Teen Wolf

Kira on 'Teen Wolf.'
Photo: MTV

OK, I'm not entirely sure what went down on last night's Teen Wolf, but I liked it. It was filled to the brim with action! No one has faced more ~drama~ in four episodes than Kira. The girl can't catch a break. As her romance with Scott continues to blossom, and as she absorbs all the power in Beacon Hills (NBD), we've been keeping a close eye on her style. Last week we noticed her superhero leggings and this week we were like, "Hold up. This is not the first athletic jersey-inspired look our young kitsune has worn." And, in fact, it's not!


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Whomp. Our Friday nights are about to feature a lot less Carrie Bradshaw. The Carrie Diaries season finale aired last night, and whether or not the show will be coming back anytime soon remains up in the air. I guess I will have to Google Austin Butler's name every once in a while to see how he's doing instead of watching his QT face on my screen. I guess I'll live. The episode wrapped up a lot of loose ends, and while I'd be sad if Carrie & Co. were never to return, I'd be satisfied with where things were left. Especially with all of the fashion that we were treated to in this final episode. While Carrie getting fired from Interview and deciding to move to L.A. with Sebastian was a major plot point, the main event was Larissa's wedding. We have all the deets on wedding looks from Eric Daman, the show's costume designer, so LEGGO!

The Carrie Diaries

AnnaSophia Robb on 'The Carrie Diaries.'
Photo: The CW

After getting fired from her job, Carrie turns to her ex-BF Weaver (#hey) for advice. She visits him at his brownstone, which, BTW, bears an eerie resemblance to the one future CB lives in. Eric told us, "I really wanted to have an end of season flash forward to fabulous Carrie Bradshaw fashion moment! A super special AHA outfit that was an ode to the Sex and the City Carrie we know and love! And so I put together this little ensemble: gorgeous green statement coat (borrowed from my BF Blair Waldorf)? Check! Midi circle skirt with crinoline? Check! Totally '80s leopard-print top? Check! Totally amazing shoes (found these to-die-for Sophia Webster pencil and notebook paper Mary Janes on a last-minute run to Bergdorf's and died a little at how they were THE perfect embodiment of a Carrie shoe! The fashion! The whimsy! The writing utensils!). And, of course, no tenue du jour would be Carrie Complete without a Fendi baguette (in glass tile mosaic...WHAT?!?). I call this look 'back to the future fashion phenom!'"


+ Coat: Nanette Lepore
+ Top: Topshop
+ Skirt: Yoana Barashi from Anthropologie
+ Stockings: Commando
+ Shoes: Sophia Webster
+ Purse: Fendi
+ Earrings: Adia Kibur
+ "C" Broach: Topshop


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Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus throws down an 'Unplugged' hoedown.
Photo: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic for MTV

I don't know if it's just because I was THERE for it, but Miley Cyrus has never made so much sense to me until watching her perform for Unplugged. When artists go Unplugged, they strip their music down to its most basic elements, and usually their performance style follows suit (à la Kurt Cobain's nubby cardigan or Jay Z's Che Guevara crewneck). Well, when you dial Miley back to her roots, you get Nashville, the Grand Ole Opry, hair spray, and velvet paintings of Elvis set against sequined curtains. So while her set was stripped-down, leaning heavily on acoustics, her onstage steez left no rhinestone unturned. #turndownforwhat


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Miley Cyrus, Madonna

Madonna and Miley Cyrus perform for 'Miley Cyrus: MTV Unplugged.'
Photo: Getty Images/Christopher Polk

Y'all ain't ready for this. I'm reporting live from L.A. for Miley Cyrus: MTV Unplugged—which you should already know premieres at 9 p.m. EST/PST on MTV this Wednesday night (January 29)—and I can confirm that this thing is going to be WILD (as if you had any doubts). Miley's throwing back to her Nashville roots for the stripped-down performance, but she's remixing it with her own very special brand of TURNT. There's a giant wagon wheel laced with LED lights, bales of hay are strewn about the audience, Miles is dripping in head-to-toe sequined denim, and MADONNA IS HERE IN FULL RHINESTONE COWBOY REGALIA.


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Teen Wolf

Kira wearing leggings from Wet Seal on 'Teen Wolf.'
Photo: MTV/Wet Seal

Well, last night's Teen Wolf was dark (literally and figuratively). Between Ethan, Lydia, and Isaac getting attacked and the unclear future of Allison's dad, we almost didn't notice what our fave characters were wearing. JK! No amount of action can stop our constant lookout for ~fashion~. One thing that (besides all the neon bodypaint) immediately caught our attention though, was Kira's hero leggings. The printed leggings were versatile enough for Kira to wear to school, to the police precinct, and to a rave, so we are confident we could find a place for them in our wardrobe.


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One Direction

One Direction teach us the letter 'U.'
Photo: Sesame Street's YouTube Page

Gather round, young children looking to learn the alphabet/One Direction fans! The strapping young men of the world's most popular boy band have an upcoming appearance on Sesame Street and, as the preview shows us, they're teaching "what makes 'U' useful." In the clip, the lads sing about words that begin with and include "U," like "udon" (for the precocious Sesame Street viewer), "ugh" (for exasperated children), and "up" (for the really young ones). While all of those words are perfectly useful (especially "ugh," IMHO), we thought of a few ~fashionable~ options relevant to One Direction.

One Direction

One Direction teach us the letter 'U.'
Photo: Getty Images/Sesame Street

First up is the word suit. While it's rare you get all five members in suits at the same event, when you do, it's a beautiful thing. Suits are what make One Direction beautiful. JK, it's their faces!


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Teen Wolf

Ethan and Aiden, played by Charlie and Max Carver, in 'Teen Wolf.'
Photo: MTV

Well, last night's Teen Wolf was certainly full of action, wasn't it? There were potential romances bloomin' all over the place, a murderer/kidnapper on the loose, and a young werewolf/man who experienced sushi for the first time. We're not here to talk action, though. We're here to talk fashion, and we noticed a trend sweeping the hallowed halls of Beacon Hills High.

Seeing the former (sorry, guys) Alpha Twins dressed in coordinated outfits is nothing new. Sometimes they match in jeans and long-sleeve shirts, and sometimes they both decide to go sans shirt. Either way, they make it #WERK. On last night's episode, the Alphas Omegas rolled up to school in V-neck blue tees. Ethan opted for a lighter wash—almost gray—while Aiden went darker and with henley buttons. Two more undone buttons and we'd be treated to a way deeper V-neck. Maybe next time.


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Drake on 'Saturday Night Live.'
Photo: NBC/Saturday Night Live

I'm not saying I was nervous for Drake to host SNL. I'm just saying that my insides were convulsing in meaty ways because I just want the whole world to love him the way I do, and OH GOD, what if he totally Phelps'd it? Or what if he was too cool to play along? The best hosts accept and dive into skit concepts that make them look foolish in the best ways possible (see: Hutcherson, Josh.) What if Drake was stiff, or even worse, not funny? FEAR NOT, me. This is a dude who started as an actor, see. And as it turns out, he's still a consummate pro—even in the glare of live television.

How many rappers do you know who will sword fight in a wizard costume, lunge in some shorty shorts, or seamlessly transform into a lame dad? I mean, we're talking about a superstar who FULLY knows that he's a walking meme, but embraces it and continues to propagate it in various ways. I guess he's not too worried about his cool meter—he just wants to have some fun.



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There are only two episodes left of The Carrie Diaries, which means Friday nights will soon be less fashion- and Sebastian-filled. I am upset about both. Last night's episode featured Carrie making moves at Interview and, as always, looking very stylish while doing so. We spoke to the show's costume designer, Eric Daman, about what Carrie wore.


AnnaSophia Robb on 'The Carrie Diaries.'
Photo: The CW

The show opens with Carrie and Sebastian walking in Washington Square Park and stumbling across a grisly scene: a hawk eating a pigeon. No thanks! Eric gave us major deets on Carrie's coat (the third week a patterned coat opens the show, BTW): "OMG. Are you ready for a real behind-the-scenes secret? Carrie Bradshaw is wearing Blair Waldorf's Chloe coat! Fabulously, I might add. Totally making it her own. I was in love with this faded-floral Chloe coat, and while wrapping Gossip Girl, I just knew Carrie could breathe a second life into it, so I 'borrowed' it from Blair Waldorf's closet! When I read this 'walk and talk in the park' scene between Carrie and Sebastian, it seemed like the ideal moment for this gorgeous coat's second coming. To give it true Carrie Bradshaw appeal, we paired it with a wide-brimmed hat, knee-high Sergio Rossi boots, and Melie Bianco color-blocked bag. Actually, it kinda feels a little Serena-y now that I take a second look! LOL!"

+ Hat: Topshop
+ Coat: Chloe
+ Strawberry Sweater: French Connection
+ Jeans: Ralph Lauren
+ Boots: Sergio Rossi
+ Earrings: Vintage
+ Necklace: Vintage
+ Purse: Melie Bianco


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'Girls' costume designer, Jenn Rogien, in the show's wardrobe department.
Photo: The Coveteur

If you've ever watched Girls, you've probably found yourself excitedly pointing at the television, screaming, "HEY, I HAVE THAT TOP! I THINK." And then you undoubtedly rewind, pause, and run to your closet to confirm. "OMG. I DO have that top." *turns to friend, significant other and/or entirety of viewing party* "Told you so." Not to burst your bubble or anything, but we'd guess a LOT of people have picked up some of the very same pieces that Hannah, Marnie, Jessa, and Shosh wear on the show—because the characters shop at some of the very same places as us IRL folk. "They source the clothes and accessories from vintage shops, Urban Outfitters, Etsy, Beacon’s Closet, Bergdorfs, Salvation Army, Strawberry and, like, everywhere in between," The Coveteur dishes in a new, behind-the-scenes interview with Girls' costume designer, Jenn Rogien.


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