Kristin Cavallari

Kristin Cavallari will debut Junk Food x NFL Women's Apparel collection at New York Fashion Week.
Photo: Getty Images

Whoaaaa, major MTV-meets-fashion news, y'all! Kristin Cavallari is designing a collection of womenswear for Junkfood and the NFL that will debut at New York Fashion Week. *jaw drops to the floor* Basketball and the NBA caught a lot of shine this year for raising the bar for sports style, from the post-game podium to the young guns making their debuts at the NBA Draft. But the end of the season left those hopped up on the buzz of a serious integration of sports and style (what has two thumbs sitting on the space bar typing this post?) clamoring to figure out which league would be next on the fashion come-up. We've had a feeling that football and the NFL may be next for a while and have even gotten affirmation from LeBron James' and Victor Cruz's stylist Rachel Johnson, but this latest news from Laguna Beach and The Hills alumna more than confirms our suspicions.


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Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman evidently had a BLAST at this Miami Swim Week show.
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In case you didn't already know, there are multiple international iterations of Fashion Week. Twice a year, runways circumvent the globe from New York to London to Milan to Paris, showcasing all the best and brightest that the world's design minds have to offer. There is also a Fashion Week for swimwear, and it takes place in (DUH) Miami. Granted, you know, it's not entirely the same as the Anna Wintour-trodden hallowed catwalks of NYFW (Miami Swim Week, instead welcomes Kardashians and our very own glass bikini-clad Kristin Cavallari with open arms), the 5-day long event draws in its own special league of front row fixtures. Most notably this year? Retired American Hall of Fame NBA player Dennis Rodman. And that's not just because he's a basketball legend, or because he was the key to VICE's entry into North Korea, or because he's the only dude whose lifetime total of hairstyles might rival (or even eclipse) Nicki Minaj's either. While we weren't there ourselves, we peeped the photos from the Anna Kosturova/Beach Riot/Lolli Swim/Manglar/Indah show which he attended on Monday, July 22, and it looks like The Worm had a certifiable BLAAAAST.


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Remember how we were all, "ZOMG, is 2013 going to rep the most fashion-packed NBA Draft Day EVER??" and then we fell into an internet rabbithole, clicking through projected top picks' Instagram accounts and ogling their unexpectedly good taste? Welp, we watched last night and suffice it to say, we were up to our earlobes in way improved style decisions. (Granted, there was nothing quite LeBron man-floral or Wade Versace level that hit the stage last night, but we ARE talking about fresh-faced young guns essentially accepting offers to their very first jobs, after all.) We're not big on bragging here, but this time, we can't keep this one under wraps. We definitely called this. If you weren't able to catch it last night, there's a lot that you missed, and to us, it's significant enough to warrant a full style recap. Thus, we present you with our top 10 style moments from the 2013 NBA Draft. LEGGO!


Anthony Bennett

Anthony Bennett at the 2013 NBA Draft.
Photo: Getty Images

Name: Anthony Bennett
Order: #1
Picked by: Cleveland Cavaliers

Defying countless first-pick predictions, Canadian Anthony Bennett scored top honors as the Cleveland Cavaliers' (and the entire night's) very first brand new NBA draftee. For his pro league debut, Bennett shook commissioner David Stern's hand in a textured gray Eaden Myles suit with a peak lapel, doubled-up patterns on his shirt and reddish plaid tie, and a peek of pink from an expertly folded Alton Lane pocket square.


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Nerlens Noel

You can pick Nerlens Noel's 2013 NBA Draft Day suit.
Photo: Getty Images/NBA

The Finals may be over, but there's still one last NBA event to look forward to this summer: 2013 Draft Day. The event kicks off THIS Thursday night in Barclays Center where pro-teams will take turns picking up young hopeful draft prospects. These draft candidates are mostly college students which means they don't necessarily have access to stylists like their professional counterparts. The focus on fashion this Draft Day is poised to be higher than ever, and with the bar leapfrogging from the previous years' style train wrecks to the high fashion example set by this year's Playoffs. One dude, however, has distinctly less pressure in the wardrobe department come Draft Day, and his name is Nerlens Noel.


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NBA Basketball Fashion

Call this our post-season fashion assist.
Photo: Andrew Farrar/adidas/Renowned Clothing/Society6/Stance Socks/Elaine Arsenault

And just like that, it's over. After months and months of Playoff games, the Miami Heat have defeated the San Antonio Spurs, clinching the 2013 NBA Finals championship, meaning back-to-back wins for the franchise and stars LeBron James, Chris Bosh, and Dwyane Wade. Last night was all screams and popping bottles and high fives, but now, as die-hard NBA fans, today brings the cruel reality that we now have to wait until mid-October for the next league game and season. *SIGH* The good news is: just as fashion is growing in popularity amongst the hoops crowd, basketball is also catching on in the fashion world. In an effort to help all our style savvy Spalding fans through the off-season, our latest crop of "Stan Swag" is dedicated to the National Basketball Association.


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LeBron James

LeBron James transforms after losing his headband in Game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals. Watch out, Tony!
Photo: Getty Images

You know how there's that totally illogical reveal element to the Superman story where suddenly Clark Kent can transform into the Man of Steel just by taking off his glasses? This ridiculous notion that ONE accessory can catalyze a complete alteration of character? Like, dudes, we can all still tell Clark Kent is just a four-eyes, suited-up version of Superman. Welp, apparently, it's not that ridiculous since that's exactly what went down last night when LeBron James lost his headband in Game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals. In truth, it really wasn't just James that propelled the Heat to stave off elimination and force the series against the San Antonio Spurs into a Game 7 (there's no "I" in team, etc.etc.), but (with the HUGE exception of Mike Miller and his one-shoed three-pointer), no one else's in-game style took a hold of Twitter in quite the same Superman moment way as LeBron and his headband. And now that we think about it, they ARE both from Ohio...


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LeBron James, Rachel Johnson

LeBron James and his stylist Rachel Johnson.
Photo: Getty Images/Vibe

LeBron James is one of the biggest names in sports. Today, tomorrow, and for the better part of the forseeable future. Tonight, King James and his Miami Heat teammates take on the San Antonio Spurs for Game 1 of the 2013 NBA Finals. As you may or may not know, LeBron was equally as lauded for his presence off the court during last year's Finals, thanks to a little healthy fashion competition between the Heat and the Oklahoma City Thunder. With that kind of precedent, there's no telling what this season's match-up has in store on the style front, but we hit up LeBron's long-time trusted stylist Rachel Johnson to try and extract those answers before game time anyway.

Rachel, along with Dwyane Wade's stylist Calyann Barnett, is one of the pioneers of the whole sports styling scene. She's seen it grow from scrounging up custom-tailored designer duds from the few labels that would do it to anchoring an agency of stylists (Thomas Faison) and outfitting the hottest player in the game. We caught up with her to chat about dressing LJ and since we're nearing the end of basketball season, where in the world of sports we might be able to get our fashion fix next. Check it out!


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Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber watches Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals.
Photo: Getty Images

For basketball fans, all eyes were on Game 7 of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals between the Miami Heat and the Indiana Pacers last night—THE deciding game of who will represent the East and battle it out with the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA Finals this year. As it happens, though, for those watching the game, all eyes were on Justin Bieber. No, the 2011 Celebrity All-Star MVP wasn't tagged into the game to swing the score in the fourth quarter. The Biebs was commanding attention courtside thanks to his outfit. Justin had prime seating for the series-deciding game and went with a leather baseball jersey (*side eye*), leather pants (presumably drop crotch), indoor sunglasses, and a bleached denim Heat snapback with a bright red brim.


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Dwyane Wade, Calyann Barnett

Dwyane Wade and his stylist Calyann Barnett.
Photo: Getty Images

When it comes to the unique (but growing) intersection of sports, more specifically basketball, and fashion, there is one dude who consistently slays, always dressing a cut above the rest: Dwyane Wade. The Miami Heat point guard was one of the first to start wearing "nerdy" thick-rimmed glasses to the post-game podium, helping jumpstart and trend within the league. From there, he's catapulted to bona fide style star status, appearing alongside our girl Karlie Kloss in Vogue (granted, he's shirtless), collaborating on dress shoes (not just sneakers!), and hosting his own charity runway show. Of course, it's important to note that he does this all with the help of one very talented lady who was the catalyst for his fashion overhaul, his stylist Calyann Barnett. We caught up with Barnett for a quick chat about Flash's wave-making style as we look forward to aaaaall the amped up post-game podium looks to come while the Heat forge ahead on their quest for another go-around at NBA Finals glory. Check it out!


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