Nicki Minaj's and Tony Bennett's seat cards at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles.
Photo: John Shearer/Wireimage

It's no secret that Video Music Awards nominee and presenter Nicki Minaj changes wigs like she changes outfits—A LOT. Like, a lot a lot. We honestly can't even count the number of hairpieces she's worn—in one weekend alone (going from curly cotton candy pink beehive to heavy-banged blonde Barbie wig to a cameo-spotted green and blue 'do). So, our imaginations ran wild when the VMA seating cards revealed that LEGEND Tony Bennett was placed right behind the tonsorial wild card. The biggest question remains: Will it be high or wide? Nicki's hair is serious style business, people. Let's check out some plausible silhouettes. ALSO, let's not forget that a window-like cutout could also make an appearance. One never knows.

Nicki Minaj Hair

Nicki Minaj's huge hair!
Photo: Getty Images


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Katy Perry at the 2010 Video Music Awards.
Photo: WireImage

Oh, looming VMA's, how you tease us with thoughts of all of the ah-mazing FASHION that will soon be titillating our eyes, captivating our souls, and sending tiny, electric flickers through our multicolored fingertips. Speaking of bedazzled nails, we can't help wondering what Video of the Year nominee Miss Katy Perry (aka Mrs. Russell Brand) will be doing to commemorate the nod. She's pretty much the reigning QUEEN OF NAIL ART if you ask us.


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Lil Wayne Performance Outfits

Lil' Wayne's performance outfits.
Photo: Getty Images

Hip hop goddesses like Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and Keri Hilson will always have a place in our hearts, but we've hankered after 2011 Video Music Awards performer and nominee Lil' Wayne's swag formula ever since Tha Carter II (we weren’t allowed to listen to any of his previous albums—THANKS, MOM!). Yes, we realize that the rapper is better known for his lyrical flow and his signature throaty voice, and yes, we MAY have acquired a reputation at a certain karaoke bar after busting out "6 Foot 7 Foot" one murky Friday night. But all of that music stuff is just a bonus when we’re faced with Lil' Wayne's fresh onstage (what will he wear at the VMAs?!) and offstage style. There's just one problem.


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Britney Spears, Madonna, and Christina Aguilera at the 2003 MTV VMAs.
Photo: MTV/Michele Crowe

Three girls, one kiss. Three cats, one...face-meltingly adorable nuzzle fest? Some grooming was involved. Sure, three cats performing the Britney Spears/Madonna/Christina Aguilera "Like A Virgin" kiss isn't as scandalous as the 2003 VMA original, but, in their mini-hats and veils, the kitties are certainly cuter. With their teensy-weensie noses and fluffy widdle heads, the vid is much less provocative than the spit-swapping done by three divas. So if you missed the mini Boy Toy belts, catch the cats re-enacting the famous threeway VMA kiss... lest you spend one more moment of your existence having NOT watched cats act like Madonna, Britney and Christina. Horrors.

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Joe Jonas guests on 'Bigger Than The Buzz'.
Photo: MTV

Sweet mother of Mickey Mouse. Howww can some singular human being be so EPICALLY adorable?! Riddle me that, world. I'd really like to know. Because Joe Jonas in his slick little graphic v-neck tee, scruffy chin, and gently smiling eyes doing a guest stint on MTV Buzzworthy's "Bigger Than The Buzz" is sending all my cuteness-reading meters off the CHARTS.


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Madonna in 1984 at the MTV VMAs. Mona in 2011.
Credit: MTV/Michele Crowe

Who'da thunk, after popping out of a wedding cake and then proceeding to do R-Rated things to the floor, that Madonna's infamous performance at the VERY FIRST Video Music Awards would become so iconic? And furthermore, who could possibly imagine, three decades after we first had our minds blown, that a cute cat performing Madonna's "Like A Virgin" VMA moment could nail it with ALMOST as much finesse as Madge? If you didn't see the original video, then be excited: You are like a virgin (to amazing cat videos).

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Kreayshawn Video Music Awards Red Carpet Report

Kreayshawn is excited to host the red carpet report!
Photo: Michele Crowe/MTV

BREAKING NEWS! MTV Style has just confirmed that rapper/director (and STYLE FAVE) Kreayshawn will host the 2011 Video Music Awards Red Carpet Report for on Aug. 28! "I'm super excited to be the red carpet host at this year's VMAs," says Kreayshawn. "I can harass celebrities about what they're wearing, what they ate before they got to the carpet, all sorts of funny stuff." The "Gucci Gucci" singer and Best New Artist nominee will interview attendees about their VMA red carpet style exclusively for


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Beyonce VMA Performance Outfits

Beyoncé in performance outfits.
Photo: Getty Images/PictureGroup/WireImage

Our pain is your pleasure, because while we are breaking our backs to bring you the most immediate, heart-racing and water-cooler-ready fodder OF ALL TIME, you’ll be sitting back and enjoying a parade of divas so ground-shaking that we are slightly worried about knocking the Earth off its axis. First we announced Britney Spears, whose VMA performances are the stuff of which legends are made. Then we revealed Lady Gaga will open the show, which will probably make your eyes bleed with joy. And now we’re letting you know that we’ve got Miss Queen B herself, Beyoncé Knowles, as a 2011 VMA performer. (In some cultures, uttering those three names in one breath will grant you wishes. FACT.)

Certainly we’ll be up 'til all hours covering these fashion icons, so we figured we’d get a jump on it and start guessing what Miss Bey will be rocking for the 2011 VMAs. In order to make judicial guesses, we’ve looked back in VMA history—while considering what Miss Bey’s been shaking her stuff in recently. Our onstage guess? PRECIOUS METALS. The kind that would make Spanish explorers pant for all its glittery glory. But what makes Beyoncé's onstage attire so interesting is that, while we know it will explode our eyes with her earth-goddess amazingness, we have no idea from whence it will come.


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Lady Gaga and Cher at the 2010 VMAs, and their canine dopplegängers.
Photo: Getty Images

If you haven't seen the animal reenactment of Lady Gaga winning the 2010 Best Music Video Award and asking a scantily clad Cher to hold her meat purse, you are clearly missing out on the internet. When redone by a wig-wearing Sugar and a non-meat omnomnoming Moxie, the moment is every bit as memorable (but way cuter) than it was the first time around. And not only are animals acting like (famous) people heart-melting, but the costuming is so impeccable that we had to speak to the woman who sat down to replicate the VMAs Gone Wild looks...but for pint-sized pups. Check the reenactment in its furry fabulousness after the jump.


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Lady Gaga 2009 VMAs

Lady Gaga at the 2009 Video Music Awards.
Photo: Getty Images/PictureGroup

Once upon a time (i.e. two years ago) being a red carpet style reporter was a headache, but nothing unmanageable with a bit of Joan Rivers sass and a couple of good fashion contacts. Sure, you'd get Bjork in a swan dress or Cher missing the rear of her pants, but for the most part it was straight-forward. And then, Mother Monster came. Year zero, we like to call it in the trade. The day when the game was not only changed, but reset and rewritten by Lady Gaga.

As a first time VMA nominee in 2009, the lady arrived and then proceeded not once, not twice (a normalcy), and not even thrice. Nope. Lady Gaga switched her outfit a total of five times (six, if you include the after-party) and each one was more tongue-waggable than the one before it. The 2009 VMAs sent style writers into a tizzy for days: how audacious! How absurd! How Gaga! Let's just break down each look.

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