Friendship is magic.
Photos: Alice Vandy

If nine-year-old you knew what present-day you knows now about fashion, what would be the one clothing item at the top of your wish list? A My Little Pony mini-dress, OBVIOUSLY. Rita Ora, whose rainbow-tinted hair sometimes resembles that of the equine dolls, was recently snapped in our childhood fantasy dress by Alice Vandy. Long-sleeved, colorful, and covered with ponies, the bodycon piece was designed to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the small, magical horses. You may be thinking, "An '80s toy/television franchise collaborating with a super-hip clothing line? That's crazy! What's next? DuckTales snap-backs? Fraggle Rock sneakers? David the Gnome-print luxury pajamas?" (Free ideas! Someone please roll with these, kthx.)


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Food Friday

Don't go hungry at home.
Photo: Shop Jeen/One And The Same NYC/1991 Inc./Forever 21/Hello Cellophane

If you live on the East Coast or in the Midwest, chances are today was a snow day, because the white powder decided to pour down on us all night. (If you live on the West Coast, #BYE.) For those of us who are at home and didn't stock up on provisions and are not really down to go out in -5 degree weather, our food options are limited to the things we have left over in cabinets, like cereal and soup. For this installation of Food Friday, we figured we'd pay homage to the foods that are keeping our hunger at bay until we decide to go out or get delivery. Check 'em out below—they may even help you remember a nonperishable you forgot you bought precisely for situations like this!


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Katy Perry

Katy Perry at opening night of "Britney Spears: Piece Of Me."
Photo: Getty Images/Dolls Kill

This past Friday night (December 27), Britney Spears kicked off her "Piece Of Me" Las Vegas residency at Planet Hollywood to a star-studded opening night audience. In attendance at the big unveiling were Selena Gomez, Adam Lambert, Sia—the list goes on and on and on (as it should because, HELLO, it's Britney, b****). Two stars who didn't just bring themselves but also their style A-game were Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus. BONUS: Not only did these ladies look great, you can actually cop some of what they wore for yo'self!


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We'll be the first to admit that trying to make plans for New Year's Eve stresses us out: the 12-month anticipation, the unavoidable crowds, the ever-important, gotta-be-stunning outfit of the YEAR. OK, so maybe we're being a ~little~ dramatic, but with less than a week to prep your look after a month of holiday hustle and bustle, sometimes you just gotta reach into your closet and hope for the best. Of course, you also want to LOOK your best, so why not start with one of your tried-and-true basics? Instead of going full-on Toddlers & Tiaras, take what you know and give it a new life by adding a few easy-to-find pieces from your local mall. (And TBH, this is how WE plan to roll, so don't knock it till you try it.)



The LBD.
Photos: Forever 21/Nordstrom/Urban Outfitters

+ Dress: Must-Have Bodycon Dress ($6)
+ Kimono: Fringe Floral Jacquard Cardigan ($136)
+ Shoes: Report Zinny Velvet Heels ($69)
+ Necklace: Silk Road Falling Coin Necklace ($58)
+ Bag: Iconic Quilted Minaudière ($20)

The Little Black Dress: Chances are, you don't just have one, you have like, 100. It's the one wardrobe staple that every woman has been conditioned to own since the 1920s, when Coco Chanel made it "a sort of uniform for all women of taste." Give your little black dress a big night out on New Year's Eve with a Stevie Nicks-approved fringed kimono, velvet strappy pumps, a heavy metal statement necklace and a cross-body clutch for hands-free dancing.


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Stocking Stuffers

Novel idea: Stuff your stockings with things that don't suck!
Photo: ShopJeen/J.Crew/Amazon/Tattly/Beloved

For many, the gifts found in stockings on Christmas morning prompt a resounding "meh." Once you reach a certain age, you start getting practical things rather than exciting gifts. It's like, "Look, it's the toothbrush you've been saying you needed but haven't gone to the drugstore to buy!" rather than, "Isn't this stocking-sized puppy so cute? We hope you like him!" It doesn't have to be this way. We found gifts that you can give to friends and family (or maybe even sneak into your own stocking) that they'll actually be thrilled to open. Check 'em out below and get shopping! You only have one week left!

Stocking Stuffers

Avoid pine needles with an Inflatable Christmas Tree.
Photo: Fun Slurp

This Inflatable Christmas Tree brings a little greenery into your living room without the hoisting, the struggling to fit the trunk into a stand, and the pine needles everywhere. If your family skipped the tree but went #hard on stockings this year—ta da!—you'll have it all!


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Of all the foods typically associated with Christmas, gingerbread cookies—typically made from ginger, molasses, cinnamon, and cloves—are by FAR the best. Have you ever seen a fruitcake smile? I didn't think so. Gingerbread men are (1) adorable, (2) always dressed for the occasion (typically in a three-button onesie), and (3) permanently happy. How do you deny a dessert like that? These little guys are the perfect guests to invite into your stomach this holiday season. So, in honor of these tasty Christmas cookies, we've rounded up our favorite gingerbread man sweaters for this holiday installment of Food Friday.


Photo: Nordstrom

It's raining men! HALLELUJAH! It's raining (gingerbread) men! AMEN! This sweater has it all: a flurry of cookie dudes, smiling faces, precious bow ties, AND buttons that look like berries from a holly bush. Festive.


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The great thing about jumpsuits is they're an all-in-one outfit. That pretty much makes them perfect for last-minute holiday party dressing. No need for matching, tucking, or checking to see if your Spanx are showing. (The not-so-great thing about jumpsuits, however, is trying to take them off when you have to go to the bathroom, BUT you can cross that bridge when you get to it.) Let's focus on the positives, like how wearing one gives you an opportunity to really let your accessories shine. Or how you can slip on a chunky sweater over your jumpsuit if you get a little chilly, while still looking really put together. Or how much flexibility you'll have to do the limbo and/or cartwheels and other assorted acrobatics (if that's where your night takes you...to each her own).

Regardless of whether you'll be standing, sitting, or shimmying under a bamboo bar, we've rounded up a few of our favorite jumpsuits that'll keep you looking limber at your next holiday shindig.



Jump around! Jump up, jump up, and get down!
Photos: Nasty Gal/Shopbop/Pixie Market/ASOS

Nothing says Christmas like a red hot one-piece! (According to Miley Cyrus, at least.) I have no idea how to get in or out of this cut-out number (I'm sure there's a zipper somewhere), but the plunging V-neck and crisscross back straps sure do make it a smokin' choice! Plus, it's on sale and available in all sizes ($47)! You could also try channeling your inner-Katy Perry in this silk, long-sleeve leopard-print piece (eye of the tiger/leopard, same difference) that—BONUS!—has a super-forgiving drawstring waist ($287). Perfect for a party where you'll be crushing hors d' oeuvres. Or, if you want to veer on the dainty side, try this teal, chiffon slip jumpsuit with a (mostly) open back ($55). Lined with lace at the bustier, it's basically the equivalent of wearing your robe in public, but with way more leg coverage. Finally, this long-sleeve one-piece from Asos, which is decked out in blue and green animal prints and red baroque flourishes, will have people checking you out all night ($91). And not just because you'll look like a walking Magic Eye!


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Bieber's new kicks?
Photos: Getty Images/@justinbieber's Instagram

Over the weekend, Justin Bieber shared a photo of some fresh white kicks with the caption, "New Adidas I designed." Say whaaat? Man, Bieber really IS following in Kanye's footsteps. First, he wears a kilt in his "All That Matters" video, and now he's designing shoes for Adidas? Swag. Unfortunately, other than this Instagram post, little information has been shared about this apparent collaboration. One source told us that they could possibly hit shelves in the spring, but nothing will be confirmed until after the holidays. HMPH! *crosses arms, pouting* We don't appreciate being teased, especially where shoes are concerned. Shoes and/or Justin Bieber, actually. (The lengthy lead-up to that short film for The Key was pure agony.)


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Unless you've got the kind of friends who plan winter shindigs during summer (which sounds stressful), holiday party invites typically start rolling in right after Thanksgiving. Yep, just when you were about to bless your food baby with a name, suddenly you've got to turn around and slip into something fun, festive, and most important, something that STILL FITS.

Since drooling over pretty clothes is basically our job (OK, it's totally our job), we went ahead and did some of the frock-shopping grunt work for you. Behold! Holiday dresses at plenty of price points and in several different styles: short cocktail attire, gowns, and long-sleeve minis. Belly on up to the fireplace with a cool glass of eggnog (or, like, a Pumpkin Spice Latte) and check out some of our favorite picks below!



Photo: ASOS/Pixie Market

Whether you're going barelegged with peep-toes or pairing it with tights and a chunky heel, each of these cocktail dresses will definitely snag you a smooch under the mistletoe. Show off your stems in a structured cap-sleeve number from River Island ($109), which boasts a stunning, metallic jacquard snake pattern and a super futuristic feel. But if you'd rather look to the past for inspiration, the plaid print on this red and black sleeveless shift dress ($79) is perfect for embracing your inner-'90s grunge girl. The delicate lace trimming and the open V-back amp up the sexiness factor of this day-to-night piece, which would look just as killer with Doc Martens as it would with platform pumps. And, OK, yes, we pretty much love everything leather right now—but the silver and bronze studded details on this black strapless dress ($94) really seal the deal.


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Ahh, the ubiquitous ugly holiday sweater. What once was a cheerful way to keep warm in the '80s has now turned into a so-tacky-it's-trendy fair-weather fad. (Thanks a lot, Bill Cosby.) Entire parties get thrown in honor of these sartorial atrocities, reminding us that: 1) Most things from the '80s should stay in the '80s, and 2) no one looks good in red and green. No one. Not even you. Check eBay, Etsy or your local Goodwill, and you'll find yourself swimming in Fair Isle patterns, snowflakes, and discarded knitting projects with triangular Christmas trees and lopsided presents.

What we're offering here are not those sweaters. These holiday sweaters are kiiind of on the naughty side. They're perfect for that inevitably themed party with your friends, but we doubt Granny and Pop would approve. In fact, there's a good chance they'd be straight-up offended. Or maybe they'll deck the halls with LOLs. IDK. Either way, we've rated each from one to 10 in terms of how vulgar and/or confusing your grandparents may find it, along with its party-pleasing potential, should you take it out in public. 'Tis the season to be tacky! (Fa la la la la, la la la la.)



Photo: Stupid.com

The Sweater: Granny Got It ($40)
Vulgarity: Nine. It doesn't get much worse than murder.
Confusion: One. We all know how this song ends. Although it kind of looks like grandma is about to get run over by MULTIPLE reindeer.
Party-Pleasing Potential: Five. Points for clarity and the allusion to a campy holiday tune, but there's one major downside: being forced to listen to everyone you encounter sing that song, word for word.
What Would Grandma Say: "Young people these days have no respect for their elders!"


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