Shenae Grimes holds up an issue of 'Teen Vogue.'
Photo: OfficialShenaeGrimes

90210 star Shenae Grimes is heading to the Big Apple to start an internship at Teen Vogue! She will be guest-blogging for the mag and will document her adventures firsthand on her website. More important, she'll be working across the street from us. (Let's hang out!) {Coco Perez}

• Get nails inspired by Prada's striped spring 2011 collection! This DIY tutorial shows you how to get the lines oh so perfect with the help of some medical tape and an X-Acto knife. OK, OK, it sounds harder than it looks. {Jezebel}

• Burlesque star/ex-wife of Marilyn Mason Dita Von Teese ALREADY wows us with her flawless makeup and retro glam gowns, so it's only fitting that her home is as decked out as she is. The May issue of InStyle takes us into her hip abode, which includes a leopard print rug given to Ms. Teese as a gift from Christian Louboutin. Um, wow. {Coco Perez}

Jane Pratt, creator of Sassy and Jane magazines, launched a new website today called The site features fearless female-empowered writers discussing topics ranging from "Is my husband gay?" to "Should our belly buttons be better looking?" So, basically everything. {Fashionista}

Gap lets you name your own price of certain items from their collection! Head over to to "haggle" the price down of a shirt/dress/pants/whatever with a bidding robot that, to be honest, is SUPER relentless. STAY STRONG. YOU CAN DO IT. {Styleite}

• So, in case you haven't heard, it's going to rain EVERY SINGLE DAY this week. UGH. The good news? Now there's a reason to buy this cray cray patent flat-form rain boot shoe thing!! Now your feet won't sweat OR get wet from the puddles. Stylishly dry, I'd say. {FashionIndie}

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Mia Wasikowska at the 'Restless' premiere in Cannes on May 12.
Photo: Getty Images

• All eyes were on Mia Wasikowska when she stepped on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival to premiere her new film Restless. She KILLED IT in a long, fitted Roland Mouret burgundy gown that somehow mixed elegant and chic in the most perfect way possible. We also cannot WAIT to see this Gus Van Sant-directed film! {Just Jared}

Glee's Dianna Agron cut off her long blonde locks! Her new chunky layered bob really accentuates her gorgeous facial structure, which we are TOTALLY digging. Also, Dianna, nice job pretending you got an amazing haircut from a weird medieval dagger. LAWLZ. {Perez Hilton}

Ginnifer Goodwin teamed up with Milk & Honey to design shoes for charity! We're loving these $270 bright orange pumps that will donate part of the proceeds to St. Jude's Children’s Hospital. See, boys? Shopping is GOOD and WORTHWHILE and HELPFUL to people, which means we need to do it more. {InStyle}

• First we read that chokers were making a comeback, but now fanny packs too? The late '90s and early 2000s style is definitely making it's resurgence whether you like it or not! What's next, the all-over hair buns? {Stylelist}

• The top 14 competitors in the all-star season of America's Next Top Model have been revealed! With the girls already prepared for the fierceness Tyra brings to the judging table, we can't WAIT to see what happens in these photo shoots. {The Cut}

• A beauty pageant mom has been giving her 8-year-old daughter Botox to soften her "smile lines" for when she competes on stage. The little girl has also tried waxing her legs, which she never plans on doing again. {Coco Perez}

• If you're feeling like you need a spritz of perfume in a jiffy, nosh on this rose-flavored candy, which emits a chemical that can't be digested through your pores. You'll smell good AND you get to eat candy, so this is obvi a win-win situation. {Fashionista}

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Brad Goreski in New York City, New York on May 1.
Photo: Getty Images

• Apparently, Brad Goreski, Rachel Zoe's spunky bespectacled, be-jacketed, be-bow-tied assistant, has been in NYC since the Met Ball, and Refinery 29 was lucky enough to spend an afternoon with him in his hotel room! Given that we each pack a Mini-Cooper-size suitcase for a weekend getaway, we can only imagine how much Goreski hauled with him for a weeklong stay. We predict enough studs to cover a small Hawaiian island. At least. {Refinery 29}

• We've all seen Rihanna's new music video for "California King Bed," and given that she spends, like, 50 percent of the vid in bed, it's a marvel that her tresses stay so perfectly tousled and non-bedheadish. Thankfully, Riri's expert stylist spills her hairstyling secrets! {Stylist}

• Hooooly flashbacks! Word on the street (or runway, rather) is that the choker doth returneth. The necklace style cropped up at Lanvin, Bottega Venata, and Emanuel Ungaro in antique velvets, massive pebbled jewels, and thick leather strips. Absent among the ranks were tattoo chokers circa 1998. Which is exactly where they should stay. {}

• There's all this hubbub about how ballsy Rachel Zoe is for already branching out to resort wear in what is only the second collection for her label. But uhh, when was the last time the woman was categorized among those who play it safe? Peep the boho goodness for yourself. Unsurprisingly, v, v, retro. {Stylecaster}

Lady Gaga performed 'Judas' at Cannes yesterday draped in red and black sheer fabrics, gold embellishments, and hard winged eyeliner. MTV has photos of all the luxe amazeballs deliciousness that Gaga serves up so reliably. {MTV}

Versace has announced they are launching a children's wear line. Because luxury kids clothing makes sense, right? Kids grow around three inches every year. They play in dirt and grass, run around, fall down, spill things on themselves. There's no reason NOT to swaddle them in 'spensive vestments! Truthfully, we're DYING to see this ad campaign... STYLISH MUNCHKINS!! {WWD}

• You knew it would happen; you just didn't know when. Retailers have been taking note of the inordinate amount of time their would-be customers spend on Facebook (guilty as charged), and now stores like Express are building stores into their Facebook pages, so you don't even have to leave the site to shop! Facebook: 1, Productivity: 0. {Coco Perez}

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Katy Perry the premiere of 'Arthur' in London.
Photo: Getty Images

• We take a peek behind the lens at Katy Perry's Vanity Fair photo shoot with famed photographer Annie Leibovitz. Katy's retro-glam look paired with the romantic French backdrop make us wish WE were the American in Paris. Jeals! {Coco Perez}

Katie Holmes, who has been working to expand her Holmes & Yang clothing line, has enlisted some help! She hired her 18-year-old stepdaughter, Bella, to intern for the company. We bet she prooobaabblly won't be doing any coffee runs. {Oh No They Didn't!}

Barbie collaborated with nOir Jewelry to create pieces that are not only COVERED in loads of hot pink enamel (of course), but also have a super rocker edge. Think pink studded bangles and a heavy gold chain necklace that reads "Good Girl Gone Blonde." Uh-mazing. {Nitrolicious}

• Tonight Lady Gaga will kick off the Cannes Film Festival with a live performance on the French show Le Grand Journal. She will perform "Judas" and do an interview, which means we need to come BFFs with someone in France IMMEDIATELY. {Perez Hilton}

• Everybody knows Alexa Chung is THE "It" girl of the moment, but what does such a beautiful and fashionable lady carry in her Chanel bag? Snacks! {FabSugar}

• At a dinner in honor or Karl Lagerfeld, photographer Delphine Achard snapped some intimate insider photos of the party. Rachel Bilson was spotted in a 'dorbs orange bowler hat, and Blake Lively stunned in a textured white puffy-sleeved frock with hints of metallic. {Chanel News}

• There's an uproar in India all from an itsybitsy bikini! Aussie Lisa Burke designed swimwear with images of Hindu gods plastered on the models' backsides, and Hindus burned Australian flags in protest. Eesh. What do you think? {Fashionista}

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Taylor Momsen before a performance in Hollywood on April 21.
Photo: Getty Images

• The Pretty Reckless singer Taylor Momsen won't be returning to Gossip Girl after this season, which means we'll have to say goodbye to Little J's conniving antics and cutthroat social climbing. But what we'll miss most about TayTay's appearances on the show are those GORGE ball gowns and top-notch ensembles she used to wear. Say hello to 24/7 pantlessness. {Gawker}

Agyness Deyn channels pure androgyny in her latest spread for Man About Town magazine. Shot by fashion-designer-turned-photographer Hedi Slimane, this series of all black-and-white masculine shots shows a peek into the fashion world that isn't all about in-your-face sexiness and over-the-top glamour. {High Snobiety}

• GAHHH, the amazingness of Twitter continues! Check out the latest Twitpics from some of our favorite celebs: Chanel Iman in a fake mustache, Lauren Conrad setting sail on a ship, and model Alessandra Ambrosio snuggling with her baby girl (aww!). {FabSugar}

• OK, we're sort of obsessed with this Italian Vogue May 2011 swimsuit spread, which features an unusual set of frizzy-bobbed models holding netting above their heads and wearing 12,093,982 bangles on their arms while basking in the sunlight. We're SO into this homage to terrible tan lines. {Women Management}

• Fashion icon Daphne Guinness, who bought the late Isabella Blow's entire wardrobe collection, wants to puts the couture pieces on display for everyone to see. While she's loaned some of the clothes to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, she's thinking of setting up a "virtual museum" for the rest of the pieces to be easily viewed and accessed. In short: This is going to be AWESOME. {The Cut}

Rihanna joined Nivea on a cruise to help celebrate their 100th anniversary! Aboard the ship, RiRi performed and debuted her new "California King Bed" video while wearing a floor-length light pink gown with a studded harness and quite possibly the biggest, curliest, and reddest ponytail we have EVER seen. Uh-mazing. {Just Jared}

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Lady Gaga at a press conference in Mexico City, Mexico on May 6.
Photo: Getty Images

• Fashion director/editor/stylist extraordinaire, Nicola Formichetti, blogged all of the fashion credits for Lady Gaga's "Judas" video. ALL. Prepare your eyes, minds, and hearts for the fashion explosion that awaits. Think Erickson Beamon, VINTAGE LACROIX (sweetie darling) and find out who did the awesome Japanese stiletto 3-D nails! Monster claws rise in exaltation. You saw the HBO spesh, right? {Nicola Formicetti}

Lindsay Lohan, ever the style changeling, has altered her appearance once again, this time to resemble a bloodthirsty vampire. She embraced her inner mythical bloodsucker for a friend's photo exhibit entitled 'Life Is Not A Fairytale' (hmm... Brooding are we, LiLo?) where her pointy canines and crimson lips took center stage. {People}

• Mmmmm... Moss x Testino. Check out Kate Moss and Mario Testino's EPIC Vogue Brazil spread entitled "Love You." Wow, I'll say. It makes us feel FEELINGS.

• Oh snap, we told you that Adam Lambert shaved his villainous facial hair (that we'd grown strangely fond of), check out his cleanly shorn mug now. Ponder the difference (whilst stroking your chin, of course). {Just Jared}

• Check out these choice morsels from Rosemount Australian fashion week in Sydney where local designer Dion Lee wowed the crowds again with structural austerity and keen cuts. {Fashionista}

Nicole Richie, Rachel Zoe and Demi Moore were all at Victoria Beckham's baby shower where the 36-year-old only wanted pink presents for her baby girl. Bonus among all those famous moms? This Twitpic of the typically fashionable Posh covered in a toilet paper dress. {NY Daily News}

• Zebra print and neon are still going strong for spring/summer, and at $65 this retro Swatch watch is a steal. Kiiiiinda want at least three, even if that does defeat the purpose of thriftiness. Hmm... {High Snobiety}

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Miley Cyrus and American Hi-Fi in Santiago, Chile, on May 4.
Photo: Courtesy of American Hi-Fi's Twitter

• We're OBSESSED with Miley Cyrus' South American tour Twitpics! Check out the stacked bangles, sunnies, and slouchy shawl of her shopping style in Chile. Plus, TONS of vacay photos. {Oh No They Didn't!}

Chanel relaunched a fine jewelry site that features a watch that can ONLY be polished with diamond dust, gold that can only be worn by other gold, and platinum that dances and talks when other platinum is around. {Fashionista}

• The Charlotte Ronson for Uniqlo line has (quietly) arrived! Check out these first shots of the collection and, um, we call dibs on that summery striped dress. {Racked}

• Awwwwwww! Grab your bestie (do-si-do) and click through this supercute gallery of friendship bracelets together. {Refinery29}

• Oh, how we love an intricate fashion-related fun-to-follow infographic! Use this not-quick-at-all-HILARIOUS guide to knowing if you've left your house without wearing pants. It's not as simple as it looks. {Styleite}

• Ooooh! What do you guys think of this thigh-split, one-shouldered, black-and-white Versace that Lea Michele wore? The Cut blog is torn, and so are we. {The Cut}

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Kim Kardashian in Las Vegas on April 16.
Photo: Getty Images

• Not to add fuel to the fire or anything, but we can't believe this Kim Kardashian "real or fake" butt war is STILL being waged. We think she and her stylist just do an excellent job of accentuation her assets in well-selected, flattering pieces. Do you agree? {TMZ}

• Check out the breezy, relaxed but still WAY cute ensembles that Disney BFFs Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale wore from their girly besties trip to Mexico. Loose skirts + summery knits + those beautiful bronze tans you only get when you visit places near the equator = Yum. {Perez Hilton}

• WHOA, new surprise look-alike we weren't expecting. Do Raven-Symoné's new luscious, golden brown waves make her look like Nicole Richie? Maaaaybe. {E! News}

• Oh snap! In supermodel news, Erin O'Connor's assistant got busted stealing tens of thousands of dollars from her and spend the money on trips, taxis, and shopping sprees. {Vogue UK}

• We LUH this Stella McCartney heart-shaped bodice polka-dot dress Liv Tyler wore to the Stella McCartney boutique opening at Saks Fifth Avenue. Best version of see-through/non-see-through trend EVER. {Huffington Post}

• The feather-in-the-hair trend continues. This time, foliage makes an appearance amid the lovely tresses of Lourdes Leon, a burgeoning fashion icon for sure. {Just Jared}

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Rihanna at the DKMS gala in New York on April 28.
Photo: Getty Images

• After the successful launch of Rihanna's first fragrance Reb'l Fleur, the singer is already working on perfume No. 2! She tweeted that when she wore her new sample, "all the fly girls wanted some," which MUST mean it's awesome. {Just Jared}

Lanvin is launching a 25-piece "superluxury" children's line along with their upcoming resort collection. The fabrics used will cost 10 times more than most children's apparel, which means 4-year-olds will officially be wearing more expensive outfits than us. Jelz. {Racked}

• Look like a million bucks with this genius D.I.Y. hack of the Marni braided bracelet. All you need is some ribbon, glue and tape to get the same look and feel as the real two-tone bangle that retails for more than $200. Get to work! {Who What Wear}

• There's so many fabulous moms on the "My Mom The Style Icon" blog that we couldn't not share it with you. Plus, there's even a book. Don't forget about Mother's Day (Pssssssst, it's Sunday! And, yes, we're gonna be reminding you all week.) {Mom Style Icons}

• American designer and "Prince of Color" Chris Benz and a slew of other fashion pioneers are speaking at a panel called "How I'm Making It: What It Takes To Be Successful In Fashion" on Monday, May 9, in New York City. {Fashionista}

• Luxury clothing boutique Dagny & Barstow are moving into Lenny Kravitz's old nightclub retail space on Bowery in NYC, which only means craaaaaazy things are bound to be discovered. Underneath the "seven years worth of dust," the owners found a stomach pump. Yowza. {Racked}

Katy Perry opened up the Logie Awards with her hit single "Firework" in an appropriately dynamite ensemble. The pop singer wore a head-to-toe sparkly red dress with a STUNNING sculpted bustier that, of course, amplified some of her other assets (you know, besides her voice). {Perez Hilton}

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Kate Bosworth in the Cotton ad campaign.
Photo: Courtesy of Cotton Inc.

• If those Cotton "Fabric Of My Life" commercials often get stuck in your head, be prepared for the latest version of the cutesy sing-along featuring Kate Bosworth! Not only will she be donning adorable hats and frocks, but it'll also be her singing debut. Look out for it starting this Friday. {Just Jared}

• Fashion icon Daphne Guinness got ready for the Met Gala a little differently from her counterparts. She slipped into her feathered Alexander McQueen gown in a Barneys storefront window. In front of everyone. While they creepily watched. {The Cut}

Katy Perry WERKS her charm for the new Thomas Sabo Charm Club jewelry ad. The bright charms feature strawberries, Converse high-tops, and (our favorite) heart sunglasses!! {Coco Perez}

Lady Gaga released the full track listings for both her regular and special edition Born This Way album, but more important, LOOK AT WHAT SHE'S WEARING! Thigh-high boots sans heels and a pointy (metal?) bustier. Yes, please! {Lady Gaga's Twitter}

• Model/actress Brooklyn Decker and singer Jennifer Hudson both KILLED IT in skintight Victoria Beckham Collection dresses. If you can get past their amazing bods, try and pick your favorite ensemble. {Coco Perez}

• An Austrian man found $150,000 worth of jewelry while digging in his backyard! The medieval trove included 200 brooches, rings, and belt buckles. Note to self: Pick up gardening as a hobby. {NY Post}

Uma Thurman stars in a new Schweppes commercial wearing a GIANT flower on her head, two-tone sparkly purple and gold eye shadow, and (literally) a bajillion bracelets. We're not sure if we're more confused by her outfit or the commercial. {Official Hype}

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