Miss Info, Hip Hop SquaresMiss Info sports killer nails on "Hip Hop Squares."
Photo: Picture Group

If it was the pop culture trivia (and Kat Graham’s amazing tropical dress) that first hooked us onto MTV2’s new series Hip Hop Squares, then Miss Info is here to officially reel us in. The New York-based radio personality is the special guest on the second episode of the show, showing off her rad personal style alongside fellow stars Fat Joe and DJ Khaled. In the sneak peek of tonight’s clip, the Hot 97 host wears a neon red-orange sleeveless blouse with black skinny jeans. Simple, right? Wrong. It might seem like a basic outfit, but look closely and you’ll see that all the eye-popping awesomeness is in the details, like the tiny studs on the shirt collar, her heart-shaped pendants, and her soft smoky eye. "I'm wearing a Zara shirt," Minya told MTV Style, "I've figured out the science of how not to look like a bloated, moon-faced zombie on TV. Wear garish reds, oranges, golds and pinks. Sometimes all at once but always in a structured top." She elaborates on the "structured" bit, adding, "Never go for strappy tank tops because that makes top-heavy gals look like porkers. And semi-'professional' *wink wink* And finally, always opt for a V-neck. It's the key to letting 'the girls' in on the action. They want to be involved and just want to help." LOLZ. Luh her.


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Kat Graham, Hip Hop Squares

Kat Graham on Tuesday night's premiere of Hip Hop Squares.
Photo: Courtesy of MTV2

Looking for an excuse to cancel your plans tonight? You're in luck, because we're serving up two reasons to spend some quality time vegging out on the couch (yeah, you're welcome...). Not only is the new show Hip Hop Squares finally premiering on MTV 2, but our fashion crush Kat Graham will make a very special appearance in the debut ep. The singer and Vampire Diaries star shows her stuff in the hip hop revamp of the old-school TV series Hollywood Squares, holding her own against fellow guest stars Ghostface Killah and Nick Cannon. Okay, and while the show is technically about their pop culture IQs, we're currently distracted by Kat's amazing outfit in the sneak peek. But really, how can you not be?! She’s sporting her signature high pony (sleek, not curly this time around) and an amazing neon tropical print dress.


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Chloë Sevigny For Opening Ceremony Resort Collection 2011.
Photo: Adam Schneider

Once upon a time, I saw the Chloë Sevigny For Opening Ceremony Mary Ellen Platform Clog Booties in Natural (say that three times fast, if you will), my heart cracked open and my love for insanely treacherous shoes that put my small frame on stilts gushed out, all over the internet. Like Wayne's World, I uttered, "They will be mine. Oh yes." And with some minor lifestyle adjustments (HA HA! NO LUNCH!) I obtained my very own pair, and I am happy to say we are in love.

So when Chloë Sevigny invited me (YES ME!) to her very first Resort collection fashion show via anonymous form e-mail, I had to attend. Sevigny not only has the indie actress game on lock, but she's also the de facto paean of downtown style. She brought back the '90s before they even left. She rocked vintage when the rest of the red carpet was stumbling over the Italians. But with a forth season under her belt with OC (whose other collabs have included Rodarte and Pendleton), there is no more argument—she is now a real-deal designer. So we took a peek at her newest line and chatted with her about the cult of Chloë, and guess what? WE HAVE THE WORST NEWS: The shoes are bonkers. BONKERS. Just when I thought my heart was filled and I wouldn't want any more material goods, a pair of laser-cut leather wedges with a hidden heel traipsed down the runway and I suddenly felt bereft.


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Betsey Johnson heels printed with tattoo graphics.
Photo: Courtesy of Betsey Johnson/Factory PR

The great thing about the young, curve-setting eponymous designers of the late '70s is that, as the years pass, they just keep getting better and better. Sure, Vivienne Westwood isn’t redefining punk anymore and Diane von Furstenberg has moved past the wrap dress, but they are still at the forefront of fashion, the queens of their particular aesthetic. And our gal Betsey J. is no different.

So when we got a chance to see Betsey Johnson's fall accessories, we jumped on it, knowing that, after more than 30 years, no one does femme kitsch better than the queen of leopard. Not for nothing, Ms. Johnson now runs a New York-based empire, filled with ready-to-wear, jewelry, handbags, and the shoes (ooohh, the shoes…). And when we snuck a peek, we must admit, we weren't surprised—which is fantastic. Betsey focused on what she does best: sky-high pumps, candy-colored gems. And leopard print enough to make us momentarily consider punning that we were, "seeing spots" *snort*.


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Lady Gaga certainly knows how to mix it up with the fans. First she had the Twitterazzi FUH-REAKING out by leaking the first ever sneak peek at the cover art for her new album, Born This Way. Gagaloo is shown as a sexy motorcycle borg hybrid and given the gleaming, contorted metal body parts, her facial prosthetics seemed comparatively discreet. Gaga then quietly sat back and let message boards and Stan sites argue that her Twitpic had been a decoy and just as everyone was worked up into a lather, she released a shot of her HOLDING the physical artwork with her boot in the background. Today, she revealed, again via Twitter, that it WAS IN FACT the final artwork and that a special edition album would show a close-up of the mussed blond 'do and hyper stylized feline makeup. Rawr.

Lady Gaga's Special Edition 'Born This Way' album cover art.
Photo: Courtesy of Lady Gaga's Twitter

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Leighton Meester, Katie Cassidy and Selena Gomez in 'Monte Carlo.'
Photo: Courtesy of New Regency Productions

The trailer for Selena Gomez's new film Monte Carlo just hit and it already has enthusiasts of teen-comedies-that-are-so-far-fetched-it's-crazy (slowly raises hand) eagerly anticipating the release. The gist: Three friends played by Gomez, Leighton Meester, and Katie Cassidy embark on a dream vacay to Paris. But while they're doing their typical tourist thing (sight-seeing, moped-riding, and sleeping in sketchy hostels) Gomez's character gets mistaken for a British heiress and all hell breaks loose (and SOMEONE falls for Glee star Cory Monteith!). Early critics have compared the flick (which releases in theaters on July 1) to 2003's The Lizzie Maguire Movie--but with WAY better clothes. Check out the trailer look-by-look below and tell us if you agree. So. Much. Shoe. Porn. Hurts. Our. Feelings.

Leighton and Katie's characters give the real heiress, clad in a shawl-collar cream blazer, jeans, and a long necklace, the once over. Ugh. It's the worst to be confronted by all that expensive-ass cuteness when you're dripping like a drowned rat.

The faux heiress, played by Gomez, wears the same color combo that the real heiress wears above--gray, cream, and denim. Coincidence? Nope! Just MOVIE MAKIN' MAGIC.

An oh-so-serious polo match attendee in a spiky feathered sunhat is affronted by an errant ball. No tawdry jokes, here. We're WAY too classy for that.

Let's take a moment to admire Katie and Leighton's characters' garb. Katie's shrunken vest and subtle floral bubble skirt, and Leighton's high-waisted short shorts and striped boat shirt...we'd expect nothing less from these two Gossip Girls.

Obviously, a heiress travels with shoes galore in a monogrammed steamer case that when opened makes our insides BURN WITH HOT SEARING ENVY.

Ditto for bags.

A serious, Liz Taylor-ish diamond and sapphire necklace heavy enough to mash your spinal column with its weight and still be totally worth it.

We know! More stuff! We love stuff...Sooooooooo jelz.

Leighton, please. What's with the dreamy look? It's not like you've never played characters who get to rock fancy floor length couture, like, ALL THE TIME. Ahahahaha. We're totally getting a little mad now...

Siiiiiigh. All that dreamy, fancy, size 2 glory.

Oh, but our girl keeps it all the way real and instead of wearing one of the MANY pairs of designer pumps left by the heiress, Gomez's character wears cowgirl boots to the ball. Not something we would do in a million years but, again, this movie is about FANTASY.

French actor Pierre Boulanger plays Gomez's love interest in the flick. We too love going matchy poo in polo shirts. Bonsoir, mon petit chou.

We can tell when the real heiress returns--she looks unbelievable in a gray tube dress and cropped blazer and she always looks like she's about to maim the help with that icy rich girl stare. Oh, heiress have you learned NOTHING? Oh, who cares! We're so there to watch the bejesus outta this flick.


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Looks from the Zara Woman SS 2011 collection.
Photo: Zara

Zara Woman just unveiled its Spring/Summer 2011 collection, and it's got us SO excited about warmer days ahead. The collection is full of chic and sophisticated separates, all with Zara's classic well-tailored touch. Three looks stood out to us in particular, though. The first outfit features a black boyfriend cut blazer thrown over a gray shirt and patterned pants. We love the unexpected print on pants, especially worn with more basic tops. The second look features a hot pink shirt tucked into a teal skirt. This colorful combo is not for the shy at heart, but a perfect pairing for the summer months. And last, you can't get much crisper than a simple white shift with black stripes down the sleeves. The dress oozes effortless elegance that's perfect for any occasion—date night, girls-only brunch, lounging around at home, etc.

+ Which Spring/Summer Zara look is on your must-buy list?


Looks from Lauren Conrad's new line, Paper Crown.
Photo: Courtesy of Paper Crown

It's a rarity for us to fall in love with EVERY single item in a fashion line. But, with The Hills alum Lauren Conrad's new collection Paper Crown, that's exactly what happened. The spring lineup, which is priced at $69 to $400, includes covetable soft knits, silk blouses, cropped pants, tailored blazers, faux-leather shorts, flippy skirts, chiffon dresses, and floral prints. The newly minted designer set up shop at Coterie (a New York City fashion trade show where designers can meet with buyers/boutiques), and while chatting with Allure and Fashionista she revealed a few fun facts about her line...and her hair.

On The "Paper Crown" Name: "When I was little I used to go to my grandmother's and we would always play dress-up; but when I would go there, I wouldn't have my dress-up trunk with me, so we'd make these paper crowns. That was our way of creating our own glamour—and that's what we wanted the line to be like."

On Her Inspiration For The Line: “When I was designing [the collection] I wanted to do pieces that could be worn lots of different ways—I think it’s nice to invest in pieces you can wear throughout a few seasons. It’s modern but not overly trendy. I wanted an overall romance feel to the line, balanced out with a couple tailored pieces for a slight menswear feel and the leather pieces to balance out the chiffons.”

On Her Biggest Hair Regret: "I had bleached hair for awhile. It was pretty bad."


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Jay-Z performs at the 2010 Coachella Music Festival in Indio, Calif., on April 16.
Photo: PictureGroup/Gucci

Jay-Z's first book, Decoded, promises to reveal hidden meanings of the rapper's songs and will be released next Wednesday. But, pre-book launch, Jay-Z hooked up with Bing to expose every page of the book. He placed more than 300 pages of the tome in the streets of major cities around the world, like billboards in New York, on pool tables in Las Vegas, and in swimming pools in Miami. Talk about a sneak peek! Jay's latest page reveal can be found today in the window of Gucci's Fifth Avenue flagship store. The page is printed on the lining of a one-of-kind leather bomber jacket created by Jay-Z and Gucci Creative Director Frida Giannini. Check it out.


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Nylon Street View; All Photos Courtesy of Universe

At MTV Style's headquarters in New York City, we're constantly on the hunt for hot styles you're wearing right now. We even go so far as to record great looks for posterity in our Show Us Your Style show! Sure, New York is a fashion hub, but it's hardly alone in the fashion-forward cities category. That's why we're pumped to show you a sneak peek of Street View: The New Nylon Book of Global Style, a new book from the editors of Nylon magazine, which just came out this month ($24,95, Amazon.com). The book covers the hottest street style in seven cities: Montreal, Stockholm, Barcelona, Tokyo, Los Angeles, London, and of course, New York. It proves that no matter where you go, stylish people are everywhere. Check out our favorite looks below!

+ What city do you think is the most stylish?

MONTREAL: Montreal was definitely well represented in this book with quirky, fun, daring looks. We love the skinny jeans and heels on the left and the originality of the outfit on the right, from the tiered-petal shirt to the textured tights and Jeremy Scott's wing sneakers for Adidas.

MONTREAL: These looks were also from Montreal, and here we're taking cues for mixing it up a little. Polka dots go with lace leggings, and red heart bags punch up an otherwise all-black outfit.

TOKYO: Tokyo is a town for trendsetters, and these two really make their looks pop with a mix of pieces like a thick gold chain on the left and the studded leather biker jacket on the right with leopard print platforms.

BARCELONA: European style is effortless chic, as proven here. And that goes for both guys and girls!

NEW YORK AND LONDON: The layered look on the left is from New York City, while the sweet-but-sophisticated style represents London on the right. Which city girl has the better style? That's a tough one!

LOS ANGELES: Casual, laid-back looks go far in Los Angeles, (just ask the girls of The Hills!). Floral, feminine dresses are paired with funky boots, and overalls get an update with chunky argyle heels.

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