We asked people to show us their style on Fashion's Night Out.
Photo: MTV

Alright, you little stylettes. Here we are in the THICK of Fashion Week. How has it been for you? We imagine you're either reading this on your smart phone as you flit from fashion show to fashion show, pretending to be assistants to major mag editors to finagle your way past steely security/PR peeps (or maybe you have your own seating assignments, we don't know!!!). OR you've dropped off the grid (but not for long) to nurse your feet in a warm bath with chamomile and lavender because those puppies are high-heeled OUT. And as I type all that, the thought of that feels reeeeally good on my brain right now. As in, if I weren't the clumsiest person alive, I would totally be writing this while my feet soak in the tub because them dogs iz BAWRKIN'!!! *sigh* The things we do for FASHUN, right? Whatevs, I can always get my knee cartilage replaced (or can I?), but the record of me looking extra fabulous on Fashion's Night Out cannot be stricken. Plus, I HAD to keep up with all the other stylish ladies and gents who came out that night. And lemme tell you, there were A TON. Check out the video after the jump to see what cute and crazy outfits we spotted hitting the pavement of Soho for FNO!


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Asher Levine at Nicola Formichetti's pop-up shop on Sept. 10.
Photo: MTV

Lady Gaga's fashion director Nicola Formichetti FINALLY opened his much-talked about pop-up shop to the world today, and, um, OBVIOUSLY we ran over there as fast as our 5-inch platforms could take us. Immediately upon walking in, we tried super hard not to fall into a mirrored trance (we seriously can't even count how many times we thought a wall was another room and walked into it. Sorry about all those fingerprints *ducks*) and got lost in a world full of GORGEOUS vintage Versace, Mugler pieces so expensive that they didn't even list the price, and, of course, THE dildo shoes Lady Gaga wore on American Idol. But remember those pop-up store exclusive Asher Levine X Nicola collab tees that we loveloveLOVE? Well, they were there in all their shining glory! And it just so happens that Asher Levine himself agreed to give us lowdown on his collaboration AND give us a tour of the store by showcasing all of his favorite items (the DAY before his S/S 2012 show, mind you. *slow clap*).


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Beth Ditto performs at MAC's Fashion's Night Out party.
Photo: Getty Images

Beth Ditto of Gossip (and her own solo career, thank you very much) performed at M.A.C. for their Fashion's Night Out event in commemoration of the kick off to New York Fashion Week. I don't know if you know what I know BUT if you had that sinking suspicion that Beth was one of those ladies who, if you met her, you'd fall madly, irrevocably, STUPIDLY in love with, you'd be 193749823749832748372% correct. She. Is. MAJOR.


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Trash and Vaudeville opened in 1975 and has been serving up rock-and-roll realness ever since. Born out of the 1970s rock and punk scene on St. Mark's Place in New York City, the store prides itself on providing a variety of alternative fashions for everyone from rockers to punks, goths, rappers, and pop starlets, to the everyday working class hero who just wants to walk on the wild side in some leopard pants.

I was introduced to Trash and Vaudeville when I first moved to the city and it's been a staple in my life and wardrobe ever since. When you step into Trash and Vaudeville you'll instantly feel at home, and Jimmy—the manager and buyer—will make sure of it. Jimmy Webb, or Jimmy from Trash and Vaudeville (his official name), was the first person to help me out and the person to sell me my first pair of leopard-print pants. "You can go a size down," he told me, as I'm squeezing into my animal-print second skin. If there is one thing this man knows...it's EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING in that store.

As you can see from our video tour, he's MAJOR and if you get the chance to have Jimmy himself or someone on his team hook you up with your back-to-school gear, you should consider yourself blessed. Jimmy has worked with celebs like Lil' Wayne, Paramore, Avril Lavigne, Slash, My Chemical Romance, Agyness Deyn, and (his all-time fav) Iggy Pop, just to name a few.

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Director Drew Barrymore and the Best Coast Supervideo stylist, Alicia Lombardini.
Photo: MTV

We know, we know, you CANNOT POSSIBLY be expected to keep your wits about you while we bust a DELUGE of Drew Barrymore x Best Coast 'Our Deal' Supervideo magic at you bubububuWAIT it gets MORE INTENSE. As we mentioned earlier, a big part of what makes this technicolor, multi-generational, mercilessly beautiful vision so engrossing is how involved the costume designer, Alicia Lombardini, was in the ideation of the final look. Director Drew Barrymore's aesthetic was peripatetic and SPRAWLING but the impressive part is how seamlessly the elements flowed together.

First of all, all the characters from Tyler Posey to Chloë Moretz and Donald Glover to Miranda Cosgrove, and even Bethany "Best Coast" Cosentino's cameo displayed a convincing, cohesive outfit. Once you've suspended disbelief that any warring squads could be SO ATTRACTIVE and well dressed, you can completely imagine each person selecting their respective ensembles as they go into battle.


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The time has come, muggles. The Harry Potter series has OFFICIALLY come to a close with the release of its final film Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 2—the last installment over the course of *sniff sniff* TEN YEARS. Last night, the most hard-core fans from all over New York drove, walked, ran, flew their way to the Lincoln Center for the midnight premiere of Harry Potter in full fannish cosplay regalia. From handmade costumes to limited edition merchandise, Team Potter BROUGHT IT (perhaps with the help of our *ahem* amazing, all-inclusive learn how to dress like your favorite Harry Potter character guides? Maybe? Yes? No? YES.) Check out the video below to see what cute and crazy outfits were featured in the super-duper-long line of fans (it wrapped around the building four times. Yeahhhh.). Girl nerds rule.

'Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows' Premiere | Show Us Your Style


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Kreayshawn in "Thrift Town."
All Photos Courtesy of ladytragik's YouTube channel

Are you ready for a preamble? Is it weird to write a forward to a preamble? Can a blogger just write a bunch of copy regarding a post that is slated to arrive any minute now without actually ever committing the real article to WordPress? Did I front-load the bold name for SEO sufficiently? Are you bored yet? ANYWAY, this is a long-winded way of saying we are well aware that this Kreayshawn video of her thrift shopping in San Francisco's Mission District is super old, but we just found it now and love it.

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Justin Bieber and Jimmy Fallon.
Photo: Courtesy of NBC

Dree Hemingway as Justin Bieber's "Someday" ad muse is beautiful, delicate and light as an angel, and I love watching them float/prance in the bubblegum pink lining of the Bieb's mind, but can I just say, I really like that Justin can poke fun at himself? When teamed with Jimmy Fallon, whose videos are always filled with viral deliciousness, the teen heartthrob is whispering ominously against a breezy white curtain.

So Justin Bieber released a perfume because no one knows teenage girls like Justin. Of course, this is ripe for parody, and like the good sport he is, he and Fallon have presented a more realistic "Someday" with less floating and Dree and more black and white. Justin breathlessly whispers, "Someday, we'll be together. Someday, I'll be next to you." Then Jimmy comes along, with a dead-on windswept coif, to remind Justin that "Someday... you'll look like this." Clad in a textured leather jacket and matching dog tags (?!), both Fallon and Bieber lament the difficulty of aging, with the older Bieber saying, in a faux whisper, "Your metabolism changes, dude" or "I just got busy." Then, the duo go on to create their "Someday" futuristic fantasy, which is promptly ended by the real Bieber proclaiming he'll shave his head. A shocked Fallon is frightened at a hairless Biebs, and then Justin explains, "Nah, man, I'd never do that." And then our heart started beating again. Check the dream-inducing, atmospheric "Someday" below.


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Cute as freakin' balls. Kreayshawn at MTV.
Photo: Michele Crowe/MTV

Kreayshawn done did it again with yesterday's release of her dramatic, catchy, surprisingly Southern-sounding follow-up to "Gucci Gucci" (think tolling bells, cinematic strings and an urgent, skittering bass line) called "Rich Whores," and the rapper/director double-threat from the Bay continues to break the internet with news of upcoming projects, among them a directing gig for the Red Hot Chili Peppers (!!!).

And while we're well aware that the 21-year-old auteur born Natassia Zolot, displays many talents (she's directed videos for Lil B, DB tha General, writes her own lyrics AND picks her own beats), the thing we can't get over is how PERFECT her liquid eyeliner game is. It's impeccable. Like, freakishly. We, being the ceaselessly competitive know-it-alls that we are, decided then and there to challenge her to a liquid liner showdown. Since we selected her brand, and since she has an aptly titled upcoming song, we made her take the handicap of doing the left eye (she's right-handed) and MTV Style did the right. Peep the video gigglefest after the jump.


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Lady Gaga and Karl Lagerfeld meet over a white gold iPad.
Photo: Courtesy of cafaitdubuzznet YouTube channel

A Lady Gaga sighting is a big deal. A Karl Lagerfeld sighting is a big deal. But the two of them together is such a massive situation it is actually unbelievable that the ground didn't split open and swallow both of them simply for daring to trek on its surface near each other at similar moments in time.

Instead of doing a fashion breakdown, I would just like to point out the real things that are going on because this actually occurred in a reality that we all share. Most of them, however, are concerning Gaga's bra.


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