ($25.90).


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The Office

"The Office" Stan Swag that'll run your credit card bill up higher than Kelly Kapoor's.
Photo: Society 6/Etsy/NBC Universal Store

Is this real life? Is The Office really over? We've already had to carry on in a world without 30 Rock, and now NB "we [peacock] comedy" C is bidding adieu to our OTHER Thursday night mainstay? *weeps single tear into remnants of sad desk salad* Welp, whether we want it to or not, The Office ends tonight with a special two-hour season finale starting at 8 p.m. EST tonight. After 9 years of mockumentary bliss, we say farewell to the beloved staff of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, Scranton Branch in just a few hours. BUT before they go, we suggest you stock up on some priceless The Office-themed Stan Swag, some cool fan merch to pepper throughout your life in a post-Jim Halpert universe because you're gonna want to fill that void after tonight's series finale. (That's what she said.)


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crazy cat bikini

Would you wear this crazy cat bikini?
Photo: Mr. Gugu & Miss Go

Fellow East Coast dwellers might have a hard time believing this, but summer is, in fact, on its way. It's a slow crawl for those of us along the Atlantic, but *shrugs* we'll wait it out. In the meantime, though, we're combing the interwebz for SWIMWEAR! Hey, it's slightly more "productive" than binge-watching throwback episodes of Arrested Development, right? Amidst our hunt, hoarding all our links and wants in our Svpply profiles, we happened upon this little string number. Sold separately, these pieces are aptly titled "Crazy Cat Triangle Top" and "Crazy Cat String Bottom," and are definitely one way to turn heads at the beach/lake/pool this summer.


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