Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne's 2012 VMA performance outfit totally looks like Donnie Thornberry.
Photo: Getty Images/Nickelodeon

Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz joined forces tonight on the 2012 VMA stage for an EPIC performance collaboration. And yet, even though that that s*** was seriously cray, we were even more entranced by Lil Tunechi's performance outfit. For one, he did, in fact, appear shirtless, as we had predicted. But the real nugget is that dude's performance steez SMACKS of The Wild Thornberrys. Specifically, Donnie Thornberry, the feral younger brother voiced by Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea.


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Jersey Shore

The cast of "Jersey Shore" season 1.
Photo: Scott Gries/Picture Group

Pour a little Ron Ron Juice out, guys. When Jersey Shore premieres on Thursday, October 4, it will ceremoniously mark the beginning of the end. This upcoming sixth season will also be the show's last. From bump-it poofs to baby bumps, we've watched the cast of Snooki, The Situation, DJ Pauly D, JWOWW, Vinny, Sammi Sweetheart, Ronnie, Deena, and even Angelina evolve into style stars (of their very anthropologically specific style) over the past five seasons, and while we're so happy these guys are breaking the binding on a few new chapters of their lives, the end is bittersweet. In commemoration of the seasons past and celebration of their final act, click through for the extensive style evolutions of our favorite Seaside sweeties. Enjoy!

Jersey Shore

The cast of "Jersey Shore" season 5.
Photo: Ian Spanier


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Ryan Lochte, Jay Leno

Ryan Lochte talks Speedo on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno."
Photo: Getty Images

Move over Gosling, there's a new Ryan in town: Olympic medalist Ryan Lochte. Okay, maybe that was a little premature, since we're not actually ready to replace the Gos (pretty sure we'll never be), but the induction of Lochte into a league of same-named heartthrob-juggernauts is undeniable. (Check out all the memes he spawned!) Suffice it to say we were preeetty excited to see Lochte's appearance on last night's episode of "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno". How many times would he say "JEAH!"? Would he make a comment about those infamous grills? What would the burgeoning style star WEAR and would it involve a bare chest? *sops up drool from keyboard* We now have the answers to these questions.


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Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson wears Gucci and talks Spanx on "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart".
Photo: Courtesy of Comedy Central

Robert Pattinson's visit to The Daily Show yesterday marked the Twilight actor's first television appearance since July's Teen Choice Awards (and since Kristen Stewart admitted to and publicly apologized for the US Weekly release/break-up scandal heard 'round the world). Forget for a second that he's a GIGANTIC international superstar and think about this in terms of just human beings.

As with any human's first outing after a bad break-up (you know, after you've gotten the whole sobbing yourself to sleep on the couch watching late night infomercials, not showering for several days THING out of your system), there's a lot of (usually self-induced) pressure to look reeeeeeally really ridiculously good for your return to the outside world. Most people make this debut at work or school. Celebrities do it in front of a nationally televised audience (or you know, the occasional, slightly more private shoot for an upcoming ad campaign). In our humble opinion, R.Pattz knocks the "Beginning of a New Chapter" look out of the park.


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Alexa Chung, Sarah Jessica Parket

Alexa Chung and Sarah Jessica Parker will guest star on "Gossip Girl" and "Glee" respectively.
Photo: Getty Images

Hold on to your hats, Stylettes. It looks like two of our favorite fashion heavyweights are returning to the smallscreen this fall in a pair supremely exciting guest-starring roles: Alexa Chung on Gossip Girl and Sarah Jessica Parker on Glee! *buckles over with unbridled joy* Can you even IMAGINE?? Think of the Peter Pan collars, the costume jewelry, THE CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA KITTY CAT FLATS!


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Daria, Marc by Marc Jacobs

Daria Morgendorffer and a look from the Marc by Marc Jacobs FW12 collection.
Photo: MTV/ Getty Images

Reason #105432 that summer TV rules: our favorite sarcastic, smart, and stylish pessimist Daria is officially back! Starting today we're rolling out episodes of eponymous cult series as part of Retro MTV- the same block of shows that delivers classic faves like The Hills and Laguna Beach. And while Daria's influence over kids of the '90s is a total no-brainer, turns out the Lawndale High School students have inspired the style world, as well. Besides giving tons of easy outfit ideas that you can (literally) wear everyday, Daria, Jane, Brittany and Quinn have also rocked some of Fall 2012's biggest trends.... about a decade before they actually happened. The most obvious example comes from Marc Jacobs, whose Marc by Marc Jacobs collection was stocked with Daria Morgendorffer classics: pleated skirts, combat boots, and thick plastic glasses. When Lindsey Wixson and co. stomped down the runway in utilitarian lace-ups and black frames slipping down their noses, a post-punk soundtrack ringing in the background, the reference came across loud and clear...and we have a feeling Daria would definitely approve.


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Best Coast covered Fleetwood Mac's "Storms" on Fallon.
Photo: Bethany Cosentino's Instagram/Getty

Last night, almost the entire Style team watched as Best Coast's Bethany Cosentino covered Fleetwood Mac's "Storms" at New York City's Terminal 5. She was wearing an understated all black outfit--a black tank and jeans and a pair of black clog sandals--and commanded in a way that we're sure would have made her predecessor Stevie Nicks very proud had she been there to witness it. Just hours before, Bethany and the rest of her band performed the same song on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, their second time on the show (the first was performing "Boyfriend" off of their debut record, Crazy For You). For the performance, Bethany looked equal parts bewitching and contemporary, dripping in Pamela Love's architectural, amulet-like pyramid rings, a bracelet and an breastplate necklace that almost doubles as a collar for her midi-length Rachel Comey Dress. The dress, which is a fluid black halter with buttons from the waist down (very Elaine Benes from Seinfeld, only sexier and more modern, we must say), isn't quite as flamboyant as a classic Stevie Nicks look, but we love how Bethany stays true to her own unique take on the California Valley witch vibe that Stevie is the godmother of. Finished off with a pair of Marc Jacobs split wedges and flowing tresses, Bethany's super simple, timeless look was nearly as breathtaking as her tender cover of the heartbreaking Fleetwood Mac ballad she sang.


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We're 100% in the mouth of the Comic-Con 2012 monster right now (which, in case you were wondering, is equal parts awesomely terrifying and cuddly, glittery anime eyes the size of our fists). We're nose hairs-deep in all things illustrated and fantastic and (chiefly) the resurgence of so many superheros from our childhood! From Nickelodeon's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series to the Power Rangers' 20th birthday right down to Voltron's triumphant return to Comic-Con - it's all VERY exciting. In honor of all our animated nostalgia (and because, guys, retro graphics are reeeeeeally big right now), we're serving up some sweet inspired swag so that you, too, can wear your love for Comic-Con on your sleeve (or snapback). Enjoy!


Wear your love for TMNT.
Photo: Courtesy of Entertainment Earth/Ripple Junction/Haunted Flower

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was a total childhood staple for any '90s kid. From the animated TV series to the live action movie, Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo were the leading men turtles of our staff's lives for more than a few years. Thus, we FUH-LIPPED at first sight of this TMNT crewneck sweater ($39.99). Looking to keep things a bit more subtle? Opt for this Splinter t-shirt ($19.99) which pays homage to the sensei/adoptive father without outright screaming, "COWABUNGA, DUDES! Want some pizza??!" Looking for a Turtle staple that won't yield dirty looks if you wear it every day? Then, this turtle-green snapback ($14.99) is probably up your alley.


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Rihanna Styled to Rock

Rihanna rockin' out in style.
Photo: Getty Images

It feels like FOR-EV-ER since we heard the news about Rihanna's fashion reality show debut (it's been six months!), but thankfully RiRi released a sneak peek of her Styled To Rock show this week to give us a little taste of what's to come. The quick rundown is this: Rihanna, her stylist Lysa Cooper, Girls Aloud singer Nicola Roberts and designer Henry Holland are going on an all-out style search for "raw, undiscovered designer talent" in Britain, which will air exclusively on Sky Living HD. During the 10 weeks, the designers will work with different superstars creating THE perfect ensemble and, at the end, *drum roll* the finalists will duke it out to design—you guessed it—Rihanna's outfit for her huge Wireless performance. To put it simply, this show looks amazing.


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Daria and Jane are the coolest girls in school.
Photo: MTV

Do you feel misunderstood? Do you think the whole world is lame? Do you wear the same outfit every. single. day? Well, there's someone who understands how you're feeling and then some. We're talking, of course, about MTV's favorite misfit Daria. The show will be back on the air as part of the channel's summer morning series Retromania, with select episodes airing between 9 AM and 12 PM from July 30th to August 3rd. The show spanned five seasons, so they won't be showing it from start to finish, but you'll get enough deadpan delivery and sardonic social commentary to make facing the mall bearable this summer. Born as a Beavis and Butt-head spin-off, Daria is classic MTV at its best (and we swear we're not just saying that)- funny, smart and with a razor sharp sense of humor. One of the best things about the show was definitely Daria and her bestie Lane's same-clothes-every-day steeze. Luckily the 90's are back in a BIG way, so there are plenty of options if you want to get the look! We wish we still had our Doc Martens from back in the day...


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