As is customary with everyone's favorite Manhattan melodrama, last night's episode of Gossip Girl was definitely not short of any twists or turns. Just one week shy of Blair Waldorf's (Leighton Meester) expected wedding to Prince Louis Grimaldi of Monaco (Hugo Becker), we catch up with the princess-to-be on the eve of her bachelorette party. Louis's sister Beatrice (Roxane Mesquida) resurfaces her little scheming head with renewed hope of derailing her brother's nuptial plans, this time with a very unlikely accomplice.

GG herself manages to throw a bit of a wrench in The Spectator's plans to bury her in the gossip annals, blackmailing Nate (Chace Crawford) with new information about Blair and Chuck's (Ed Westwick) car accident that halts the official launch of Serena's (Blake Lively) competing column. Serena and Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley) continue their "fake" relationship, much to the dismay of Lonely Boy's publicist. Though we'll undoubtedly watch some portion of a marital ceremony next Monday night (along with GG's 100th episode!!), this mayyyy not be the end of Chair (Chuck + Blair, obvi), but if you haven't caught up yet, we won't spoil the rest for you. Check back here weekly for our fashion recap!

Gossip Girl Fashion

Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester), Princess Sophie Grimaldi (Joanne Whalley), and Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick).
Photo: Courtesy of The CW

+ Coat: Diane Von Furstenberg
+ Dress: Teal floral dress
+ Shoes: Stuart Weitzman

+ Dress: Nanette Lepore
+ Bag: Bulgari

+ Suit: Gray jacket with leopard print collar, black pants, black oxfords


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Deena finds herself in a hairy situation.
Photo: MTV

Looks like we have a real SITUATION over here! What happened to Deena's hair on tonight's episode of Jersey Shore is no joke. After a long Meatball Day with bestie Nicole, girl danced so hard her hair fell out! Not her real hair, of course, because that would be insane albeit not wholly surprising. Deena fist-pumped and Jersey-Turnpiked her way into a GIGANTIC bird's nest of extensions, which you can take a closer look at above. Yikes. We've seen the whole episode yet STILL we cringe looking at this image because frankly, we know the strand-damaging future that lies ahead for Miss Deena Cortese.


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Hallelujah, Gossip Girl is back! Oh, how we've been desperate to find out what happened to Miss Blair (Leighton Meester) and Mr. Chuck (Ed Westwick) since that terrible car crash cliffhanger. Luckily, the new episode begins with them both alive and well. Even though Blair and Chuck professed their undying love for each other before the crash, and despite Blair losing the royal bebe she was carrying—fathered by her stoic-faced fiancé, Prince Louis (Hugo Becker)—she and Chuck are still not together (sighhhh, we know), the wedding's still on (GAHHH, we KNOW!), but Blair keeps sneaking around. She has distanced herself from both Chuck and Louis for some unknown reason, so both of her misguided menfolk think she's having an affair. Chuckles suspects "pallid visaged" Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley) is to blame, and it turns out that Dan is sneaking around with Blair but not for the reasons we might suspect. Not only did Humphrey accompany Blair on her Vera Wang gown fitting (staring Vera Wang herself!), he's been going to CHURCH with Blair, who is really, really, REALLY religious all of a sudden.

Meanwhile, Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively) is blogging about her life for Nate's (Chace Crawford) NY Spectator gossip—we mean news—website since Gossip Girl is still defunct. She decides not to open any emails with gossip tips despite Nate's insistence, and Nate starts receiving weird text messages telling him to check out Chuck and Blair's crash for all is not what it seems (dun, dun, dunnnnn). Oh, and where's Charlie Rhodes (Kaylee DeFer), you ask? Apparently, she's alive and well at Juilliard yet being played by a completely different actress. Or is it a completely different Charlie? Holy moly! If you haven't caught up yet, we won't spoil the rest for you. Check back here weekly for our fashion recap!

Gossip Girl Fashion

Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively) and Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester).
Photo: Courtesy of The CW

+ Dress: Lorena Sarbu
+ Necklaces: Sequin
+ Tights: Falka

+ Coat: DVF
+ Fascinator: Ann-Marie Faulkner
+ Bag: Loewe


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Pauly D applies some aloe.
Photo: MTV

It's no secret that the entire cast of Jersey Shore loves to tan their faces off, but never did we think it would actually happen. Sun-starved from their stint in Italy, Pauly D attempts to "shock [his] system" by tanning at the highest setting for the longest time. It seems like a logical plan, except, without a base tan, anyone is infinitely more likely to burn. Just one bad burn can cause serious long-term damage to the skin, and low and behold, one bad burn is precisely what he got. As is customary after such an affliction, the skin on his face started to peel. Ever grooming-conscious, the Jersey DJ took immediate action against his flaking face and exfoliated the dead damaged skin away. He MIGHT have been okay if he left it at that, took a break from tanning, and liberally applied a good deep moisturizing lotion every few hours. But no. He had to keep at it, letting the fresh layer of skin he just revealed sizzle in harmful UV rays, burning his OG burn. OUCH, Pauly literally tanned his face OFF.


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Vinny's tapered shape-up variation.
Photo: MTV

Happy Jerz Day, everyone! Tonight marks the Season 5 premiere and triumphant U.S. return of our favorite tri-state-related TV series: JERSEY SHORE. Excited to be back on the East Coast, the dudes break off to catch up on all the GTL they had missed by being overseas and add the barbershop to their list of errands. Pauly D cleans up his blowout, Mike self-applies an ungodly amount of hair spray, and Vinny opts for one of the erm, most unique variations we've seen of a shape-up. Ever. What do you call this thing?


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Alexa Chung visits "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon."
Photo: Getty Images

Alexa Chung was on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last night to engage in some football bowling as well as chat about her new fashion reality series, 24 Hour Catwalk, which premieres Jan. 10. As she sipped beer with Jimmy Fallon (while also solidly slaying him in the football bowling arena), we found ourselves eyeing her silver dress wondering if we'd seen it somewhere before. The cut was vaguely sixties, the silhouette more of a coat than a dress, and the overall look tipped out in matching, pointy-toed silver heels wormed its way deep into our psyches, triggering blinking red lights, repetitive gong noises, and an image of a model sashaying down a wooden catwalk under the intense spotlights (and scrutiny) befitting a fashion week runway show. Could this coat slash dress be from the spring 2012 Marc Jacobs collection? The very same collection that was reported STOLEN from a train in Paris in November?!


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Stüssy x Beavis and Butt-Head.
Photo: Courtesy of Stüssy

If you're anything like us, you embody the couch-locked pop-culture pundits Beavis and Butt-Head to the extent that you're maaaaaybe too lazy for appointment viewing. Though the resurrected run, aka Season 9, JUUUUUUST ended and that's all dreadfully :( it does also mark the AWESOME occasion of the entire 12 episode run being available for viewing online. DO THE MATH: this means you can watch it all on your iPad or laptop or Kindle Fire or whatever IN BED, which is the most luxurious viewing experience of all.

The only thing that gilds that ol' lily of a lazytime supine 'splosion is if you're WEARING a Beavis And Butt-Head x Stüssy crew neck sweatshirt with cashmere leggings (OH WE KNOW) while doing so...and drinking an alcoholic milkshake from a sippy cup (WHILE LYING DOWN). The thing you should know about your new and very necessary jumper is that its existence is partly owed to the birth of one man (NO, NOT MIKE JUDGE, but good guess). This dude goes by the name of Adam Jay Weissman and he is not only the art director at Stüssy and responsible for special T-shirt projects like Stüssy x Marvel, he is also the producer and percussionist for L.A.-based R&B, pop, soul, "cosmic sci-fi" trio Pollyn.

He's cool so we interviewed him and learned about what inspires him, what he loves about the CLASSIC MTV icons, and how the Beavis and Butt-Head-Stüssy collab almost never happened.


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Dianna Agron and Darren Criss in retro swimwear.
Photo: Dianna Agron's Twitter

There's nothing that screams "HOLIDAY!" more than a pair of red and white swimsuits. Wait, what? Seriously, stay with me here. The holidays are all about festive attire in every imaginable incarnation—from ridiculous Christmas sweaters to wooly mufflers and capes—but in some parts of the world swimwear is a totally legit option for this colder holiday month. I'm talking places like Southern Cali or onstage with The Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall. Another place where these two examples seem to crisscross in candy cane-striped harmony? The set of Glee. Dianna Agron recently posted the cutest pic evah to her Twitter feed with the caption, "Today at the pool. You would think we were filming a classic movie with @DarrenCriss." Funny, that's exactly what I was thinking, only the classic movie I was seeing in my head had sparkly floating icicles, synchronized swimming snowmen, and Darren and Dianna singing "Baby, It's Cold Outside" to each other while dancing around an ice floe with gigantic candy canes. Seriously, though, what's going on in this adorable retro-inspired photo?


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Robyn Saturday Night Live

Robyn performs on "Saturday Night Live" on Dec. 10.
Photo: Courtesy of NBC

The pop music stars were (literally/figuratively/awesomely) aligned on Saturday evening when Swedish pop gem Robyn (and her BANANAS custom platform Timbs) took the SNL stage and former tour homegirl Katy Perry was the night's hostest-with-the-mostess. But was America ready for the Swedish pop tart with a bite and her body-rollin, making-out-with-herself dance moves? She did a backwards-somersault-into-a-full-on-dance-floor-hump while rocking a pristine bowl cut (which our little brothers totally had in '96) WHILST singing "Call Your Girlfriend," and it might've actually changed our lives, like, forevs. *dead* Call US, girlfriend. Not only do we wanna borrow those bouncy moves, we also want to raid that suitcase of yours.


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katy perry snl promo

The Patch Pocket dress from Victoria Beckham's spring 2012 collection; Katy Perry in an "SNL" promo in the same dress.
Photo:; courtesy of "Saturday Night Live"

Dispelling the myth that she's just a singer, Katy Perry is hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend with Robyn set to take care of musical guest duties. If there's one thing we've been waiting to see, it's Miss Congeniality, aka Katy, do some straight-up acting. She's already exhibited considerable comedic chops in her music video for "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)", as well as high drama in the recent "The One That Got Away" in which she frolicked with one of Mexico's finest thespian exports, Diego Luna. While we can't wait to see the zany characters she will undoubtedly create, we also can't wait to see what she's going to wear for her opening monologue and in every single photo SNL shows of their guest host during the commercial break. The first set of promos alone showcase Katy in the CUTEST Victoria Beckham cat printed dress that we didn't realize we wanted so badly until we saw it highlighting Katy's razor bob.


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