It's getting crazy in Gossip Girl Valentine Land (aka NYC on Feb. 14). As you know from last week's episode, Blair (Leighton Meester) got married to the newly evil Prince Louis (Hugo Becker) in order to save her family from bankruptcy. Sadly for lovestruck Lonely Boy, Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley), this means no dice for him in the unrequited Blair-love department, or does it? Blair's back home in the city with a royal handler in tow, and she decides to throw a party to help get Dan and Serena (Blake Lively) back together, thinking that they're both still in love with each other. The problem is while Serena has her heart set on Dan, and Dan has his heart set on Blair, there's Chuck (Ed Westwick) floating around in the Empire ether ready to shake things up.

And where is "Gossip Girl," er, we mean the current replacement, Georgina Sparks (Michelle Trachtenberg)? Oh, she's there stirring up trouble. Not only does she force Dan to bring Blair to Nate's (Chace Crawford) Valentine's Day party, she blackmails him into kissing her at the party too, which he does (GASP!!!!), but only because he really wants to. And since we're on the subject of Nate, the party was thrown in order to hire cater-waiter Charlie "Lola" Rhodes (Ella Rae Peck), whom he still has a massive crush on, not knowing that she's a van der Woodsen (she doesn't know yet either). But wait! Out of the blue, the other Charlie Rhodes (Kaylee DeFer), aka "Ivy" the con artist, returns with an urgent message, and we find out that both Charlies know each other. Where is this all going?! We have no clue, but if you haven't caught up yet, we won't spoil the rest for you. Check back here weekly for our fashion recap!

Gossip Girl Fashion

Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester).
Photo: The CW

+ Coat: Red Valentino Wool Blend Coat
+ Clutch: VBH Manila Sparkle Clutch
+ Dress: Reem Acra Resort 2012 Silk Gown


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Jersey Shore Snooki

Snooki wears her own sunglasses on "Jersey Shore."
Photo: MTV/Courtesy of Snooki by Nicole Polizzi

If you blinked, you might have missed it! The brief guest appearance Snooki's sunglasses line made on tonight's episode of Jersey Shore that is. For a brief moment, Snooks sported these oversized shades beneath a padded trucker hat en route to her shift at the Shore Store. While her efforts on this particular day at the T-shirt shop wouldn't necessarily be considered "hard-working" by most, we beg to differ. Sure, girl did the dip (TWICE) with co-meatball Deena and landed herself in the middle of a stranger's bachelorette party, but that's just one perspective. If real life were confined to the storyline of this show, we'd agree with you 110 percent, but this Snooki by Nicole Polizzi cameo means she's nailing her other job: growing and promoting her personal brand and fashion empire.


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Whitney Port Top Model

Whitney Port on Dec. 25.
Photo: Getty Images

Whitney Port's heading back to the small screen! The City star will join Elle Macpherson, Julien Macdonald, and Tyson Beckford on Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model for their seventh season. Shortly after her Whitney Eve NYFW runway debut next week, she'll be flying out to the U.K. for a few months to begin filming. The designer said, "I'm thrilled about this new opportunity in my career, and I am honored to have been asked to work alongside industry icons who I truly respect and admire. I've worked as a judge before, but I am especially looking forward to this particular role because it's based around the thing in life I'm passionate about; fashion."


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Gossip Girl is back this week after Blair's (Leighton Meester) frantic escape from her own wedding reception. She hopped in the backseat of a wedding wagon driven by Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley). After a brief recap of her situation, Lonely Boy then agreed to take her to LaGuardia Airport in a desperate attempt to flee for the Dominican Republic and carry out a divorce overseas where Louis' (Hugo Becker) expressed consent isn't needed (à la Liz Taylor).

Back in Manhattan, the rest of our Upper East Siders (and some Monaco royalty) search high and low for the missing would-be princess. Mommy Sophie (Joanne Whalley) is hell-bent on smoothing over the outward appearance of her son's sham wedding and her family's reputation. Meanwhile, Serena (Blake Lively) and Chuck (Ed Westwick) attempt to track down Blair before the Grimaldis and the evil Georgina (Michelle Trachtenberg) get to her first. On the fringes of this juicy main plot, Nate (Chace Crawford) further explores his mounting interest in cute caterer Lola, but if you haven't caught up yet, we won't spoil the rest for you. Check back here weekly for our fashion recap!

Gossip Girl Fashion

Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley) and Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester).
Photo: The CW

+ Tuxedo: Black single-breasted jacket and trousers, gray waistcoat

+ Dress: Vera Wang
+ Shirt: "I Love NY" tourist T-shirt
+ Hoodie: "New York" tourist hooded zip-up sweatshirt


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Snooki takes a "Shore Shower".
Photo: MTV

Faithful viewers of Jersey Shore are looking for a few things when they tune in every Thursday Jerzday at ten o' clock. They want to be transported to a world of duck phones and smush rooms. They want to live vicariously through a group of friends who spends the summer on the beach and in the club. Most of all, they want to be entertained. Specifically by a charming little creature that answers to "Snooki". Well, check, check, and CHECK PLUS for this week's episode as we're so privileged to witness Nicole's grapple with what she's pretty sure is a UTI. Unfamiliar with the term? In Snooki's own words, "It's not Ultimate Tanning Institute ... it stands for Urinary Tract Infection." And the Head Meatball in Charge doesn't stop there with the knowledge bombs tonight. No ma'am, she ALSO introduces the world to a brand new beauty/hygiene regimen: the Shore Shower.


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Guys' pants we'd never give back.
Photo: Courtesy of Mr Porter/J.Crew/FarFetch

If you haven't already seen the trailer for MTV's newest show I Just Want My Pants Back, first of all, *GASP*, and second, what are you waiting for?! Just in case you're burdened by a laggy connection, we'll cut you some slack and break it down for you. It's a simple tease of boy meets girl. Boy likes girl. Boy and girl hook up. Girl steals boy's pants and throws him off track with a phone number for a Chinese restaurant. ZING!

Now, don't let the title fool you. This isn't just some rat race, witch hunt for the dude's missing jeans. The tongue-in-cheek series chronicles the misadventures of four twentysomethings, the lead Jason and his three friends, trying to make it in NYC, but the pants-stealing hook tooootally has weight. And so, in honor of tonight's Pants series premiere (TONIGHT! at 11/10c on MTV), we've rounded up a bunch of guys' pants we would absolutely steal and never give back.


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Gossip Girl was so insanely monumental this week, we can barely form words beyond ZOMG, GAHHH, NO WAY, and SAY WHAT. (And yes, they need to be in all-caps.) You guys, it was epic, and it should be as it marked the 100th episode of the show! What started as a tribute to Marilyn Monroe's iconic performance of "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" courtesy of Serena (Blake Lively) in full-on pink dress va-va-va-voomness morphed into Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) arriving as Audrey Hepburn and doing a tug-of-war with S over Lonely Boy Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley). Alas, it was all part of Serena's dream, and when she awakens we're smack-dab in the middle of Blair's wedding day. The house is royally atwitter with B's impending marriage to Sour Patch Kid Prince Louis Grimaldi of Monaco (Hugo Becker)—even though we know she's still totally in love with Chuck (Ed Westwick)—and royal mama Sophie (Joanne Whalley) is still intent on stopping this wedding charade, calling it a "business deal." Well, she's not the only one who wants to see this "happy" day perish.

As is typical of her über-villain style, Georgina Sparks (Michelle Trachtenberg) appears out of nowhere to ruin Blair's special day and decides to go about it by posing as an altar boy. ("Bless us Father, we are about to sin.") Meanwhile, everyone's appealing to Chuck to be the one to rescue Blair from this sham of a marriage, including his best bud Nate (Chace Crawford) who seems to be falling for the sweet catering girl who may or may not be the new/real Charlie Rhodes. So, what happened? There was a wedding (sort of), an intervention (kinda), a complete character turnaround, and then the ultimate reveal of reveals that will leave you GAHHHHing as much as we still are right now. (Like we said, EPIC.) If you haven't caught up yet, we won't spoil the rest for you. Check back here weekly for our fashion recap!

Gossip Girl Fashion

Serena Van Der Woodsen (Blake Lively).
Photo: The CW

+ Dress: Redux Charles Chang-Lima


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David Beckham wearing David Beckham Bodywear for H&M.
Photo: Alasdair McClellan/H&M

If you haven't felt your world tilt or had the pleasure of being knocked off your office chair by the semi-nakie nudieness that is David Beckham wearing nothing but his boxer briefs for his new bodywear line for H&M, then I suggest you catch yourself up. Like I've said before, David Robert Joseph Beckham is a CLASSIC. He appeals to both the women (duh) and the soccer-loving menfolk and, really, he's a stand up dude who works hard and loves his family. What's not to (fall in) love (with) here people? The David Beckham Bodywear for H&M collection is a full line of structured men's undergarments due to hit H&M stores on Feb. 2, and the first commercial to mark the launch of the line is set to debut during the second quarter of Super Bowl XLVI this Sunday, Feb. 5. But thanks to the fine Swedes of Hennes & Mauritz, we all get a sneak peek of the upcoming commercial to watch-slash-gaze-slash-drool-slash-pass-out over. You guys, we are DYING and are slightly worried at the prospect of collective combustion when this thing airs in its entirety on Sunday.


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The Situation's custom Vinny tee.
Photo: MTV

We'll give you a minute to put down the box of tissues, fix your running mascara, y'know, take a breath and stuff. We know you're undoubtedly BUCKLED OVER in a puddle of happy tears at Vinny's triumphant return to the Jersey Shore. Us, too. It took a lot of coaxing (or forcibly robbing him from his doting mama, Paula), but they did it! The rest of the roommates were able to convince Vin to come back to the house. What did it, though? When the girls called earlier that weekend to invite him to Mike and Pauly's surprise party, Vinny didn't seem that interested in returning to the land of fist pumps and hair gel. So what was the deciding factor? What made him change his mind? His roommates seem to think it was finally seeing their smiling faces, but we know better. No one can resist the power of a custom T-shirt homage.


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Rihanna Fashion Reality Show

Rihanna will star in a fashion reality show.
Photo: Getty Images

Yep, you read that headline right—Rihanna is set to star in her first-ever fashion reality show starting this summer! The unnamed series will feature the singer going on an all-out style search for "raw, undiscovered designer talent" in Britain alongside Girls Aloud singer Nicola Roberts. The show, which will air exclusively on Sky Living HD, will feature promising, up-and-coming fashion designers who, over the course of 10 weeks, will be assigned to create outfits for well-known musicians and celebrities. (Um, Project Runway anyone?) The final (and best!) challenge will involve designing the perfect/
unique/amazing stage outfit for THE Rihanna herself. She'll wear the winning ensemble for a Wireless performance in Hyde Park come July, so like, this shiz is for REAL, y'all. RiRi will also act as an executive producer for the reality show that celebrates "the extraordinary talent and creativity in the British fashion scene," according the channel.


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