Cheryl Cole at 'The X Factor' in L.A. on May 8, Olivia Palermo at a 'Henry's Crime' screening in New York on April 4, and Sarah Jessica Parker at the Robin Hood Foundation gala in New York on May 9.
Photo: Getty Images/PictureGroup

So, this is happening. In a real Fugu-like display, it seems teasing-the-hair-on-the-crown-of-your-head-until-a-monstrously-large-follicle-dome-floats-several-inches-above-like-a-spun-sugar-halo, is the hottest new 'do. Every one from "The X Factor"'s Cheryl Cole to fashion plates, Olivia Palermo and Sarah Jessica Parker, have succumbed to the too-enticing temptations of looking like some Southern televangelist's child bride.

It's so weird, right? All three of these women are beautiful. And incredibly stylish. I literally cannot remember the last time Palermo caught a style L. And while SJP takes hella fashion risks, it pays off more frequently than it doesn't, and usually her hair looks pristine. Inconceivable. They all come from divergent backgrounds and enjoy completely different careers and yet, here they are, sporting Rodeo-lady hair to occasions that feature multiple photographers. Were they all just feeling a little extra-kicky or retro that day? Were they all previously at respective al fresco costume luncheons that featured burnt orange Pyrex, avocado-colored fridges, swirled linoleum, halter aprons with sunflowers on them and Tupperware that nested into each other that at one time held wee, individual icebox cakes?

It's all very, "my kitchen has a chicken theme" in a way that is confusing. Perhaps it is the handiwork of a well-respected, trusted coiffeur on a spree. Or perhaps this is just the hot newnew now. Oooooor, and this is perhaps the most likely culprit, THIS is not in fact a style as it is the hottest new workout wherein teasing your tresses until it creates a giant matted pompadour works your triceps out in an anaerobic manner that creates pilates arms and makes your head look HUGE, which makes your waist look small and your feet even tinier. DONE. SOLVED. This trend may be here for keeps. I am maybe teasing my shiz right now and having an editorial assistant take wordpress dictation. YOU CAN'T KNOW. #swag

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Hayden Panettiere at LAX in Los Angeles on April 26, Eve at Girls Night Out at Webster Hall in New York City on April 14, and Alessandra Ambrosio shopping at The Grove in Los Angeles on April 22.
Photo: Courtesy of Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images/Wetherly Fashion Group

Ultra-dyed denim is hardly new, and we all know there's nothing like a pop of color in those weeks between spring and summer when the nights are a tad nipply and you didn't necessarily intend to stay out for 22 hours after you left your house yesterday morning. But, well, heck if you don't finally deserve a bit of fun and excitement after a hard, bitter winter, so everyone stop passing judgment that you're still wearing the same clothes. At least your clothes are cute.

See, the thing about colored jeans is you can definitely overthink them. Will you get enough mileage out of green jeans? Red seems to be the safer bet, especially these skinny J Brands, but oooooh, is red played out blablablablabalbala? STOP. Look it, if Hayden, Eve and Alessandra are evidence, ANYONE can wear them ANYPLACE. Think of the vastly differing physiques/personal styles/events we've got going on in these pictures. These three ladies run the gamut, and all look very, very fetch. The thing that you have to realize is that a) It's spring, and the entire world is way too egocentric about their own wardrobes to give a pshaw about what you're wearing and b) It's spring, and you should ONLY concentrate on having as much sunshiny fun as humanly possible. You can wear ANY color, and you can wear them on multiple days a week. Get 'em a little dirty. Wear them with heels. Or flats. Or clashing colors. Or NEON color blocks. Nighttime. Daytime. Early morning after a little "nighttime." Do whatever. Yes, this IS a PSA. Now go play outside. Responsibly. With sunblock. Maybe a big hat. OH! And last, of course you have free reign on complementary articles of clothing, but we would definitely advise AGAINST wearing the same colored denim jacket. Unless you can pull it off on a suiting tip because you have an impossible body with buttloads of charisma. In that case, carry on and send us a photo.

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Drew Barrymore at 'The Beauty Detox Solution' launch party in West Hollywood on April 13, Rumer Willis at a "Love, Loss & What I Wore' celebration in New York on March 24, and Mandy Moore at the ASPCA headquarters in New York on April 20.
Photo: Getty Images

Oh snaps! Flame-tressed goodness in threesies! Maybe it's the promise of summer and that gloriously floral springtime scent in the air, but it's definitely a season for change. And by change we mean temporarily experimenting with the color of the fibrous structural proteins that make up your HAIR! The first case of going rouge was spotted on our dear trendsetting Whitney Port earlier this month, with her typically blonde strands going strawberry and then BAMBAMBAM, we've got Drew Barrymore, Rumer Willis and Mandy Moore looking perfect for spring and debuting gorgeous red heads. It's amazing what a difference it makes. I mean, not cuhrazy to where they look that different. They were freakishly attractive ladies to begin with.

Drew opted for coppery layers that still beautifully complements her boho-chic ensemble choices and makes her skin look bright and amazing. Serious peaches-n-cream going on here. Given that this long 'do is one that she's sported for several years, it's kinda incredible that the influx of color alters everything subtly like, look at the green flecks that comprise the hazel of her eyes. Plus, it warms up all that lovely gold jewelry.

Rumer's quintessentially Rumer-ish modified pixie/bob goes for a more maroonish red, which gives a great deal of depth to her wavy tousled, asymmetrical strands. It's like the rug in The Dude's house; it really ties the room together etc etc.

Mandy's hair is GLORIOUS and always looks rich and perfect and healthy and shiny, and like it smells like either almonds or outside or field (but not if there's like animals or anything. This is not where this is going). The awesome thing about Mandy's hair is that the auburn and rusty red highlights make all types of springtime colors and floral looks feminine and beautiful. Like a girl you want to marry immediately and make her learn acoustic guitar or put on an old-school bicycle with a basket or something. Plus, she loves cats. Winner.

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Karolina Kurkova at the Children Spring Dinner Dance in New York on April 12, Camilla Belle at 'Good Housekeeping''s Annual Shine On Awards in New York on April 12, and Uma Thurman on 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon' in New York on April 8.
Photo: Getty Images

Like avoiding cupcake day at work, hitting the gym on Gossip Girl night, or explaining to your ex "noooo, I broke up with YOU," humidity-induced flyaways are, for the most part, a losing battle. We know, we know. We all try reeeeeally hard to give our strands a fighting chance, but the odds are usually stacked in favor of the wayward hair shaft. Before you decide to walk around with a paper bag on your head until the end of April or take an electric razor to your head, witness model Karolina Kurkova, and actresses Camilla Belle and Uma Thurman. Instead of, blow-drying, flat ironing and gel shellacking their strands to within an inch of life before hitting their respective red carpet events, they let their hair be what it wanted to be...which just so happened to be FRIZZY. Giving in isn't giving up, ladies and gents. Remember that. Especially, when you're ACTUALLY right on trend. Marc Jacobs, Topshop, and Vera Wang all embraced blew up to unimaginable proportions the frizzy hair look on the runway for spring. So, there. The next time your passive aggressive pal asks if you want to borrow their flat iron, say thanks, but no thanks, while shaking your hair wildly with your hands.

Tips to NOT looking completely crazy with your frizzy 'do:
1. Reign in your fuzzy strands just a bit by wearing them in a loose side braid (like Karolina and Uma) or a no-fuss bun like Camilla.
2. Just because your hair is cuckoo, doesn't mean your makeup should be. Make sure your foundation is perfectly blended, your lips are glossy and your brows are clean (they don't have to be Camilla-perfect, but you get our point).
3. To strike a balance with your look, team your tomboy hair with ladylike clothes—lace, satin, sleeveless.

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Jessica Lowndes at the HTC Thunderbolt Ball in San Jose, California, on April 5, Emma Stone at the Conde Nast Traveler Annual Hot List party in West Hollywood on April 11, and Jessie J at the 'Justin Bieber: Never Say Never' premiere in London on Feb. 16.
Photo: Getty Images

The models at the Diane von Furstenberg and Jill Sander Spring 2011 fashion shows were a brave bunch. Their neon pink lips garnered just about as much attention as the clothes on their backs. We waited with bated breathe to see who would be the first set of celebs to swipe on the LOOK AT ME! magenta hue at the onset of spring. We weren't necessarily expecting it to be Jessica Lowndes, Emma Stone, and Jessie J., but more power to 'em. It's awfully ballsy to willingly rock a lipstick shade that, by its very nature, calls attention to your face (and the pimple that you may be trying to hide...or the fact that you have bags under your eyes due to insomnia...or the stray hairs under your brows that needed to be plucked weeks ago...). If you think you've got what it takes (the pay off is actually pretty freaking AWESOME), here are a few to try.

For the richness of Jessica Lowndes' lips: Revlon Color Burst in Fuchsia ($8.99,
For the glossiness of Emma Stone's pout: New York Color Liquid Lipshine in Fashion Avenue Fuchsia ($2.49,
For the matte look of Jessie J.'s smile: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in Anime ($13,

And our little insider tip...
After you apply, drink a little ice water out of a Styrofoam cup to tone it down a notch and help set the color for longer wear. Works like a charm!

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Robyn, Sophia Bush, and Kate Voegele at 'Elle's 2nd Annual Women In Music event in Hollywood on April 11.
Photo: Getty Images

We think a memo went out to all the gorgeous attendees at the Elle Women in Music event, which went down yesterday in Hollywood. How else can you explain the fact that Robyn, Sophia Bush, AND Kate Voegele each showed up wearing the perfect pop of neon in their ensembles? Maybe spring is in the air. Oooooor microscopic particles pumped out by neon purveyors the world over that encourages starlets and their stylists to skew towards the ultrabright hue... Hmmmmmm... OK, enough with our conspiracy theories. Regardless of how inspiration struck, we lovelovelove it. Robyn teamed a khaki colored sheath with peep-toe flat forms and an oversize neon yellow clutch. Meanwhile, Sophia's pink pumps perked up her shiny blue Chris Benz mini-shift in a big way. And, you have to look closely, but Kate's futuristic dress pattern features swipes of highlighter. We're the type that color-blocks in mega-loud brightness and will amp it up that much more with NEON, but what about you? Do the sparks grab your attention? Are you ready to add mega-wattage to your springtime fare?

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Kelis Jones on March 30, 2011, and convertible men's trousers from Luar Zepol.
Photo: Getty Images/Luar Zepol

We first spied the cutaway trousers from Luar Zepol (the quizzical man on the right) courtesy of our friends at Refinery29 in their must-read "Rad or Bad" column, and now face a complementary fashion conundrum. On the left, you'll see the lovely Kelis at the Vivienne Westwood flagship store opening in Los Angeles last night. We were all, 'Oh, Kelis, nice bowler..." and clicked to the next image when we realized her bold decision to partner millinery with shorts was an even weirder decision because she's wearing harem pants (not mad at them having pockets, f'real) relieved of front panels on the trouser legs. Now, THAT is a lot of information, so we must now pose this question to you.

What do you think of cutaway trousers as a whole? Follow-up: What do you think of Kelis' pants specifically? Love? Hate? We think it would work with some billowing, asymmetrical, unisex hooded thing without sleeves, but that's a pretty particular lane. Could y'all make this work? Do tell us in the comments.

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Vanessa Hudgens in Beverly Hills on March 17, March 27, and March 28.
Photo: Courtesy of OutfitID/StyleBistro

Vee Hudge has been snapped out-and-about displaying a number of trends lately. We see hats, burnished antique belt buckles, temporarily dyed hair, flared jeans, cropped pants, smallish shoulder bags with loooong straps, platform slingbacks AND anklet jewelry (and that's just three outfits!). The thing that we never fail to clock in her casual ensembles that tend to skew boho chic, is her appreciation for the classic T-shirt. From tucked in to midriff baring to giant metallic lettering, Vanessa never fails to clinch the perfect hot-girlfriend look with the versatile staple.

So here's where to grab 'em all (left to right):

+ Wildfox Love Potion No. 9 Tank in Black
+ Mighty Fine Lakers are for Lovers Burnout Tee
+ Wildfox Sagittarius Happy Go Lucky Unisex Tee

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Theodora Richards at the Macy's bar III store launch in New York on Feb. 9, Daisy Lowe at the Elie Saab A/W 2011/2012 show in Paris on March 9, and Abbie Cornish at the 'Limitless' premiere in New York on March 8.
Photo: Getty Images

Look, ladies, I saw Exit Through The Gift Shop, too. I mean, we all did. And personally (having worked at a graffiti lifestyle magazine in my youth [OK, to be fair I've worked at several publications that have chronicled the art form BUT I WAS BORN IN THE '70S AND LIVE IN NEW YORK WHAT DO YOU WANT?]), I have a soft spot for it all. I HEART when artists like Todd "REAS" James get to design a whole mess of HILARIOUS characters for TV shows or when Claw Money (who's famous for having the City's most extensive sunglass collection) comes out with original sunnies designs of her own. I am SWOONING over something as simple as KAWS making light bulbs for the Standard Hotel but hold the bedazzled smartphone at this rash of socialite/"it girl"/actress types catching tags all over town! So weird, right? We've got Australian actress, Abbie Cornish, in the April issue of InStyle (she's also on the cover of Marie Claire) talking about how she writes under the name "Dusk," then we've got Keith Richards's kid Theodora getting BUSTED for scrawling a teeny weeny "T <3 A" on the side of a Soho building and pics of model / socialite / designer / illegitimate seed of Gavin Rossdale, Daisy Lowe, bopping around town with actress Jaime Winstone with drippy evidence of a wild graf night out. Is this going to be a thing? Good grief, I hope not.

+ Are these ladies expressing their artistic sides or are they just acting out? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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Deena Nicole Cortese on 'Jersey Shore,' Ashley Greene in Los Angeles on March 10, Charlize Theron in Los Angeles on March 12.
Photo: MTV/INFDaily/GSI Media

Last night on Jersey Shore, DJ Pauly D set his roomie Deena straight by telling her that her all denim ensemble was decidedly NOT cool, and hasn't been for years. Which got us to thinking. That might not exactly be true, as Deena isn't the only one we've spotted rocking head-to-toe denim recently. In fact, some of Hollywood's trendiest have stepped out in the once taboo Texas (or Canadian) tuxedo. And actually pulled it off (#gasp #soundofjawhittingfloor). Here's why. Both Ashley Greene and Charlize Theron werrked the denim-on-denim look by going for crisp, tailored cuts and avoiding the cheesy, acid-washed, vom-inducing washes that earned this ensemble a bad rap. Both ladies opted to counter their light, airy chambray shirts with flats and ink dark denim which creates a nice color-counterbalance. Choosing the skinny cut is also super flattering against the tops' looser feel. And while we're normally not one for tucking in shirts, Charlize's noncommittal half tuck on her Current/Elliott button-down is casually cute. As for Deena, well, we don't hate you, gurl. We appreciate your romper and love that silhouette for spring. But next time, try a chambray shirt like Ashley or Charlize.

+ Would you wear denim on denim?

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