A still from GoldieBlox's 'Princess Machine' commercial.
Photo: GoldieBlox's YouTube Page

Holy smokes. Please look at this new video from the toy company GoldieBlox because it is EXCELLENT. Set to a remake of the Beastie Boys’ “Girls,” it features a Rube Goldberg machine (an overly-complicated contraption that relies on a sort of domino-effect to complete a simple task) that destroys tea sets, marabou feathers, dolls, a rolling pin, a see-saw, a badminton racket, and a parasol, delighting a crew of really frickin’ adorable girls. If you’re not familiar with the company, GoldieBlox was launched last year with help from a gobsmackingly successful Kickstarter campaign that raised $285,881; way over their $150,000 goal.

Founder and CEO Debbie Sterling, a Rhode Island native who studied engineering at Stanford, wanted to start a movement to “disrupt the pink aisle and inspire the future generation of female engineers,” attributing the discouraging lack of women in her profession to a dearth of maker-minded toys for girls. GoldieBlox features a book, a tool kit, and a construction set, with the book as a sort of Trojan Horse for girls who tend to be more verbally inclined (“boys like to build; girls like to read,” she says in her Kickstarter video).


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Kanye West

Screenshots of Justin Bieber's The Key Fragrance app.
Photo: EA Fragrances Co.

Just when you thought it was quiet out in the beauty/style space for Justin Bieber (well, save that very relaxed adidas NEO campaign and Zach Galifinakis ragging on his hairstyles), KidRauhl has just reinvigorated interest in his latest (third) fragrance, The Key. Not with new campaign images or another fancy hotel-set commercial. Nope. He released an app. More specifically, an alarm clock app. For his fragrance. Does this compute?

If you're a little lost, we don't blame you. Sleep and perfumes don't often (ever?) go hand-in-hand. The rationale, we believe, is that the entire fragrance campaign has revolved around the idea of Bieber somehow unlocking your bedroom door (y'know, with The Key) to visit you at night. Whether that's in your dreams or IRL is left ~up to the imagination~.


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Have you heard the NEWS? Drake is performing at the 2013 VMAs! Usually when announcements like this happen, we rack our brains and pour over the last few runway shows to come up with performance outfit predictions, but this time, we're doing thing a little differently because unlike the other VMA performers this year, Drizzy has his own (unofficial) Dress Up app. Obviously, that means we HAD to use it to create some "Started From The Bottom" stage ensemble suggestions.



Started from the bottom, now you're here.
Photo: Dress Drake App

Wanna make a real "now I'm HERE" style statement? This vibrant orange variety jacket + camp pants situation is a definite head-turner. Finish it off with some Jordan cements for that hypebeast cred.


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Motorola's feminine-friendly phone advertising.
Photo: Courtesy of Motorola

Motorola came out with a new phone and it's called the Moto X. It's a big deal. It's the Google Phone we've all been waiting for since they bought Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion in 2011. Anyway, the cool functional aspects are that the Moto X is super fast and you tell it what to do not so much by smearing your finger sebum all over its face and then mashing that face onto your face but by talking to it or, like, flicking your hand a certain way if you want to use the camera. My near-death, very-old iPhone in comparison requires about 26 seconds, a blue streak of curses and a solid ruining of the moment in order to get the camera to work. Basically, it's this huge move away from manual controls. Anyway, I haven't met this phone in person or hung out with it so if you want more details you can read this or this or if you want the Cliffs Notes/TL;DR, read this. Or you can just go to Twitter and watch all the poindexters get huffy at each other about different vibes of the coverage so far.

But since we're a style blog, let's talk about how this doodad looks. It looks cool. And that's nice since it's an Android. You can even Nike iD it up on the Moto Maker customization web site (it's not live yet or I'd link it) or in AT&T stores later this year. There's a BOATLOAD of permutations since you can meddle with the color and materials and people are going bonkers for the woodgrain one that's coming out in Q4 because some people are obsessed with wood like that.


Geraldo Rivera

"70 is the new 50."
Photo: @GeraldoRivera Twitter

On Saturday night, mustachioed television host and noisy Republican, Geraldo Rivera, took to Twitter to announce that "70 is the new 50." To emphasize his point, he posted a selfie of himself clad in a towel slung so low on his hips that you can see his "D'Angelo muscles," which is to say you can see his obliques. Witnessing this particular #OOTD (outfit of the day) is eighteen-million types of alarming and one of those things you can't unsee.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about because I'm just "mashing together some names you've heard your mom say" it's because prior to this moment you gave not one F about this Geraldo dude (if it's the same case for D'Angelo, you should study up he's VERY good). The cheat-sheet is that he's been married 5 times, has been to Iraq 11 times as a war correspondent and once famously humiliated himself on live television in the late-80s when he claimed to have discovered the vault containing Al Capone's treasures and then cracked it open to find some dirty old bottles. If you follow any Old People, you will see variations of this joke in your timeline.


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Internet Clothing

We <3 the internetz.
Photo: Courtesy of Banter Banner/Etsy/Shallowww/Glint Shop

Welp, it doesn't get more meta than this, friends. Every week when dive into the world of fan merch (or "Stan Swag," as we so lovingly call it), we usually find the coolest duds to show off our Justin/Miley/Selena/Kanye obsessions, but when it REALLY comes down to it, there's something we love even more than all those celebs combined—the internet, y'all. Without it we'd be, well, jobless for one, but also we wouldn't get all those titillating daily tweets/Instagram photos/Vines straight from [INSERT YOUR FAVORITE CELEB HERE]'s phone and without it, we might die. OK, that's a bit dramatic, but seriously, if we were on a deserted island and someone asked us to choose between WiFi and food, we'd probably choose WiFi. (Here's hoping Seamless delivers by boat...)


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Snooki Headphones

Snooki and her headphone and tech accessories collection.
Photo: Getty Images/Courtesy of iHip

Snooki may be juggling her own TV show with newfound motherhood, but that hasn't stopped the mini mogul from expanding her ever-growing Snooki Couture by Nicole Polizzi collection of jewelry, tanning lotion, sunglasses, slippers and (literally) everything in between. This time around, Snooki makes her mark in the tech arena with decked-out headphones and electronic accessories. You might remember peeping these bad boys at her CES product launch earlier this year, but we are SO stoked to announce that they'll officially be available to purchase at Walgreens nationwide starting September 2014. Her collection, which was inspired by her "love of dancing and house music," will include headphones, ear buds, portable speakers, iPhone and iPad covers complete with Snooki's signature rhinestone, animal print and sequin embellishments. Her most notable piece, though, HAS to be the headphones that double as fashion headbands with detachable ear speakers (above). Like, how incredibly genius is that? *bows down*


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hannah simone modern vice

Modern Vice co-founder Jordan Adoni and Hannah Simone.
Photo: MTV/Wendy Heisler

Hannah Simone likes shoes. Who doesn’t, right? But work with us, here. So as we were saying, Hannah Simone likes shoes. Flat shoes, spiky shoes, flippy floppy shoes and running shoes. Since she plays a model on New Girl, she gets to wear all kinds of different shoes. One day, she stumbled into a pair of black wedge sneakers that quickly became part of her regular rotation. They were comfy as hell, versatile as heck and looked awesome as f*ck. Hannah Simone danced in them, strutted in them and maybe even rescued a family of baby ducks in them once. (Not confirmed.) They were made by a company called Modern Vice.

Brothers Jordan and Jensen Adoni had a dream to follow in their father’s footsteps and start a shoe business - but not some hackneyed shoe business. They wanted to establish a factory in New York City and craft wares with their bare hands, like men. Only a couple years later, their company Modern Vice holds fort in a 7,000 square foot midtown factory, and they're one of few manufacturers making shoes in New York.

When Hannah heard their story, she wanted to see what happens behind the scenes at Modern Vice. How did her new favorite pair of sneakers come to life? She found the company’s traditional values and ambitious nature inspiring, and the idea of bringing manufacturing back to America resonated with her. But also, how many times have you seen a shoe being lovingly forged by expert craftsmen? Exactly. Never times. Simone had to see it. Lucky for us, she invited us along for the field trip.


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Intel International Science and Engineering Fair

Geniuses, NBD
Photo: Mary H.K. Choi

You guys, I am officially, 100% not worried about the future at all. Last week, I had the pleasure of attending the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) in Phoenix, Arizona, and met a GRIP of #sciencebabies who basically have the whole overpopulation, disease, natural disaster thing under control. Seriously. I am basically poolside writing this entire post in a Hawaiian shirt and sunglasses because I am so relaxed now.

So, the way ISEF works is that 1,600 pre-college kids from 60 countries descend upon the Phoenix Convention Center floor and it's row upon row of roped off booths where each contestant presents their project. Apparently, it's untoward to refer to the shindig as a "science fair" what with more than $3 million in grants and awards at stake, but basically everyone's competing for the Big Prize, a.k.a. the $75,000 Gordon E. Moore Award. The competition is fierce since these dudes have already SMOKED school contests, regional contests and state contests.

The cool thing about the day I visited is that it was the day after the official judgement (postscript: these are the winners) so the vibe was a little more chill. No one yet knew who had won but everyone had presented and tap-danced their faces off the day prior, so they got to unclench and hang out a bit. I even saw a little mild-grade flirting which was cute, reassuring and terrifying when you consider what that means for the following generation of SUPERGENIUSES. Hopefully, they'll be kind rulers.


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Jennie Lamere

Jennie Lamere.
Photo: Courtesy of Jennie Lamere

Have you ever had that thing where you straight-up have to kibosh Twitter on certain nights because everyone you follow is The Worst when it comes to spoilers? I'm a binge-watcher vs. an appointment viewer so Sunday nights are dicey since that's when 92.7% of the people on my feed turn into freakin' comedians when it comes to cracking on PLOT POINTS and PORTENTOUS DIALOGUE as if it doesn't count as a spoiler when it absolutely does.

Of course, I say this with love because the flipside is that I'm the weirdo who hoards shows and watches multiple seasons at 3 AM as if this is acceptable behavior for an adult human. Anyway, all the ire can finally desist because this incredible genius, Jennie Lamere, invented a browser plugin called Twivo that, get this, BLOCKS ALL THAT INCONSIDERATE NOISE based on tags, keywords, your show title and character names like, Joffrey B****face Baratheon.

Jennie is 18 years old, just finished high school (we talked Friday, which was her LAST DAY and her birthday woo hoo!) and created the software at a hackathon in Boston last month where she SMOKED all the dude competitors and won working solo. She was the only female to submit a completed project and even then one of a very few women who entered in the first place and when we heard about her at MTV Style, we were so inspired that we all dropped our regular beats (romper market research and Rihanna hair, obvi) to stalk her online. Jennie's favorite shows are Dance Moms and Pretty Little Liars but she has a slew of other hobbies as well (like the ROBOTICS team), so we caught up with her to talk about how she got into coding, what it feels like at a hackathon when you're under a deadline and what she's learned so far.


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